Dimebag Bandits

Dimebag Bandits When Kori Woodson s stepfather gives his entire college savings to a religious zealot s campaign fund he takes matters into his own hands He steals drugs from his employer who also happens to belong

  • Title: Dimebag Bandits
  • Author: Craig Furchtenicht
  • ISBN: 9781492795414
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Kori Woodson s stepfather gives his entire college savings to a religious zealot s campaign fund, he takes matters into his own hands He steals drugs from his employer, who also happens to belong to the same church, and sells them to the bored housewives in the neighborhood When he is eventually caught he finds himself expelled from school, fired from his job and faWhen Kori Woodson s stepfather gives his entire college savings to a religious zealot s campaign fund, he takes matters into his own hands He steals drugs from his employer, who also happens to belong to the same church, and sells them to the bored housewives in the neighborhood When he is eventually caught he finds himself expelled from school, fired from his job and facing jail time.Now his parents plan to travel the country on a mission to Save the world from itself with the church that has shunned him With no other place to stay, Kori is forced to return to his real father s home in rural Iowa A place that he has not been to in over six years.It is a far cry from the big city but his older brother, Brenden, and his motley crew of friends do not hesitate to take him right into the fold Within hours of returning home, Kori gets caught up in the dangerous and potentially deadly trade of robbing drug dealers of their wares He soon realizes that the people they work for can be even of a threat than the people that they steal from.Drugs, sex, money and death It is all a day in the life of a Dimebag Bandit.Product Details

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    1. This is an exciting and very well written book that after reading the first few pages, you won't want to put down. The central characters, who are mainly thieves and drug users or bent cops, are well described and despite them being on the surface not very pleasant, you actually get caught up in the adventure and begin to like at least a couple of them and forget their bad side. This makes the characters original and unusual, which is a big plus.This is a great thriller that deals with the dark [...]

    2. Kori Woodson steals and sells drugs from the veterinary clinic he works for in order to pay his tuition fees. He's caught and his stepfather, the preacher Clayton, gets him off the charges but sends him to live with Kori’s brother Brenden in Cedar Ridge. Brenden, and his thug friends, introduce Kori to a life of beating people to steal their drugs before selling the ill-gotten gains further up the criminal chain. Interwoven are the trials of likeable cop Dale who has been partnered with the th [...]

    3. A surprisingly engrossing crime drama set in small-town Iowa has well-developed plotlines, believable circumstances and a cast of dirty cops and petty sluggers.Kori Woodson's college career comes to a halt after he's caught dealing drugs stolen from his veterinarian employer, selling them to Des Moines socialites and weight lifters. He's dumped on the doorstep of the father and brother he hasn't seen in 6 years and the brother quickly makes him part of his local gang of crackhead thugs. Their sp [...]

    4. I devoured this novel. Loved, loved, loved it! An Outsiders for a new generation. I hope Furchtenicht isn't insulted by that analogy, because I love that American classic. I have never been to Iowa, but I could see every scene, every character. They really got under my skin and I followed them every step of the way. I thought it was because of my love of American TV shows like Breaking Bad and True Detective, but it wasn't that. It was due to Furchtenicht's style: simple yet completely effective [...]

    5. First time reading this author and I was not disappointed. Other reviewers mention the writing is on the line of Chuck Palahniuk and I have to agree, although Craig’s is also hugely original and all the better for it. It was so great to read something which differs from the ‘safe’ storylines and clichés, and I think it will appeal to a wide audience. This is a gripping and unpredictable story, which never falters and in the end is utterly rewarding. Loved the book!

    6. First off, I am not going to post anything that could be remotely spoilery or summarize the whole story, as some reviews tend to do. This book is that good, and I think you should go ahead and read it and enjoy the full experience that Craig Furchtenicht offers.That said, I very much enjoyed this story of two brothers and their unconventional reconnection after being separated from each other at a young age. Upon a forced reunion, Kori and Brenden appear to be at odds with each other, not having [...]

    7. Kori Woodson is in trouble. When he learned his stepfather preacher had given Kori's college savings to the church he decides to makes ends meet by stealing and selling drugs. The problem? He gets caught and finds himself bundled off to live with his brother and father in rural Iowa, far from the city's bright lights.Almost as soon as he returns home Kori is dragged into his brother's nefarious schemes – robbing drug dealers and selling the proceeds. These are the Dimebag BanditsThis is an int [...]

    8. I'm not entirely sure how to start this review without using expletives to emphasise how fucking good this book is. We pretty much open with our protagonist, Kori Woodson, sitting in a police interrogation room reflecting on the mistakes that led him there. His preacher stepfather Clayton has bled him dry of money for 'the greater good of the church', so to finance his college fees he's been skimming drugs from his employer to sell to the rich and the desperate. After pulling some strings, Clayt [...]

    9. Dimebag Bandits is a novel that has all of the makings of an action movie. Craig Furchtenicht cleverly weaves together the lives of an assorted array of characters, many who possess what I would call “flexible moral values”. Most are jaded and feel that their actions are justified, from skimming drugs, to robbing people of their drugs and cash, to leaving one’s husband and child for a “man of God”. The author offers clever insights, such as a husband toward his cheating wife, “maybe [...]

    10. It is not often that one comes across a storyteller, who has such a distinctive, developed and absorbing 'voice' without at the same time being a well known, world famous best selling author.The author does brilliantly in portraying and describing a rural, farming community deep in some far away American backwater. A community, which has shaped the story's brutal characters, their harsh language, the way they interact and behave towards each other within their little gang and towards the communi [...]

    11. Non-stop action in this page turner that you won't want to put down. The main character, and his family and friends are extremely well fleshed-out, the story is very, very good, and the ending, while just the tiniest bit disappointing (in terms of character growth), is very appropriate. Two criticisms:I did find myself rolling my eyes at all of the stereotypical "ignorant redneck" cop characterizations and stilted dialogue. Could have been dialed back a bit.Difficult to ascertain what year this [...]

    12. A wonderful read which reminded me of True Detective in its laconic style, warts and all characters and edgy drama, albeit told from the other side of the badge. The main characters engage you first, before the story really gets going, but get going it does along back roads of speed freak heists, crooked ministers and child porn, dealing with difficult subjects without being gratuitous or overly sentimental. Another thing worthy of mention is how the environment, often overlooked, plays an equal [...]

    13. This is a superb book, bubbling over with incident and emotion, written in a brilliantly hard-bitten, laconic style. We follow Kori, sent away by his mother and hypocritical preacher stepfather to stay with his father in Cedar Ridge, as he teams up with his brother, Brenden, and his bunch of redneck junkies and dealers. We also meet Deputy Dale Scheck, and his loathsome sidekick, Butch. This book is not just a hard-nosed portrayal of the drug scene, but explores a world of violence, sexual aggre [...]

    14. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The plot is original. I found it difficult to imagine where it was heading and this kept me involved right to the end. It's pacy and moves confidently towards its conclusion. The story takes in multiple characters and a complex plot and knits them all together very satisfyingly.The writing is vivid and, at times, hilarious. I also loved the deer scene. Enough said!The characters are well-crafted and intriguing; there was considerable depth to them and I did come t [...]

    15. Fargo meets Breaking Bad! It is said that what can go wrong, will go wrong. That is the premise of this stunning gritty mystery whose characters ring so true, that it is a pleasure to watch their actions in this complex thriller. The plot centers around two brothers, Brenden& Kori, who steal from drug dealers with their band of meth friends (The Dimebag bandits). Trying to track them down is Dale Scheck a policeman who resides in a trailer on the wrong side of town, because he likes it. Read [...]

    16. Mr. Furchtenicht will keep your attention from beginning to end. Without drowning you in details, he paints a dark and vivid picture of a midwest town's seedy underbelly. Cops, junkies, and the lowest of the low find their lives consequentially intertwined, much to their displeasure, and your nail-biting pleasure. I especially enjoyed the depth and layers of motivation developed in each character. Brilliant! Steel your gut readers, instinct will have you looking away while intrigue and delight k [...]

    17. Loved it! This story had me from start to finish. It's gritty, darkly funny at times and just flat out gripping. You want to know from page to page, chapter to chapter where the story and these characters are going and before you know it it's 2 am and you're wondering where the time went. If you like your stories a little outside the norm and you enjoy rooting for the bad guy (lookin' at you fans Sons of Anarchy or Boardwalk Empire) this is the perfect read. My only criticism is that I encounter [...]

    18. This was my first time reading Craig Furchtenicht book and it was time well spent. The most impressive part of the book to me were the characters and the setting. I lived in Iowa for a time and Dimebag Bandits is spot on with making you feel like you are there. I absolutely love a flawed character with chance for redemption, and this book has plenty of them. I was always waiting to see who what strange and interesting new character was going to show up next. The gritty style is perfect and keeps [...]

    19. I won this book in a giveaway.I started reading this book and it absolutely pulled me in. I had a tough time setting it down to go to bed each night. The book is intense, violent, exciting, and a true thrill ride. Even though the main characters were thugs and troublemakers I found myself caring about what happened to them. Hoping that each one of them would make it through the adventure safely. The twists in the story kept me on the edge of my seat.Definitely a book worth reading!!!

    20. What an excellent read! A Panhead Harley hooked me in right at the start, followed by an intriguing story with an equal spread of likeable and detestable characters. The plot twists and turns with a pace which barely takes a breath. Even when you think it's winding up, the author still manages to insert a sting in the tail. 3 nights and 3 cold baths. That's how I rate a good book!

    21. I dont know about the people that rate this book so highThe plot was all over the place and didnt make sense - the beginning never finished anything up - clayton just ups and disappears I couldnt tell who or what was going on in the 'finale'kori suddenly expresses suspicion of the cop who has been the "good guy" all alongd writing

    22. I really loved Craig's book. Engaging from the start, the book throws a series of complex characters at us and picks away at the threads between them, exposing the very real human emotions that motivate them and drive the story forward.Craig's use of language is concise and inventive. Very accomplished for a debut novel.

    23. Predictable plot but well writtenGood characterisation and good quality writing rescue what is ultimately a predictable plot. I got quite attached to the two main characters but overall the book left me a bit detached.

    24. I like stories where the characters come alive and are unique. Craig came through on both counts. The plot line kept me guessing which only increased my interest as I went along. I loved it.

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