The Prank List

The Prank List Rachel Lee never thought she d fight for the right to clean toilets But when a rival cleaning business starts stealing her mom s clients Rachel will do whatever it takes to save herself the horror of

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  • Title: The Prank List
  • Author: Anna Staniszewski
  • ISBN: 9781402286391
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rachel Lee never thought she d fight for the right to clean toilets But when a rival cleaning business starts stealing her mom s clients, Rachel will do whatever it takes to save herself the horror of moving to Connecticut which would mean giving up her almost, sort of boyfriend, her fantastic new pastry classes, and her best friend Marisol Operation Save Mom s CleaninRachel Lee never thought she d fight for the right to clean toilets But when a rival cleaning business starts stealing her mom s clients, Rachel will do whatever it takes to save herself the horror of moving to Connecticut which would mean giving up her almost, sort of boyfriend, her fantastic new pastry classes, and her best friend Marisol Operation Save Mom s Cleaning Business is a go But when the series of pranks Rachel and her BFF cook up to take down the competition totally backfires, Rachel worries that her recipe for success is a dud You know what they say if you can t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen

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    1. *LATE REVIEW*When I read the first book, I read it in one sitting. When I finished it, i spent about an hour bawling my eyes out, screaming," I NEED A SEQUEL." Like, no joke! Then about a year later I found out that this book was part of a trilogyd that the next two were already out! So obviously I bought the second one, and can I start off by saying that I love these covers? And that I'm so bad with memory that I had to re-read the first one?Just like the first book, I read this in one sitting! [...]

    2. Provided by the Publisher via NetGalleyThis book is a sequel to The Dirt Diary which I read (and loved) just a few days earlier. Similar to the first installment, in this book, Rachel manages to get herself in more trouble while trying to solve the problem she is facing.I always find Anna Staniszewski's writing very enjoyable. Humorous, but still serious at the same time. In this book, there was nothing much to complain about as the writing was quite nice, along with the loveable and funny chara [...]

    3. Closer to a 3.5.Anna Staniszewski has come up with a pretty solid story on this series, where there's a quick tale that has a solid message and yet doesn't come across as preachy. A continuation of what started with The Dirt Diary, this focuses more on revenge and being the better person than anything else, and that we see Rachel not only have to deal with the consequences of her actions, but also grow from her experiences from book to book is just an added bonus.Adult readers won't find much to [...]

    4. A new year isn't exactly another chance for Rachel Lee. Chef Ryan is still making her do baby steps, even though she thinks she has a lot of potential. Then, something even more important strikes the Lee family. Rachel's mom is being rivaled by another cleaning business, and customers go down. Can she stay away from Conneticut, stay with her sort of boyfriend, and save Marisol?This book was okay. It was pretty well-written, but not exactly my type. I would give this to a 5th-7th grader.

    5. This was a good book but there were some things I didn't like about it. It's about a girl named Rachel who's dad just left to go to Florida because her parents split up. She loves to cook and bake so much, so she is taking a baking class that costs money. But her mom isn't well paid because she has her own cleaning service. The problem is there is a new cleaners called the Ladybug Cleaners. They are stealing customers left and right. When she enters the bake off, she comes it second place. Her m [...]

    6. The Prank List is written by Anna Staniszewski, this is the 2nd dirt diary,this book is so interesting, it talks about a girl, her name is Rachel Lee, She writes her own Diary,she writes everything on it,when i say everything is everything, she writes all that happens to her in her diary, obviously Rachel needs to have a best friend her name is Marisol, Rachel really enjoy to be with Marsol and be her best friend, that´s why Rachel pass all the time happy.The mom of Rachel is always taking care [...]

    7. The main character in the Prank List is a 14 year old girl named Rachel Lee. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the frustrations, fears and adventures of a preteen. My favorite part is when Rachel takes baking class, but her chef teacher does not like Rachel because she makes too many mistakes. One time she added soap instead of baking soda to a recipe. Rachel is also worried that her mom's cleaning buissness wiil go down because of a new cleaning company in town. Rachel and her m [...]

    8. I overall really liked this book. It was a pretty good book with lots of emotion. This book is good for tweens and young adults. When you read this book you learn to feel bad for Racheal and you learn to love her. She really is an amazing character that makes Racheal, Racheal. She has a humorous side which I really love. You can really feel the emotion, and I really love that. I really recommend this book to people who love realistic fiction.

    9. I raced right through this one, and I already can't wait for book three (in four more months -- d'oh!). The message was maybe a little more heavy handed than it was in the previous book, but the story and the characters, including a lot of new characters, were just as fantastic.

    10. Adorable, yet predictable. A fast, fun, sweet read. Rachel is a hot mess again, but super likable even through all her clumsiness and teenage mistakes. This is a great, little story for the tween crowd and has some nice messages about family and loyalty.

    11. The Prank list by Anna Staniszewski is an adventurous book following the summer of Rachel Lee. Normal, awkward teenager who is a wizard with a whisk! Cooking has always been a kind of a super power she has, and a way to take out all her frustrations when life throws a curveball her way. And trust me when I say that life sure does have it in for Rachel when it comes to curveballs. First off, her dad left her and her mom to pursue some crazy business dream of his, leaving the, to pay for all the b [...]

    12. The prank list is a relatable book because bad things happens to all of us even if your the luckiest person or perfect everyone makes mistakes. She made a mess in her first cooking class and he chef got mad at her and she gets put to clean toilets and she fights back to not clean toilets.

    13. I feel that nothing good ever happens to Rachel. It's annoying. An she kind of abuses her friendships. It's like she forced Marisol into a billion things that Marisol didn't want to do. What kind of a friend does that?!? At an actual rating of 3.5, the prank list was just kind of sad

    14. I have to confess from the beginning that I am particularly demanding when it comes to books written for preteens. After all, they are particularly vulnerable to the influences of their environment, be they positive or negative.The Prank List by Anna Staniszewski made for an interesting read. The main character, Rachel Lee, is set to have an amazing summer, what with being enrolled in baking class and spending a lot of time with Evan (who might or might not be her boyfriend). Unfortunately, a cl [...]

    15. It was a very fun book to read. It was very interesting and very mysterious! I enjoyed this book a lot. I want to read more books like this!

    16. *****SPOILER ALERT***** In "The Prank List" by Anna Staniszewski the main character is a 14 year old girl named Rachel Lee. She lives with her mom who runs a cleaning business called "Lee Cleaners." They have always been the top cleaners in town, until and new business called "Ladybug Cleaners," shows up looking for customers. Rachel decides to help her mom out, but they start losing customers quick. Rachel's mom has always struggled with money, and if they lose anymore customers, they might hav [...]

    17. I read a lot of middle grade novels, and in the past year, I read like 4 novels from this author. She is good - I have to give her that.After what Rachel has faced in the last book and how it ended, you would think she will be happy with her 'altered' life. But, no, she still has no boyfriend, although Evan seems to like her. And her pastry class seems like a total failure, considering how much she wants to take this class to prove herself. Her pastry chef thinks she is totally dumb. And her mom [...]

    18. Get ready for Rachel! The Prank List by Anna Staniszewski is a crazy ride through the life, mind & machinations of a young teen who is determined to hold on to the often fragile existence that her mother is working hard to hold on to. Does she always make good choices? Nope, but they are from the heart and hormones of a young teen with spirit!Rachel is a young teen who has dealt with a lot lately, her parents have gotten divorced, she is starting to notice boys and the business her mother ru [...]

    19. My copy was provided by Netgalley.Rachel is still working for her mom's cleaning business, but her life is looking a lot brighter recently ever since she got a possible boyfriend and she's going to a cooking class so she can one day be a professional cook. Yet, her happy life is soon covered with clouds when a new cleaning business comes in town and it seems like they want to shut down Rachel's mom's business. And Rachel's cooking class includes a cute guy who might change everything she's ever [...]

    20. Read This Review & More Like It At Ageless Pages ReviewsThe Prank List is a really cute, contemporary middle grade, that unfortunately I couldn’t connect with.My first problem was I didn’t read The Dirt Diary. (C’mon , lets get that series information updated a little faster next time.) The Prank List did a pretty good job of filling me in on Rachel and her past scheming, but there’s no character development for any of her previously introduced friends or enemies. My second issue is [...]

    21. Actual rating: 3.5/5 starsThe Prank List is the second installment in the Dirt Diary series. I really enjoyed the first book. You can read my review here. In The Prank List Rachel manages to get into trouble once again. She's still working for her mom in the house cleaning business, but she's found a new outlook on life. She's got a boyfriend and she's thrilled to be taking a pastry class -- her first step to becoming a professional pastry chef. Unfortunately, a new cleaning company sweeps into [...]

    22. I received my copy from Netgalley.This follow-up to THE DIRT DIARY is even more fun than the first book! Rachel and her best friend Marisol are back with a new scheme. Just as a glossy new cleaning company comes to town, nasty rumors about Rachel’s mom’s business start flying around the neighborhood. Outraged, Rachel determines to level the playing field, and like a true friend, Marisol bravely joins the ill-fated adventure. Meanwhile, Rachel’s dream of studying with a real pastry chef tur [...]

    23. I thought this book was so amazing It had the perfect amount of conflict and it was a good book for me, a tween. I really enjoyed reading it and the reason I rated it 5⭐️ is because it was the type of book that I like to read Check out the books I have read for more books like that!

    24. Just when Rachel Lee thought her life was settling down, she finds herself immersed in a war with a rival cleaning company in an attempt to save her mom's house cleaning business. Couple that with a messy relationship with her boyfriend (or is he?) and a pastry chef teacher who finds nothing but faults with her desserts, and Rachel's in for one rocky summer. But if Rachel can't get her act together and save her mom's business, she might be forced to move.Always fun, and often hilarious, Anna Sta [...]

    25. If you like pranks and revenge stories this book is for you! This book has fun twist and funny moment that everyone will love!Rachel Lee is the main character and she loves to bake, so she decides to start taking baking lessons with a pastry chef! Thinking it would be great she went all happy and excited, but the pastry chef was not so pleased with Rachel's work. Rachel then became down because of all the critics, but what made her life worse was that her moms cleaning company wasn't going so we [...]

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