By the Light of the Halloween Moon

By the Light of the Halloween Moon Join the fun as a brave young girl who would rather play a trick than be gobbled up as a treat is the star of this spirited romp under an old wooden bridge by the light of the spooky Halloween moon

  • Title: By the Light of the Halloween Moon
  • Author: Caroline Stutson Sherry Stringfield Kevin Hawkes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Join the fun as a brave young girl, who would rather play a trick than be gobbled up as a treat, is the star of this spirited romp under an old wooden bridge by the light of the spooky Halloween moon.

    One thought on “By the Light of the Halloween Moon”

    1. A build-on book that puts me in mind of "There was an old lady." The whole idea with the toe, though, started to make me feet squirmy. Still, a fun twist at the end. Might work for some Book Time audiences, but not too sure on that. Perhaps a book talk for it.

    2. We loved this one. It is very repetitive, which made it fun for my 3-year-old. It has all sorts of fun Halloween characters, so my daughter was enthralled the entire time.

    3. The illustrations of various spooky creatures reaching up to grab some bare toes creeps me out, but in a good way for Halloween. It definitely made me think about kids at night thinking something's under the bed waiting to get their toes. This text lends itself to some interesting possibilities of illustrating the entire sequence of events on a page (such as in the book "The Napping House"), but the illustrator chose instead to only show the newest character introduced and the one previous to it [...]

    4. By the light of the Halloween moon lots of creeps and creatures appear to try to snatch the dangling toes of a little girl sitting on a dock.This was a library Halloween display shelf pickup situation, and it was all right. It's a fun idea, and has a sing-songy I-know-an-old-lady-who-swallowed-a-fly sort of pattern, but some of the illustrations seemed to miss the mark somehow and the didn't rhythm never felt quite natural to me. Maybe if it were a song I could have figured out the meter a littl [...]

    5. I would give one and a half stars to this book. Kevin Hawks really does a good job with his illustrations of illuminating the nuances of the story provided by Caroline Stutson. The result is an atmosphere that is very slightly spooky but not enough to seriously scare the picture book reader, and the assertive surprise at the end by the girl with the toe will assuage any remaining fears. This is a good book.

    6. This story is a great read aloud for Halloween! It is mildly scary but, oh, so silly and the girl who is the main character is very brave indeed. After all, she is making music in the dark!The fun refrain for a large group is: "By the light, by the light, of the Halloween moon." I like to draw moon out like moooon.

    7. Slightly spooky, but lots of fun, this book has a lyrical, cumulative narrative that introduces a bunch of creepy Halloween characters who are bent on disturbing a little girl's tune on Halloween. We've read this one a couple of times.

    8. This book is a great Halloween book for your classroom! Its simply just a girl sitting on a bridge who is visited by ghostly things that try to grab her by the toes. Its repetitive so it would be a good book for someone who might be having trouble with fluency reading.

    9. Catchy retelling of a favorite old tune. Halloween beasties are after a little girl's toes. Written by Caroline Stutson, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. Published by Lathrop Lee and Stafford Books.#Halloween #song #PB

    10. This is just creepy enough to be interesting, but isn't really that substantial besides the sing-song prose.

    11. This story is a little like the one about that lady who swallows a fly. However, being full of Halloween creatures, it's far superior.

    12. I've read this sooooo many times to my 5 kids over the years. It's lyrical and fun and mezmorizing. And, the illustrations are awesome. Top 5 children's Halloween story.

    13. A great cumulative Halloween tale with poetic language which flows and spunky and slightly surprising ending.

    14. fun, cumulative text with nice illustrations about all these creatures who want to grab the tapping toe of this young girl sitting on the dock

    15. I can't remember this one clearly, but it is more of a poetic book than a story. From what I recall, it has great imagery of the spooky things on Halloween.

    16. Cute book with repetitive verse"by the light of the silvery moon" and a girl who isn't afraid to stand up to some of the Halloween creatures out that night!

    17. I am so pumped to read this near Halloween! The "house that jack built" style poetry that doesn't mind shortcutting the verbage and the chiaroscuro art are so pleasing.

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