Blood Lust

Blood Lust In the heart of Chicago two street gangs battle for control of the city Nexess was once a young girl named Elizabeth Now she s the private property of gang leader Antonio Bianchi sex slave and assas

  • Title: Blood Lust
  • Author: Jessica L. Degarmo
  • ISBN: 9781491288825
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the heart of Chicago, two street gangs battle for control of the city Nexess was once a young girl named Elizabeth Now she s the private property of gang leader Antonio Bianchi, sex slave and assassin for his gang, Nuove Leve Night after night, Antonio sends her out to do his bidding, and when she returns, she must bow to his every desire When a chance encounter intIn the heart of Chicago, two street gangs battle for control of the city Nexess was once a young girl named Elizabeth Now she s the private property of gang leader Antonio Bianchi, sex slave and assassin for his gang, Nuove Leve Night after night, Antonio sends her out to do his bidding, and when she returns, she must bow to his every desire When a chance encounter introduces her to one of her own kind, Nexess must decide between good and evil Or maybe the lesser of two evils Will Jace convince Nexess to leave Antonio, or will she stay with the man who may be her salvation or her damnation Love, lust and loyalty all come into question as Nexess struggles to overcome, or to accept, her own blood lust Blood Lust is the first book in the electrifying Lust Trilogy by Jessica L Degarmo

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    1. This was the first book I have read by this author, but I think she did a wonderful job in bringing us a different kind of vampire. The main character Nexxus isn't your ordinary vampire character, she has a conscious and a heart (figuratively) I loved the way Jessica brings us up close and personal with her character letting us see the ins and outs of her. All in the middle of a gang war. Watching the character find happiness was a treat. Well done to the author. I'd definitely recommend this bo [...]

    2. Wow! I love a good vampire story but after a while they all sound a bit alike. Either they are about the kind of vampire who has adapted to living in the modern world and isn’t so bad or they are the hateful murderous bloodsucking fiends that frightened the bejeebers out of us as children. Nexess is a little of both.Ms Degarmo has managed to create a vampire who is a vicious killer yet someone I had compassion for. Having been in an abusive relationship I understand the way Nexess thinks and w [...]

    3. 1.5Christ almighty did I hate this book! It's not that it's a badly written book. The editing could use a little attention and the writings a bit stiff and repetative, but on the whole, it's not bad. I just plain hated the story, the characters, the plot, everything.The whole thing was essentially one woman being psychologically, emotionally, sexually, physically and domestically abused. I suppose the author might have intended her to seem strong to have survived it, but I never made it to the s [...]

    4. Now I like my vampires with a lot of attitude and swagger. Ready to rip out a throat and never they never ever back down from anyone! Nexess is a kick ass assassin but on the inside she is just a mess. She has been mind raped for her entire vampire life by evil incarnate, Antonio, the mob boss responsible for all the evils that this poor abused creature has suffered since the day of her death.Ms. Degarmo has an awesome talent for scene and character development. Her descriptions of the "massacre [...]

    5. In my opinion, Vampire stories are now so rife, they seem to have lost both the ability to shock and entertain. It’s akin to a snooze-fest due to the glut of tales available. Having said that, there are a few I do read, but this has more to do with the authors themselves and their ability to spin a good yarn than with the content, and I include among those the brilliant Anne Rice and the super-talented Poppet.Upon the prompt of our book club, it was with some trepidation that I began reading B [...]

    6. I was given this book in return for an honest review. I absolutely love vampire books of all sorts. I especially love hardcore, old school, non sparkly vampire books. That is what this book is. Back to the days when you were a kid, scared that an evil vampire was going to sneak in your bedroom window and suck your blood. Yes, that's what this is. Nexess is the main character in the story, she's the slave of Antonio, a sadistic and evil demon. She is his assassin and his slave, killing for him or [...]

    7. I like the story even if I am not big on violence. Yes, this book has violence, and rape, and a bunch of stuff I'd never read. But there is something about Nexess that makes me want to read more. Maybe it's because Jessica has hit abusive relationship on the head! Maybe it's because I just want Nexess to be the kick ass vampire that she is and not a puppy- a kicked one at that.Whatever the reason, I kept reading the book even with the elements that I dislike.This book has sex in, apparently hung [...]

    8. Wonderful new spin on vampires. She delivers a deep, emotionally damaged person within a supernatural creature. She gives you a look into a sadistic man and his treatment of her. Nexxess is thrown into the center of a gang war in Chicago by being turned into a vampire and used as one side's most dangerous weapon. She's brainwashed into believing she was saved and that she owes her master everything. She meets another of her kind and has such a strong attraction to him that she is torn between du [...]

    9. The story begins with Nexess, a vampire that was "saved" by the head of an Italian gang. Antonio uses her as his sex slave and assassin, which Nexess loves until the day she crosses paths with another of her kind. Between her curiosity and being driven to the other vampire, she embarks on a journey she didn't expect as her true past becomes known to her.While I'm not a fan of bondage or stories of abuse towards anyone, the story was well written and the ending was a reasonably happy one. I chose [...]

    10. This is my favoerite of Jess Degarmo's books. It rocks off the page and the characterization of Nexess is suitably paradoxical - a contract killing vampire who is nevertheless abused by her handler.Of course, you inevitably beg her to break her chains, but while you do so, the story races on as she comes up against her nemesis in the contract killing vampire world, or maybe her ally.Jess Degarmo's gentle romance style has always had its tougher moments, especially the ex-wife in 'Hooking Up', bu [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Lust. It is a paranormal, and, yes, there is violence and unsavoury themes in the writing; but it is a darker book. It doesn't side-step anything - an opportunisitc, bottom-feeder gangbanger and a young vampire that he 'owns.' Not only paranormal, Blood Lust is psychological in content, handling issues of domestic violence juxtaposed against the paranormal. Maybe not for the lighter paranormal reader, however I was engaged reading about Nexess, and I look forward to fu [...]

    12. I started this book on Monday and finished it on Tuesday.It starts off with action and does'nt stop until the last page.I love authors that don't write about your run of the mill vampire and Jessica definitely delivered. She showed how even the mightiest of beings can still be mortally weak.This is a story of abuse and ultimate triumph!!How the underdog can rise above anything when given the chance and the love that has been denied.

    13. This book was recommended to me by a friend. I typically read paranormal romances and this book definitely increased my lust for reading. This book was very much about feminine power, and the love interests Antonio and Jace were mesmerizing. I cannot wait to get my hands on the second in this series.

    14. I'd never read anything in this genre before and was surprised to be so compelled by it. Degarmo describes extremes in matter-of-fact language which high-lights the violence. The image of Nexess being chained by her lover is a disturbing one. Fans of the genre will adore it.

    15. 3.5A lot of master/slave sex going on, it was kinda hot but then it got repetitive.A solid story, lots of violence and soul-searching for the protagonist.

    16. I really wanted to enjoy this story. It's right up my alley. A cool vampire on the cover, an awesome title, it's pretty short, and I really love the authorbut.I really hate that I had to put a 'but' there.I can't say that I'm a big fan of the content of this story.Chains, sex, shootings, gang violence, a couple of smackings, and rape.It's just not my bag.BUT! I know a lot of girlies out there will love this! I just have a bad time when it comes to brutality against women. Even if the women are v [...]

    17. This is my second book by the author, the first being Hooking Up, which I enjoyed. This was a little more gritty.I wasn't so sure on the style of this. I know it was two gangs going against each other and they use different terms than other people but I wasn't exactly a fan of it. The first 25-30% was a little off-putting, reading about what her boss had her doing and did to her, but then when she met Jace it perked up a bit. I liked him almost instantly, maybe because of my like of vampires, an [...]

    18. Fierce creatures with overactive libidoFierce creatures with overactive libidoThis book was interesting in that the characters were extremely active in S&M sex and bloodthirsty violence. The gangs involved with drug trafficking and other underworld practices both had their own "token vampire" that did their every bidding without arguments or reluctance. I found this difficult to grasp from the actions and attitudes of the vampires themselves. The prose was good and the storyline was acceptab [...]

    19. Most of this book was her being abused by a mafia boss.aineded at calling the mafia guy master The ending help save it but I really don't enjoy reading a whole book on abuse.

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