Friends with Extra Benefits

Friends with Extra Benefits Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B GCUHYThe long awaited next chapter in the Friends With Benefits series Extra Benefits is part romantic suspense part legal thriller part medical drama part s

  • Title: Friends with Extra Benefits
  • Author: Luke Young
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B0088GCUHYThe long awaited next chapter in the Friends With Benefits series, Extra Benefits, is part romantic suspense, part legal thriller, part medical drama, part steamy erotic romp, and part screwball comedy.Victoria, Jillian, Brian, Jim, Caroline, and Rob are back in book four, the 400 page epic next chapter in the series Who will prAlternate Cover Edition for ASIN B0088GCUHYThe long awaited next chapter in the Friends With Benefits series, Extra Benefits, is part romantic suspense, part legal thriller, part medical drama, part steamy erotic romp, and part screwball comedy.Victoria, Jillian, Brian, Jim, Caroline, and Rob are back in book four, the 400 page epic next chapter in the series Who will prevail in the Brookhart v Grayson trial Will Victoria have a boy or a girl, and will she finally find happiness Will Rob figure out what the hell is going on with his mysterious and unstable boss, and will Brian find a career Will you be able to get through the steamy chapters without tossing your e reader to the floor and chasing your partner around the room The answers to these and many, many other questions are found inside Extra Benefits.

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    1. Luke Young consistently gives great sex, romance, characters and the funniest scenes ever. Nobody will ever have this effect on me. I laughed so hard throughout this book. My favorites are Victoria and Jillian with Brian. These three scheming against each other is the best part. Almost as good is how comfortable they are with their sexuality. I think the trial if "the leg thing" and Carl were fabulous sub plots, both were so juicy making this a real page turner! Anyone who like hot juicy sex wit [...]

    2. The trial happens in this book. Natalie seems to have the jury on her side. But when she comes on to Brian, the things she says to him get recorded, giving Jillian the ammunition she needs to break the case open. Rob ends up with a new woman in his life. Victoria ends up giving birth early. Jim & Caroline spend a lot of time flying back & forth to spend time with the baby. Then Victoria decides to open a therapy office and has it built with a separate living space right in her back yard. [...]

    3. Nice3 stars The reason for my three-star rating is because I just didn't understand the book. Lots of sex going on but apparently you have to read the previous books in order to understand this book and for that I would actually have to do but the book to be honest didn't thrill me all that much to go back to read the other books though it is sexy as heck. There is a lot of sex going on this.I wish the readers that read this book and the previous books good luck. To the Author i'm sorry I just d [...]

    4. Loved this series, what is there not to lovee romance, the sex, VICTORIA lol, I have laughed so much over the past 2 daysI want a friend like Victoria, you can't help but love her Felt sorry for Brian sometimes when they ganged up on him but what a good sport he was once again loved that the leading ladies were not young teenagers so could relate a lot more to them whilst the sex scenes were good you can tell they were written by a man (sorry Luke) but the emotional intensity was not there like [...]

    5. After FWPB, this is my second favorite book of the series. Was glad to feel like I could mark things back up in the 4-star range! In this book there was more of that quirky humor I loved about the characters, the wacked-out drama of an insane court battle, a baby, an engagement, even the FBId a surprise twist toward the end. I won't go into detail so as not to throw out any spoilers, just suffice it to say this was a really fun read and I enjoyed it immensely! I know there's already four books i [...]

    6. After finishing this last book, I felt like I had been on a sexy roller coaster of emotions! All 4 books got 5 stars from me.I quickly became invested in the characters and their relationships to each other. I have to say, I was emotionally pulled under when the Jim/Victoria/Caroline started unfolding. I still have no idea why his choice in the last 2 books tugged at my heart strings so much, maybe it has to do with being a single mom myself. Needless to say, I was quite happy with their stories [...]

    7. LOVED the story. There's drama, tension, humor and sex. What more could you want? Jillian is being sued and she's been stabbed in the back. Who would want to hurt her? Will she win the case? What is wrong with Rob's boss? He's SO creepy. The company Rob works for sounds a lot like "The Firm" (John Grisham) to me. Victoria is pregnant?! If so, who is the father?I couldn't wait to get back to this book every time I had to put it down. I wanted my questions answered and I know what I wanted in the [...]

    8. Oh my gosh!! This book was awesome. I couldn't stand Natalie though. I am so happy the way the book/series ended. I am so happy everyone ended up with the person they really loved in this last book. I will probably re read this series again!! Thanks Luke Young for writing these books!! (:Ohh and I read this book in two days. Couldn't put it down.

    9. The outcome of Jillian's trail was not looking good for her, thankfully Natalie was given enough rope to hang herself. So glad that they got to the bottom of what was going on with Rob's creepy boss and I like Rob and Bridget together. Brian and Jillian continue to be adorable and the love triangle of frustration continues with Victoria, Jim and Caroline.

    10. I so wanted this series to wrap up because the next book isn't out yet. I love this series! Super funny and super sexy. The whole gang is so entertaining and there are just so many OMG moments that you just can't put the books down. I am so excited for the next book in this series to come out. Such a great series!

    11. This was a quick easy, sometimes crude romance. A LOT of talk about Anal as well Written by a man that instantly intrigued me. Hence why I picked it up. It made me LOL at times supporting characters are great. It was OK The ending was a bit WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!and because of that I want the next book so I can see how it all ends.

    12. These books rock! Luke, you are too funny! I have spent all week living this story and I'm so sad it's over! Read these books people, you will laugh your ass off and maybe have a few snorting episodes!! Hoping there will be a 5th book! 4 freaking hilarious stars

    13. A hot, sexy, romp of a read. Sometimes very funny, a little suspenseful, and a good mix of romance. The characters were wild and crazy, and not 100 percent believable, but I was intrigued enough to read all the books. I enjoyed them very much.

    14. I loved the series!!! There was never a dull moment throughout this whole book. I found it very hard to put down and was happy with the ending. Although, I was left want more with seeing what else would happen with Brian and Jillian, jim and Victoria, of course we can't forget Rob and Bridgett.

    15. Loved it!!! I was happy at the end! I criedIma sap can't help it. I read all 4 of these in about 2 1/2 days. Keep it up. Maybe Friends with SUPER EXTRA QUADRUPLE Benefits ;)

    16. These books are just so entertaining. There is no limit to what can happen and no filter to what can be done sexually. It's just this wonderful mess and I love it!

    17. I really like this series. The characters are charming, witty and totally onery. Lots more things of interest in this book. Intrigue, mystery, suspense, and lots of sex. What's not to like?

    18. I loved this story. You have drama, humor and sexual tension, what more could you ask for? Mr. Young brings his A game with this series. This book is some what of an emotional rollercoaster. Jillian's trial, Rob's creepy boss, Victoria giving birth, Jim/Caroline/Victoria triangle and more I could not put this book down. This book and series is just fabulously fun to read. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. I Highly Recommend this book but you will want to start from the very begi [...]

    19. Another great read from Mr. Luke Young. If you like erotic and you like to read abut sex, this is for you. The innuendos, the partners, the couples all lead interesting intertwining lives. Why can't we in real life have the money these people have so we could also romp around so freely? I love the pool and the hot tub scenes, I want more of those. What will happen with Caroline? What will happen with the gym? Can't wait fir the next book to find out

    20. There were definitely some LOL moments and some steamy moments, the writing isn't really amazing or anything but it's been an interesting read.

    21. This book is mostly sex. The plot is weak and it ends abruptly. I won't be getting any more of these "Friends with Benefits" books. That being said, I DID read the entire book, wondering how they were gonna end it.

    22. I dived into book #4 the day after finishing #3. I figured "why not?" since everything was fresh in my mind. This one seemed to have a bit more story to it but other than that, it was as expected. Not a bad time-filler, especially for a free read. If you didn't like the first few, you won't like this, so stop reading. The books are good for a chuckle or two so not a complete waste of time.I still feel like the "close-knit group" aren't that close or even that good of friends. The interactions do [...]

    23. Luke Young has done it again! FWEB is an excellent addition to the Friends With Benefits series. In this book you'll find more drama than in any that have preceded it (which has both its up sides and its down sides, of course, but makes it so engaging regardless). Between the trial, Victoria being pregnant, Jim and Caroline being engaged (and then not), and more, this book is packed. All I have to say is finally. I have been waiting and waiting for Jim and Victoria to get back together. While te [...]

    24. Hilarious and sexy all in oneI read the first two books in this series a few years ago and remember it fondly. There's not many book series that have caught my attention the way that this one did, but somehow I never finished the series. Now that I'm playing catch up, I've fallen in love with this series all over again. The characters are well developed and the storyline is phenomenal. From the very beginning, I was drawn in and stayed hooked all the way through.even with a bit of disappointment [...]

    25. Like this series. Its funny, outrageous topics and situations they find themselves in, once I start one of these, can't put it down till its done.

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