Dead Heat

Dead Heat FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid takes on her most explosive case yet in New York Times bestseller Allison Brennan s Dead Heat DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXASAssigned to San Antonio s Violent Crimes unit Lucy Kinca

  • Title: Dead Heat
  • Author: Allison Brennan Kate Udall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid takes on her most explosive case yet in New York Times bestseller Allison Brennan s Dead Heat DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXASAssigned to San Antonio s Violent Crimes unit, Lucy Kincaid joins a team of seasoned veterans and newer agents for a task force called Operation Heatwave It s supposed to be a simple sweep of known offenders with outstanding warranFBI Agent Lucy Kincaid takes on her most explosive case yet in New York Times bestseller Allison Brennan s Dead Heat DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXASAssigned to San Antonio s Violent Crimes unit, Lucy Kincaid joins a team of seasoned veterans and newer agents for a task force called Operation Heatwave It s supposed to be a simple sweep of known offenders with outstanding warrants But when Lucy and her team try to bust two local brothers for jumping bail, she walks into a hotbed of pure evil Their names are George and Jaime Sanchez They are charged with murder, drug trafficking, and worse And one of them is still out thereE HEAT IS ONAs Lucy races to capture Jaime Sanchez, shocking evidence comes to light The brothers have been using their basement as a holding cell for children they kidnapped for the cartels When George agrees to turn on his brother, he is murdered behind bars Now Lucy has no choice but to go outside the law Enlisting the help of her boyfriend Sean Rogan and his mercenary brother Kane, she will risk her career and both of their lives to bring down a crime lord s empire before innocent lives go up in flames Knife edged tension and clever twists The Lucy Kincaid Sean Rogan novels just keep getting better RT Book Reviews

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    1. 4,5 starsDead Heat, the latest addition and 8th book in Allison Brennan’s Lucy Kincaid Series is a well-written and explosive thriller about Lucy Kincaid’s new life as a FBI rookie agent in San Antonio.With each book, I have grown to like Lucy more and more and I enjoy seeing her development as she struggles with her inner demons and trying to deal with the horrific experience she went through with a serial rapist/killer.The story begins with being assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit in San [...]

    2. Book 8 in the Lucy Kincaid series was full of tension and suspense. This series just seems to get better with each book, I think because we readers have been along for every step of the way of Lucy's journey from victim to avenger of other victims. We care about Lucy's developing career and her personal relationships with Sean and her family and, now too, her co-workers.I started this as my secondary book that I only read a few pages from each day, thus the time frame it took me to complete it. [...]

    3. Book #8 and Lucy Kincaid is a full fledged FBI agent and she doesn't disappoint. I loved watching her use all her talents from interviewing kids to picking (many) locks. This book was a pleasure to read. Allison Brennan has grown as an author. Good stuff.

    4. Title: Dead Heat, book 8 - Lucy Kincaid seriesAuthor: Allison BrennanPublished: June, 2013Read: June, 2015Format: ebook via Samsung Galaxy 4 NookGenre: fiction, mystery/thriller, law enforcement, FBI, action packed, drama.Author's website: AllisonBrennan Rating: FIVE "can't catch my breath" action-filled stars!Brief remarks:Wow! I gobbled this book up in no time! What a GREAT story! Perhaps my favorite "Lucy Kincaid" so far. Every one of the five stars I'm rating are beyond earned and deserved. [...]

    5. I don't usually like books about drug cartels but this one provided just enough information but didn't go over the line into the disgusting details I usually see from this topic. I really, really liked Michael and little Bella was precious. I loved that she saved Michael and then Michael saved her. So cute and life altering for both.Lucy Kincaid, Sean Rogan and even Kane Rogan came together to find Michael and save Bella as well as the captured DEA agent. A well-put together mystery with plenty [...]

    6. You know an author is at the tippity top of her game when you fear for every character in the book and chew your nails in anticipation of the outcome. And the top is where Allison Brennan is with the new installment in the Lucy Kincaid series, Dead Heat. Lucy's still a newbie with the FBI, but her past, and her expertise, gets her a chip in the big game when Operation Heatwave is put into play. As a member of a multi-jurisdiction task force, she knows she needs to impress her teammates, and stic [...]

    7. This is the current Lucy Kincaid novel by NYT best-selling author Allison Brennan. Lucy has graduated from the FBI Academy at Quantico. She's three months into her probationary period at her first duty station, San Antonio, Texas. Her significant other, Sean Rogan, has quit the family business, RCK Investigations, to free-lance on his own to be with Luce. Enter an obsessed DEA agent, a thirteen-year-old boy, bad cops, and an up-and-coming Mexican drug cartel and you have a fiery mix of action, s [...]

    8. This latest book in the Lucy Kincaid series was just excellent - had everything in it that I like - murder, suspense, and a fluid story.Lucy is now an FBI agent - a rookie, but still an FBI agent and on her first big case with colleagues that are both believing in her and skeptical of her. The only one the truly trusts her is Sean "Little Rogan" :)The story revolves around drug smuggling, gun smuggling, and using young boys as mules.2 thumbs up and 5 stars - thank you Allison Brennan for this se [...]

    9. In this series, Lucy Kincaid has been working toward becoming an FBI agent and she has finally made it. She is assigned to the San Antonio's violent crimes unit. Her team starts off by serving warrants to offenders and mushrooms into drug trafficking, gun running, and child corruption/slavery. I like the Kincaid/Rogan books. I admire the adversity Lucy has overcome to be the strong woman she is today. I really enjoyed this book.

    10. I'd give this ten stars if I could, it rocked that hard. I loved Lucy Kinkaid before but I love her even more now. And the end? OMG, it was awesome.

    11. Love Brennen's writing.easy read with good story and characters. Lucy Kinkaid is great as a rookie FBI Agent who takes the fight to a Mexican drug czar-on-the-rise ande action is great. Recommend to all who love suspense and action.

    12. This book was very good. I really like Lucy Kincaid. I really don't care for Sean's caveman-like protectiveness of her, but he kind of redeemed himself to me with the scenes with his brother. Great book!

    13. Newly graduated FBI agent Lucy Kincaid is assigned to a drug sweep task force in Texas. When the raid occurs more than drugs are found. Human trafficing with children is brought to light.

    14. I'm not sure if the story was not interesting to me or the person reading the story (I listened to the audiobook version). The person reading it kind drew the story out & it was like really bad acting on her part. I wasn't a fan of the story or the person reading it.

    15. I am not digging the series reboot all that much. COLD SNAP was a major disappointment after the peak of STOLEN (and SILENCED and STALKED that came before) and I was hoping DEAD HEAT would reinvigorate my love for the series, and by description I'd have bet that it would due to the new location and Lucy finally working for the FBI, but DEAD HEAT is missing something. Another reviewer mentioned that she wondered how long Lucy would disregard her true nature in order to work for the FBI and I am w [...]

    16. Dead Heat is the first of the series set in San Antonio. So far, other than generic references to local places of interest, I haven't recognized anything. Didn't really expect to, though.Parts of this one are a bit unbelievable. Lucy's been up before the OPR three times, twice as a recruit, and yet, she's still a special agent? I know Lucy's good, but someone somewhere's got to be pulling strings for her, and I'm left wondering about their intentions, and why no one else (character-wise) wonders [...]

    17. Loved It, Loved It. Loved It Allison Brennan you've done it again. Following on from Cold Snap; Lucy Kincaid has been an FBI Rookie for only three months when she is assigned to a joint task force between the FBI and the DEA - reporting to SSA (Special Supervisory Agent) Brad Donnelly. During a routine weekend sweep on unsuspecting criminals, the team find evidence and a witness to a kidnapping ring. It is around this time that Lucy has her suspicions that SSA Brad Donnelly has an obsession with [...]

    18. There are two things I really love about the Lucy Kincaid series. Sure, it has the amazing writing of Allison Brennan. Yes, the stories are gripping and suspenseful. It's clear that the author does deep, intensive research into every topic she includes in her books so they feel realistic and smart. And yes, the characters are all so well-developed and so multi-faceted, that you come to care about each and every one.There's all that but specific to the Lucy series, I am always captivated by two o [...]

    19. Wow, this series just gets better and better. I absolutely love Sean Rogan. The way he cares for Lucy is so powerful. Their feelings for each other grow in each book. Because of this growth, they also grow as individuals. Lucy has been in her new role as an FBI agent in San Antonio for 3 months. She's in the violent crimes unit and has been tasked with her partner to work with the DEA on a sweep. There begins a complicated and difficult story using children as drug mules. We meet strong children [...]

    20. This is the recent Lucy Kincaid book. She is recently the newest member of the task force called Operation Heatwave. The idea is to sweep of known offenders with out standing warrants. When Lucy and her team try to find 2 brothers. one disappears. it's up to Lucy and her team to find Jaime Sanchez. While attempting to find Jaime, They StumbleUpon Michael being held against his will. Then he disappears. The more Lucy finds out the more she is determined to find out who is it THEIR up against. Enl [...]

    21. Another great book by Allison Brennan which will keep your interest from the first page to the last.Lucy Kincaid, new rookie at the FBI, is participating in a joint task force with DEA to apprehend wanted fugitive Jaime Sanchez. His sister and brother have been taken into custody but Jaime got away. As tips roll in, the team finds that Jaime is working for a mysterious drug lord known as the General. As more kids are being used to carry drugs and commit crimes, the team knows that the General ne [...]

    22. With this book Lucy is starting her new life as a FBI agent. Life in Texas is very different for her and Sean. It was nice to see them both settle into things. I like that Lucy knows how much Sean gave up to be with her and that Sean doesn't hold that against her.The case that Lucy was working on was so bad in so many ways. I liked that Lucy stuck up for the kids, even if she ended up working in the gray zone, not a great place to be for an FBI agent. But I do think that Lucy made the right call [...]

    23. Another entertaining story featuring Lucy Kincaid and Sean Rogan. I love how solid and supportive their relationship is. While nothing about this story stands out from the other books in this series that is ok because I love the series as it is. As always, for me the best part of this series is Lucy and Sean and their dynamic. I also really love how Lucy will always do what she believes is the right thing to save people even if it is not in her best interests career-wise, especially as her caree [...]

    24. I am a huge fan of the Lucy Kincaid series, not only is she a survivor but she knows how to get stuff done!! During a routine multi-agency drug take down Lucy encounters a child who mentions a captive boy she set free. Not only that, but the Uncle who was running drugs just missed being captured. The race is on to find the Uncle but to also locate the missing boy. The idea that one of there own might be thwarting the capture keeps this story moving along quickly. Lucy's and Sean's family are alw [...]

    25. This book really should be 2 stars, but I gave it 3 because I realize the amount of research that went into this novel was exhausting. That being said, this novel was so overly technical that it distracted from the character side of the story. The characters were not well developed; Sean was utterly unrealistic and ridiculous, he and Lucy were entirely too lovey to be believable. Lucy herself was just bent on being a revenge seeking workaholic that her choices were just plain brainless. This boo [...]

    26. Although I liked the story I only gave this three stars because it felt like something was missing. I'm not sure what. Maybe it felt like you didn't get a chance to meet the characters. I'm not sure what it was but I just didn't enjoy this one as much as the others. It could also be that I feel like Lucy is constantly going against her nature at the FBI. How many times does she go outside of the agency and everyone just keeps protecting her. I keep wondering if she wants to help more than her jo [...]

    27. It's not one of my favorites in this series. The mystery wasn't nearly as satisfying as it usually is. I kept waiting for Lucy to catch up with me, and it didn't happen until the end. The series is usually really good at introducing new and interesting characters, but I didn't really connect with these ones. It might have been more difficult since the cast was mostly totally new. I got more interested once Kane showed up, since he's one of the characters that hadn't really been explored yet. I'm [...]

    28. I won this through . I enjoyed the characters, they are completely fresh. The story was gripping and compelling. I would suggest that a person read the series from the beginning (unlike me.) I believe that would have made me more involved in the characters' lives. However, I did feel that this was a standalone novel because I didn't need to have read the others to understand the motivations and reasoning of the characters. I loved that they delved into some of the criminal problems that are rela [...]

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