Skull In The Wood

Skull In The Wood Deep on Dartmoor cousins Matt and Tilda discover a skull And from that moment black things happen Birds and animals turn bad and there s talk of the return of an old curse

  • Title: Skull In The Wood
  • Author: Sandra Greaves
  • ISBN: 9781908435620
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deep on Dartmoor, cousins Matt and Tilda discover a skull And from that moment black things happen Birds and animals turn bad, and there s talk of the return of an old curse.

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    1. KurzbeschreibungHätten sie das blöde Ding doch nur im Wald gelassen! Seit Matt und seine Cousine Tilda den Vogelschädel gefunden haben, liegt ein rabenschwarzer Schatten auf der Familie. Die Tiere auf der Farm spielen verrückt, Matt wird von Albträumen geplagt und Tilda sucht immerzu Streit. Der seltsame Alte von nebenan warnt die beiden vor einem mysteriösen Fluch. Gemeinsam können sie ihn abwehren, doch sie müssen sich beeilen. Denn sobald die Gänse bei Nacht übers Moor fliegen, droh [...]

    2. An interesting premise, but it didn't quite live up to expectation. My main issue was with the main characters. I found both Tilda and Matt to be whiny and annoying, and so didn't really engage with either. I loved Kitty though, and just wish she had more appearances. I enjoyed the split narration, as I think the book would have struggled without it. There were faintly sinister undertones, but it didn't have the real horror I was hoping for. I also felt the ending was slightly rushed. There aren [...]

    3. My ThoughtsI picked this book because I loved the title and the setting, on Dartmoor, takes me back to my childhood of stomping across the moors, losing wellies in the bogs and fearing the fog that can fall in minutes and lose you forever ! I am also something of a sucker for Chicken House books so knew I could trust this one to be good before I opened the first page.The story of The Skull in the Wood is told by three main characters - Tilda, Matt and Kitty - who alternately recount events as th [...]

    4. Inhalt:Matt braucht dringend einen Tapetenwechsel, denn er ist total genervt von seiner auf Wolke sieben schwebenden Mutter und deren neuen Lebensgefährten Paul. Warum in sein Weg ausgerechnet ins verlassene Darkmoor zu seinem Onkel Paul und dessen beiden Töchtern Tilda und Kitty führt, weiß Matt selbst nicht so genau. Kaum angekommen schlägt ihm seitens seiner Cousine Tilda eine ordentliche Ladung Verachtung und Hass entgegen und bei einem Ausflug in den Old Scratch Wood, der eigentlich zu [...]

    5. Although there are many cliches involved in this book - a cursed skull, spooky wood, a local who can relate the story of the curse, being lost in fog - the book manages for the vast majority of the time to rise above these. I found it to be amazingly atmospheric all the way through and the author had cleverly used everything, whether as a red herring or not, to help create a deeply disturbing feeling. The only let down, for me, was the ending, which is of course, quite a critical element and is [...]

    6. 3.5 Starsdivabooknerd/2014/01/sSkull In The Wood is a cute little read, and great for ages nine to early teen. It's spooky, without being scary and doesn't contain any romance, cursing or mature themes. Matt and Tilda are more alike than they'd both care to admit. Both only thirteen, they're at that age where your in between a child and those difficult teen years and refuse to put aside their difference for the harmony of the farm and pending curse. Tilda believes that Matt's mother, who is part [...]

    7. Watch out for spoilers belowMatt goes to stay with his uncle and cousins on their farm – escaping London, his mother and her new boyfriend Paul who he clashes with. His own Dad is off sailing again, so Matt decides his uncle’s farm is ‘his best bet,’ even though he hasn’t seen them in years.When he is picked up by his uncle, it is awkward. When their car seems to be attacked by black birds on the way back to the farm, Matt is rattled.Matt and his older cousin Tilda clash badly. Tilda i [...]

    8. The Skull in the Wood reads like a classic horror film, which in this case compliments the book perfectly. The writing is atmospheric and from the very first chapter you can picture everything clearly, the farm, the wood and Gabe.The book is narrated between Matt and Tilda with an occasional interlude from Kitty, Tilda’s little sister. I liked the split narration. I think if it had been just Tilda’s POV I would have really struggled. With the exception of Kitty I didn’t particularly like a [...]

    9. Matt goes to stay with his cousin, Tilda. Tilda, her sister Kitty and Uncle Jack live on the farm near Old Scratch Wood. When Tilda and Matt go down to the wood together, they find a skull of a curlew. When they find it, the Gabblerachet, a hoard of hounds and geese with razor sharp teeth, is on its way to cause trouble. Matt and Tilda work together to stop the Gabblerachet.I thought this book was good. I felt for the characters in the story, especially when the Gabblerachet came. I have been re [...]

    10. Skull In The Wood is a book best suited for 10 yr olds plusis book is about two cousins, one who lives in the country (Tilda and Kitty,her sister) and another, one who lives in London (City-boy, Matt)When Tilda dares Matt (Who has come with his mother to the family, distant family induced, Ranch ) to walk through Old Scratch Wood he finds a bird skull and decides to keep it.well that was a bad idea all the animals are turning bad and are scaring Matt home for his mummy. dose the evil creature wi [...]

    11. Zur Rezension erhalten, sonst hätte ich es nicht gelesen. Eine Schauergeschichte im englischen Moor, die abwechselnd aus der Sicht von Tilda und Matt erzählt wird, zwei Cousins, die ihren Unmut aneinander auslassen. Nicht wirklich gruselig, dafür nerven die Streitereien zu sehr, mit einem etwas konstruierten Ende.(Meine Rezension für den Borromäusverein ist hier zu finden: borromaeusverein/medien)

    12. This is a beautiful tale about misunderstandings, anger and family. It's for children but the theme is ageless. It's also atmospheric and well written and dark. Though it's an easy read and the characters could be drafted much better I didn't want to put it down.

    13. Im a big fan of spooky scary ghosty stories, and this one was that! Ancient curses and spooky woods! A very moreish and completely original, not like any other paranormal/ghost/weird non human creatures book ive read and actually, if i lived on the moors and had read this book, I'd be terrified!

    14. A stunning thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat while reading it, and stay on your mind long after putting it down. Perfect for teens and adults alike.

    15. Amazing book. Could not put it down. It is such a page turned and I would recommend this book to anybody who is thinking about reading it.

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