Hero and Leander

Hero and Leander Marlowe s unfinished masterpiece as completed by George Chapman Includes an introduction and notes by Edward Blunt

  • Title: Hero and Leander
  • Author: Christopher Marlowe
  • ISBN: 9781434400901
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marlowe s unfinished masterpiece, as completed by George Chapman 1598 Includes an introduction and notes by Edward Blunt.

    One thought on “Hero and Leander”

    1. My favourite thing about this poem is the bit when you realise that Hero is wearing a floofy pink dress and Leander is basically naked.It may just be the gayest thing ever.The poem as a whole and also that bit specifically.

    2. This poem appears to be a distant ancestor of all those horror films where teen couples die horribly as a consequence of sneaking off to have illicit pre-marital sex. Our cultural obsession with virginity as a symbol of moral purity and an only marginally more subtle form of Patriarchal reduction of the female to property never ceases to amaze me. Yep, it's weaker in the West, now, than it has been historically, but it's still present in some quarters, as evidenced by those same horror movies, a [...]

    3. Absolutely beautiful. The while upon a hillock down he lay And sweetly on his pipe began to play, And with smooth speech her fancy to assay, Till in his twining arms he locked her fast And then he wooed with kisses; and at last, As shepherds do, her on the ground he laid And, tumbling in the grass, he often strayed Beyond the bounds of shame, in being bold To eye those parts which no eye should behold.They offered him the deadly fatal knife That shears the slender threads of human life.(Of virgi [...]

    4. Boy meets girl, wooing occurs and arguments are made for breaking vows of chastity. This doesn't succeed at first, but the maiden Hero is secretly infatuated with Leander, he is allowed to try again. He swims to get to her room, Neptun tries to make a pass at our hero, but he evades his advances. Hero sees him coming and jumps in bed to hide.The ending is the biggest cockblock I've read in quite some time. I wish Marlowe had had time to finish the poem.

    5. Maddeningly inconclusive, and, since no one can seem to agree on whether or not Marlowe finished it before he died, there's no way for the reader to place this inconclusivity into a larger framework. If we know he means it to be ambigious, then we can deal with that accordingly, but if we don't know what he intended, the reading's a pretty murky task.Dude also really hates chicks. Just sayin'.

    6. Hero and Leander is an interesting long poem. The language is beautiful, erotic, ironic and clever. The story is humorous and romantic. The poem is about a classical story, which is always great for a classics nerd like me. There is some Elizabethan misogyny and Petrarchan objectification, but Marlowe subverts expectations by exploring bodily, erotic love. Marlowe is a story of love where, at least in theory, the woman has a voice. In fact, Marlowe is very interested Hero's thoughts as much as L [...]

    7. Hero and LeanderChristopher MarloweTür: Aşk Hikayesi, Şiir, Klasik, Yunan MitolojisiUzun bir mücadele ve azimin ardından Marlowe'un Hero ve Leander'ını bitirdim.Sevdim mi peki? Emin olamıyorum Aslında güzeldi; yoğundu ve birazda anlaşılmaz Ama şiiri okumaktan çok dinlediğim için daha da etkileyiciydi . Eğer Hades ve Persephone gibi parodileri varsa okumak isterim, biraz bakınacağım Şiir benim tarzım değil.Hero, bir erkeğin ismini andırsa da aslında bir tanrıça ile ka [...]

    8. Like, it was beautifully written, but there was some really bad sexism going on. I agree that virginity doesn't have much significance, but it seemed like Leander was saying that just to get Hero to sleep with him. Plus, him saying that a pretty woman who remains single is the biggest sin one can commit sure is something! Also, even though Hero loved him, she was obviously uncomfortable with Leander's advances, and that was upsetting to read. Did appreciate the fact that Neptune was gay, though. [...]

    9. I really loved Marlowe's writing style. The only downside was the subject matter: I felt like it was encouraging the concept of rape, and completely dismissed Hero's desire to uphold her virginity. I found it confusing as to whether she actually liked him or not, and it was clear she valued her virginity but Leander didn't care about that and couldn't understand why she did, which I found frustrating.

    10. Not a huge fan of poetry, but it was pretty interesting to read and kind of erotic for something written in the 1500s

    11. What a strange poem. Before being assigned it for my Intro to British and American Lit class, I had honestly never heard of it or the mythological tale that inspired Marlowe's pen. Even so, I thought it was a beautiful piece. The writing is brilliant, and I'm beginning to agree with the assertions some scholars make that had he been given a longer time on earth, Marlowe's body of work would have rivaled that of Shakespeare's. His use of imagery is absolutely exquisite. But there's more to Hero a [...]

    12. At the root of the poem, there is a story of a very beautiful guy, the archetypal lover, who fell in love with a very beautiful virgin priestess of the goddess of love. They are separated by a strait and every day he swims to her and she has a light, but (view spoiler)[one day there is a storm, her lantern goes out, he gets lost and drowns (hide spoiler)]. The symbolism of the story itself is striking: the lovers, the challenge, the blatant lack of practicality.Marlowe died before he finished it [...]

    13. Sublime. This was my first Marlowe- and I want more. This was liquid occidental lyricism filled with rich decadent imagery- a style so addictive I was seduced by his poetry and completely mesmerised by his intoxicating depiction of this iconic and legendary romance. For its time this was controversially erotic and touched upon the licentious character of Classical myth in an unashamedly direct way. This was fluid, musical and immersive and to me an ingenious translation of a well known myth into [...]

    14. I do not dispute the greatness of Marlowe's poem. Unfinished, though it is, it is one of the great narrative pomes of his time and place. It is written in rhyming couplets, though, and that gets tired fast and some of the rhymes are pretty awful. This is not usually a feature of Marlowe’s “mighty line” as expressed in his plays, and so it took me by surprise and disappointed me.The addition by George Chapman is gawdawful drivel, but the addition by Henry Petowe has much to recommend it, th [...]

    15. Despite being left incomplete after Christopher Marlowe’s death, Hero and Leander still provides an innovative retelling of the ancient Greek myth. Through lavish imagery and language, Marlowe is able to present a masterful rhetoric of persuasion in the art of seduction. Where lesser writers would have left the reader feeling lost and dissociated by wild tangents, Marlowe embraces verbosity and makes this a part of the beautiful and elaborate journey upon which he takes us.For further reviews [...]

    16. So beautiful images! Hero's neck lighting a necklace of pebbles into diamonds, Venus's church of strange colored jasper with a sea agate vine for Bacchus to hang on and crystal pavement for her followers, a v cuddly Neptune putting the bracelet of the Helles on Leander's arm. I love how each god's pursuing Leander seems to imbue Leander with some force of that god, like how after Leander returns to Hero from Neptune he brings the sea into her room and at the end she's a mermaid with her sheet wr [...]

    17. I read this for my British Literature I class. We didn't read the changes by George Chapman--just the original, unfinished Christopher Marlowe story. Marlowe was undoubtedly a talented writer, and it's interesting how this story relied on so many aspects of mythology in weaving the tale, but ultimately I viewed this as just another story of two people in lust with each other. I didn't care for it.

    18. It is written in rhyme, which dominates the whole piece. and even if Marlowe has not finished it by himself, it pulls through. It is the Greek love, the myth of Hero and Leander. ***Some swore he was a maid in man's attire,For in his looks were all that men desire.Where both deliberate, the love is slight:Who ever loved, that loved not at first Sight?Jewels being lost are found again, this never; 'tis lost but once and once lost, lost forever.

    19. If such beauty indeed exists, if it is not mere poetry fantasy, if truly there can be beauty such as Leander's, such as is described in these passionate verses, oh, how I wish I could see it! It would crush forever, and forever silence my desbelief. Man would meet Nature equally for she wouldn't be God's sole achievement.

    20. A great poem, which should be read more than once. It's beautifully written, it's full of passion and it's extraordinarily lovable.

    21. Enjoyable, quick read. It's a shame that we do not know if Marlowe did or didn't intend to finish/write more for this poem! My first time ever hearing about the Hero and Leander mythology actually, so I have to thank Marlowe for introducing it to me. It's quite a tragic, sad myth!

    22. It's interesting to see what was considered an "erotic" poem in the sixteenth century. This would be rated PG today! It's a pretty entertaining read, though.

    23. I have to admit that I remember very little about this one other than I read it for a Renaissance poetry class. Maybe I'll reread it at aime point.

    24. Very sexually-turned poem--though it doesn't really say anything totally explicit, it "acts" that way. Not for younger readers--really, probably not for any readers.

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