I Love My Breakup - the original part one (see notes)

I Love My Breakup the original part one see notes THIS IS PART NOT THE CURRENT I LOVE MY BREAKUP which includes this and the other three serial episodes together

  • Title: I Love My Breakup - the original part one (see notes)
  • Author: Sabrina Lacey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: ebook
  • THIS IS PART 1 NOT THE CURRENT 2015 I LOVE MY BREAKUP, which includes this and the other three serial episodes, together.

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    1. Since when does erotica mean going-to-end-up-dead-or-diseased? This story could have been so much more.I Love My Breakup follows the story of a woman who has decided to answer a sex ad. She's just been dumped, she loves sex so why not? Well, lots of reasons. All of which went through my head as I was screaming at this character so smarten the f up.She must not have heard my screaming, because the woman emails the complete stranger, gives him her address, invites him in wearing just bra/undies, [...]

    2. The title implied so many different scenarios, I had to read it! Was it a revenge book (she was just dumped by an undesirable), maybe she prefers being single, even "friends with benefits" came to mind. In the end, Sabrina Lacey provided so much more. The setting of a post-breakup offered a genuine reflection, an honest vulnerability, a touch of mania (totally relevant in this heightened state), and a healthy dose of steam. Satisfied am I! ;) When Jessica answers a sex ad (a bit crazy, right?!), [...]

    3. I love my breakupWhen I hear these words, "I love my breakup",I assume like anyone else that this person was very please to break up with their partner. I guess it may be true and it may be a new way of dealing with your feelings.This book is a Very, very short read. Don't get me wrong its a mini series. In which I am truly interested to read.Jessica, had a great relationship with her man David. In till the jerk off was caught cheating. Jessica was not the type of women to accept these type of b [...]

    4. I grabbed I Love My Breakup by Sabrina Lacey as an freebie. I believe I've read one or two more books by this author, along the same lines. This is a fairly quickly easy and light read, with added humor, quite the quirky feel. Level heat low, writing so so. I'd pick up more from this author, a few are hanging left on the Kindle Fire waiting to be read, but this isn't something I devoured, just a quick pick me up.

    5. At first I thought this was PWP, but then I realized it was just crap. I'm all for suspending reality for the sake of fiction, but the scenario was awful, and in the non porny parts it was too lame to even read.

    6. I really enjoyed this quick, fun read!! And as I'm sure was intended the cliff-hanger ending left me yearning to know what happens next!! so off to I go and another freebie costs me at least .99! LOL - I'm a sucker!

    7. Not interesting enoughToo short. Too plain. Too predictable. I don't need to read any more because I don't care about the characters. Just didn't work for me.

    8. what a fun short story! And HOT HOT HOT. But I laughed, too, which I didn't expect. Great writing with this one. And where can I get a Mark? Where is he!!!!

    9. Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveJessica just broke up with her boyfriend after he cheated on her, but has found that she feels lonely and wants sex. Deciding that she should answer a 'sex ad' she meets a stranger for a night of passion. Instantly she feels better and finds her life picking up a bit, until a really bad afternoon brings her back down, topped off by her ex trying to get back in touch with her. But coming home to find the stranger with a bunch of flowers instantl [...]

    10. I laughed heartily within minutes from starting this novella and could not stop reading. It is crack-out-loud funny, very real, and will make you stop whatever it is you're doing. Definitely not recommended for younger readers as this is so very naughty!In this novella we meet Jessica. She's heartbroken, pissed, and desperate to get laid. The story quickly starts off with an erotic encounter with a handsome stranger and Jessica's internal dialogue going haywire. She's devastated and mad with wha [...]

    11. After a bad break up Jessica tries to wallow in Ice cream, but that isn’t going to do it for her. She did something so unlike her, so off the wall, and dangerous. She answers an ad that flirts with sexual context. She only has one rule if he is going to actually get her address… No talking!What guy wouldn’t agree to sex, no words, no attachments.One wordless night of hot sex is all either of them need to move on with their life, but after the intense meeting they exchange names with a gasp [...]

    12. This is the first in the I Love My series and it is the one in which we are introduced to our heroine, Jess. Told in first person POV by Jess, this is the story of her attempt to get her life back on track after the devastation of finding her live-in boyfriend, David, was cheating on her. Jess (and friends) are funny, sometimes in a too over the top way, but mostly in that “we’ve been friends forever and can say what we want”. I liked that about them. They were real girlfriends. In this be [...]

    13. This was a short, free book recommended by a writer of similar stories. It had over 100 5-star reviews on . It is a leader for other books and the continuation of this one.The start was different and funny. It is difficult to write funny, and this author does it well when she is on.The premise is fantasy, as is the "guy" who shows up at the door who's sex ad the protagonist responds to. That is OK, the fantasy of sex ads is just that, you can suspend disbelief of the reality and be fine with it. [...]

    14. Freebie…40 pages… I love my breakup… okay you got me for half an hour “I want it. Sex. I want a man’s body on top of mine. “--one night stand…. – Come to MAMA Jessica’s character sounds brazenly bold yet second guesses her rash decisions and everyone can relate to it.Her only stipulation is no speaking, one night stand, no condom=sopping wet pussy????!!!… what the awkward Cumming so hard… ahh release… “ Hi I am Mark” “ I got you these flowers” ( oohh thanks for th [...]

    15. I feel like I am being to critical these days either that or I am just not enjoying many of the books, that I have been reading recently.This doesn't even really feel like a "short story" to me it's more like a novel just cut in half. At least with the other freebies I got on amazon there was some sort of ending, this just literally cuts you off. I have even gotten full books which are free on amazon, this is lame. It wasn't a bad read but still I feel disappointed that it was so short.The main [...]

    16. Jessica's relationship with David was going great until he cheated on her, breaking her heart. So to get rid of her lingering feelings, she answers a sex ad online. (Don't ask me why I read this. It was free.)The guy in the pictures was gorgeous, so when he looks exactly the same in real life, she's amazed.That's basically the whole plot of this novel. There was nothing that isn't about her answering the sex ad. This book kept me entertained, but honestly, it kind of sucked.1) It was all about t [...]

    17. Book Description:An Erotic Romantic Comedy Series about three best friends finding their way back to loveI Love My Breakup - JessicaReview:I thought this book was written pretty well. Jessica was funny and sweet and hurt and trying to heal her broken heart. I thought for a while she was going to be a bit of a slut. lol But she finally found what she was looking for and all was well.Everything was believable girls talk, men want sex NOW, and the charters were all right on with reality I really li [...]

    18. First series I read by Sabrina Lacey and I was hooked!!I love her writing technique.I was laughing my butt off and then had tears pouring down my cheeks.I felt like I was actually the character and was feeling all of her emotions as if they were my own.I loved how she would write Jessica's thoughts out. Even the most random of thingske when your mind is thinking of one thing and suddenly you see a squirrel. LOVE IT!I am definitely hooked on Sabrina and her books! I am looking forward to other th [...]

    19. 3.5 starsVery short, and not necessarily very sweet, but certainly very sexy (even though I did cringe at the lack of protection I know it interferes with story flow, and the "moment," but it's not a good message to send). Although the way Mark was written—so damned sexy - unf—I let it slide this time. I'd lose my mind around him too!Enjoyed this enough to go and get the follow on novellas of the series. I hope we see Mark again, but something tells me even if we don't the man that wins the [...]

    20. Nice intro. There are a few elements that set the stage for a fun serial: a glimpse into various aspects of her life, at work and with a friend, as well as a detestable bad guy. "Screw you, David," says every person who has ever been cheated on. As for the steamy part of the story, it is wildly unrealistic and got a little awkward for no apparent reason. That being said, it was super hot! Nothing wrong with a little wild fantasy meets recovering heartbreak on a field of questionable grammar. I'm [...]

    21. There were some aspects of the voice that didn't catch me, but I really enjoyed Mark. I'm somewhat confused from seeing the rest of the series' synopses whether he comes back again, and that would be my main reason for wanting to continue the series. I have a hard time finding male leads that I like. Most are too simple and apha-y. So, I guess I shall have to dig into reviews and such to see if I'll just be disappointed in the rest of the stories because Mark isn't in them.

    22. A sexy little short story about a girl who was cheated on and desperately just wants to forget. She just so happens to rebound her way right into the arms of some man candy. While her approach isn't conventional and is somewhat scary considering he could have been a predator or disease ridden, she took a chance and was rewarded. This is why it is fiction and not reality! Those concerns aside, I enjoyed the story.

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