The Wickedest Lord Alive

The Wickedest Lord Alive Can an Indecent ProposalEight years ago a tall handsome stranger entered Lady Alexandra s bedchamber and consummated a marriage of the utmost necessity The Marquis of Steyne had agreed to wed and be

  • Title: The Wickedest Lord Alive
  • Author: Christina Brooke
  • ISBN: 9781250029362
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can an Indecent ProposalEight years ago, a tall, handsome stranger entered Lady Alexandra s bedchamber and consummated a marriage of the utmost necessity The Marquis of Steyne had agreed to wed and bed Lord Brute s admittedly lovely daughter to pay off his mother s gambling debts But once the deed was done, Steyne s lawfully wedded wife vanished into the night Lead to EvCan an Indecent ProposalEight years ago, a tall, handsome stranger entered Lady Alexandra s bedchamber and consummated a marriage of the utmost necessity The Marquis of Steyne had agreed to wed and bed Lord Brute s admittedly lovely daughter to pay off his mother s gambling debts But once the deed was done, Steyne s lawfully wedded wife vanished into the night Lead to Everlasting Love Years later, Steyne has nearly forgotten about his runaway bride But when he suddenly finds himself in need of an heir, he has no choice but to track her down Living happily in a small village under an assumed name, Alexandra is surprised to see her husband and to feel such a strong attraction to him But she is downright shocked when he asks her to bear him a son How can they possibly repeat the heated encounter of their ill fated wedding night without falling hopelessly in love

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    1. Throughout this series, I have been intrigued by the cold, cynical Xavier. Such an enigmatic character and the surprise ending of The Greatest Lover Ever held lots of promise for his book but I was really disappointed.I was fascinated by the destructive relationship between Xavier and his mother. Nerissa’s machinations are central to the story and it was interesting to see Xavier’s ambivalent attitude towards her. Despite everything, he had always felt the need to protect her.Try as he might [...]

    2. I've given this a B- at AAR, so that's 3.5 starsTo quote Charlie Brown – “Oh, Good Grief!” Here’s yet another of The Stupidest Titles Around attached to an historical romance. Is there some sort of competition for The Crappiest Title Ever of which I’m unaware?Fortunately, the book is rather more readable than the title might suggest, although a better one might be The Worst Mother in the World, as it’s more indicative of something that actually happens in the book; try as I might, I [...]

    3. Great love story! It was sweet and passionate and both hero and heroine were lovable! Hero had a dark side but he was vulnerable as well and heroine was a sweetheart who made my heart melt!

    4. With lovely romance, some very surprising secrets, and an enjoyable story, The Wickedest Lord Alive was a fantastic historical romance. I absolutely loved this book! It was a sweet, enjoyable, absolutely wonderful read. Loved it!Alexandra (who changed her name to Lizzie when she ran away) was a lovely heroine. She might have come into the marriage with high hopes but she wasn't about to stick around where she wasn't wanted. Nor was she going to let her lordly husband tell her what to do. My only [...]

    5. That was a roller coaster. At times the plot was so unpredictable I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. At other times the plot was so ridiculous I couldn't believe I was turning the pages. I think the author touched on every single trope. Forced marriage, secret marriage, long lost husband, lost memory, virgin and rake, secret baby ran the gamut. The hero was not on the page enough (until @70%) for me to feel a connection, yet I never felt any sympathy for him. The ILU's didn't have a firm fou [...]

    6. This was a lot darker than I expected. The portrayal of the dysfunctional and toxic relationship of Xavier with his mother adds a lot of depth to his character and makes his rakish nature understandable. I wasn't happy with one huge aspect of the story, but it turned out well in the end. Almost a four star read, but I'd have to go with 3.5/5.0 stars.Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine in the June 2014 issue. affairedecoeur.

    7. This is book 3 in the Westruthers series.Eight years ago, the Marquis of Steyne had been forced to marry to pay off his mother's gambling debts. Once the marriage had been consummated, his new bride disappeared. Needing an heir, Steyne tracks down his wayward wife who is living a quiet life in a small village under an assumed name.Lady Alexandra ran on her wedding night after witnessing a shocking scene in her home. She has been living quite happily under a new identity and is taken-aback when s [...]

    8. Normally I find men with big ole' sticks up their butts, who think they're better than everyone else kinda hot but the way Xavier plays it, it's a tad bit annoying, "he moved closer. "Indeed you are. And not just some noblewoman, either. You are my marchioness." I mean Jesus the boy just knows how to put a cherry on top of crapiness, "I have no desire to be nine days' wonder in this village or anywhere else," said Steyne. "Do you think I wish anyone to know I was forced to wed you? Not to mentio [...]

    9. What an awesome story I have been really looking forward to reading Xavier's story he is the most wickedest Lord of the Westruthers and for very good reasons but when he does fall he does it well and Lizzie is just the heroine to bring out the best in him. This is a sensual heartwarming story that will have you turning the pages to get to the end but not wanting it to end. When Xavier's mother Nerissa and Lizzie's father Lord Bute (both of whom are not the nicest people)set Xavier and Lizzie tog [...]

    10. Favorite Quote: “No, I’m not jealous,” he said calmly. But if I see his hands on you again, I shall shoot him through the heart.”He WAS jealous!”Well I declare. This was certainly intriguing. All the fluff and puff that I love in my historical romances but this time with an edge of danger and a tinge of darkness. The Lord is (naturally) a pompous rake! The heroine is a lovely young maiden – a virgin used in the most low down way to pay off a gambling debt. You’ve just gotta love th [...]

    11. Christina BrookeThis romance tale will make you giggle, hyperventilate from laughter, stab your Kindle, get that toe curl feeling in my stomach, scream at the characters and even cry! It could be considered exercise and you can eat some chocolate with it! Sex and chocolate, yummy!At 21, Xavier Westruther, Marquis of Steyne, is blackmailed by his debt ridden, evil, "only care for myself" mother to marry the young and virginal daughter of the Earl of Bute, to pay for his mother gambling vowels. To [...]

    12. The Marquess of Steyne has figured in all of his cousins' stories, always there, but always a distant figure: standing in the background, passively and quietly observing the events of his cousins' lives unfolding. When it was revealed that Steyne was already married and that his wife has been "missing" for eight years, I was instantly intrigued by their story and about the woman who had married the most impenetrable of the Westruthers.Finally, finally, finally, it is time for Xavier's story. Liz [...]

    13. Xavier and Lizzie's wedding was sudden but a must. Their wedding night was brief but not as painful as it could have been. Their life afterwards was spent apart with no interaction whatsoever. Not an ideal marriage, but when is anything during this era?As if that wasn't enough, Lizzie's peaceful existence in a tiny village is upended when Xavier suddenly appears with demands for an heir. If it wasn't for his heartless mother and puppet of an uncle, I doubt Xavier would have ever gone after Lizzi [...]

    14. A marriage contrived of necessity, a runaway bride and a rogue who finds himself in need of an heir, form the backdrop for this action-packed, British historical romance. The third book in The Westruthers series, this story nonetheless contains a discrete plot, and therefore can be read on a standalone basis. Clever, unexpected plot twists, and a number of steamy scenes, make The Wickedest Lord Alive an enjoyable read.Forced to marry an innocent girl of just seventeen, Xavier Westruther, the Mar [...]

    15. THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE by Christina Brooke is an exciting Regency Historical Romance. "The Westruthers #3 part of the Ministry of Marriage series #6", but can be read as a stand alone. Although, I would suggest reading them all to keep up with the tale of the Westruthers better. Not necessary to follow the storyline.This is Xavier Westruther , Marquis of Steyne's story, he is sarcastic and cold and Lady Alexandra Bute,aka Lizzie Allbright, the daughter of the Lord of Bute. An evil, heartless v [...]

    16. The Wickedest Lord Alive is the third book in The Westruthers series and it was an excellent regency romance. I haven’t read the previous books in the series, but at no time did I feel lost as this book is Xavier and Lizzie’s story and theirs is a wild ride. My goodness the plot twists that the author introduced kept me on my toes the entire time and just when I thought things were finally working out, BAM!!!, she’d throw in another little twist. What makes the book impressive is that the [...]

    17. Historical, Romance, RegencyEnglandLizzie Allbright is the daughter of Lord Bute and eight years ago, a handsome, tall stranger come to her bedchamber to consummate their marriage that was of the utmost necessity. She was wedded and bedded to the Marquis of Steyne in payment of his mother’s gambling debts. Once it was consummated Lizzie disappeared into the London night.Marquis of Steyne has nearly forgotten his runaway bride but suddenly he finds himself in need of an heir. His only choice is [...]

    18. I was looking forward to reading the Marquis of Steyne's story (his character having played interesting roles in previous Westruther volumes). And his story opened with a great hook--a young man coming to consummate the marriage he's been forced into making with the 17-year-old daughter of a man who threatened his mother. But after the enticing hook, the story goes steadily downhill. Steyne is supposed to be the "wickedest Lord alive," and is constantly telling us that he's too tainted for innoc [...]

    19. Frankly The Wickedest Lord Alive is a bit confused. There is almost everything in this novel, too much in my opinion: the incorrigible rake, titles, the evil mother, the abusive father, the secret wedding, the escape, the false-name, the conspiracy, the attempted murder, the idiot cousin who might inherit the title, the necessity of an heir etc. I like these ingredients, but not taken all together, the plot might become a bit unrealistic. Despite that the author handles the situation well enough [...]

    20. I am a huge Christina Brooke fan. I have read this whole series but I read the previous book starring Beckman and Georgia and I hated it. So going into this book I apprehensive because our her Xavier/Lord Steyne was featured and he did not come off well in that story. That said, this story really explains why he acted and was the he was.But with all that said this book was fun and the characters were fun and people I wanted to get to know. They like and love each other and are generally nice peo [...]

    21. The only thing that Lizzie wants was to live out her life in private away from everyone. She wanted to live peacefully even if it meant away from her husband who she did believe did not love her. When her husband came to fetch her because he needed an heir she didn’t want to let anyone know she was married and that she had her memory. She wanted to life in peace.Since circumstances and Xavier wanted to do the opposite she had no other choice but to go with him back home with the rouse that the [...]

    22. I had a love/hate relationship with Xavier. For most of the novel I wished that someone would bring him down a notch and I'm kind of sad that that didn't happen. He was not only completely full of himself, but really thought the entire world was on his shoulders. Who is he to determine when he should just pick up his wife either go to her as soon as you find her and bring her back, or discuss dissolution of marriage for all I care, but to wait 8 years?!Lizzie, on the other hand, I loved! A great [...]

    23. This was disappointing. For book three in a series (or six if you count the Ministry of Marriage series like I do) this managed to rely on previous character building and somehow ignore it at the same time.Lizzie, is very bland. She likes Pride and Prejudice (omg she likes romance JUST LIKE ME! *rolls eyes*), and at a quarter into the book "realises" she loves Steyne. She has had four encounters with him, 1) her marriage and wedding night, 2) when he shows up and demands a dance, 3) the aforemen [...]

    24. Riveting. An interesting premise. Two strangers were marriedd then lived separately for 8 years. He left her bedroom once the marriage was consummated. She ran away as soon as he left her bedroom. Then, he had second thoughts about leaving her behind, so he returned to "collect her", only to discover she was already gone! That was fine with him. In fact he was relieved that she had disappeared; he hadn't wanted a wife in the first place. He had been coerced to marry her to settle his mother's ga [...]

    25. Absolutely loved loved loved The Wickedest Lord Alive. I have no criticisms.What I liked- the heroine. She was competent, average, ordinary and seeking marriage and children. Utterly refreshing in todays historical romances which are populated by bitchy slap happy 21st century annoying liberal feminist heroines which is why I read less now. I loved the heroine. I loved how she fell for the hero. I loved how she was willing to save his life.The hero- calculating, cold, wealthy, powerful and utter [...]

    26. My greatest question/frustration of this book was: How did Xavier, the marquis of Steyne, become the 'wickedest lord alive'?Until the very end, the author failed to establish between Xavier and the word 'wicked'. Yes, he held orgies (really, there were that time). He kept a mistress (which rake dont have one). He's very handsome, rich, stone cold and had a very sad childhood.I just wished the connection between him and Lizzie were fully established/re-established on the book. However, it did tou [...]

    27. I loved this book. Xavier a wicked and sinful rake who in order to avoid a scandal about his mother had to wed Lizzie. A quick marriage and a wedding consummation done as civilly as possible. Lizzie flees and eight years pass and now Xavier needs an heir.Wow, this was so very good. He was sinfully delicious and she was his match. The story was fantastic. I did not know this was a series when I started reading it, but half way through I realized there had to be more. I looked into this, and yes t [...]

    28. ***ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review***The title does not do anything for this book. Wish they'd change it to something more descriptivebut I digress. Strange situations throw Steyne and Lizzie together in a seemingly unholy (And uneasy) alliance. One night born of appalling circumstances and both these central characters go off and forge on with their lives, separatelyuntil the age old need for an heir rears its ugly head. These 2 converge again and the resulting "courtship" i [...]

    29. I loved this book from start to finish. We met Xavier, Marquis of Steyne in the other books in this series, but if anyone deserves his own book it's Xavier. He is dark, dangerous, sexy, and one of the best heros I have ever read. The story is compelling, the prose and dialogue is amazing and the pace of the book is one that you have to keep reading. I could not put it down. I would recommend this book to everyone.

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