The Mystery of the Third Lucretia

The Mystery of the Third Lucretia If it hadn t been for Lucas s photographic memory they might not have remembered the man It had been almost a year since she and Kari had noticed him copying the famous Rembrandt painting in the Minn

  • Title: The Mystery of the Third Lucretia
  • Author: Susan Runholt
  • ISBN: 9780670062522
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • If it hadn t been for Lucas s photographic memory, they might not have remembered the man It had been almost a year since she and Kari had noticed him copying the famous Rembrandt painting in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts But now in the National Gallery in London, they re sure it s the same guy, copying another Rembrandt What is going on The International Herald TriIf it hadn t been for Lucas s photographic memory, they might not have remembered the man It had been almost a year since she and Kari had noticed him copying the famous Rembrandt painting in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts But now in the National Gallery in London, they re sure it s the same guy, copying another Rembrandt What is going on The International Herald Tribune gives them their answer A never before seen Rembrandt painting has been discovered in Amsterdam The mysterious man must ve been working on a forgery Convinced that no one will believe them without evidence, the teenage sleuths embark on a madcap adventure to find the forger But is bringing the criminal to justice worth the price of their lives

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    1. The Mystery of the Third Lucretia (Fiction book) -by Susan Runholt- Summer Reading (2015)The Mystery of the Third Lucretia starts by explaining to us who is Lucretia, and what is the first and second Lucretia. Lucretia is a married woman who was once raped while her husband was at war. When her husband came back from war she told him everything and he said it wasn’t her fault. But she felt so dishonorable so she took a dagger and killed herself. The first Lucretia is a painting of Lucretia (th [...]

    2. I really need to stop reading mediocre mysteries because I have to see what happens even if I don't really like the characters or the writing. This one wasn't too bad, but I felt like there was way too much tell and not enough show. While I'm usually happy to suspend disbelief, I couldn't get over how perfectly arranged everything seemed with the girls and their families and how it allowed them to do certain things, and I really didn't get the out-of-the-blue summaries of romantic interests off- [...]

    3. Overall a clean, wholesome mystery, but I didn't care for this one. I seem to be in the minority, but I felt that the narrative and interest level seriously fades after the exposition. The two protagonists are very smart and capable, however the only mystery that seems to arise is after they make seemingly snap judgments (i.e. a gruff man MUST be a bad guy and beautiful widows of ugly men MUST be murderers)and are then proven correct. There are no surprises, except for the fact that a build up t [...]

    4. Well, I've no doubt that plenty of kids would like this, and I suppose that's what's important.I didn't care for the very casual writing style; and for a book that talks a lot about feminism, and how teenage girls should be interested in more than looks, there's an awful lot of emphasis on how attractive (or unattractive) people are.It reminded me of nothing so much as an old Donna Parker book, especially in the way a lot of the chapters ended. (And I was SO pleased with myself for coming up wit [...]

    5. This is a really great mystery about two inquisitive, smart girls that travel the world and solve a mystery along the way. Gotta love a mystery that includes traveling to places like London and Amsterdam. The first book in Kari + Lucas Mystery Series. Great for fans of Nancy Drew!

    6. This is a really great mystery about two inquisitive, smart girls that travel the world and solve a mystery along the way. Gotta love a mystery that includes travel to places like London and Amsterdam. First in a series. Great for middle schoolers!

    7. A really thoughtful and intelligent book for young teens, mid teens and adults, if you like following bright sassy kids on their adventures. I do and I learn something when i read Runholt's stuff. You will too.

    8. I enjoyed reading this book. I had a lot of questions while i was reading it, but my questions were answered through the book. I think you will really enjoy it.

    9. Do you like a good mystery, Esteemed Reader? A hint of danger and some heart-pounding adventure? Unless you have some sort of special heart condition or a neurological disorder, I’ll assume that you do. And therefore you are going to love Susan Runholt’s Kari + Lucas Mysteries. The ninja loves them and is looking forward to future additions.So we’re going to change things up a little bit this week. Instead of reviewing one book, I’m going to review two books in one post. Why? Well, I don [...]

    10. The narrator was perfect and did an incredible job sounding just like a 14 year old girl. A+Content itself? meh. SOOOO much focus on clothing it was annoying. Either it didn't play a part in the story or it was just WAY too detailed and could have been toned down and summarized to make the point. And it took an incredibly long time to get from any point to the next. So much detail. Maybe reading would have been easier so I could skim, but we were listening on CDs in the car so it wasn't an optio [...]

    11. The Mystery of the Third Lucretia is about two fourteen year old girls that become wrapped up in a international art crime. Kari Sundgren and Lucas Stickney are best friends. One day at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts they see a man copying one of Rembrandt’s Lucretias. (Rembrandt painted two pictures of a girl named Lucretia: one where she was dressed all in white, the other one she is dead.) While trying to see what the man is painting, the man snarls and says GO A-WAY. Not wanting the ma [...]

    12. I got onto The Mystery of the Third Lucretia by Susan Runholt courtesy of the Follow That Blurb Reading Challenge. This is a middle grade mystery which stars two fourteen year old girls who are best friends and interested in art. Kari Sundgren has a mom who writes for a magazine which sends her on assignments to other countries. Lucas Stickney comes from a wealthy family who doesn't mind if she flits off on these journeys with Kari and her mom. The mystery begins when the girls are at the Minnea [...]

    13. The Mystery of the Third LucretiaSusan RunholtPuffin Books/Penguin Young Readers345 Hudson St; New York, NY 10014penguin/sleuth978-0-670-06252-2, $6.99, 2008This book is about two 14 year old girls who are best friends, Kari Sundgren and Lucas Stickney. It starts off with the girls at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Museum and they first notice a man with an easel painting a Rembrandt painting. Kari being the curious one leans in for a closer look and the man shouts go away. His actions fright [...]

    14. International intrigue, disguises, art museums, and a red light district, what do all of these have in common? They are all part of the mystery adventure for two 14-year-old girls, Kari Sundgen and Lucas Stickney.Kari and Lucas are best friends who are drawn together by their love of art. One afternoon, they are strolling through the Minneapolis Institute of Art when they notice a young man standing by an easel in the Rembrandt Room painting a copy of one of Rembrant's Lucretia paintings. Kari l [...]

    15. I've been a voracious reader since I was a little girl. I never leave the house without a book & it's a great big crisis if I finish my book before I have to do something like ride BART. I like a lot of the same kinds of books now that I did when I was kid - fantasy, fairy tales, & mysteries.One of the hardest things when I was growing up was finding books with strong heroines. I can count the number of books that fit that bill for me on one hand: Harriet the Spy, From the Mixed-up Files [...]

    16. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooKari's mother works for a magazine that sends her to Europe at least once a year to write stories. Usually, they manage to bring along Kari's best friend, Lucas. Together the girls sometimes play tourist while Kari's mother works. Occasionally, they help her with her articles.One trip to London proves to become a very different sort of trip than any of them imagined. While at the National Gallery, Kari and Lucas see an artist working near a Rembrandt p [...]

    17. Have you ever been to an art museum and seen aspiring artists trying to copy their favorite paintings? That’s exactly what best friends Kari and Lucas (she’s a girl, yes) witness on their trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts except this guy is really good at it. He’s suspicious too, shooing people away from his secluded spot in the corner where he paints. A year later when the girls visit an art museum in London, the same mysterious man is working on the same painting but while wearin [...]

    18. *4 STARS*The premise of this novel was incredibly effective- art (my first love) + ancient history + mystery + international intrigue + action-packed adventure? Count me in.The plot of the story overall made a lot of sense and seemed realistic. I enjoyed the tidbits of information and descriptions throughout the novel, and the girls' journey through Europe brought back a lot of fun memories. It felt like walking down memory lane.As for the characters, I have to say they were pretty well-develope [...]

    19. Kari and Lucas (a girl) are teenagers who stumble upon an international art crime. They observe a man in a Minnesota art museum who is secretly painting on an easel in front of a Rembrandt display. They later observe the same man doing the same thing in London, England, but he's now wearing a different disguise. As time goes on, the girls start to wonder about the situation and find out that a new Rembrandt painting of the Third Lucretia has been discovered and sold for twenty million dollars. T [...]

    20. "This is the story of how two teenagers from Minnesota lived a tale of adventure involving a woman from ancient Rome, a seventeenth-century painter, forgery and murder, abduction and rescue, disguises and deductions, two continents, three museums, four countries, a criminal hideaway, and two nuns from Amsterdam's famous Quarter."-The Mystery of the Third Lucretia by Susan RunholtI was intrigued by this book from the start. Books with museums, child detectives, art fraud and adventures have alway [...]

    21. I read this quarter 3:It was a very very good book. It had every thing you would want: likable charictors, mystery, and a horrible bad guy. It was so good. It got me addicted on the first chapter.Kari and Lucas are BFF and go on lots of trips together. This is because Kari's mom is a writer for the news paper and goes all over. Lucas's parents are mean rich slobs. (Lucas is a girl) Lucas has a photo graphic memory, so when they see a guy at two different museums a year apart she recognizes him. [...]

    22. Kari and Lucas are best friends and aspiring artists. An incident with a nasty art gallery visitor working on a painting in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts would have been forgotten if not for Lucas’ photographic memory. While travelling in London the girls witness a similar encounter, but the man looks different. The girls determine that Gallery Guy is disguising himself to work in different galleries, but they do not know why. They find their answer when a long-lost Rembrandt painting is d [...]

    23. What happens when 14 year old girlfriends, Kari and Lucas, show a little too much curiosity around a mysterious artist in a Minneapolis art museum? What happens is an international mystery and intrigue happening around them. Kari and Lucas are delightful characters who are fun, smart, talented and curious. Their adventures take them overseas when Kari’s mother takes a job that allows them to travel with her. The dialog is spot-on for the age of the characters, and I could almost hear their voi [...]

    24. This book was alrightere's nothing spectacular about it. The mystery is fun but becomes a bit cumbersome after no thrilling developments occur during the second half of the book. The word "meep" also started to really grate on my nerves. Every time one of the characters said this I wanted to throw them out a ten-story high window. Honestly, I think I prefer actual expletives to substitutes that are reminiscent of the Road Runner. But I digress. The end did get slightly exciting, but I was hoping [...]

    25. Kari and Lucas realize something fishy is going on when they see the same man wearing a disguise, painting Rembrandts in two different galleries half way around the world. They decide to go undercover and investigate themselves as no adult would take two American teenagers seriously. I love the concept of this book. It was like a modern-day Nancy Drew mystery except with travel and art. I loved the characters, they were well developed and Runholt depicted a teenage girl so perfectly, nuances, te [...]

    26. I picked this book up when I was working at the children's library. The cover art looked very appealing, and the premise promising. It sucked me in after a few pages, and I found myself not wanting it to end.The two heroines make a formidable team as they try to uncover the mystery surrounding a strange disguised man who they run into at no less than two art museums spanning two continents.Part teen lit, part mystery, this book was an engaging read. Even though it's classified as children's/YA f [...]

    27. Kari and her best friend, Lucas, think they're on to something. At home in Minneapolis, they encounter a rude, gruff man in the art museum. He's copying a Rembrandt painting and sneers "Go away" when anyone gets too close to his liking. Imagine their surprise when a while later they see the same man in a London museum--but this time in disguise. Kari and Lucas don't exactly know what's going on, but they know something is. And they're determined to get to the bottom of it.I really, really liked [...]

    28. The Mystery of the Third Lucretia is a somewhat contrived but fun art mystery sleuthed (is that a word?) by two teenage girls who happen to: (a) be amazing artists; (b) stumble upon unbelievable opportunities to do a ton of international traveling; and (c) encounter art criminals everywhere they go. Like I said: somewhat contrived, but fun. The friendship between the two girls reminded me a little bit of the friendship between the two girl detectives in an older book, The Ghost in the Third Row [...]

    29. Best friends Lucas and Kari are touring the Minneapolis Institute of Arts when they spy a strange man copying one of the Rembrandt paintings, marked by his strong accent as he tells a boy to "Go aw-aay!" The girls almost forget about him, until, on a trip to London with Kari's journalist mother, they see an oddly similar man painting at the National Gallery. Is there a connection between the two galleries? And is Gallery Guy up to no good? Only these teen detectives can solve the mystery!This is [...]

    30. Kari is shocked by a rude comment made by a man painting at an easel in her local art museum. When she goes to a London museum, she sees the same man, but in disguise, painting there too. He’s trying hard to hide what it is he’s painting and that combined with the disguise makes Kari suspicious. What is he painting? Could he be forging one of Rembrandt’s paintings? Kari and her friend Lucas decide to solve the mystery and it takes them from Minneapolis to London to Paris and Amsterdam. Whi [...]

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