Danger! Bad Boy

Danger Bad Boy THEIR LOVE IS IN DANGER Caleb and Gianna went from being enemies to friends to falling for each other They hid their new relationship from the one person who would try to keep them apart But now their

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  • Title: Danger! Bad Boy
  • Author: April Brookshire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THEIR LOVE IS IN DANGER.Caleb and Gianna went from being enemies to friends to falling for each other They hid their new relationship from the one person who would try to keep them apart But now their secret was out and they were fighting to stay together Running away wouldn t solve their problems, but it allowed them a break from real life Unfortunately, new probleTHEIR LOVE IS IN DANGER.Caleb and Gianna went from being enemies to friends to falling for each other They hid their new relationship from the one person who would try to keep them apart But now their secret was out and they were fighting to stay together Running away wouldn t solve their problems, but it allowed them a break from real life Unfortunately, new problems arose Caleb still fought giving all of himself to Gianna and Gianna tried to hide the hurt it caused her.When opposition becomes too strong and they are forced apart, will Caleb be able to win Gianna back WARNING This book contains strong language, violence and sexual content not suitable for younger readers.

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    1. Re-read: 06.09.15.The ending still kills me The pain and heartbreak Caleb and Gianna go through arehorrific and, well, heartbreaking! In this moment, I knew without a doubt that I loved her because I could feel my heart being ripped apart in my chest. My casting:Deciding to surprise her, I filled her slowly, causing her to finally wake up. “Caleb?” she murmured sleepily.“Who else were you expecting?” I teased her.I was holding still inside her, letting her get used to the intrusion. “W [...]

    2. Edit #1: I just finished this and I'm so mad right now!! What the actual fuck?! Caleb doesn't deserve this! And neither does (view spoiler)[Ian (hide spoiler)]!! I gained so much respect for him in this book. Caleb as well. And that's what they get? For protecting Gianna? Ahhh. Unfair.Ok, deep breath. Rant over. For now.Pre-release: I really really really need this book! I've read Beware of Bad Boy for the second time today and loved it just as much as the first time! Gianna and Caleb are awesom [...]

    3. what's taking so long for this book to come out? still waiting come on already!!!!!! anyone no when this book is coming out ????????

    4. Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls"Damn gotta love a tamed bad boy. Best of both worlds, sweet and wild."Ecco a voi il secondo capitolo della serie Beware of Bad Boy: Danger!Bad Boy di April Brookshire. Per chi non conoscesse questa serie, ecco a voi il link della recensione del primo libro, che vi consiglio di leggere per non incappare in spoiler sgraditi.Avevamo lasciato i due protagonisti, Gianna e Caleb, in viaggio per Las Vegas al fine di sfuggire alle invettive della madre della ra [...]

    5. Love this book! The series continues with this second book and it was just as good as the first. I wish Caleb had told Gianna what he knew (view spoiler)[about her mother's manipulating him but I understood why he felt he couldn't. What happens at the end of this book broke my heart, and I felt so bad for both Caleb and Gianna. What a cliffhanger!! Thank heavens I got book 3 ready to read right after I finished this one. (hide spoiler)]

    6. 4 solid starsI liked this book better than the first! Typical NA read with the usual NA drama and angst though the story itself kept me engaged. I didn't expect the story to end up as it did in the last 10% of the book but I'm intrigued enough to want to follow through with the next instalment. I just hope the author doesn't take another 10 months to release it as she did with this book! Like the first book, this ended in a cliffhanger. No cheating.


    8. Ok totally LOVED it!!! Damn her mom is a psycho !! I couldn't put this book down, and damn that ending !! I can't wait for the next book to come out !! I hope I don't have to wait long I highly recommend this book!!

    9. Could not put this book down. Oh my did it break my heart. And if I was 16 I would be in love with Caleb!!

    10. In the second book, Gianna and Caleb don't spend the majority of their time together as there are lots of twists that come in the way and try to destroy their relationship. I didn't like the fact that their relationship built up so quickly. Gianna confessed that she loves Caleb whilst in Vegas. For me this was too quick. However, it got prolonged by the fact that Caleb didn't love her. However, I didn't like that he described their relationship as "just having fun". After this, Caleb takes Giann [...]

    11. People like josh doesnt have the right to live. "Look what you made me do, i never wanted to hurt you" true word from a psycopath, trying to blame the victim, fucking disgusting. The worst thing is that this happens all the fucking time, Gianna was lucky (believe it or not) that ian and caleb came, too bad that they didnt had the chance to kill the bastard. There are tooooo many victims of sexual assult and not everyone get what they deserve, it makes me sick.

    12. >Book Review – Danger! Bad Boy - >I received this book from the author and Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock. I am an independent reviewer. This is the second novel in the Beware of Bad Boy series and ends in a cliffhanger.>Gianna and Caleb run away for a weekend to Vegas. Normally, I'd think that would be fun, but these must be the oldest looking 16 year olds ever. They go clubbing and finally sleep together. Everything is really romantic until Caleb decides relationships are [...]

    13. This book is also riddled with poor editing. Despite that, I enjoyed this book more than the first one because we finally get to know Caleb better. We get to know his vulnerabilities and how much he has grown to love Gianna. This endears him to the reader. While the first half of the book gives us the falling in love and shared intimacy, real life ugly awaits this couple when they return home. Bliss turns to devastating heartbreak for both MC's as they are forced to be apart and move forward wit [...]

    14. Very enticing reading. Beautiful characters, though in my opinion Caleb changed all of a sudden in this book. He was such a drama queen. Honestly, i expected him to just tell the truth no matter what. That's what Caleb in the first book would have done. I totally loved Gianna for being so strong during the entire book. I also think it would have been more realistic if the main characters were a little older, like 17 to 18.The ending was rather nasty. I got sad. Looking forward for the next book [...]

    15. F#%K! You cant leave me hanging with an ending like that! Noooo! 5-freaking-heart-breaking-Stars!***** it started off slow but it picked up with a vengeance. I love all the characters, from Gianna & Caleb to all their friends. (Except Josh, death to Josh!) f#%king Josh! The story was excellent the way it flowed from book 1 to book 2. Now i need book 3 like a junkie!

    16. Hailey is such an easy bitch. I hate Julie and the fact that she is so pathetic that she has to live through her daughter. I like Ian and the fact that he likes Ginna and is not just hanging out with her just to annoy Caleb. Overall I enjoyed the book. What I like about this book is that Ginna is beautiful and likable. What i like most is that she is easy to like.

    17. I CAN'T BREATHE! I need to finish this! It hurts! Where is Toxic Bad Boy?! When will it be released! And i think it would be good to have a book from Ians point of view and maybe even a love story with Ian and another girl! That would be so sweet! April Brookshire, i expect this now. Pleeeeeeeeease!

    18. I am seriously hooked!! I finished this book in one day and cannot wait to find out what happens to Caleb.I love the plot development and I think this book sends a very strong message on violent relationships in teens.

    19. I have to say I enjoyed this a lot lot more than the 1st book it kept me on the edge trying to figure out if Gianna and Caleb would've fixed their relationship Now it's keeping me on edge till I read the 3rd book.

    20. OMG! I just finished the book, I still have fucking tears in my eyes! This is so fucking horrible. I feel so so bad for Gianna.

    21. OH MY GOOD LORD!!!! O.O *screams in frustration and horror* NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Poor Caleb and Gianna 3 *sniffles*

    22. Another re-read I felt like I over exaggerated these books a little. Great concept though. Last book of the year!

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