Celeste In Los Angeles Ray is sitting in gridlock when he receives a call from an LAPD officer with news about his wife Fearing the worst he listens intently but suddenly the caller and everyone else around

  • Title: Celeste
  • Author: I.N.J. Culbard
  • ISBN: 9781906838768
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Los Angeles, Ray is sitting in gridlock when he receives a call from an LAPD officer with news about his wife Fearing the worst, he listens intently but suddenly the caller and everyone else around him disappears In London, the moment two commuters catch sight of each other on a packed Monday morning tube train, everyone around them vanishes In Japan, comic artist YoIn Los Angeles, Ray is sitting in gridlock when he receives a call from an LAPD officer with news about his wife Fearing the worst, he listens intently but suddenly the caller and everyone else around him disappears In London, the moment two commuters catch sight of each other on a packed Monday morning tube train, everyone around them vanishes In Japan, comic artist Yoshi has come to the Aokigahara Forest to hang himself But when the attempt fails and he slides free, the forest comes alive with mythological creatures Taking us through the empty freeways of Los Angeles, the deserted streets of London, and the dream world of the Aokigahara Forest, Celeste is an ambitious and profound graphic novel that explores what it means to be alive.

    One thought on “Celeste”

    1. Beautiful graphic novel. Greatly drawn, but unfortunately I did not like the writing. Exciting developments in the first half build up a great sense of expectation of something brilliant about to be revealed, but in conclusion nothing at all is explained or revealed. You need to make up your own mind as a reader, and the plot remains floating in this drunken, surreal state. Unfortunately, it's not better because of that. It might be a style that I don't like, but more than that, I think this typ [...]

    2. This was a random grab at the library, and I didn't really know what to expect aside from what I gleaned from the cover and the brief blurb on the back. I wanted to like this book, but in the end it did not sit right for me. For one thing, the pacing is too hurried. We pass between the three story lines manically, without a chance to become immersed in any one of the settings. And the three stories are so wildly different in tone, style, and even genre, that the switching made me feel almost diz [...]

    3. A man is stuck in Los Angeles traffic when he receives a call from the police about his wife; an albino woman sees a brunette on the London Underground; a Japanese cartoonist goes to the Aokigahara forest at the base of Mount Fuji to commit suicide. Stop. All of a sudden, everyone in the world disappears except for these people. But how and, more importantly, why? INJ Culbard’s graphic novel Celeste is the first time he’s both drawn and written a book, and it’s a triumphant effort. Celeste [...]

    4. Als Kind habe ich einmal eine Story gelesen, die glaube ich "Der letzte Tag der Erde" oder so ähnlich hieß und vermutlich von Bradbury war. Ein in der Einsamkeit lebendes Ehepaar weiß, woher auch immer, dass der letzte Tag der Welt sich dem Ende neigt. Panik wäre sinnlos, also tut das Paar alles, was es sonst auch täte, und kurz vor dem Einschlafen fragt die Frau den Mann, ob er auch nicht vergessen habe, das Licht unten im Haus zu löschen. In gewisser Weise machte dieser Satz das Ende fas [...]

    5. I picked this up at random from the library because I was looking for a standalone graphic novel. I liked the idea of the story but to be honest it was all a little confusing. The plot didn't really make much sense and the artwork, though colourful, just added to the confusion. There was very little dialogue making it difficult to follow the story a lot of the time. Also, the cover doesn't reflect what happens in the story.Overall I don't have much to say about this graphic novel. The idea was [...]

    6. The premise of this book is really good and really gets you thinking even if the reason(s) why aren't actually explained at any point. Having said that though I do have a few rather big issues with this book. Firstly the lack of explanation as to why everyone disappeared is really irritating and leaves you feeling rather let down and flat, particularly given the frantic nature of the three stories that you've just followed and the questions each one raises for each of the characters and you as a [...]

    7. Pretty good art comic. The story is subtle and you have to kind of contemplate it afterwards to figure out what happened. If I had written this immediately after putting the book down I would have given it a worse review. I won't explain any of it as I think you should be just as lost as I was!The art, as well, is nice and subtle. The inking is minimal and lets the colors do a lot of the work. A good amount of weird stuff in the book which I also enjoyed. I think comics should be full of crazy s [...]

    8. What the hell was that?That was just so incredibly random and weird. It was interesting and I definitely felt compelled to keep turning those pages but seriously, what the hell?The premise is pure sci-fi, everyone on Earth disappears except for our main characters, an albino in London, a depressed punk in Japan, and a Cop in LA. The Japan sequences are especially freaky and strange but all of it is pretty trippy.I get the concept and the message the author was conveying but it still felt like it [...]

    9. Opening with a gorgeous, near-silent sequence which slowly zooms in from distant space to three petals settling with three inhabitants of Earth, Culbard's dreamlike tale then follows those three people as pretty much everyone else on the planet disappears. Perhaps inevitably, I enjoyed the London strand of this more than those in the US and Japan, though it is noticeable that it's only the female among the leads who was naked at the start of her day and who then proceeds to shed her clothes once [...]

    10. I have no idea what I just read The pacing was so incredibly rushed and I just felt really confused. I'm not really sure what I was meant to get out of reading this graphic novel. No connection to the characters. The messages were way too subtle, forcing the reader to connect-the-dots out of near nothing. Still. 2 stars simply just for the beautiful art style.

    11. This book made no sense whatsoever. Art was nice but glad I just checked it out from the library and didn't buy it or I would have been mad at wasting the money.

    12. The concept, what would you do in a world with infinite freedom of choice is a fascinating one that post-apocalyptic thrillers have posited in a less direct form In years gone by. In this case three urban lives are thrown off kilter and as a result of a strange extra-terrestrial state of affairs they get to consider how well their lives are actually in concert with their dreams. Each gets to a point of resolution but this being a single volume, the answers given, while not pat are limited. This [...]

    13. Beautiful illustration! The story gives me very little. Seems like it's trying to grasp something profound, but fails to give me the feeling that it is. Seems like it substitutes imaginativeness with the vague. The vague is built on unconvincing grounds, and as such tells me just about nothing.

    14. The sparse art style and minimal dialogue provide the space for contemplation and the reader’s thoughts. In a way, calming while the world ends.

    15. More of a deep, beautiful graphic novel as a few individuals around the world have strange encounters. Amazing and WTF simultaneously.

    16. An interesting, if somewhat cryptic, story. I like that it's not too heavy on dialogue. Interesting artwork as well.

    17. In the blink of an eye, all the people of the world vanish except for a few individuals who are left to contemplate their choices. One is a suicidal man who feels he has no worth, another is a lonely girl who believes the world cannot see beyond her albinism, and the third is a man unsatisfied with his life. Through their individual experiences, each has to look deep into their hearts and face their demons. While each has a distinct tone and a slightly different palette, these stories still feel [...]

    18. 3 strangers - a woman with albinism, a businessman stuck in traffic, and a man with a cat (for lack of any other real distinguishing features, at first) - are caught in what appears to be a Rapture event where they are the only people in what was previously a populated environment. Each individual encounters what they are most afraid or sensitive about: themselves. Separately from one another, each person has to overcome and realize something about themselves that they could not previously place [...]

    19. Interesting. A bit more on the arty side than I was expecting. Three people in various parts of the world experience the sudden vanishing of most of humanity. Each ones' experience is unique in its own way, and helps them learn certain truths about themselves. Everything is back to normal by the end leaving us to wonder if it was all a dream or something deeper. The artwork is fabulous! I'd guess that Culbard has some animation background as the sense of movement is very real and there's a consi [...]

    20. (note to self: make a graphic novel tag)overall this book was reallllly quick and easy to read (i could've finished within an hour but i had lunch).what made me pick it up though was the cover. the use of colours, composition and text was really refreshing and aesthetically pleasing, also i have an interest with body suits, so the astronaut suit was a little bonus for me's a beautiful graphic novel with enchanting landscape scenes and i appreciated the way Culbard used the grid and his lack of t [...]

    21. Craving a little sci-fi with your we all die alone ennui? I.N.J Culbard's intense depiction of the human condition post-event (although we're not certain that said event actually happened, or what said event may have been) is just the thing. Culbard tells his tale in three parallel narratives, featuring three lonely people: a young girl living with albinism in London, a Japanese comic artist on the brink of taking his own life, and an uptight man stuck in LA gridlock who has just received a myst [...]

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