T is For He's a Total Jerk...

T is For He s a Total Jerk There are alternate cover editions for this ASIN here here and here I don t know what s currently going on in Anthony Mitchell s mind but you re definitely taking up a lot of space in there Life is

  • Title: T is For He's a Total Jerk...
  • Author: Piper Shelly Anna Katmore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There are alternate cover editions for this ASIN here, here, and here I don t know what s currently going on in Anthony Mitchell s mind, but you re definitely taking up a lot of space in there Life isn t easy for Samantha Summers, daughter of an army general Moving from one continent to another every other year helps a teenage girl learn 4 different languages in recordThere are alternate cover editions for this ASIN here, here, and here I don t know what s currently going on in Anthony Mitchell s mind, but you re definitely taking up a lot of space in there Life isn t easy for Samantha Summers, daughter of an army general Moving from one continent to another every other year helps a teenage girl learn 4 different languages in record time But it s also killing her social life And when a totally hot guy in her new hometown gives her hell, because she s the cousin of a girl he once dated and who then spurned him, the prospect of the coming school year makes Sam want to call it quits There s just one thing even unnerving than all that put together For some strange reason, she can t seem to stop daydreaming about this impossible guy.

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    1. 2.5 (maybe 3) 'Meh' StarsWhat's it about?Girl falls in love with a guy who instantly hates her and spends the rest of the book pining after him while he let's go of his feelings for his first true love (who is also his neighbour and best friend). The best bits:I like this series. Truly. Sometimes I am in the mood for the angsty insecurities of YA romance and the slow build-up of feelings. And this series is well written with all the essentials to make readers smile and swoon and hope. And even t [...]

    2. Wow. Is the title and the cover awesome or what? Two months yo wait. I want it yesterday. *happy dance****************UPDATE 15/12/2013*****************So I finally got around to reading this. It's been sitting on my self taunting me for some time now but I thought I'd re-read the first one before I started it. Yeah, that didn't happen because I'm running short on time lately but that didn't matter at all because the book was AWESOME anyway.I'm such a sucker for silly high-school love stories. I [...]

    3. 2 Disappointed Stars! Big let down for meI really wanted to like this.The first two books in this series are young adult, but can be enjoyed by all adults, even an old one like me. Where those two made me feel those first love butterflies, that toe curling first kiss, and left me with a happy glow, this one made my head spin. It had me feeling like I was on a treadmillnning at full speed, but going absolutely nowhere! You know how you pull the petals off a daisy and say "he loves me, he loves me [...]

    4. This was just as good as the first and in some ways betters. I am quickly becoming a Piper Shelly fangirl. I love how this women writes a story. This is a brilliant YA:)

    5. Книга не очень, а еще хуже перевод. Перлы просто незабываемые.

    6. I loved the first two books and this one did not fail me! (but maybe a better cover?)And for thatI loved Tony in the first book and I loved him more in this!!!! He was mostly rude to Sam in the book, but you know whatever! It was a cute-kind-of-rude (hihi me likey). And I really find it appealing especially if it's a love-hate relationship. Sam and Tony definitely filled that kind of relationship ;)PLUS THE SKECTHING MOMENTS!!!! This really brings out the frustrated artist in me (the only drawin [...]

    7. Приятная все-таки эта серия книг . Читаешь, как детишки ссорятся из-за пустяков, переживаешь, улыбаешься, смеешь вместе с ними.

    8. What I loved about it: Well, I loved Tony on the first two books, even though they were about Liza and Ryan. This book just made me love all of them even more.Ryan is still the awesome guy he always is. Helping everyone without any kind of question. Being amazing with Liza *-* Same for Liza, she is just amazing. Their group of friends is just freaking awesome and kind of reminds me of my own group of friends. And thats the greatest part of a book right? When you can see a bunch of stuff that con [...]

    9. I will probably always love Ryan Hunter best but this book sure put up a good fight. It had everything that I loved about the first two books and more. Sweet romance, a little innocent steam, butterfly drama, great characters and a satisfying conclusion. Ryan and Liza made a reappearance. We see enough of them to know all is still right in their world but not so much that they steal the spotlight from Tony and Sam. Several other characters also made reappearances and we were able to get to know [...]

    10. Всю книгу я задавалась вопросом, откуда у героя целый гарем. Ну парень как парень, ничего особенного, а девки к его ногам просто штабелями ложатся, как бы он их не унижал и не обижал. Непонятно. И самое мерзкое, что парень сам не мог определиться, какую из гарема он любит больш [...]

    11. Just for the sake of setting ppl right to a should-well-be-known facts:First of all Only Eskimos might find the weather in Cairo "frying" - and even those am nots ure about- since the weather by international standards stay pleasant throughtout the year A bit on the hot side maybe in August when heat waves strike And second The only place you may find sands in Cairo is near the pyramidsI should know since I've been living there only my whole life! =SNow Egypt is full of sands but NOT in Cairo An [...]

    12. "Maybe you didn’t try hard enough to make her listen. Know what, Mitchell? I think at our age we can’t afford to be lazy and just wait for them to throw themselves at us. If I learned one thing from Liza, it’s this: There’ll always be another guy if you’re not fast enough and seize your chance.""As I closed the door, it no longer felt like I was leaving something behind. It merely felt like closing the first chapter of a very long story."Yeyyy!!!! I can't belive it. Tony's book is out. [...]

    13. Weiter geht es mit Lizas bestem Freund Tony. Dieser dritte Band ist hauptsächlich aus der Perspektive von Samantha geschrieben (die Cousine der jungen Dame, die Tony das Herz gebrochen hat), wir haben aber auch ab und an immer Szenen aus Tonys Sicht.Auch diesen Band kann ich Fans vom ersten empfehlen, aber auch hier muss ich sagen: Es gab einige Sachen, die mich gestört haben.Sehr positiv war, dass es Hassliebe ist, was einfach SUPER war, denn ich liebe diese Art von Contemporary Geschichten. [...]

    14. I liked this one a lot better than the last. I thought the pace was good in a contemporary book, 400 pages or so is a little long and as a tendency to drag but this one never did. I liked Sam, she was a sweet girl and I liked Tony as well. I didn't like him in either of the first two books, I thought he was annoying and meddlesome but he could be pretty sweet when he wasn't being an immature tool. Sam and Tony had this really up and down relationship. I thought the reason Tony was so rude to Sam [...]

    15. 4.5 Rating I was glad to get Tony's story and watch him find happiness after Liza. Tony was such a laid back character in the past, but in this book he's more defensive. Obviously having his heart broken has made him a little protective it. Enter Sam, Cloey's cousin whose staying with her. Sam doesn't know at first that Tony and Glory dated, so she doesn't understand why Tony is so mean to her. She soon learns that Cloey is a horrible person and avoids her. But Sam still can't understand why Ton [...]

    16. 4.5 Stars!Absolutely loved it! But I'm not a big fan of the cover nor the tittle, Idky but I kept forgetting what the book was called due to it's long name :-/ But overall I love the novel! It had everything I expected from Piper and more. Plus it's actually a pretty good second novel than I expected after disliking Tony in book one. Even though I hated him in the first quarter of the novel, it was the kind of hate, which deep down you know you like the guy but his attitude just makes you wanna [...]

    17. Samantha Summers has been moving around because of her father's job as an army general. This time she's sent to live with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin Chloe. Chloe is not as welcome as she'd thought she'd be and neither is the guy who once dated Chloe. T is For Totally did not expect this to end in a cliffhanger! This was another wonderful addition to the Grover Beach Team series. We even got a few chapters from Tony's point of view which I preferred over another book from his point of view. Tony [...]

    18. I wasn't disappointed with this book. It's a very nice book.I've tried to read this book as a complete separate book from the series, so that I would not compare it with the previous book "Ryan Hunter" ( just because I loved that book so much and would not be fair to compare any book to that one).So, there are only two things that didn't make me complete love this book and they are:First- I could not fall in love with Tony. I tried, but I still think he is a jack a**.Second- I did not like the s [...]

    19. *Updated on 13th November 2013Unfortunately, I can't find the book anywhere so it's gonna be on hold for now :(*Updated on 29th October 2013Can someone PUH-LEASE give me the whole book?!?!? I wanna know what happens!!!*Updated on 29th September 2013OMG! THE COVER!! I've already read the two chapters on the website and all the teasers on Facebook!! GOSH, when is the book gonna come out?!?!Can't wait for it to come out!!!

    20. Total Jerk for sure, but he had his reasons in his confused teenage mind, and eventually he became the Tony I knew he would. It was hard to read at first because he was an over the top jerk, but in the end I was sold. As always the Grover Beach Team was a fun read.

    21. This was really cute. The only thing I would've changed is some of the wording, it had a few spots that didn't flow. While reading this, I was right there with Sam. I was confused by Tony and his seemingly ever changing emotions. I highly recommend this series.

    22. This book was an emotional wreck! It didn't only make me cry. It made me SOB! And sniffle. And cry. And then sob some more! For 1/3 of the book I was a sobbing mess. And it was all Tony's fault. I hated him. I haven't read books 1 and 2 of this series (but I plan to), so I don't know how he was then, but I totally didn't like him. He was a total jerk (yeah, the book title fits perfectly!) and really hurt Sam terribly. And I was so connected to her that I felt every emotion, all the pain and the [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book; it was a fun read. Samantha is an army brat who moves in with her aunt and uncle and her cousin. She meets Anthony almost as soon as she arrives, but he blows her off without a second glance because of who she's with - it's obvious Cloey and Anthony have some sort of history. Anthony is a jerk to Samantha and she has no idea why. Cloey is a spoiled brat and snubs Samantha every chance she gets. Samantha makes some friends at school and tries to avoid Anthony, but it's hard b [...]

    24. Wer die ersten beiden Bände der Grover-Beach-Team-Reihe liebt, wird auch den dritten Band ins Herz schließen! Denn auch "T is for he`s a TOTAL jerk" hat alles, was man von Piper Shelly erwartet: einen süßen Typen zum Anschmachten, eine authentische, coole Erzählstimme, der man einfach überall hin folgen würde, und ein paar heiße Kussszenen. Diesmal dreht sich die Handlung um Tony und Sam. Es ist schön, zu lesen, dass auch Tony, der die letzten Male leer ausgegangen ist, diesmal sein pa [...]

    25. Katastrophe mit Kirschgeschmack ist eine würdige Fortsetzung und doch stand sie nicht von Anfang an unter einem guten Stern. Es ist die Geschichte von Sam, der neuen in Grover Beach, und Tony, der ja weiß Gott keinen guten Start hingelegt hat, denn er ist bereits als bester Freund von Liz - Band 1 und 2 - bekannt. Die Autorin, Anna Katmore, schafft es allerdings gekonnt Tony von einem absoluten Ekel zu einem sympathischen Charakter heranwachsen zu lassen, wenn auch nicht von jetzt auf gleich. [...]

    26. Dear fellow ' readers,Ignore the crappy cover. Or the title.Because seriously, this book worth your time and money!I couldn't say this book is better than the first book "Play With Me". Ryan Hunter would always be the perfect guy in my imagination. And really, Tony could be such a total jerk! I couldn't get the hatred he seemed to instantly feel the second he saw sam with his bitchy ex, you know. I mean, he acted like a ten years old child and his attitude toward sam at the beginning really got [...]

    27. Oh my! This book was somehow even better than the other two! Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Ryan Hunter girl all the way But the plot, the heroine and the twists - especially the ending - wow! It really took me by surprise! Now it's nearly 2am and I don't really know what to do with myself! It just was more of an emotional read than I thought it would be. That ending really touched me and now I'm super curious for Chloe's story. I heard there would be one with her and Justin maybe sometime in t [...]

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