Tristant and Elijah

Tristant and Elijah Tristant Whitfield has had a secret crush on straight Elijah Cambridge since the start of high school He s okay keeping his distance but when Elijah starts visiting him at work and bringing his favor

  • Title: Tristant and Elijah
  • Author: Jennifer Lavoie
  • ISBN: 9781626390751
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tristant Whitfield has had a secret crush on straight Elijah Cambridge since the start of high school He s okay keeping his distance, but when Elijah starts visiting him at work and bringing his favorite coffee, Tristant begins to wonder if there s something there.Then Elijah uncovers a scandalous old letter from Tristant s great uncle tucked away in a book, and theTristant Whitfield has had a secret crush on straight Elijah Cambridge since the start of high school He s okay keeping his distance, but when Elijah starts visiting him at work and bringing his favorite coffee, Tristant begins to wonder if there s something there.Then Elijah uncovers a scandalous old letter from Tristant s great uncle tucked away in a book, and the two boys begin a journey through journals and letters to discover the real Uncle Glenn and the secrets he hid from his family And Tristant realizes that Elijah has been hiding something as well.A secret that just might change everything.

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    1. I really enjoyed Jennifer Lavoie’s debut novel Andy Squared so when I saw this book on Netgalley I just knew I had to request it. I was over the moon when I was approved – thank you Bold Stroke Books!Tristant and Elijah was a really sweet story about an out high-school boy called Tristant who, along with his long-time crush Elijah, uncovers a somewhat illicit-sounding letter in amongst his great-uncle’s belongings. The two boys are determined to uncover the secrets that Tristant’s uncle [...]

    2. This was a really good coming-of age/coming-out story. What I really liked was that the author chose to make one of the teenage boys, Tristant, to be secure in who he was, something that is rather unusual in a YA novel. He knew he was gay, his family knew he was gay, he had the support of his mother and grand-mother, and was thus able to be happy with himself, even if there were a few normal teenage struggles he faced just the same. The major struggle was his crush on Elijah, who is seemingly st [...]

    3. Oh my gosh I really enjoyed this.This shouldn't be a surprise. After all, I've read Andy Squared and Meeting Chance and both those books were great. This third YA title from Lavoie continues the trend.The basic narrative sounds simple: young gay Tristant - who has a major crush on cute, straight Elijah - has a brief encounter with this crush one day at work that triggers a mystery: the two discover a letter in Tristant's great-uncle's book.This mystery - which leads them through the journal of t [...]

    4. Solid 3.5 starsTristant and Elijah is a good young-adult-coming-of-age story from new-to-me author, Jennifer Lavoie. It deals with the fear and anxiety of coming out to the people who know you but without too much drama and angst.Tristant is an out teenager – however, his crush, Elijah, is not. Elijah wants to, but he still feels worried about doing so. It might feel anti-climactic when Elijah’s fears turn out to be unnecessary, but at the same time I can appreciate his coming out not being [...]

    5. A very engaging book about two interconnected stories: love of two gay teens--one out, one not--today; love of two gay guys in 1900s.One of the most well-written m/m story I've read. Thank you, for accepting my request for this review copy, Bold Strokes Books!The MCs are perfect. One out gay guy, Tristant, who is so understanding and very very supportive of his not-out-yet boyfriend, Elijah. This book is mainly about how Elijah finds his courage to get out of the closet, with the help of the sto [...]

    6. This book is adorable. Tristant has had a crush on his seemingly straight classmate Elijah for years. When Elijah visits him at work one day, they discover a mysterious old letter in his great-great uncle's book. Together they attempt to uncover what it's all about.I love Trisant. Attending parties had always been awkward for me, and this one was no exception. When the music blared loud enough to vibrate the windows, did you knock or just walk in? What if you didn't know the person well? And the [...]

    7. I received a copy of this via NetGalley.This YA gay romance is probably my favorite "coming out" story of 2014. Tristant and Elijah are two high school seniors in a small New England town. Tristant is out--has been since junior high, but has never had a boyfriend. He's a self-described book-nerd with few close friends. Elijah is a good-looking popular boy who Tristant has fantasized about since freshman year when they were partners on a school project. They are acquaintances who strike up a stro [...]

    8. Tristant and Elijah by Jennifer Lavoie was a pretty great read! It was sweet and most definitely a unique high school "gay" story, because while it did deal with coming out, it didn't go through the usual tropes, such as people finding out and drama ensuing or one of the guys being a jock who is terrified of coming out and has girlfriend to cover up the fact he is gay - being honest, I don't mind those tropes if written well, but it was seriously awesome to read a book about gay high school stud [...]

    9. Review copy provided through NetGalley.This book is so cute! In a little twist on the coming-out genre, our narrator Tristant is long out, and it's his longtime crush Elijah who's struggling with the closet door. Meanwhile the two boys are investigating the mysterious life of Tristant's great-uncle Glenn. This is a gentle, low-key gay YA story, pleasantly free of excessive angst or high melodrama. It's just super adorable and I smiled all the way through.

    10. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a heartfelt love story. I loved the supportive role Tristant had. The characters are likeable and storyline is well-written. As far as the love scenes they are kissing scenes. This is about love not sex. Really glad I read this book!

    11. I requested Tristant and Elijah on NetGalley because of the appeal of a Young Adult romance with a M/M twist.Tristant and Elijah are two very different characters. Tristant is an openly gay teenager who loves books and has been infatuated with school-mate Elijah for three years. The Elijah we meet is clearly uncomfortable with his projected identity and is eager to be Tristant's friend, surprising him with gifts of coffee and visits to the shop where he works. Though Tristant is confused by Elij [...]

    12. Lavoie, Jennifer. Tristant and Elijah. Bold Strokes Books. 2014. $11.95. 207p. SC 978162390751.Tristant is an out and proud teen with a very supportive family. He has a crush on Elijah, whom Tristant thinks is straight but is actually deeply closeted. Together, Tristant and Elijah discover a letter written by Tristant’s great uncle, who was a gay man living in the early 1900s when it was much more dangerous to be LGBT. As Tristant and Elijah work together to unravel the mystery of Tristant’s [...]

    13. What I loved most was the mystery involved. What would you do if you were looking through old family "heirlooms" and suddenly found a mysterious letter leading you to suspect someone in your family might have had a secret life? Sounds like something out of a movie right? Well, that's what happened to Tristant. He discovers an old letter in his Great great uncle Glen's things which leads him on a path to find out what happened and what it means. At the same time he is faced with a changing relati [...]

    14. I like Jennifer Lavoie's books because she really knows what it's like to be a young adult. I liked both the story of Tristant & Elijah and the story of Tristant's great-great uncle and his mysterious companion. It's always fun for me to read about first loves. They're always sweet, kind of awkward, and usually heartwarming. The only problem I had with the book is that there really seemed to be no conflict. One thing that I have a problem with in some LGBTQ+ novels for YAs is when the charac [...]

    15. A sweet coming out story of two high school seniors in a small New England town, framed by a mystery in a 100+ year old journal. Tristant is out and proud and has had a crush on his straight classmate Elijah for years. Over Christmas break, Elijah stops by the antique store where Tristant works, bringing him his favorite coffee drink. Their friendship slowly develops as they begin reading Tristant's great-uncle Glen's journal from his college years, starting in 1909, trying to learn about the my [...]

    16. It makes me sad when books such as this exist. Not that they're bad per say but because they held so much potential and didn't even live up to a fraction of it. The writing was just okay and the main character extremely annoying that I felt like throwing that same journal he was reading back at him. Two good things came out of this book though, the fact that it introduced to so many great lgbtq titles that I might have otherwise heard about and then the story of uncle Glenn because boy does that [...]

    17. 3.5 stars. The slow build of intimacy in YA romance is a nice change from adult M/M where instant lust often rules the day. The story could have used more tension or a real antagonist. I knew where it was all headed, but it was fun getting there.

    18. Tristant is an out highschool kid who works in an antique shop, waiting for the day he can leave his town behind. Elijah is That Guy - handsome, talented, popular, totally out of Tristant’s league, even if he were somehow not as straight as he seems. But then Elijah brings him a coffee, a mysterious old letter piques his interest, and a journal from the past may be more important to his present than he can imagine. Things are looking up.One thing about summaries is that they should pique your [...]

    19. What I wanted more than anything from this book, was for it to be longer. I'm not going to lie, the writing style really wasn't the greatest - I could have done with some more description and the dialogue could be stilted, but it was clear and concise and moved along, and I enjoyed the characters.I am just so desperate for good quer literature, okay? Maybe, if it was more common and easily accessible, this would only be a two star book. If it had been 100 pages longer, I might have rated it a fo [...]

    20. * * 1/2I had a hard time connecting to either of the characters in this story. Tristant was a bit of a drama queen. And not in a fun endearing way (yes, that exists). There were a few times he referred to himself as a drama queen; in a self deprecating way that fell short of humorous because it was so painfully true. And Elijah just seemed somewhat unavailable to the reader. I didn’t know enough about him other than he liked horror movies and video games and he was afraid to tell people he was [...]

    21. Tristant has had a crush on Elijah forever but he knows that he's straight and therefore off limits so imagine his surprise when Elijah seems to show interest in him, bringing him coffee and actually talking to him. Tristant comes across an old letter of his great great uncle's in an old book of trains with a seemingly scandalous message, intrigued he goes to his grandmother who directs him to boxes of old stuff where he comes across Uncle Glenn's old diary Elijah and him read the journal and ar [...]

    22. This review can also be found here: goo/fZtUznTristant and Elijah is a story about Tristant an out teenager and his straight crush Elijah. When Tristant finds a letter in his great uncle’s belongings, Tristant and Elijah become determined to uncover the secret Tristant’s uncle was hiding. This book has a slight mystery, but the end result was amazing. I loved the relationship that Tristant and Elijah had.

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