An Infinite Summer

An Infinite Summer Cover Artist Don PunchatzContents IntroductionAn Infinite Summer noveletteWhores shortstoryPalely Loitering noveletteThe Negation noveletteThe Watched novella

  • Title: An Infinite Summer
  • Author: Christopher Priest
  • ISBN: 9780684162744
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cover Artist Don PunchatzContents IntroductionAn Infinite Summer 1976 noveletteWhores 1978 shortstoryPalely Loitering 1979 noveletteThe Negation 1978 noveletteThe Watched 1978 novella

    One thought on “An Infinite Summer”

    1. For all the similarities between the SF of different countries, if the British do one thing fairly well, its a type of pastoral, nostalgic SF that even when its set in the future still concerns a longing for a certain time . . . maybe not a specific time (in the US "nostalgia for a certain time" generally means either the 1940s-50s or if you're younger and don't know any better, the 80s) but just a general acute sense of passing time, the notion of trying to recapture the days that have gone by, [...]

    2. Um Verão Infinito é composto por cinco contos diferentes sem, aparentemente, nenhuma linha que os una. Não pretendo resumi-los ou apresentá-los mas aqui ficam os nomes:Um Verão infinito;Prostitutas;Vagueiam Pálidos e Sós;A Negação;Os Observados.Em quase todos os contos o autor fecha a narrativa com ainda muito para contar, ficando a sensação que cada um deles são apenas um esboço de uma história que ficou por explicar, por terminar, dando ao leitor a, boa ou má, oportunidade de a [...]

    3. -Se puede hacer género de muchas formas.-Género. Relatos.Lo que nos cuenta. Cinco relatos largos del autor, escritos en la segunda mitad de los años setenta, bastante bien colocados en el palmarés de los premios más importantes de Ciencia-Ficción y Fantasía de esos tiempos, que nos llevaran a conocer los problemas cognitivos de un herido de guerra, a conocer el Canal Magnético y cómo afecta al tiempo, a conocer a la escritora de un libro que influencia mucho al protagonista, a conocer l [...]

    4. A terrific collection of stories, all with a common theme which the author would like you to discover on your own.This was one of my faves as a teenager, and I was pleased to find that it held up (or maybe I held up). No gunfights. No fighting. Just "lterary" SF at its best.

    5. Five short stories from the writer of The Prestige.An Infinite Summer - First appearance Andromeda 1 1976. Priest broke of from writing The Space Machine at the behest of Harlan Ellison to write this story for the third (and still unpublished) Dangerous Visions anthology. I think it shows as the Wells-ian feel of that novel seems present in this story of unfortunate subjects of some futuristic 'art installation'.Whores - First appearance New Dimensions 8 1978. A disturbing story of drug-induced [...]

    6. A good early collection of Priest's unique short stories. Three of the stories here would later appear (perhaps edited) in The Dream Archipelago, but this first edition was worth tracking down for "Palely Loitering" and "An Infinite Summer" alone.

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