Starting with Max

Starting with Max Starting a new life in a new city in a new country Ying Ying and her family adopt a stray dog the much loved Max As changes in Ying Ying s life bring frustration and sadness as well as surprise and

  • Title: Starting with Max
  • Author: Ying Ying
  • ISBN: 9781743317945
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Starting a new life in a new city, in a new country, Ying Ying and her family adopt a stray dog, the much loved Max As changes in Ying Ying s life bring frustration and sadness as well as surprise and joy, quite unexpectedly she realizes that what remains most constant in her life is her dog

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    1. Dammit, I read the final chapters sitting in a busy cafe, and I had to sip on my smoothie every few sentences to stop myself from crying. There you go, fair warning. This book is sad. It is also fun, insightful, beautiful and enlightening. So don't let the sad turn you off!If you follow my reviews, then you know I read a lot of animal fiction, memoirs and biographies. I feel a jolt of pure pleasure when I spot a new book, and get all grabby. Obviously this book was meant to be read by me, it had [...]

    2. ‘Max demonstrates a grand theory in his life’s simple activities. He acts out the essence of life by actively living it. He tells me, “ Do not think so much about yourself, know where you’re going, get up and go. Be playful and joyous”.’Starting with Max by Ying Ying is a journey of compassion, love and friendship. It is not only a book about Max, an adopted stray dog, but that of his owner. As Ying Ying reflects on her journey with her new companion she reflects on her present and h [...]

    3. Starting with Max is one of those books that is just a lovely read.From the start of the book, it draws you in to the life and love of the author, Ying Ying, and her dog, Max.Ying Ying has moved from her native Hong Kong with her daughter and German husband. She is not used to animals as pets and doesn't relish the thought of a four legged friend in their new home that already seemed to have plenty of challenges.However, after much convincing from her husband and daughter, Ying Ying fell complet [...]

    4. A deeply moving book written with real heart and energy!It’s a constructed meditation on love and loss of her beloved four-legged companion, Max. Ying Ying touches the most elements of the heart of dog lovers with this soulful piece that speaks to Max. The beauty of this book is its simplicity of pure emotion. It is a book to be read slowly - to savor both the lingering sentiment derives from the bond between Ying Ying and Max and reaching the last page with Max’s farewell poem. It is partic [...]

    5. This short autobiography is a reflection of Yin Yin's love for her dog, Max. She details finding Max, how she grew to love him, and how much she misses him. Those who love dogs will relate to the deep affection and endless fascination she shows for Max's behaviours and moods. This book had a lot of potential as the family adopt Max within their first week of moving to Australia from Hong Kong. I felt the focus was too narrowly on Max - I would have liked to have heard a lot more about the family [...]

    6. I loved "Starting with Max". It is a really poignant journey and story of a migrant woman who moves from Hong Kong to Australia and adopted a pound dog for her daughter. In fact, Ying Ying was the one who developed an incredible relationship with Max.Anyone who has met a truly remarkable dog like Max will empathise and enjoy this book. It is sad and joyful at the same time.

    7. It's definitely one great book you got to read whether you are a pet owner or not! I would highly recommend you all to read this inspiring and touching book ! Lets share our thoughts and discuss about 'Starting with Max' Ying Ying is a brilliant and wonderful author :)

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