The Fall of the Governor: Part Two

The Fall of the Governor Part Two The fourth book and epic finale to Robert Kirkman s New York Times bestselling series The Walking Dead The Fall of the Governor Part Two The Walking Dead original novel series set in the universe of

  • Title: The Fall of the Governor: Part Two
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Jay Bonansinga
  • ISBN: 9781466853225
  • Page: 143
  • Format: ebook
  • The fourth book and epic finale to Robert Kirkman s New York Times bestselling series The Walking Dead The Fall of the Governor Part Two The Walking Dead original novel series, set in the universe of Robert Kirkman s iconic comic book, comes to a shattering conclusion with The Fall of the Governor Part Two From co authors Kirkman, creator of the Eisner Award winThe fourth book and epic finale to Robert Kirkman s New York Times bestselling series The Walking Dead The Fall of the Governor Part Two The Walking Dead original novel series, set in the universe of Robert Kirkman s iconic comic book, comes to a shattering conclusion with The Fall of the Governor Part Two From co authors Kirkman, creator of the Eisner Award winning comic as well as executive producer of AMC s blockbuster TV series, and Jay Bonansinga, Stoker Award finalist and internationally acclaimed author, comes this stunning finale to their ambitious chronicle of human survival amid the plague of undead, which began with The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor.In Rise of the Governor, uber villain Philip Blake journeyed from his humble beginnings directly into the dark heart of the zombie apocalypse, and became the self proclaimed leader of a small town called Woodbury In The Road to Woodbury, an innocent traveler named Lilly Caul wound up in the terrifying thrall of Phillip Blake s twisted, violent dictatorship within Woodbury s ever tightening barricades In The Fall of the Governor Part One, Philip Blake finally revealed himself to be the true monster that he is, and the battle lines were drawn between the Governor and the desperate, beleaguered inhabitants of a nearby prison.Now, in The Fall of the Governor Part Two, the Governor s dark journey reaches its shocking, heartrending conclusion In a roller coaster finale, war breaks out, all of the plot lines from the previous three novels converge, tensions boil over into unthinkable mayhem, and the dark destinies of those few left standing are sealed in a series of stunning twists.

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    1. all the misery,pain and fear on the head of one man, my god why has no one blown this guy away?and whats with all the fuck?it is impressisive how they all follow this crazy dick and at the last moment turn.

    2. 4.4 flying dead starsThe story of Woodbury as it struggles with one crazy fool as a leader while trying to save themselves from those evil nasty prison hoodlums. This story starts right where part one leaves off with one nearly dead _________.This is not your TV show version, this is serious walking dead badarseness ! Things are different yet similar, the same characters same town same issues but there is so much more offered in these novels. We get to know them, all of them the side characters [...]

    3. Let’s get something out of the way really quick before we begin the review. One, if you’ve not seen the TV Show, or heard of the plot between the Governor and Rick, then you’ve probably been under a rock. Two, this is NOT the TV show. This series of books follows The Governor within the confines of THE COMIC BOOK. They are two TOTALLY different characters. TV Governor is a watered down version of the COMIC Governor. Oh, and there’s spoilers ahead, but if you are reading a review with a b [...]

    4. The Walking Dead exists in three separate and very different places. There is the Walking Dead of the graphic novel series, which is how many fans came to follow the story. There is, of course, the incredibly popular universe of the Walking Dead tv show, a place where characters exist that don't appear in the graphic novels, plotlines are distinctly skewered away from the familiar, and Norman Reedus has become every fangirl's boyfriend. Finally, there is the Walking Dead of the four full-length [...]

    5. As a huge fan of The Walking Dead tv show and comic series I've really enjoyed these novels. My only gripe about this book is I don't think it had to be divided into two seperate novels. It was interesting to learn what happened to the Woodbury surviors after the prison attack and you just never know we could see these characters again someday.

    6. So, this is the final book in the series about the Governor character from The Walking Dead. What started as a truly interesting series that added more depth to the Governor's story slowly turned into a simple retelling of the events in the comics. While occasionally comic book retellings can be rather good, this was essentially just more of the same. I never really want to read the description of an overall wearing walker again. The book wasn't as bad as Part One ofThe Fall of the Governor and [...]

    7. Actual rating is 3.5 stars.This book continues the story of the Governor versus Rick and the gang. This story arc is from the comics and not the television series.This one might be my favorite so far out of this series. I still have a complaint about the writing. I don't expect award winning literature and this book is nowhere near that level. The author falls in love with certain phases and repeats them. The worse part is they don't make sense either. I have read about zombie's eyes being shiny [...]

    8. La seconda parte del capitolo finale della trilogia del Governatore, diventata tetralogia per l'avidità degli autori, si porta dietro tutti i difetti del libro precedente: la maggior parte dei fatti descritti é solo una rivisitazione di quelli descritti nel fumetto, le descrizioni degli azzannatori (fortunatamente stavolta la parola zombie viene usata maggiormente) sono abbastanza ripetitive, e in generale si ha la sensazione che la storia sia stata dilatata fino alla nausea.Fortunatamente l'u [...]

    9. I loved this book because it was full of adventure and action. I enjoyed how the story was brought to life by the characters. This book was very well written and it was such a creative story line.

    10. This book was a good book after Part One only ROBERT KIRKMAN JUST HAD TO KILL OF TWO OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄. All in all I really enjoyed this book so I’ll give it 4/5 Stars just because I want to 😂

    11. This was a really satisfying conclusion to the four book trilogy. I suppose that makes it a quadrilogy really. Anyhow, this book manages to tell exactly the same story as the comics do but from a completely different perspective. Despite the fact that we'd seen the vast majority of this story before (it is mostly the assault on the prison) it in no way feels like repetition as it focuses on what our key characters are doing, mainly Lilly Caul. It works so wonderfully focussing on Lilly in this b [...]

    12. 4.5 starsI didn't think much of Part 1 of The Fall of The Governor (too much grisly brutality for the sake of it, I thought, not enough story, seemed rushed) and nearly didn't bother to read this one, but I'm glad I did, because it was WAY better. I really enjoyed it and read it nearly all in one go, late at night when my eyes were saying 'go to sleep'.Taken from the original comic books rather than the TV series, it was interesting to see how the TV series took ideas from this and turned them i [...]

    13. Anyone who's seen my review of the previous two books is aware that I was extremely disappointed and didn't even want to read this book. Although I'm still not happy that it was split into two parts, the second part pleasantly surprised me.It may be because I knew this would be another Lilly-heavy installment (and I was prepared for that), that I held out no hope of this actually being something I'd enjoy, that I'd became accustomed to the present tense writing style and that the book would foll [...]

    14. I’m calling stolen valor on Bob Stookey. First he tells someone he was a Marine Corpsman First class. There is no such thing. He could be a Navy Corpsman First Class attached to a Marine unit but the marines don’t have a corpsman. Then later in the book he talks to someone else about his time as an army medic. So was he a Marine or was he in the Army? At another point he talks about working on an injured young marine master sergeant. I guess young is a matter of perspective but since almost [...]

    15. This is where the series starts to get better and doesn't feel like a retelling of the comics.Lilly came back around for me. I won't give any spoilers, but when she was on the Governor's side it felt like lazy writing. No one who experienced what she did and saw what she did would suddenly be on his team. Even though I knew how their story ended from reading the comics, it felt freshly told from her perspective.Honestly besides Lilly and the Governor, all the other characters in the book, includ [...]

    16. I've read the comics so I knew what was coming, but I found myself insanely annoyed with the character of Lily. I mean at first, I felt bad for her, but then I found myself irritated with her and wanting to smack her. She went from hating The Governor to suddenly being on his team and down with the whole crazy program. And instead of taking responsibility for an incredibly horrible thing she does, she blames The Governor claiming he made her do it. NO ONE made her do anything. She CHOSE to do al [...]

    17. I wanted to read the Governor series so I could learn something new about the Governor. The first two books were satisfying because they gave me new information and original stories. The last two books were disappointing because they were basically just a long rehash of what happened in the comics and the TV show. I had to finish since I began, but these last two books offered very little in the way of entertainment. I found myself browsing pages hoping for something new and exciting but to no a [...]

    18. Re-read in 2016.While reading this series back to back it's interesting to see the repetitive use of certain words throughout each novel, like the author has a word-of-the-day he's using for each book. Does get a little tedious.Lilly's change of perspective from wanting to overturn the governor to being his number one supporter and then onto being his demise just feels sloppy. Her relationship with Austin on the other hand feels a lot more realistic and natural, also heartbreaking.

    19. Overall a good book But as I've said before it was not as good as the other 3 That's why I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars There was quite a bit of action at the end of the book And they left the ending open .r the next book !!Which I can NOT wait for !Lots of filler in this book Events did not reflect that of the tv showTotally different ! We do see "our" group in this book But not the way it played out in the show !Worth a read if you love the walking dead like I do . But just not as great at the [...]

    20. I enjoyed this a lot better than Part 1. I think my issue with that book was that I was expecting it to be an extension to the TV series, which these books are not. They can be seen as alternate tellings of the scenarios presented in the books. When I went in with that attitude, I enjoyed it enough to make it tolerable. As a stand alone or alternate take story, it really isn't half bad. After having spent a few books understanding The Governor, and delving into his psychosis, it was good to see [...]

    21. I imagine if you read the last two books in this series without having read the comics, it would feel like there were a lot of plot holes and things left unexplained. Also, trying to retcon the cartoon villain Governor character of the comic books into a complex character while still trying to stick as close to the continuity of the comics as possible doesn't work very well.

    22. I felt it was great way to end the Lily/Governor series.A riveting glimpse into the lives of the Woodburians.I believe these books can continue on with more stories.Many fans who watch the show and/or read the comics will definitly enjoy the Walking Dead Literature Editions.

    23. The writing was better than previous, with lots of descriptions of scenes and zombies and zombie kills. The characters seemed real, with Lilly experiencing vacillating emotions, between wanting to follow the Governor and unsure that what he was doing was right.A fitting end to the series.

    24. An enjoyable read that kept me entertained. The book would have been better presented as a whole story with part 1. Two short books broke some of the tension of the story.

    25. Hui na da ging's ja ganz schön zur Sache! Obwohl ich immer noch nicht ganz mit Lilly warm bin, mag ich sie jetzt ein bisschen mehr! Bin gespannt wie die Serie denn enden wird :)

    26. The fourth book in the Walking Dead series is largely focused on the events surrounding the prison raid on Rick’s band of survivors by the Governor’s mercenaries out for bloodthirsty revenge following the evens of the previous book which left the Governor near dead. While it doesn’t pack the same punch as the previous novels in the series, it’s still a great read (or listen as is my case with the audio version narrated by the exceptional Fred Berman). Lilly Caul gets ample page time and [...]

    27. Druga część "Upadku Gubernatora" skupia się przede wszystkim na przygotowywaniu przez Gubernatora zemsty na grupie Ricka oraz jej dokonaniu. Jak i w poprzedniej tak i w tej części nie brakuje niespodziewanych zwrotów akcji, mrocznego klimatu oraz mnóstwa niezwykle mocnych scen. Książkę czyta się szybko i z zaciekawieniem. Mamy też możliwość bliższego poznania postaci Gubernatora, Lilly, Boba czy poznanego poprzednio - Austina. Nie brakuje też coraz większych hord żywych trup [...]

    28. I think this will be the last book I read from this series. It concluded nicely but the end just really dragged on. I really enjoyed Jay Bonansinga's unique way of describing the world during this time but this novel just didn't have me as much as the others. Perhaps I will revisit the series after taking a break.

    29. Robert Kirkman artık Rick Grimes ve yanındakilere odaklanabilirmisin lütfen Lily ve Austin artık sıktı neden saldırı altında olan hapishanedeki Rick'in veya Michonne'un gözünden anlatmıyorsun çok mu zor?

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