The Watcher: A Novel of Crime

The Watcher A Novel of Crime The immersive new psychological crime novel from Germany s most successful living female author Carla Roberts lives alone in the top of a highrise building frightened by the sound of the lift stoppin

  • Title: The Watcher: A Novel of Crime
  • Author: Charlotte Link
  • ISBN: 9781605985596
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The immersive new psychological crime novel from Germany s most successful living female author.Carla Roberts lives alone in the top of a highrise building, frightened by the sound of the lift stopping and opening on her floor, with nobody getting out Days later, she s found brutally murdered Meanwhile Samson Segal, an unemployed thirty something, has taken to spying onThe immersive new psychological crime novel from Germany s most successful living female author.Carla Roberts lives alone in the top of a highrise building, frightened by the sound of the lift stopping and opening on her floor, with nobody getting out Days later, she s found brutally murdered Meanwhile Samson Segal, an unemployed thirty something, has taken to spying on his neighbors, particularly beautiful and successful Gillian Ward When Gillian s daughter comes home to an empty, locked house, Samson takes her in but finds himself venting his anger in his diary when his good Samaritan actions go unappreciated, unaware that his suspicious sister in law cracked his password long ago When Gillian s husband is then murdered in his own home, Samson comes under intense scrutiny but the only man making any progress on the case is the one who shouldn t be working on it Yet he s the only one who believes Samson is innocent .

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    1. Three and a half stars. I don’t read a lot of crime novels but this one hooked me in, despite the description of the murder initially that had me wondering if I would read it at all. Somehow I had to.This novel covers some serious issues like loneliness, being different, abuse, parenting, domestic violence, and the issue of keeping silent or speaking up when something is wrong in a relationship. Some of the questions raised gave food for thought. In the course of uncovering the murders of seve [...]

    2. I liked this book, until I found out who did it. Old women are being murdered in the novel, and the book becomes a chase to find the killer before the next victim. The revealing of who it was just didn't vibe that much for when it was explained why this person did what they did, but I didn't think the reasoning was all that original or worth having read the whole book.'The Watcher' is also a name for another character in the story, who watches people in their homes for fun. That particular chara [...]

    3. Ich habe eigentlich noch nicht wirklich krimis gelesen, aber wenn sie alle so sind, dann werde ich wahrscheinlich noch ein riesen krimi-fan!:Dfantastisches buch!!:)

    4. What the hell was this. I had so many problems with this book, ranging from the complete lack of suspense throughout this whole thing over the constant info dumping/repetition to the fact that this book would have needed some heaaaavy editing as it is just plain too longMy full-length review/rant of this book is now live at: bit/2lK5N0m

    5. If you want a book full of tension and gruesomeness, this is it. In the beginning, I needed to put the book down and walk away; but before long, I was sucked in and couldn't put it down. The story is very Mary Higgins Clarkesque; a very similar style and very family oriented. But it digs a little deeper and shares a little more detail. A very good read!

    6. Well I sure did not see that coming!! Great plot twist and finally a story where I can’t guess who did it!! I thought it was Gillian’s lover John but. dang!!

    7. Samson Segal is een in zichzelf gekeerde, contactgestoorde, werkloze man die met zijn broer Gavin en diens vrouw Mollie in het huis woont dat zij van hun moeder hebben geërfd. Samson voelt zich altijd eenzaam en alleen en vooral onbegrepen. Hij houdt er de eigenaardige gewoonte op na om mensen te observeren. Van heel veel mensen weet hij hun hele doen en laten, zo ook van Gillian Ward die met haar man Tom en dochter Becky in dezelfde straat woont. Zij vormen op het eerste oog een gelukkig gezin [...]

    8. Samson ist das, was man einen komischen Kauz nennen könnte. Den ganzen Tag treibt er sich in der Gegend rum, geht keiner geregelten Arbeit nach, beobachtet jedoch die Leute. Nicht irgendwelche Leute, nur solche, die sein Interesse wecken. Er ist kein Voyeur im eigentlichen Sinne eines Spanners, denn dieser Part interessiert ihn nicht, ihn interessiert das Leben der Menschen, die er beobachtet. Seine eigene Familie besteht aus einem Bruder und dessen Frau, bei denen er auch lebt, sehr zum Missfa [...]

    9. Darum geht es:Zwei ältere Frauen wurden auf die gleiche grausame Art getötet. Beide lebten einsam und zurückgezogen. Beide hatten Angst und beide wurden erst Tage nach ihrem Tod gefunden. Offenbar ein Wiederholungstäter. Doch dann wird der Familienvater Thomas Ward vom gleichen Täter ermordet. Welche Verbindung gab es zwischen den Opfern? Scotland Yard steht vor einem Rätsel.Hat Samson Segal etwas damit zu tun? Er ist langweilig. Er ist eigenbrötlerisch. Er ist unscheinbar. Er beobachtet [...]

    10. : Ho conosciuto quest'autrice per i romanzi a sfondo storico, ma ultimamente la sto scoprendo anche in un nuovo filone, quello del thriller psicologico in cui si dimostra magistrale.Due omicidi seriali e poi un terzo che sembra non avere niente a che fare con gli altri due. La Link si diverte a farci seguire varie piste, salvo poi dimostrarci che non portano a niente, quindi la suspense sempre alta e il ritmo della narrazione molto serrato tengono il lettore incollato alle pagine, nel tentativo [...]

    11. Ho iniziato la lettura di questo romanzo con un vivo interesse anche perché il prologo è “adrenalina pura”. Fin dalle prime pagine si comprende la coralità dei vari personaggi che sono tutti ben analizzati e collocati in una storia che molto promette e poco mantiene. La narrazione è appesantita da molte ripetizioni: alcune riflessioni, avvenimenti, vengono riportati più volte. Il serial killer sono riuscita a identificarlo a metà libro anche se il movente, per i molti omicidi, non mi h [...]

    12. A book cover that shows a solitary figure walking through a wintry forest has some appeal when you’re sweltering through the hot, humid days of early summer in Sydney. So does “16 million books sold”. Charlotte Link’s The Watcher must have something going for it, right?Maybe it’s the translation from the German; maybe it’s the time-lag between when it was written and when it became available in English; maybe it’s the fact that a German writer has chosen an English setting for her [...]

    13. Frammentario, almeno all'inizio, con tante fotografie di storie presentate al lettore senza apparente collegamento tra di loro. Quando alla fine la storia decolla riulta facile, se si è letto abbastanza, capire chi è il vero colpevole, anche se le motivazioni ne fanno un cattivo politicamente corretto come va di moda ultimamente. Scene di azione, alcune improbabili nel contesto, con una (inevitabile) venatura rosa a fare da sottofondo al tutto. Poteva essere anche una lettura interessante, se [...]

    14. Bereits im April habe ich damit begonnen, doch wieder zur Seite gelegt. Aber bevor es zu einer Sub-Leiche mutiert, habe ich es dann doch genommen und durchgelesen.Was soll ich sagen?Die Protagonistin, Gillian Ward, ist mir von der ersten Sekunde an unsympathisch. Ihre Art finde ich schrecklich. Nicht, weil sie fremd geht, sondern diesem ganzen Drama drumherum.Eine ermüdende Geschichte, von der ich mehr erhoffte.Die Personen, die ermordet werden, scheinen keinen gemeinsamen Faden zu haben. Doch [...]

    15. Wow! Schon lang war ich nicht mehr so an ein Buch gefesselt! So unglaublich spannend! Und gut geschrieben! Ich kann gar nicht glauben, dass ich vorher noch nie ein Roman von Charlotte Link gelesen habe. Das Ende hat mir auch gut gefallen, auch wenn ich es schon vorher ein bisschen vermutet hatte. Aber sehr gute Hintergrundgeschichte! Ich hoffe, dass dieser Roman noch verfilmt wird!

    16. This book has gotten great reviews. I was somewhat disappointed in it. Many parts of it were rather dull and I found the book too long. The author does display good insight into the inner workings of people's twisted minds and parts of it are very well written. I have to say I found the ending rather implausible. This book was in translation; maybe it reads better in the original.

    17. For me as a nonnative speaker of German, this book was amazing. Maybe I only think that because I am amazed that I was able to get so engrossed in it (and understand almost every word) that I almost forgot I was reading in a second language. Still, the mystery kept me guessing until almost the very end, and I really did develop a connection to many of the characters. Highly recommended!

    18. I enjoyed this book although I can't pinpoint exactly what it was about it that I enjoyed.I think the fact that the serial killer was the greatest victim of all was a great twist, and even though you feel sorry for them, it still didn't make the person likable, which was well managed, after all being able to dislike the baddie is essential.Nothing earth shattering, but a good read.

    19. Great mystery/psychological thriller until the murderer is revealed. At that point, it looses steam and becomes predictable. It is probably about 100 pages too long.

    20. Con Charlotte Link si va sempre, sempre, sempre sul sicuro.Purtroppo — o per fortuna — non ho ancora terminato di leggere tutta la sua sterminata produzione letteraria.L’autrice ci trascina alla periferia di Londra, dove vite desiderabili e vite miserabili si intrecciano e danno vita a un thriller psicologico che lascia con il fiato sospeso.L’osservatore del romanzo, Samson Segal, è un uomo bloccato nella sua mediocre esistenza, disoccupato, senza una moglie, condivide la casa c [...]

    21. Charlotte Link è un’altra delle tante autrici che, per motivi a me oscuri, avevo sempre inconsciamente evitato. Poi, leggendo qua e là in rete qualche consiglio su letture di thriller psicologici, il suo nome è risaltato fuori e questo inspiegabile inconscio rifiuto si è trasformato in curiosità. Abbasso dunque pregiudizi e rifiuti inconsci, come sempre: ogni autore andrebbe assaggiato prima di poter giudicare, e questa ne è l’ennesima dimostrazione! “Oltre le apparenze” si è rive [...]

    22. A well written story set in England. Two lonely and isolated older women are found murderd in their home several days after their deaths. There seems to be nothing linking the two deaths other than the method of killing - a tea towel stuffed into their mouths causing suffocation.Gillian, a wife and mother, is being stalked by a local man. He has no job, no family and no life. He lives with his brother and his angry sister-in-law in the house left to the brothers on the death of their mother. His [...]

    23. Personaggi oltre le apparenzeE' il romanzo di una autrice parecchio equilibrata, che riesce a rendere bene sia i personaggi maschili che quelli femminili e che riesce a rendere avvincente una sorta di thriller-poliziesco che in fondo è la storia di un'assassina un po' "banale", nel cui passato c'è soltanto la triste storia di abusi da parte di un patrigno, tollerato da una madre debole e inetta. In generale, a parte le vittime e Millie (la cognata dell'inetto a vivere, che sembra uscito da un [...]

    24. I found the book a bit above average in the genre. She presents the story and the characters in an original way and the plot is fast paced. But at a certain moment, when we realize who the murderer is, everything becomes precictable and for me loses interest. An interesting writer worth having a look

    25. Slow would have been better with less pages. Went sometimes in multiple directions. Took a while to see the connection between characters

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