Mother of the Moonrat

Mother of the Moonrat The end is near The Battle Academy and Mage School forces have joined but they are outnumbered by Ewzad Vriil s army of mutated men and Mellinda s forest of monsters There are spies on both sides as

  • Title: Mother of the Moonrat
  • Author: Trevor H. Cooley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The end is near.The Battle Academy and Mage School forces have joined, but they are outnumbered by Ewzad Vriil s army of mutated men and Mellinda s forest of monsters.There are spies on both sides, assassins on the hunt, secrets to be revealed, and Justan s magic will be unleashed But there is one thing they haven t considered Even if they can somehow overcome Ewzad VriiThe end is near.The Battle Academy and Mage School forces have joined, but they are outnumbered by Ewzad Vriil s army of mutated men and Mellinda s forest of monsters.There are spies on both sides, assassins on the hunt, secrets to be revealed, and Justan s magic will be unleashed But there is one thing they haven t considered Even if they can somehow overcome Ewzad Vriil, will they be able to destroy The Mother of the Moonrats Mother of the Moonrat is the fifth book in The Bowl of Souls series.Book One Eye of the MoonratBook 1.5 Hilt s PrideBook Two Messenger of the Dark ProphetBook Three Hunt of the BandhamBook Four The War of StardeonBook Five Mother of the Moonrat

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    1. Great book - solid "ending" to the seriesI loved the battles - finally we got to see Justan use everything he learned full out. Now with it completed I can go back and re-read everything! Love how the Frost rune came into play as well.Only downside I had was (below contains ending spoilers)(view spoiler)[The whole back story between Stardeon and Millenda, it was nice seeing how it all went downbut it went on a little too long I think. And I didn't see how it had a lasting effect on how the final [...]

    2. This book is awesome. In this book quite of a few of our questions are answered. This is just the end of the first series. I know that this is not the end of the books set in this universe. He has said as much. There are still some questions that are unanswered. So, I can only say this. When is the next book coming out?? I want to know what is going to happens in the future. What will happen to everyone in the future??Oh well, I highly recommend this book. Please read the first 4.5 books first. [...]

    3. This is a very entertaining series. It manages to draw you in and make you care about the characters. I was left happy knowing some conclusions but knowing more will come. That, to me, is the mark of a great series. I can't wait for more!

    4. This was a absolutely amazing finally to an epic series!!!I am so happy that the author will be continuing novels in the fabulous world.The sad part of the end is I will miss these characters in some sad fanboy way. Hope they pop up in the future stories!

    5. This was a great ending for a great saga! I m looking forward to read Mr. Cooley's next saga! Keep up the good work sir!

    6. Another great book in the series!!Can't wait to start on the next one!Highly recommended if you like fantasy!! :D

    7. Good ending to the series. A few loose ends i wanted tied up, but that didn't happen. Looks like another series is on the way. I look forward to that.

    8. Do not let this be the last in the series. It was absolutely fantastic, but I need to know how everything turns out from this point.

    9. There are too many 5-star reviews IMO, so I'm gonna be specific. Told in 3rd person, this is a grisly fantasy series with utterly disgusting villains and too many battles / not enough strategy, but I liked some of the characters enough to stay with it. Deathclaw is a favorite especially, and the rogue horse Gwyrtha (sp?). The ogre Fist is also a winner, but squirrel? Really? Are we children? As to that, there is no sex and no cussing, so the book could appeal to older kids, if they can handle th [...]

    10. This is the final book in the Moonrat Saga. The Bowl of Souls Series continues on after this.I was very pleased with this book. The characters were all pretty well-developed, with many changing substantially throughout the series. They were all left with some interesting choices to make about where they would go next. Their growth is evident and it was all so different. I can't imagine trying to keep that many characters straight while writing about them!I do think the book could use a bit bette [...]

    11. A very interesting series from the start, i managed to go through the whole 5 books and greatly loved this series. though the first two books were mostly coming of age, the story started getting better by book three. and towards the end it was really impressive. The well written characters were that of Fist and DeathClaw; Justan was more annoying in the first two books, making mistakes which i believe were necessary for the books to move forward and strangely naive but grew to be a good lead cha [...]

    12. And there goes that! The end of another superbly written series and I guess not all of them can end on a high. Trevor ticks all the boxes in terms of tying up the knots but does not deliver the high that ought to have been in the end. I still feel he could have used this book to focus on the "bonded" and deliver a satisfying climax for the the characters we have been following over the 5 books. Deathclaw deserved a better ending but atleast Talon got a good one. All in all an excellent series an [...]

    13. I like that we got to meet the prophet in this one. And learning about the past of all the main characters. Obviously everyone that we've met is a 'major player'. The reason that I don't write much in these reviews is because there's nothing very very original in these novels, the story is ripped off from various others and only thinly veiled. The ending with the prophet and Talon was a bit too Star Wars for my taste probably has stopped me from getting the next books in the series. Definitely w [...]

    14. Mother of the MoonratA grand climax to the five book "Bowl of Souls". But more books are to come in a new series with two books already available. Only thing I tried of was the inclusion of minor swear words, come on Cooley these cloud be read by children otherwise!

    15. The end of the beginning Good ending to the leg of the story. Most things tied up nicely, with some loose end which will be fun to see in the next books. All in all fun read with great action and the MC is still a Bad A.

    16. Great finish to the series. Things set up in book one paid off in a satisfying way in the fifth and final book. The author got better every book, in plot, character depth and in word choice.

    17. Another great book!Action packed and meaty with plot, this book is a great conclusion to the series while leaving the story open for further development.

    18. This review applies to the entire five-book series. The author has a psychedelic imagination, which he applies liberally to this story. I'll bet he was glad to get it off his chest. There are an overwhelming number of major characters, most of whom survive through the series. Many of the characters are developed well beyond the limit of my interest, but that's probably just me. The story has a good balance of action and plot development. I'll admit I did skim the longer battle scenes, because I [...]

    19. Mindblowing.I have rarely found a series that I mean I LITERALLY COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I have read fantasy for over 25 years or so and I have read until late in the night & up early to start again. Awesome, awesome awesome. Bring it on. Headed for the next series. I hope you all enjoy as much as I have.

    20. I just wanted to know how the story ends.Back to my thoughts on a book It was pretty horrible. I received 2 stars just because it wasn't horrible enough for me to stop listening, otherwise, it would be joining the lonely 1 star shelf.The story was ruined for me it the forth book of the series, aa I barely finished it. It's not that I loved the previous ones, but they have been better, or I just wasn't tired of all these cleches, and stupid phrases that the author uses. Sometimes there was a feel [...]

    21. Best one of the series. The ending felt rushed. Some parts of the story are the characters speaking, and other parts are the narrator whizzing through the plot, and now we have a third aspect with a character telling the others a story - which is basically like the narrator whizzing through a backstory.

    22. You know- I really like the characters. But I felt like the ending was SUPER rushed. I don't know if I'll read the next series or not.

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