Een kat tussen de duiven

Een kat tussen de duiven Een revolutie in het Midden Oosten blijkt een onverwachte nasleep te krijgen op een dure Engelse meisjeskostschool Er wordt een lerares vermoord en het lijkt duidelijk dat de dader onder de docenten

  • Title: Een kat tussen de duiven
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Een revolutie in het Midden Oosten blijkt een onverwachte nasleep te krijgen op een dure Engelse meisjeskostschool Er wordt een lerares vermoord, en het lijkt duidelijk dat de dader onder de docenten of de leerlingen gezocht moet worden er is een kat tussen de duiven Als er nog een lerares vermoord wordt, roept een van de leerlingen Hercule Poirot te hulp, maar zelfs hiEen revolutie in het Midden Oosten blijkt een onverwachte nasleep te krijgen op een dure Engelse meisjeskostschool Er wordt een lerares vermoord, en het lijkt duidelijk dat de dader onder de docenten of de leerlingen gezocht moet worden er is een kat tussen de duiven Als er nog een lerares vermoord wordt, roept een van de leerlingen Hercule Poirot te hulp, maar zelfs hij heeft moeite met de chaotische ontwikkelingen in deze moordzaak.

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    1. 3.5“Everybody always knows something," said Adam, "even if it's something they don't know they know.”Of course, there is a crime (actually, more than one -yay) but there is also espionage and international conspiracies and I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. Cat Among Pigeons definitely is a quite peculiar adventure for Poirot, but nonetheless our Belgian detective solves it as brilliantly as ever. Besides, I simply adored the epilogue. So cute and poignant.

    2. 3 stars for thisslow moving triple homicide mystery which I didn't like as much as others. When I first began this challenge a fellow member, paulie, predicted that I would probably solve a case by August! But I was bowled over that I actually had both of the suspects figured out early on the book. Strangely neither of the feline occupants of my couch much cared for my excitement. That's why I feel myself only giving it a 3 star review because A.C. made it too easy and took too long exploring t [...]

    3. “No sign, so far, of anything sinister—but I live in hope.”—Adam, in ChristieChristie’s Poirot #32, just a few more to go. After a couple of books where (the rich) Christie seems to defer to the poor and minorities in ways not typical for her, she returns for her story to a fairly typical setting, a stunning place filled with rich people! (After reading all these in the gutter noir novels by Cain and Thompson, it is quite a contrast, let me tell ya!). This time it’s Meadowbank, one o [...]

    4. I loved all the detail about the school in this novel, which is why I gave it four stars. The plot is not one of Agatha's best, though it's not bad. But, as in Hickory Dickory Dock, Poirot presents much of the solution without telling us how he came to work it out, and Agatha novels work best when we are able to follow the workings of Poirot's mind more closely. However, all the school stuff makes this novel enjoyable and atmospheric.

    5. I didn't like this one quite as much as the other two I've read so far, and I'm not sure why. If Mrs. Upjohn recognized someone at the school who she knew from her previous life in intelligence work and knew this person was a trained killer, why would she leave her daughter in the same school and then travel the world? I hate to say that it's a plot hole, but it bothered me slightly.

    6. Cara Agatha… le tue trame sono sempre piacevoli e ben orchestrate. Gli eventi ben intrecciate e "ingarbugliati" al punto giusto; i personaggi si muovono con agilità sullo sfondo della tua Inghilterra. È un piacere passare una serata in tua compagnia. ^^(A breve una recensione un po' più precisa e non uno sbrodolo di ammirazione per la Christie XD) -- Post sviolinata --Voto: 3,5½Non è semplice gestire un giallo: la trama deve essere avvincente senza rivelare troppo, ma consentendo al letto [...]

    7. When this was published Christie had already been a best-selling author for more than three decades. She's got it down. Certainly she has fun with the format. Hercule Poirot doesn't appear, isn't even mentioned, until the final act. The girl's school setting is fun: it gives her rein to use all the stereotypes and to demolish them.This particular book was on Natasha's shelf, which is why I didn't get to it during my Christie run. Saturday night she comes to tell me goodnight and to ask if I know [...]

    8. اعتقد ان مستوى الرواية اقل بكثير من الروايات السابقة والشخصيات كثيرة والأسماء متشابهة ولَم يتم التركيز على الشخصيات وأعمالها ونفسياتهم بل تم التركيز على الأحداث فقط وصورة سابقة لإحدى الشخصيات من مكان عملها السابق وانتظار احدى الشخصيات الى نهاية الرواية للتتعرف على المجرم [...]

    9. Gostei imenso, é daqueles livros que mantém os mistérios até ao fim e que, no meu caso, me surpreendeu bastante.

    10. I love the historical and social insight that comes ‘as standard’ with an Agatha Christie – presented, of course, through the prism of the author’s own life experience and privileged background. This novel was published in 1959 – the war and rationing had been left behind, a new world order was emerging, and the Middle East was beginning to flex its muscles.That said – there were certain idiosyncrasies that left me a little bamboozled.In particular, this is billed as a Poirot mystery [...]

    11. Cat Among the Pigeons is an atypical Agatha with a number of strengths but a couple of odd weaknesses. I really enjoyed the fact that the first 100 pages are more of a novel of manners than a mystery, focusing on the development of interesting characters at a girls' boarding school. I admit, I picture Waverly Academy from Nancy Drew! When murder finally occurs, the motivation thus has more depth. This would be one of her best but for two detractions: first, it is very odd to bring in Poirot 200 [...]

    12. the very first - from such a long list of - agatha christie's detective novels i've read. quite a 'right' choice because the story reminds me of the more familiar enid blyton's boarding schools' series (i.e. mallory towers), but with such expanded plots that includes romance, theft and murder. very juicy indeed. i could even remember that i skipped sleeping that night just to finish this novel, and succeeded doing so in less than 48 hours. this novel was probably the one that triggered my crave [...]

    13. I was so in the mood for this. Murder at a posh all girls boarding school. Lucky that I found a copy in the library of my hotel for a beach read.

    14. Wow. This story took several hundred pages to even get going. I figured out a ton of things before anyone else did. We once again get Poirot in this novel at around the 80 percent mark. I have seen it before, and will say it again. The Poirot books are boring when we focus too much on other people. I wish that we had Poirot involved from the beginning so at least he didn't come in as a side character. The main character in this book from beginning to end was Julia Upjohn. Since this book was pub [...]

    15. Cốt truyện của cuốn này không phải là cốt truyện hay nhất của Agatha Christie, nguồn cơn dẫn dến các vụ án mạng cũng đã được "nhá hàng" ngay từ những chương đầu. Cơ mà cách triển khai cốt truyện của Madam Christie hay quá thể, nên là cứ ôm sách mà đọc liền tù tì không dứt :D Cực thích cái cách tác giả xây dựng ngôi trường nội trú tư thục nữ Meadowbank, một nơi lẽ ra phải là chốn an [...]

    16. “Dalam hubungannya dengan permata, manusia tak bisa diduga sebelumnya. Benda-benda seperti ini selalu dibuntuti oleh serangkaian tindakan kekerasan. Kematian-kematian, pertumpahan-pertumpahan darah, pembunuhan.” (h. 38)Revolusi yang siap meletus di Ramat, Timur Tengah, membuat Pangeran Ali Yusuf bersama Bob Rawlinson mempertimbangkan usaha melarikan diri. Namun sebelumnya, Pangeran Ali menitipkan permata-permatanya kepada Bob untuk diselundupkan ke luar negeri. Bob yang kebingungan akhirnya [...]

    17. Experienta mea cu Agatha Christie a inceput cand eram in clasa a 5-a si, intelegandu-ma foarte bine cu bibliotecara de la scoala, ma lasa sa ma plimb printre rafturi. In consecinta, cu fiecare imprumut incercam cate ceva nou, pana am descoperit-o pe ea, marea doamna a romanului policier, de care m-am indragostit ireversibil si care o sa ma farmece intotdeauna. I-am citit toate titlurile publicate pana la acel moment - desigur, majoritatea erau foarte cunoscute: Crima in Orient Express [beloved o [...]

    18. This is my last Agatha Christie - for now. It was a nice trip down the memory lane, for three of the four novels I read were actually re-readings.Not this one, and a pleasant surprise it was. With a subject so flashy (coup d'état in an Arab state and a legacy of jewels) it would have been easy for the author to slip into kitsch. not Agatha Christie, though, who reveals herself not only a master of mystery but also a skilful observer of the young girls psychology. A very interesting touch was th [...]

    19. This book really makes me wish Christie wrote school stories as well as mysteries and thrillers. Really enjoyable thriller/murder mystery set in a boarding school, with intrepid young ladies and an awe-inspiring headmistress mixed up with international intrigue. Poirot comes in right at the end, grandfatherly and kind, to save the day. The best part, though, is the boarding school setting, the students and the teachers.

    20. Dal mio blog erigibbiLa storia è ambientata nel Collegio femminile di Meadowbank, una delle più prestigiose istituzioni scolastiche di tutta l’Inghilterra. All’improvviso la vita del Collegio viene sconvolta da un delitto apparentemente inspiegabile. La situazione si complica ulteriormente quando all’interno dell’Istituto si verificano altri due nuovi crimini. A questo punto, una delle studentesse del Collegio riuscirà a mettersi in contatto con Poirot nella speranza che il famoso inv [...]

    21. An odd one - this is a really strong Poirot book if you ignore the fact that Poirot is barely in it (he turns up on page 182, approximately 3/4 of the way through, proceeds to listen to everything that has happened before explaining the solution). He feels like an afterthought, brought in to wrap it all up and bring in some readers.However, despite that, the actual story and intrigue is excellent. Wartime espionage, secret identities, a middle eastern revolution, a quaint English girls boarding [...]

    22. This isn't a Christie classic, certainly. I did enjoy the way jewels are smuggled out of a Mid-Eastern country in chaos, and I enjoyed that an English Girl's School is the location for most of the mystery, an unusual locale for Dame Agatha. There are the usual red herrings, the expected plot twists. But for no real reason, the author brings in Poirot about 4/5ths of the way through, while any local inspector/police officer would have served just fine. It feels as if the publisher sent a draft ba [...]

    23. Part of an Agatha Christie mini review round up.This book is set up slightly differently in that there are a fewer characters to sort through and it's much more straight forward.  Perhaps this is because I've read it a few times but to me, there isn't a clear answer until the end but it's obvious what the motive is.  I did like how foreign countries were brought into it, though!  I do really like the title though.  It's very mystery-like.Final Verdict: Intriguing and compelling mystery altho [...]

    24. Ah Agatha, the queen of rascist colonialism. Meanwhile the cat's among the tennis playing pigeons and Lady Macbeth hones her wiles.I remember one thing from my first read a quarter of a century ago - not the murderer. While my memory fails me, here's hoping my adjectives have improved.Review from when I was 12:Terrific book, about school girls. I really loved it.

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    26. حِينَ تَقرأُ لأغاثا كريستيللمرَةِ الأولى تنْبَهِر وإذا كانت هذه هي الروايَة الأولى التي تقرؤها لها تنبهر أكثر

    27. Hercule Poirot got on the scene only in 70% of the book, so his style and personality was missing in the book and the whole twist was not sophisticated as in other Agatha Christie Books.

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