Harper's Bride

Harper s Bride A lovely lady and her young daughter are offered up as payment to a hardened prospector by a beleaguered indebted husband But what is considered a practical payoff soon becomes a passionate romance

  • Title: Harper's Bride
  • Author: Alexis Harrington
  • ISBN: 9780451407375
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • A lovely lady and her young daughter are offered up as payment to a hardened prospector by a beleaguered, indebted husband But what is considered a practical payoff soon becomes a passionate romance, as the woman discovers a warm heart behind the prospector s cold exterior And when the deadbeat dad returns to collect what he feels is rightfully his their lives will changA lovely lady and her young daughter are offered up as payment to a hardened prospector by a beleaguered, indebted husband But what is considered a practical payoff soon becomes a passionate romance, as the woman discovers a warm heart behind the prospector s cold exterior And when the deadbeat dad returns to collect what he feels is rightfully his their lives will change forever

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    1. Imposible no sentirte afectada por esta dura historia de una mujer maltratada y del crecimiento de su personaje. Es un tópico ya la novela de la mujer vejada que se enamora de su salvador. Pero sigue funcionandoHe disfrutado mucho de la ambientación de la novela, esa vida dura de las tierras a los que llegaron los buscadores de oro.El estilo de la autora es muy visual y realmente te acerca muy bien a su forma de vida y sus calles llenas de barro.Dylan es un amor y la historia entre ambos de la [...]

    2. Really loved it; it encompasses some of my favorite themes - fake/temporary marriage of convenience, starchy hero comes undone, damaged souls find solace and peace in each otherese are some of the reasons I love romance novels. Melissa Logan and her baby, Jenny, are 'sold' off as payment for a debt Melissa's abusive husband cannot afford to pay. As the owner of a trading post in the Gold Rush Yukon, Dylan Harper didn't want a wife and child - he wanted his money. But when he saw the terrified lo [...]

    3. I picked this up for a song from Smashwords after seeing it on the Smart Bitches blog and I'm glad I did. It was a charming western historical romance with two damaged souls I couldn't help but root for.After a grueling trip through the cold to reach the Yukon, giving birth in a tent along the way, Melissa Logan is almost speechless at the latest affront to her dignity. To settle a large debt with a store, her husband offers his wife and child as payment to the owner, Dylan Harper. Although she [...]

    4. I recently wrote a review for a book in which I stated the following:"It definitely isn't one of those stories where the characters aren't communicating merely because the author can't think of a better way to drag out the story."This book is one of those stories. Melissa: I'm really starting to have feelings for Dylan, but he won't want to be with me. I'm not part of his "plan". Dylan: I think I might be in love with Melissa, but she's made it clear she doesn't want another man in her life. Mel [...]

    5. More like 2.5 stars. I don't know. Maybe three stars. This started out well for me. I enjoyed the premise and setting. However, as the story progressed I just go SO TIRED of it. There is too much self-reflection going on by the MC's. A whole lot of "whoa is me, I've been so disappointed by love" type of thing, over and over again. Bleh. Then, the first sex scene didn't occur until almost the end of the book, and by then I didn't even care anymore. I was so tired of these two characters. Plus, th [...]

    6. This is my first book by Alexis Harrington and it wont be my last. I find myself drawn to Western Romance books from time to time. I guess for me they're like that old blanket that just gives you the warm comfortable feeling. It's truly a gem to find one this good. That doesn't downplay the time period for the sake of the romance.In Harpers Bride we meet Melissa and her daughter Jenny, her husband like her father is abusive and this systematic abuse from childhood has turned Melissa into a meek [...]

    7. I really enjoyed Dylan and Melissa's story. For some stupid reason I kept reading Marissa instead of Melissa.

    8. I really loved A Taste Of Heaven by this author however, I was disappointed with this story. It started off great. It had a great premise however, it just didn't fully deliver for me. The couple did way too much of the "I want you but can't have you" the ENTIRE book. That made me lose love and interest for the book however, I did finish it. It also had too many "death" conveniences to make the story pan out, for my tastes.My favorite character in this whole book was Rafe. Too bad there won't be [...]

    9. It’s kind of odd rereading a book years after reading it the first time. Back in the 90’s when I originally read these books, this was my favourite book. But now, so far anyway, this one has been replaced by Desperate Hearts, the Homeward Hearts. That’s not to say that I’m not thoroughly enjoying this one – I am – it’s just not at the top now.This book takes place somewhere towards the end of the Yukon Gold Rush. Dylan Harper and Melissa Logan meet when Melissa’s good for nothing [...]

    10. I really liked this one, it's the second book by Alexis Harrington that I've read and so far I really like her as an author. Dylan (H) after being completely let down by his family and spurned by his love went to the Yukon to get away. When a man who owes him 1200.00 for suplies from his store, can't pay him offers to sell him his wife and infant daughter to cover the debt. Knowing that if he turns him down the man will only sell her to someone else and she could end up in a worse situation he b [...]

    11. Yukon territory during the gold rush. Melissa's husband Coy Logan owes money to Dylan Harper and gives Melissa to him to settle his debt. Dylan, seeing the abuse on her face and the baby in her arms, agrees. Very heart-wrenching at times but not as dark as it could have been. Likable characters and moved at a good pace.

    12. Indebted scoundrel Coy Logan offers his wife, Melissa and their new baby daughter, Jenny as payment for a $1,200 debt his to Dylan Harper, a work-hardened shop owner. Melissa looks upon the transaction with horror and resignation, while Dylan sees the deal as a burden he must accept to keep Melissa and Jenny from ending up in worse straits.Harper's Bride, originally published in 1997 and re-released for Kindle, is a charming story about two people trapped in a situation neither wants. Stranded i [...]

    13. I learned many things about the Yukon goldrush. The writer wrote it so vividly I could see the town in my mind as I read the story. The hero, Dylan is the sweetest most understanding man. The heroine, Melissa was a very timid, battered young woman. She blossomed under Dylan's care.The story starts with Melissa's horrible no good husband selling her and their sweet baby girl, Jenny to Dylan for his bill he ran up in Dylan's store. Dylans afraid if he doesn't take them someone far worse would. Dyl [...]

    14. Melissa Logan married to escape abuse, got far worse in the bargain. Melissa's luck changed when her husband sold her. Dylan Harper in saving a woman gradually looses his bitterness but he may not learn to value his gift in time.It is a tale of quiet dignity and opening a window to a world where woman can be treated with respect even if unwillingly thrust upon a man. Also a different perspective of life in a gold rush town.

    15. Que historia tan hermosa.Me ha encantado. He tenido muchos sentimientos con esta historia. Se me hizo tan corta, hubiera preferido que fuera más larga. He terminado de leerlo con una gran sonrisa dibujada en mi rostro. Me siento toda enamorada y romanticona en este momento.

    16. This is yet another book I bought based on a review at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. (Seriously, a great resource for the returning romance reader who doesn't know where to start.)I really, really enjoyed this book. It doesn't get five stars because it's not perfect, but it's really, really good. It's set in the Yukon of the Klondike Gold Rush, which is an unusual choice in a historical, in my experience (the glittering Regency being much more in the common way). And the setting is so real, so pa [...]

    17. I really like this story. Harper's Bride is the story of Melissa Logan who has never know tenderness or the love of a family. Her miserable life starts with a drunken abusive father and she thought to escape her miserable life by marrying Coy Logan. She learns very early on in her marriage to Coy that he too is a drunk abusive man. Her one shining light in her miserable existence is her baby daughter Elizabeth. With blistering humiliation, Melissa, stands by in mute horror as her husband sells h [...]

    18. Alexis Harrington writes romances with characters that carry baggage of some sort. Family members are usually the villains (or villainesses). HARPER'S BRIDE is no different.Physically abused by her father, Melissa thought she might better herself if she married Coy Logan. Too soon, she learned he was no different. Like the male members of her family, Coy drinks heavily and continues the cycle of abuse. The one saving grace from her short marriage is her sweet infant daughter, Jenny. With little [...]

    19. Harper’s Bride by Alexis Harrington kept me riveted. I finished it in two sittings.This is the Kindle edition, newly released for only $2.99, and worth every penny.Set in Dawson (Yukon Territory) during the gold rush of 1897, it is the story of two damaged people.Melissa Logan, married to drunken Coy Logan, has a small baby and not much to look forward to in life. Logan, a shiftless, ne’er-do-well, “sells” his wife and daughter to pay his mercantile debt to Dylan Harper. Harper, an honor [...]

    20. In 1898 Melissa and her baby daughter are sold to Dylan, a store owner in Dawson in the Yukon Territory, by her no-good husband to pay off a debt. Dylan doesn't want anything to do with her, but he fears that if he doesn't take her, someone worse will. The course of this novel is fairly predictable, but Ms. Harrington executes the story very well. I loved to watch Melissa blossom and grow strong under Dylan's care. And part of it takes place in Portland, where I live, so that is an extra bonus f [...]

    21. As somebody else has already said "it has great premises but it doesn't deliver". Emotional connection between H and h is non-existing.

    22. I have recently become a fan of Alexis Harrington. Okay I have only read a couple of her books but already she is an auto-buy for me.Harper's Bride is an unusual love story. Melissa is "sold" to Dylan Harper to pay her husband's debt. Dylan doesn't want a wife but decides that he wouldn't mind the more domestic duties she can perform. Melissa is determined she will pay off her husband's debt and then will never be dependent on another man again.Melissa has a wonderful independent spirit without [...]

    23. I bought this for my Sony Reader. I always wonder about a book when the print version shows 300 some pages and the ebook was just 188. Am I missing something?I liked the book. There was a lot of information about the Klondike gold rush. I always appreciate authors who have done their historical research. The heroine was a nice character who grew and came out of her shell after getting "sold" to the hero. He was a decent guy but his characterization was lacking just a bit. I guess I didn't get qu [...]

    24. This is my 2nd Harrington book and I really enjoyed it. Usually, when I pick up a western romance, it's about a cattle drive, living on a ranch, cowboys, outlaws, or travelling on a wagon train through the American Frontier. With Harper's Bride, it was quite refreshing since the hero owns a trade store and the setting is in Dawson City, Canada during the Yukon Gold Rush. The author painted a good picture of how greedy people would give up everything to search for gold but to only come up empty h [...]

    25. 3/5; 3 stars; B-Harper's Bride is a story set in the decline of the Dawson city gold rush. The author gave a good sense of the feel of the city; the energy, the darkness, the potential and the disappointments. I liked the character Melissa very much and enjoyed seeing her succeed. She had a lot of backbone and determination.(view spoiler)[ I liked Dylan Harper too but got a bit tired of his stubborn grip on his disillusionment and bitterness about his former fiance. It went on so long that, for [...]

    26. 3.5/5El libro me ha gustado bastante, pero la historia me ha resultado en momentos demasiado lenta (la traducción al español, un tanto precaria en ocasiones, ha contribuido a ello).Es una historia muy emotiva, dulce y bonita.Las segundas oportunidades, la fuerza para superarse asi mismo y la busqueda del amor son la base de este relato.

    27. – As I’ve said a gazillion times, I love women-in-jeopardy books and Harper’s Bride fits the bill. Dylan is a reluctant hero for Melissa and with his gruff exterior she can’t quite decide whether to be scared or amused by him. Harper’s Bride has it all, suspense, passion, humor and a touch of romance magic so make room on your Keeper Shelf! ~ Ana, ireadromance

    28. 3.5*I don't remember where I heard about this book, but I bought it at smashwords inexpensively and definitely enjoyed it. The love story unfolds slowly and was satisfying. The ending was a little abrupt, but I find that's a problem with many romance books. The description of a gold rush town and the cast of characters were well done and enjoyable.

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