It Was Us

It Was Us Life is good for Abby and West Finally After a brief break up and the threat of separation Abby Sellers and West Montgomery are together again Abby s going to school and helping with the family busin

  • Title: It Was Us
  • Author: Anna Cruise
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life is good for Abby and West Finally.After a brief break up and the threat of separation, Abby Sellers and West Montgomery are together again Abby s going to school and helping with the family business as they deal with her mother s illness and West is living his dream, playing baseball at USD.Things are going in the right direction.Until one mistake sends everything sLife is good for Abby and West Finally.After a brief break up and the threat of separation, Abby Sellers and West Montgomery are together again Abby s going to school and helping with the family business as they deal with her mother s illness and West is living his dream, playing baseball at USD.Things are going in the right direction.Until one mistake sends everything spinning out of control The kind of mistake that changes everything in an instant The kind of mistake that can tear people apart.The kind of mistake that guarantees their lives will be forever changed way or another.

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    1. *Jumps up and down like an idiot chanting "West is back, bi***es! West is back bi***es!* If you couldn't tell I love me some West, and all of his naughtiness, "uh. Yes." He brought his head close, his lips whispering across my cheek until they settled on my ear. He bit gently, nipping the sensitive flesh of my lobe, and I shuddered. "Yes. I missed effing you." I'm telling you what our boy is seriously WHIPPED in this installment and I loved every minute of him being whipped, "and I wasn't a guy [...]

    2. This was a great ending for West and Abby's story this was definitely my favorite from the other books but I still would've preferred only West's POV.And I still don't like Abby's sister it was a good thing that she wasn't in the book a lot.Overall I enjoyed the book .MY LIKE SCALERomance: 5/5 (They were great together when Abby wasn't being like she always is and that is annoying) Drama: 4/5 (Not much but Abby still pissed me of for a lot of the book)Cover: 4/5 (Okay Cover)Abby "Abs": 4/5 (Sh [...]

    3. I really loved how Cruise treated the subject of abortion: without any kind of judgment or religious bulshit but with the facts, clinicals and emotionals. She showed how people deal with unplanned pregnancies without keeping anything from the readers: the shock, the guilt of thinking about the options, the weight of the decision to make, having to deal with peoples' opinion etc etc And I love that she wasn't all: "It's an amazing gift, there is no doubt, we're gonna live happily ever after!". No [...]

    4. After everything that happened with their relationship struggles in book 1 & 2, Abby & West are now on the right path. Although I loved this book so so much it bothered me that she let West wander away from his dreams when she fought so hard to keep him involved in book 2. So in this book there were so many touchy and emotional topics. Abby's moms cancer and how the family dealt with it and how they struggled. How Annika became a better sister but divulging some secrets of herself that w [...]

    5. Unfortunately I was NOT impressed with the third book. Nothing really happened other than "the decision." I know "the decision" is serious but I don't think it should have been the center of the novel. It was like the author dragged the emotional state of Abby out and left West confused way to long. Everything really could have been wrapped up an epilogue or a novella.The book would have been "alright" if the price was .99 but since it is more than that Not really worth the money. I knonw, the f [...]

    6. This next book was so addicting I had to go ahead and finish up the series before I could post my review. So – my thoughts are being based off of the series as a whole (there are 3 books in total).It Was You (Abby and West #1)It Was Me (Abby and West #2)It Was Us (Abby and West #3) These characters had me from the first chapter. I really enjoyed Abby’s spunk and her desire to be an individual. All her life she has been in the shadow of her twin, Annika. This is not the typical sibling relati [...]

    7. The final installment in the Abby and West story. I am sad to see the series end. It was fantastic! The characters are lovable, relatable and funny! I cried and laughed throughout the series. Anna Cruise I am a fan!

    8. It's a ok read, but it's very rushed, from t,he start it was predictable and the important parts are either vague or missed out. Such as the actual wedding and a reception, and there is nothing on her labour etc, all important parts to the story. The whole,pregnancy issue was vague for me too, as was the decision regarding the baby made- to quick. The book almost feels unfinished. It jumps about to much, some of it I found unnecessary , at times I got confused. For a follow on book I expected mo [...]

    9. IT WAS US (ABBY & WEST 3) by ANNA CRUISEYes! They are back and back with a freakin bang. I loooooove Abby & West’s story since book 1 and I am thrilled when I found out that Anna Cruise is doing a 3rd book. Yay! Book 3 was amazing. Amazing because I have love the characters since book 1 and the journey they went through together is such an experience and as a fan of the series I can’t help but root for em. They were lovely in books 1 & 2 but in this book, they were so much more. [...]

    10. Last night when I finished this book I let my emotions rate it. I'm changing it this morning because I'm still (view spoiler)[mad, angry, irritated (hide spoiler)] with the characters. If I wake up thinking about a book and it's characters it deserves a little extra credit.The fact I am still this worked up over fictional characters says something. I wanted to reach through my kindle and (view spoiler)[slap the clingy out of(hide spoiler)] Abby and West. (view spoiler)[I'm so pissed off that Wes [...]

    11. If I had to choose one word to describe this book, I'd sayautiful.It was the perfect ending to this awesome series. I love Abby and West together and to see where they ended up had me grinning from ear to ear. I felt all warm and fuzzy as I got to the end. Anna Cruise once again pulled off a story filled with passionate emotion, angst and humor. It was a great read, not too stressful, just the right touch of tension and warmth. This series was brilliant and Anna Cruise ended it beautifully - the [...]

    12. I loved Abby and West from the first book, It Was You, and I LOVE how the series was wrapped up. It was perfect! Abby and West are such relatable characters, and I loved seeing the way they grew together over the past 2 years. Although I am sad to see their saga put to rest, I couldn't have imagined a better ending to their story.

    13. I wasn't all that impressed with this book. It was pretty irritating. (view spoiler)[ It really bugged the shit out of me when West was all I wanna be involved, this is our decision, and then he never did anything but say 'Well what do you want?' Aargh so annoyed. (hide spoiler)] Anyway this was a big huge let down.

    14. By the end of the second best I've had too much Abby and West!! I didn't even like Abby so obviously I just skimmed through this. Sorry nothing spectacular just stupid main characters making stupid decisions and acting all stupid! And the other characters like the sister and Griffin I just gave up after a while.

    15. What a lovely story.s it did seem to rush at the end bit disappointing BUT the storyline made up for it. I have to admit the wedding vows made me tear up. Oh I hate getting to the end of a good story.Abby and West I will miss you AND HOPE that a story about Griffin and Tana will be in the making and one about Anika and why she is the way she is. much left unsaid.

    16. This series is one that i want to hate because of some choices made but i can't. I love the couple Abby and West!Like i said,the choices they made i wanted West to continue playing because he seemed like a 'pro' player from what i've understood in book 2. They could have done both i guess, being a dad and playing baseballAnyway, book 3 was a huge disappointment!

    17. This is the third book in the Abby & West Series. Here they are trying to overcome many lift changing events that would rock any older couples, let alone, a younger couple. But love conquers all right??? I was sad when the series ended but glad it did in the fashion that it did. WELL DONE, Anna Cruise!!!!

    18. If you read the first two books, you have to read this one. It's a great ending to a great romance. I personally loved that Abby and West were together thru the whole book, no breakup's. There was a bit of a dilema, but they worked thru it. West has got to be one of the sweetest men on the planet! This is a really enjoyable trilogy. I liked every one of the books especially book two.

    19. I love this whole series. Book 2 was my favorite. I am not ready for it to end though. I would love to have another book with possibly Tana and Grif’s story next. I am SO in love with West! He is the most wonderful character! Even with his own flaws added to the story, he simply makes a wonderful character.

    20. I am glad that the series has finally come to a conclusion. Although I think Annika is a much more complex character than originally thought. At least she has changed a lot and is more there for her sister.

    21. I did not even read the synopsis to know what would happen in this book concerning ? Yes. I feel like I have read way to many NA books this year, it has gotten to the point of being able to predict correctly what will happen in a book series that is not normal/sanely right. I need to stop.

    22. There was heartache, hurt feelings, and excitement. The author wrote this book with passion and a world wind of emotions. The character were awesome together. You learned more about Abby"s parents. The story line was awesome. Thanks for writing an another amazing book to the series.

    23. This was the third and last installment of Abby and West's story. But sadly it didn't hold the same impact the way the first two books had. I'm found it hard to point out what the story was lacking to make it all good and perfect. However, this was still a good read.

    24. 3 starsthis was a great conclusion to Abby and West's story. you can kind of guess what is going to pan out from the beginning of the book, however I still enjoyed taking the journey with them.

    25. I loved the ending of Abby and West's story and was completely satisfied with everything. The writing is flawless and the characters are so beautifully written, you think of them as your own friends. Anna Cruise is amazing!

    26. The final story in this heart-wrenching series. After many ups and downs, the future looks bright for Abby and West.And then a new surprise! LOVE this series and LOVE this author!!

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