The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2

The Art of How to Train Your Dragon Filled with than images the official illustrated tie in to the second chapter of the DreamWorks Animation critically acclaimed Academy Award nominated How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is based on

  • Title: The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Author: Linda Sunshine Cressida Cowell
  • ISBN: 9780062323354
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Filled with than 300 images, the official illustrated tie in to the second chapter of the DreamWorks Animation critically acclaimed Academy Award nominated How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is based on the characters in Cressida Cowell s bestselling series and features an introduction by the voice of Stoick the Vast, Gerard Butler.Mirroring the style of the bestsellinFilled with than 300 images, the official illustrated tie in to the second chapter of the DreamWorks Animation critically acclaimed Academy Award nominated How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is based on the characters in Cressida Cowell s bestselling series and features an introduction by the voice of Stoick the Vast, Gerard Butler.Mirroring the style of the bestselling The Art of How to Train Your Dragon, this outstanding insider s guide introduces fans to the creative process behind the film, from the story and the characters to the visual development art and animation, to the rigging, surfacing, and lighting The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2 includes than 300 concept sketches, preliminary drawings, architectural plans, and digital artwork that reveal how teams of artists bring the Dragon and Viking worlds to life with modern cinematic energy.Starring the voice talent of the original cast Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrara, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz Plasse, T J Miller, Kristin Wiig along with Cate Blanchett, Kit Harington, and Djimon Hounsou, this action packed comedy adventure continues the story of Hiccup and Toothless five years after they have successfully united dragons and Vikings on the Island of Berk While Astrid, Snoutlout and the rest of the gang are challenging each other to dragon races the island s new favorite contact sport , the now inseparable pair journey through the skies, charting unmapped territories and exploring new worlds.When one of their adventures leads to the discovery of a secret ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the center of a battle to protect the peace Now, Hiccup and Toothless must unite to stand up for what they believe while recognizing that only together do they have the power to change the future of both men and dragons.

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    1. BEAUTIFUL book! Finally I can read something that can put my appreciation of How to Train Your Dragon's art work and story telling into words! Fantastic book if you love the series or if you love to look at artwork. ~Ashley

    2. openbooksociety/article/thBrought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleThe Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a fine example of an art book. At one hundred sixty pages, it is not too small to display on your coffee table or on your bookshelves. It is bursting with full color movie stills, sketches, paintings, models, photographs, and story boards. It gives fans of the movie franchise a behind the scenes look at what went into making the film. More than 500 people had a hand in this endeavor, and snip [...]

    3. This is an ABSOLUTE must for any fan of How To Train Your Dragon, art or Dreamworks! When it arrived in the mail my 5 year promptly declared it was hers and spent hours (hours!!!) flipping the pages! This coffee table sized book has been dragged around my house, and loved to the point that it's showing wear. I normally would be a bit freaked out about this – I like my books pristine and beautiful – but the joy it brings Little here, can't be denied and so it has become hers!View Full Review [...]

    4. There was a lot of design panels, with so much effort and thought put into them. Even though I heartily appreciate looking at those, I don't love them like I do the background art and landscape. There was some of that, and some truly gorgeous panels at that, but I could have wished for a few more, or full page panels, rather than baby ones. There were a goodly amount of character sketches and the like, which make me so grateful they ended up with the character designs they did. Interesting to pa [...]

    5. A wonderful review of the art that helped develop the overall look and feel of the movie. As always there is lovely conceptual work in environments and the characters. I kind of wish there was even more concept art just to see how it had started out and even further progressed to the refined animation. Also it was amazing for Dean DeBlois to explain what the animation crew wanted to convey in this sequel, and where it might be heading for the story and the entire (and upcoming) trilogy. Can't wa [...]

    6. I love art books, especially art books for films that I absolutely love (my favorite is the one from Mirrormask). I loved the original How to Train Your Dragon and the sequel looked equally amazing. Hiccup and his friends from Berk are five years older. Berk has become a dragon rider haven and the new character, city, and dragon designs reflect that. It’s a beautiful little film. So of course I was excited to get this copy of the Art book to review by Linda Sunshine.Based on the books by Cress [...]

    7. This was a fun book to review because I have kids and we love animation. So I decided to pull out the book when my daughter was having a sleepover and we took notes about the pages that made an impression. The girls, all preteens, had a great time! Now we just need to see the movie!Here's what the girls had to say in their notes about the book:*The introduction shows some sketchwork of Toothless that reminded us of Stitch, curious and cute, but probably going to cause some trouble.*On pages 14-1 [...]

    8. Actual Rating: 4.5 starsA review copy was provided for an honest review. The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the perfect coffee table or fan piece. This book is composed of many high-res photos, illustrations, paintings, sketches, and storyboard drawings that are in beautiful full color. It shares a nice supply of visuals and quotes from the movie and gives you an inside look into the making of it with step-by-step character animation breakdowns, and notes from the filmmakers. Included in t [...]

    9. My kids and I absolutely love How to Train Your Dragon. It’s one of my favorite animated features ever — if not the favorite. This is one of few films that all three kids of mine love. When the sequel was announced, though, I was probably most excited of all of us! LOL That said, when this book was offered for review, I could not refuse. I was eagerly waiting on the new movie, and knew this would help give me a small taste of it and help me wait.If it’s not clear, I received this book befo [...]

    10. When reading these "art of" books you really get a sense of how much work is behind animated movies. And I'm so happy and thankful for all the amazing work behind How To Train Your Dragon 2, because I think it stands as my absolute favorite animated movie - ever! And I adore animated movies. I still remember seeing the first movie. I just saw it one day by myself, didn't think it would be amazing by any means, just something I could watch because I was bored. I LOVED IT! So much. I wished I had [...]

    11. Back to BerkI love good animation, good storytelling, good fantasy, and good dragons (rather than the evil kind).The How To Train your Dragon films were all of the above, fantastic animation and design that took familiar themes (Vikings, dragons, medieval fantasy) and raised them to new uh heights.Literally. There you are in the theater, soaring with dragons. WHOOT!!!!This book (and its predecessor) give us a good solid look at the genius behind the camera or the computers. How the crew traveled [...]

    12. This book was amazing! I loved looking into the creative process that the artist went through to create this epic film.How to Train Your Dragon and it's sequel have been one of my favorite movies and I truly appreciate how much work and thought was put into their production.The book design and illustrations were incredible and they really stepped it up by adding sequences available for viewing through an app designed for The Art of DreamWorks books. It was awesome to compare and contrast the sto [...]

    13. Another "The Art of" book which is both beautiful and full of information.I love that those books give the reader more inside in the work on the film, the thoughts while drawing it and why some characters are like they are in the movie at the end.This book had nice sketches, pictures and color frames in it, and I like it as much as I like the movie.I only missed a few HQ pictures of the characters. They have one big group pic in it, which shows the transformation of the young characters from mov [...]

    14. Been wanting to read this book for a long time. Since even before it came out. Watching the movie only made me want to read it more. Now I'm so glad to say that I own it! It's one of those books that is nice to own because I'm sure I'll be flipping through the pages over and over again.The art is AMAZING! It's full of all kinds of insights to the movie. It has made me appreciate all the work that went into HTTYD 2 even more. This book is definitely one of my favorites!!!! Oh, and I must say, I w [...]

    15. 3.5 stars.I loved the movie, and the images and sketches in this book are beautiful, but some aspects of the story weren't mentioned at all, and the accompanying text as a whole is less than satisfactory. Basically, various people involved with the making of the film wrote short paragraphs to go with the images. But there was no real information in it, and after a while they just kept repeating themselves over and over. That's not how an The Art of the book should be.

    16. I love the film and I love this book so much Dreamworks definitely killed me. I love how they age the characters, the scenery and the plot is just stunningly amazing. Now I can't wait for the third movie Still I get the feeling the third one will kill us all.

    17. This was a big gorgeous look at the amazing work behind HTTYD 2. For fans of the movies or of those types of movies, it's a must buy.

    18. This is a really nice coffee table book that provides a great behind the scenes look at the planning, production, and art of the film. A very nice companion to the movie.

    19. Beautiful, inspiring art! Could have done without the "make the bad guy an Other" aspect but that's not really here or there. The art is still great.

    20. although I didn't finish the whole thing, what little or lot I've read brought back so much emotions. HTTYD x3

    21. Wow. The art book really inspired me and made me really appreciate how much thought, consideration, detail and dedication goes into the making of this movie. Absolutely beautiful.

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