Just Jorie

Just Jorie Some believe that special someone is out there just waiting to be found Jorie Andolini is one of those people and has spent a lot of time envisioning that moment She bumps into a woman at a grocery st

  • Title: Just Jorie
  • Author: Robin Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Some believe that special someone is out there just waiting to be found Jorie Andolini is one of those people and has spent a lot of time envisioning that moment She bumps into a woman at a grocery store, the woman drops a can of peas, Jorie picks it up, their eyes meet, and two souls connect But it s actually a wasted trip to New York, a snowstorm, and a canceled flighSome believe that special someone is out there just waiting to be found Jorie Andolini is one of those people and has spent a lot of time envisioning that moment She bumps into a woman at a grocery store, the woman drops a can of peas, Jorie picks it up, their eyes meet, and two souls connect But it s actually a wasted trip to New York, a snowstorm, and a canceled flight home that puts her in the path of Lena Vaughn.Lena has found fault in every man she s ever dated Her dream of finding a husband is dwindling with every year that passes Despite what her friends say, Lena doesn t believe she has a fear of commitment, she simply hasn t found a man she wanted to commit to It comes as a surprise that in fact it is a woman who stirs those desires For Lena, it s not really a matter of sexuality, it s just Jorie.Travel the road to happiness with Jorie and Lena Two crazy old women, meddling friends, and cattitude are just some sights you ll see along the way.

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    1. I oughta serve myself an Aunt C-style slap upside my head for taking FOREVER to read this.(Not gonna lie. The cover art put me off a bit. Now, I find it endearing.)This was the glass of top notch sparkling wine after days of intense thirst. Okay, that sounds a bit too ritzy for this down-to-earth novel by Robin Alexander. Wow, if the rest of her content is like this, she'll easily find a way into my "favorite author" category.Too many books have been described as "laugh out loud" funny, only for [...]

    2. I think this is going to go down as one of my favourite books this year. It's sweet, hilarious, has a bunch of characters I love a whole lot, and is very emotional without getting angsty. There's not a huge conflict between Jorie and Lena, and I'm completely okay with that because sometimes that's just how love goes. Weirdly, I liked this book so much that I'm at a loss about what to read next. I'll definitely reread this one later.2016 reread: Does it count as a reread when you listen to it? Re [...]

    3. 2.85 stars. Not my favorite but also not the worst from Alexander. There was barely any of her hallmark lough out loud humor in this book but there was plenty annoyance I felt towards one thing or another. First of all the road trip. These middle aged women act and talk like complete teenagers. At times I thought I somehow must be reading some kinda YA book by mistake. Their actions and dialogue was that juvenile. Furthermore the dialogue was often awkward with one or the other going on long mon [...]

    4. Robin Alexander did it again and wrote another beautiful, warm and funny story. Great humor, engaging characters, great dialogue I very much recommend it.

    5. I'm in the minority on my feelings for this one. My conclusion is that this is an okay read. I didn't love it and, in fact, I didn't even like it all that much at times but found there to be some good aspects.I'll get out of the way what I didn't like, the dialogue. I know, it's the same exact dialogue that everyone raves about but, seriously, it grates on me to no end. It bugged me so much I actually stopped reading the book awhile back and only picked it up again after a long break.What do I h [...]

    6. Well, not really a detailed review.but I just want to go on record as saying that this is a FANTASTICALLY wonderful book! The story is great, and the narrator is amazing! If you like witty banter, silly and wonderful side characters and two PERFECT girls who find unexpected loveGET THIS BOOK!I'm just glad I don't have to pay royalties each time I listen to the book again!!My favorite book EVER!

    7. This has such a good, great even, start. I was so happy to find such quirky, cute, funny, adorable and still interesting story.And then they got together. So soon. Too soon.I'm so not a fan of the U-Haul situation. Being together for a few days, weeks top and moving in with each other? Really? And they say it's a lesbian stereotypeAfter they got together it was boring. There was no drama at all, nothing to keep you interested. It stopped being funny and Robin Alexander is always funny. And she w [...]

    8. Re-"reading" the audio book. I enjoyed it when I first read it a few years ago and because I discovered it costs only $1.99 if I had the Kindle version - I picked it up. I like the narrator, but at times in the beginning I couldn't tell who was talking Jorie or Lena.

    9. This is my favourite Robin Alexander book to date and that says a lot because I love all of her books.Lena and Jorie meet in the airport, when their plane is canceled they team up to drive their way home. Lena didn’t expect to want more than friendship with Jorie because 1. She’s the straight one and 2. She has a prerequisite for any dates she has, which Jorie meets none of so why is she feeling so drawn to her… is it Just Jorie?Firstly Robin Alexander’s writing style is impeccable in my [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It made me laugh out loud several times. I really liked that it was set in my home state of Louisiana which made it easy to relate to. The characters were very thought out and the story was good. Definitely one of my favorites so far. The narrator did a great job with the voices. My only negative comment would be the aunt constantly referring to Jorie as "little sh*t". I also thought the last half of the book had too much of 'the sisters'. Other than that it, it w [...]

    11. Wow justwowThis book is almost perfect. I love everything about it. Humor 101 percent from Jorie Lena, Grams, Aunt C and Daddy and Why I couldn't hate Aunt C?? I love them so much I want to be Adolini. Sweet and Cute love and realistic story I just hate Eva. The Hot scene is satisfying. The only problem is that Jorie and Lena is too old for me but I just make myself to imagine that they're just mid 30's The Dialogue is 10Star for me This is a great book I really love it Thank you so much !!! ROB [...]

    12. The love story itself is a slow build. Jorie and Lena meet in an airport where they are snowed in and decide to share a cab to a hotel to wait it out. They soon tire of that and want to rent a car and drive to New Orleans where they both live but don't really trust each other that far. Jorie is slightly bigger than Lena's 5 ft-and a smidge, and believes she could rassle Lena to the ground should Lena want to mug her so she agrees to the journey. Their road trip is pretty funny.I love Robin Alexa [...]

    13. This was delightful! Such a quick and light read, perfect to pick up right after finishing something with darker themes, I'd say. or if you're just feeling down and want something to cheer you up, this is it.The story is sweet and quite simple. There's no huge conflict, which could've made for a quite boring story, but it didn't, at least not for me. I believe the book is just the right length that you don't have time to get tired.I do think I'd get tired of this style if I read another one of R [...]

    14. *puts hand up* Aaaahhhhhh! What a cute book!!Enjoyable read, nothing drastic really happens but the book was sweet and interesting enough for me to finish. Nice moments and interesting characters.

    15. Heartwarming romance. Starting from when they were both stranded in New York because of winter flight cancellations, Jorie and Lena met and bonded. Lena, who has always assumed she's straight, finds herself attracted to Jorie. The supporting characters are funny, engaging, and sweet - even acerbic Aunt Colleen.

    16. What a fun read. I loved the humour and the witty dialogue between the MC's and a terrific supporting cast. I couldn't put this book down and read pretty much non stop over the past day. Great job. Now to find more from this author.

    17. I really liked the book. I especially enjoyed the audio version as Lisa Cordileone really brings the book to life. I listened to it mostly while commuting and at many places couldn't stop laughing or chuckling. As this was one of the first books I read from Robin Alexander, I felt the humour to be refreshing. My favourite parts of the story were the car ride. I would listen to this story over and over again, just for this. It even inspired a little fan art.

    18. While this isn't my favorite of the author's books that I've read (that goes to Scaredy Cat) I do like this one a lot. I liked it even more the second time around.My second read is the audio version. The narrator did a good job for the most part. I wish there had been a bit more of a difference between the voices for the main characters and that Tina didn't sound so, I don't know, harsh all the time. I probably would have gone 3.5 but I rounded up for Aunt C and Grams because they really made th [...]

    19. What a lovely storyThis was a story of meeting "the one". Falling in love and what that entailed. Loved all the characters and their foibles. They were totally adorable! Well done!

    20. Robin Alexander is a very funny writer, similar to her other books so far I read till now, this one also very funny book. Plot is very simple but the way the author presented is very funny!

    21. seriously would like to meet Jorie she jumps out of the page and feels like a friend that i have know for a while. the conversation seemed like something i would have with a good friend.

    22. I hadn't read Robin Alexander before, but thought I'd try this based on the reviews. This is a lovely story, with a nice, sweet romance. Both leads are well fleshed out, and the supporting characters add humour to the tale (I loved Jorie's grandmother and aunt, but Lena's brother's attempts to help her out had me chuckling).I think what I found most refreshing was that the leads spent a lot of time together in the book, and we actually saw them get to know each other, something I find lacking in [...]

    23. I am coming to be a huge fan of Robin Alexander because she is so incredibly funny! Just Jorie did not fail to make me laugh out loud though this one had a really sweet romance that kept me turning the pages. Alexander definitely has a skill of bringing supporting characters into the play that adds so much to the story line and I think the two sisters Gram and Colleen are my favorite yet. Some of their interaction brought tears to my eyes I was laughing so hard. Overall though it was the buildin [...]

    24. Is the perfect mate out there? That is the question. The possible answer, the perfect mate for you, yes. Where to find that mate, now that is the "can of peas". What a fun read. I enjoyed the realization that develops between the main characters. There is much to like about Lena and Jorie as they search for their perfect mate. The supporting characters are a hoot. Jorie's grandmother and aunt, what a pair. I also enjoyed the support of Lena's brother as he found a way to "help out".

    25. loved this book! I could not put it down! it was a quick read, though i was distracted from doing anything else until i finished it! robin alexander is truly a gifted writer. her novels always make me laugh and connect with her characters.

    26. It is so funny! Great humorous banter between the characters Enjoyed how the romance developed between Lena and Jori. Really enjoyed this latest book by Robin Alexander, that I read the book in one sitting!

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