Superman: Eradication

Superman Eradication One of Superman s greatest foes the Eradicator trasnsforms the Man of Steel into a brutal emotionless monster over the course of these seven stories Along the way Superman also battle Lobo Maxima

  • Title: Superman: Eradication
  • Author: Jerry Ordway Dan Jurgens Roger Stern George Pérez Kerry Gammill
  • ISBN: 9781852866662
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of Superman s greatest foes, the Eradicator, trasnsforms the Man of Steel into a brutal, emotionless monster over the course of these seven stories Along the way, Superman also battle Lobo, Maxima and Draaga This storyline foreshadowed events in THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN Graphic novel format.

    One thought on “Superman: Eradication”

    1. Fun reading, and some useful background about an important figure in the Superman mythology.But, this has the same problem that Batman: Second Chances had, in that this slim collection seems somehow "incomplete", and almost like the issues included were picked somewhat at random.

    2. Very cool. I first read about the Eradicator during the Return of Superman angle and didn't completely understand it. Basically the original version of the planet Krypton with its Buck Rogersy style utopia is transformed into a cold Vulcan-like planet with a bit of a cruel streak to it. To know that this version of Krypton created an object that protected this culture was amazing and as the story proves, kind of scary.Superman tangles with Lobo while being a little skittish about the Fortress th [...]

    3. Really cool book, and interesting, never knew what the Eradicator really was, so it was fun. Also, added bonus, part 4 of this story was the first Superman book I read in my life, so it was cool finishing that story like 20 years later, did not dissapoint.

    4. Interesting follow from the Exile arc, and expanding and developing the Eradicator themes.The Superman / Clark in this arc is not who you are used to seeing, and it is an interesting exploration of what could have been.

    5. Pretty good Superman tale. The Eradicator is an interesting villian, and its alway nice to branch out from Lex and the Daily Planet. Minus one star for the inclusion of Lobo.

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