Friends with More Benefits

Friends with More Benefits Victoria Jim Brian Jillian Rob Laura and Caroline are back with eye opening revelations steamy triangles and sexy surprises in the third book in the Friends With Benefits series As Jillian and B

  • Title: Friends with More Benefits
  • Author: Luke Young
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Victoria, Jim, Brian, Jillian, Rob, Laura and Caroline are back with eye opening revelations, steamy triangles and sexy surprises in the third book in the Friends With Benefits series.As Jillian and Brian s destination wedding date nears, Jillian s just released novel s complicated success threatens to destroy their big day While Rob s new job grows extraordinarily mVictoria, Jim, Brian, Jillian, Rob, Laura and Caroline are back with eye opening revelations, steamy triangles and sexy surprises in the third book in the Friends With Benefits series.As Jillian and Brian s destination wedding date nears, Jillian s just released novel s complicated success threatens to destroy their big day While Rob s new job grows extraordinarily mysterious Brian s becomes infinitely unfulfilling and both struggle to find the answers Victoria finds it and difficult to hide her secrets and when they are finally exposed there is no shortage of collateral damage When thoughts are revealed will the wedding be ruined, will Jillian s career survive and will everyone forgive Victoria

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    1. So Brian & Jillian are finally tying the knot. Jillian is being sued by Natalie for the book she has written. Victoria finds out who the father of her baby is. Rob and Laura are enjoying each other but not as a couple again. Jim is considering marring Caroline. So a lot is going on In this book. The couples all seem to be getting closer & the others are trying to work out the kinks. Such an enjoyable read.

    2. Caution: maybe a few spoilers aheadOK, I want to start by saying I really do like this series. I laughed the entire way thru the first book and gave it 4 stars. The second book was more of the same, but with maybe just a tad less laughing. It still earned 4 stars in my book.I gave this book 3 stars because I just didn't get that belly laugh feeling that I got from the first two books. The story itself continues to be interesting and includes some great new developments but, honestly, I think the [...]

    3. I have a love hate relationship with this series. I want to know what happens next but some of the scenes are so cringey to read. These books are filled with a lot of sex, mothers having sex with their sons best friend. Mothers friend having sex with her friends son, and her friends fiance's brother that's just the first two books. This one is partners cheating on each other, a wedding, not knowing who knocked someone up (not a surprise with everyone sleeping with everyone else), and lots of fas [...]

    4. These stories can get very detailed so if that would bother you these stories are not for you. On another note these characters crack me up! They are all so close and open with each other. Victoria comes up with the craziest ideas and the others do it. Sometimes it takes some coaxing but she eventually gets her way. I love Brian and Jillian together, I am always wondering what they all will get into next. I have come to care for these characters as I have gotten to know them from the very beginn [...]

    5. The interlocking threads are still woven throughout the story lines. Brian and Jillian's wedding is of course the main focus this time around but fast behind it we have a drama playing out for Jim, Caroline and Victoria. Rob is given his own relationship drama and this third book is the beginning of Natalie's quest for riches which is explored in full in book four which read out of order by mistake prior to this one.All through the book the sexual innuendos are rampant as are the hookups for thi [...]

    6. I am continuing to absolutely love this series! As soon as I finish this review I am moving on to book 4, Friends with Extra Benefits (correction, I accidentally started book 4 before finishing this review; I am that excited to get started). These books are just so much fun to read. So far, I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and is looking for an intricate plot line with a lot of interesting characters. Luke Young has made the characters so real. You either love them [...]

    7. Love it! So super funny and sexy! All the characters blend very well together in a crazy funky way. The main characters (Brian & Jillian) are a great super couple who have an amazing love for one another. Then you have Brad's brother Jim and the his loves Caroline and Victoria (who is Jillian's best friend). I really like Jim and Caroline together I think they make a great couple. Victoria is my favorite character in the books she is amazingly funny and very entertaining. She comes up with t [...]

    8. This is the third book of the series. Jillian's wedding to Brian is nearing and couple have a new issue to face. Jillian's new book was just released and not doing so well. Albert who is Jillian's book agent comes up with a publicity stunt to sky rocket sales of the book. He Sends a copy of the book to Natalie and she decides to sue for not having her release and for damaging her reputation. They are dealing with wedding plans and the lawsuit. What other surprises are in store for the couple bef [...]

    9. How I love this series! I always laugh a lot, but this one in a way is different. Jiliian and Brian are getting married, Jim is getting ready for a big change even though he is not so sure as what exactly to do, especially since Victoria has a huge surprise in store. There is a lot going on with all the characters and some unexpected turns.As always I love Victoria.e makes me laugh, but in this book she shows another side and now I love her even more.Rob is his usual self, but Laura took me by s [...]

    10. I love this series. There is a lot of laughs, romance and sex. The characters are well developed and have great depth. This is a story I would read again and I did but the whole series. Overview. Brian and Jillian's wedding is getting closer. Victoria's pregnancy is starting to show and she still has not told the father. Robs job is going good but there seems to be some mystery stuff going on with his crazy boss. Jim decides who he wants to be with even though his heart is torn in two. Plus the [...]

    11. I just absolutely love this series!!! I laugh at every couple this writer brings together. This story continues with the life stories of Jillian, Brian, Victoria, Jim, Rob, Lauren and Caroline. We delve into Jillian and Brian's wedding. Learn more about the law-suit filed against her about her latest novel. Oh, and let's not forget we get to find out who the father of Victoria's baby is. I never laughed so hard while reading in all of my life.

    12. I just cannot stop reading these. More of the same inappropriate hilarity in this installment. This book picks up right where the last left off. Brian and Jillian are planning their wedding. There are bachelor and bachelorette parties. Jillian is getting sued over her last book. Victoria is still awesome, even though she's pregnant how. I feel bad for her. Jim is acting like an idiot and I want to punch him. Much is left unresolved. Must read the next. Now.

    13. I LOVE Luke Young! I LOVE this series! I love this book! Luke Young hits it out of the ballpark yet again in the 3rd of this hilariously funny series! Intelligent, funny, steamy, raunchy fun in a book with characters that are lovable and easy to relate to. I'd want to hang out with this crew.ough I'm pretty sure that Victoria would embarrass me. I love how the book and characters have so much heart.I highly recommend this book to open-minded adults who love a great laugh.

    14. This was a quick easy, sometimes crude romance. A LOT of talk about Anal as well Written by a man that instantly intrigued me. Hence why I picked it up. It made me LOL at times supporting characters are great. This book in particular pissed me off at times, with not going how I wanted it too!It was OK it did make me want to read the rest of their story, so I continued on with the series.

    15. I am not sure which mini-drama I want to see play out more.Natalie and Jillian or the Jim, Victoria, Caroline love triangle. I really want Victoria and Jim together but Victoria is driving me nuts not fighting for Jim, I think she's letting him go way too easily. And what the Hell is going on with Rob and his creepy boss?

    16. Aaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhh not Natalie again?! I really liked how mature everyone was in handling some serious issues/controversy. I cannot wait to see how it plays out in the next book. I am still #TeamJillianBrian #TeamVictoriaJim. Just my personal opinion (and hope). Oh and Laura is officially on my shit list lol.

    17. I loved that Jillian and Bryan finally got married and all the havoc that Natalie created at the wedding. I love that Jillian's book was a best seller. I love that Victorias is pregnant and that it come sout tht Jim is the father. I don't care for Caroline at all so really hoping that Victoria and Jim get together. Loving this series!!

    18. Friends With More Benefits- Luke Young- The story continues with Jillian and Brian as they plan to marry. Laura is still trying to improve everyone's relationships around her and avoid her own life choices. There is much to laugh about in this book and Luke does not disappoint the reader with his POV. Very fun read 3More to go

    19. I REALLY enjoyed this series. I was afraid it was going to be geared to a younger crowd only but it wasn't. The two main characters start out in their late 30's and you have you mix of younger cast. I thought the books, all of them in the series were so funny. It was a sexual comedy. It was a great light hearted laugh out loud read.

    20. From the very beginning of this book I felt like I was reading a soap-opera-Jerry-Springer-comedy starring ASSHOLES!!!! (The sphincter not a mean person)OMG I was dying laughing!!!!!The characters r crazy & have no shame!!!!No topic is off limitsry entertaining n a deranged wayLMAO

    21. Well the fun just keeps coming with the gang in this book. Jillian and Brian aware up to the same old tricks again. They love to be naked and explore sexual aspects of each other which can be funny but most of the time HOT. They for sure make you think your relationship is boring. It's fun to read the sexy scenes because it makes you think you should try all the things that they try.

    22. Again, if you like romances and comedies, this series is for you. I am so invested in finding out what happens to Jillian, Brian, Victoria, Rob, Jim, Caroline The romance can be sweet and hot, and the comedy is side-splittingly funny.LOVE this series and can't wait to devour Victoria's series, written by Luke Young's alter ego, Ian Dalton.

    23. The wedding from hell and yet it's just perfect for these 2 love birds Brian and Jillian. I still think that Jim should be with Victoria even if Caroline is a great match for Jim. And on earth is wrong with Laura?!?!?!?!

    24. All hell broke loose in this book. From a bride's point of view, it was the ultimate wedding disaster. However, everything worked out well in the end. There are more characters introduced, which I am sure we will learn more about in future books. I hope to read more about Rob in book four.

    25. After really liking Friends With Partial Benefits, and disliking Friends with Benefits, I really enjoyed Friends With More Benefits. There were really good story lines and lots of laugh out loud moments. Looking forward to reading the next one. Good job Luke.

    26. I couldn't beleive the turn of events in this book. I laughed, wanted to scream about somethings and of course its just down right sexy. This series is a must read for anyone. I can't get enough.

    27. I highly enjoyed this one more then the other 2. See I'm a romantic and when the whole thing with Jim and Victoria went down I could feel her pain. Great job!

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