The Magic Half

The Magic Half Miri is the only single child in the middle of a family with two sets of twins older brothers and younger sisters When the family moves to an old farmhouse Miri accidentally travels back in time to

  • Title: The Magic Half
  • Author: Annie Barrows
  • ISBN: 9781599901329
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Miri is the only single child in the middle of a family with two sets of twins older brothers and younger sisters When the family moves to an old farmhouse Miri accidentally travels back in time to 1935 only to discover Molly, a girl in need of a real family to call her own A very satisfying classic in the making, with spine tingling moments, this is a delightful familyMiri is the only single child in the middle of a family with two sets of twins older brothers and younger sisters When the family moves to an old farmhouse Miri accidentally travels back in time to 1935 only to discover Molly, a girl in need of a real family to call her own A very satisfying classic in the making, with spine tingling moments, this is a delightful family friendly middle grade time slip novel.

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    1. This book would have been a favorite of mine when I was 8 or 9 through 11. It would have received 5 stars from me at that time. As an only child who wanted a twin sister or at least siblings, it would have been a perfect book for me.It’s a wonderful book for girls who are fascinated with twins, only children, middle birth order children, kids who feel overlooked/not special, kids who enjoy time travel books and history, and magic. I don’t love it quite as much as one of my personal favorites [...]

    2. On a purely emotional and personal level, I adore Annie Barrows' The Magic Half and would have loved this novel even more ardently as a child (I have always rightfully or wrongfully felt like somewhat of a stranger in and misunderstood by my family and Miri's struggles thus resonate both loudly and clearly). However and that being said, although the storyline flows mostly smoothly, with graceful emotionality, and while the time-traveling elements are generally successfully, believably conceptual [...]

    3. প্রতি ৫০ হাজারে কেবল ১ টা পরিবারে দু'জোড়া টুইন থাকে ।মিরি'র খুবই মন খারাপ। একজোড়া বড় টুইন ভাই, আর ছোট টুইন বোন থাকলেও ওর কোনো টুইন নাই :/দু জোড়া টুইন, আর একটা এক্সট্রা ?হু। হয়ত এরকমই হতো । কিন্তু ক [...]

    4. Most of my current reading is preview reading for my children. The oldest has a reading level that is high paired with a "scariness" tolerance that is low. Most of her chosen books through 4th grade were "fairy books". Therefore, I am constantly reading books and determining whether she'll find them scary. While there is some dramatic tension in The Magic Half, it is a good choice for my daughter. It is a quick read with just enough magic for my fairy child.

    5. After finishing The Magic Half I find myself slightly confused. It is the story of Miri. Miri has twin older brothers and twin younger sisters. The book starts out with Miri expressing some of her frustrations with her sibling situation and feeling unjustly punished for an altercation she believes to be her brother’s fault.She finds the lens from a pair of eyeglasses taped to the wall in her bedroom (they have only lived in the house for a week or two). When Miri looks through the lens she is [...]

    6. What an interesting book to follow Firmin in my reading chronology. The two books could not have been more different. In Firmin, the writing and vocabulary were top notch, but that wasn't enough to make it a great book. This book was simply written, but engaging, fun and delightful. How did I find this book? My 9 year old brought it home from the school library with her! I had finished Firmin, wanted something to read and flipped open this book that was sitting on the chair next to me. After a c [...]

    7. I recently finished The Magic Half by Annie Barrows. This book begins with Miri who is stuck in the middle of two sets of twins. After moving to a new house she discovers a new world, well old world. Sinking through time unexpectedly and into 1935 meeting Molly, a girl living with her sick grandma,mean Aunt Flo, and two nasty cousins. When Miri discovers all of this the author describes her reaction and inner conversation really well so I can feel as well as understand Miri's thoughts. Twist and [...]

    8. Awe, memories! Very first middle grade book I read. Haha XD It actually gotten me into actual reading, and fantasy. Gosh, it was ages ago, but I still remember when I was in suspense in the book and when I was amazed by the ending. Now I think about it, if it wasn't for this book; I wouldn't be reading and if I wasn't reading, it would not make me the reading loving person or a goodreader that I am today! Wow, I am in this author's debt!

    9. A cute little novel from the j-fiction shelves -- Cami is a fan of Ivy+Bean and really liked this one as well. Suspenseful and even a bit unsettling, but full of good writing, strong heroines, and great action. Cami is my reluctant reader, and there were several nights in a row where I had to *make* her stop reading to go to bed. Always a good sign.

    10. Woah! A book with a lot of my favorite things: the feeling of being left out, surprises, friends, and pranking! This book is truly an amazing read, I have no other way to explain this miracle book. Except five stars and two (or MORE) thumbs up!

    11. Such a fun book! I went into this not knowing what to expect, and was more than pleasantly surprised. This had the feel of a classic like Charlotte Sometimes or E. Nesbit's Five Children books, but with a modern sensibility. I do wish that she'd spent more time exploring or explaining the magic, but I'm looking forward to the second one, which I'm sure will provide even more fun!

    12. I absolutely LOVED this book! If there were more than 5 stars I would have given it 10, 10,000, I just LOVED it! It's now, my new favorite book, the writing was amazing, the excitement. I hope Annie Borrows writes more to this, this was epic! I will never forget this book.

    13. I can't believe I didn't read this earlier. It's AMAZING! Miri travels through time when she looks through Molly's old glasses lens. And then she meets Molly, and tries To rescue her, goes back into her own time, and finally figures out how to get back to Molly's time and help her escape from her cruel relatives. This is a quick, exciting, super well written book that everyone should read!

    14. This is a pretty cute book that I think would be loved by its target audience. Miri is a non-twin sandwiched between two sets of twins in her family; she's always felt like she doesn't belong and left out of what makes her family (and herself) special. One day, while exploring her family's new house, she is transported into the past, where she meets Molly, a girl her age who lives in the same house and claims that the year is 1935, the bedroom is hers, and that Miri must have come to save her.Th [...]

    15. Miri is the middle child in a large family. She has twin older brothers--Ray and Robbie--and twin younger sisters--Nell and Nora. The family has just moved into a new house, a not-so-new house. Miri's room used to be part of the attic, it is a bit unusual, and not just because of the super-ugly wallpaper. But Miri only comes to realize this a week or two after the move. One afternoon after a horrible fight that ends in punishment for Miri, she discovers something that will change everything. The [...]

    16. So much of one's mood and history tempers one's reaction to a current read. I loved reading this book, but I had a disappointing day, which progressed into an even more disappointing evening, and Miri and Molly saved the day for me. The book, the plot, the characters and the magic helped pull me out of the blue funk I was in. I loved Miri, her self-discovery, her anger/frustration/love for her brothers and family, her intelligence, her connection with Molly. My only disappointment was with the b [...]

    17. Miri is a girl stuck in between two sets of twins, Ray and Robbie, and Nell and Nora. She moves to her new house and hears that there is hidden treasure somewhere around, then discovers an old barn, and before you know it is hitting Ray in the head with a shovel. As she’s in her room thinking about what her punishment might be she discovers a piece of glass taped to a baseboard in her room. It turns out to be a lens from an old pair of glasses. When she looks through the lens she discovers her [...]

    18. Miri is a single child in a family with two sets of twins, her older brothers and her younger sisters. When the family moves to an old farmhouse, Miri finds special glasses that allow her to travel back in time to 1935. Although she traveled back in time accidentally, she finds a new best friend, Molly. All of the most exciting adventure happens when she meets her.I absolutely loved this story! My favorite part about this whole book is that I love how real feeling this book is. You feel like you [...]

    19. The Magic Half, by Annie Barrows, is a story of an eleven year old girl whose name is Miri. When Miri finds a mysterious piece of glass taped to her wall, she looks into it and her whole time changes - literally. Miri finds herself transported back in time to 1935 to a girl (Molly) who believes Miri is a fairy and came to save her! Miri’s problem might not be so much as getting out of 1935, as much as trying to get back to 1935 and saving her new friend from troubled siblings and maybe even th [...]

    20. This one does not have a superbly fresh idea -- time travel and how changed past might affect the myriad of futures has been a popular theme in children's lit. and popular cultures (Back to the Future movies, anyone?) And there is nothing exceptional at the sentence/text level to elevate this one above others. I found the "convenient switching" to a different perspective (instead of Miri's for about 95% of the book) slightly jarring, and uncharacteristic dialog such as "Mom! It's sweltering!" fr [...]

    21. I got this book because it looked like it was full of things I like: Weird old houses, twins, and magic. And by the end of it I was actually crying because now I'm sure what happened to Miri is supposed to happen to me too. No, I'm not also an 11-year-old girl. I'm 25. I'm completely ridiculous and I don't care. I want a twin and magic and all that awesome stuff. Anyway, no spoilers, but I loved the end of this book. Some parts in the middle were a little slow, but wow. If you are a child or chi [...]

    22. I stumbled upon this book when trying to put Half Magic on hold for my daughter. Our copy of Eager's book is tucked away in one of the kids' rooms, it seems.What a delightful story! I can hardly wait until my daughter reads this. I also wish that my oldest hadn't already outgrown this reading level; it's one that she would have enjoyed when she was younger.

    23. This book was interesting. I like vest the twists and turns in the plot. Miri is an adventurous ,determined girl. Molly is bubbly, inventive girl from 1935 who is stuck with her step brother Horst, step sister Sissy, and step mother Flo. Her real grandmother is sick and bed and not speaking. I think that Anne Barrows wrote a greats story for ages 9+

    24. Miri felt left out with older twin brother on the other side of the family, and younger twin sister on the other. But one day, she a piece of glass, and when she take a peek on it something happened. She found her other half named Molly who insists that her room was Molly's.

    25. I love this author. I've read many Ivy & Bean books, the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, and now this. I've read this book to both of my daughters around 4th grade and they were both captivated by it. It's magical, fun, and a little bit dark.

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