Prison Throne: The Complete Series

Prison Throne The Complete Series None

  • Title: Prison Throne: The Complete Series
  • Author: T. Styles
  • ISBN: 9780989790147
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Prison Throne: The Complete Series”

    1. Keep in mind it has been a few years since I've read an urban novel. I have my reasons for it - mostly because they need better editors. And now the "urban" life doesn't appeal to me anymore.So anyway, on to this book. Like I said in one of my status updates - I don't appreciate the author using words that no one knows, just for the sake of using the words. Maybe the author thinks that she's doing a great thingbut it doesn't flow right when none of the characters use these same words. Just my op [...]

    2. She did it again!!!!!!I don't really know how feel T Styles gave us two love this year. All I can say wow pure genius of her even though I could not Rasim because he was a low down dog glad him and snow could work it out great closure. my favorite character was mute candy she was very loyal to snow wish I had friend like that. The more read T Styles more I really love her great job can't wait see where she takes us next!!!!

    3. Prison Throne is not your typical love story--- boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married, have kids & live happily ever after. No, no, no. Rasim meets Snow, their relationship starts off awkward, & things go haywire from there. What is consistent though is Snow loves her man. It reminds me of the saying 'even on the chessboard the Queen protects her King'. And she does it quite well. Prison Throne is a love story real people can relate to. The message that I took from this one is a [...]

    4. My Twisted Momma did it again! She penned this unique love story that pulled at my inner most feelings I did not always agree with Snow's philosophy but I did respect and honor her undying love for her man, her husband, Rasim. Individuals that love to this degree has a special place within the heart of God. Some of us has this rare dexterity, while others only yearn to have this ability. I know I could never have operated or moved as Snow did in the way that she allowed Rasim to have his way and [...]

    5. A Love Like No Other!!!This was a great well written story. The love that Snow had for her man was undeniable. The type of love that will have you doing everything possible to make sure your lover was good on all aspects of the relationship. What Rasim fell to realize is that just like him when Snow loves she loves hard. In other words men should pay attention to the women they claim to love so much because if you stepping out on them they might just pull your card and show you that two can play [...]

    6. Okay so when I started reading this book, I thought that it was going to be boring. But I was like nothing so far that I have read by this Author had been boring, so why was this one so different. Well let me just say that she was building up the suspense in this story and as I kept on reading it I couldn't put it down. T. Styles is a very talented writer and I must say all of her books with give you a different perspective on books. None of her books are the same and I love the different variet [...]

    7. Another Banger!!!!!!. I loved this book. Snow was a strong woman when she realized her strength, but she was true to it also Snow held her man down from the time she saw him. Ras was no damn good, a lesson learn "Cheris Your Queen" he learned his lesson through all the death, losing his heart & soul. I loved the end, It shows the the strength of a Queen's heart I also love the friendships in this book was good too.

    8. Great read. It's good to read a stand alone book with a great ending The relationship between Rasim & Snow was one that started in a juvenile detention center and lasted throughout. Even with Rasim's cheating ways, Snow's love for him was evident. Although In the beginning Rasim was considered the timid, weakest link of the crew, over time he was able to develop strength & eventually became a ruthless leader. Well written.

    9. Peoples culture can take such a toll on there lives without them even knowing it or wanting that kinda lifestyle. Rasim life has took a turn for the worse in his young age but it allowed him to meet the love of his life. Through all their trials and tribulations Snow stood by his side no matter the cause. You will read of all the drama, the deceit and turmoil they both went through but in the end the relationship stood strongor did it Lol. Read to find out. Great job TStyles!

    10. Two youths meet and fall in love at Juvenile Detention Center and begin a roller coaster ride called life. Rasim sits on the top of his throne with Queen Snow by his side, but he allowed outside interferences to come between themtime and time again. So Snow had to teach him a lesson, the hard way! I loved this book, because it expresses true love at it's finest, as well as the highs and lows of it. Way to go Author Styles!

    11. This was definitely not your typical Romeo & Juliet love story. Rasim and Snow had a relationship that was not to be messed with and if you did, you suffered for it. Some may look at Snow as being weak because she let Rasim cheat on her soo much but in the end, when the dust cleared, it was the 2 of them still standing. Well done!

    12. Speechless. LOVED this book. Everything seemed to come full circle. Lives were lost, bonds were broken and paths were crossed, but friendships were made to last a lifetime. Another great book from T.Styles ❤

    13. I have not read a novel by T Styles that I have not liked. This was an awesome read. The two main characters seemed to belong to different books, but the author brought them together nicely. I’m also thrilled that this is a stand-alone novel!

    14. YesOnce again T Styles has sucked me into a great story that she has created. I loved the story, loved the characters. Read the story in a night because I just couldn't put it down. Would highly recommend.

    15. Dam dam this shit right here in this book is sooooo gooood that I was in my feelings when I finish the book hands down it was great so with that being said if u have not read it go get it love me some snow lol

    16. Gangsta love storyI loved all the characters in this book. This definitely felt like a movie everything about this novel was perfect. I love your playlist that was original. Love how you are teaching your babies New words #cartelpublications #orginialityornothing Li Li

    17. Didn't expect it to end like it did. Rasim is one blessed dude, and Snow Nami was my favorite character! !

    18. Urban RomanceThere is something about the sparks between Snow and Rasim. It's a love anyone would wish to experience without the infidelity.

    19. This was a Juicy unusual love story full of excitement. Author T. Styles has done it again written another 5 star book! Keep them coming Ma love reading them always!Yes ✨

    20. AwesomeThe Queen has done it again!!! This lady pen game is bananas!!! She had me on an emotional roller coaster throughout this novel. You're in for a jaw dropping experience!

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