For All Time

For All Time New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux returns to the ruggedly magnificent island in For All Time the second novel in her Nantucket Brides trilogy this time featuring the next generation of

  • Title: For All Time
  • Author: Jude Deveraux
  • ISBN: 9780345541826
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux returns to the ruggedly magnificent island in For All Time, the second novel in her Nantucket Brides trilogy this time featuring the next generation of her beloved family of Montgomery Taggerts The wedding of Alix Madsen and Jared Montgomery is a glorious affair at an elegant little chapel in the woods, followed by dinner anNew York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux returns to the ruggedly magnificent island in For All Time, the second novel in her Nantucket Brides trilogy this time featuring the next generation of her beloved family of Montgomery Taggerts The wedding of Alix Madsen and Jared Montgomery is a glorious affair at an elegant little chapel in the woods, followed by dinner and dancing, all while moonlight blankets the festivities in a romantic glow While most guests are fixed on the happy couple, Jared s cousin Graydon can t look away from a bridesmaid, Toby Wyndam It s not just her quiet beauty that enthralls him or the way she makes him laugh Toby possesses the truly remarkable ability of being able to distinguish Graydon from his identical twin brother, Rory According to family legend, such a gift marks her as Graydon s True Love.But Graydon knows there is no possible way that they can ever be together, for he is heir to the Lanconian throne and is to marry a noble woman who has been chosen for him Yet, intrigued by Toby, he asks her to help him hide on Nantuck for a week away from regal responsibilities In exchange, he ll assist her with planning acclaimed novelist Victoria Madsen s lavish wedding Since they both know their union is impossible, the pair promises that they will never be than just friends.But there s going on between Graydon and Toby than her unique power to tell him apart from his twin At work are forces beyond their control, which are ruled by time itself Combine that with the magical island of Nantucket, and a seductive spell is cast over Graydon and Toby If they are to be together, they must change what once was, as well as what will be.

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    1. Because I have a house on Nantucket Island, I often read books about Nantucket.This novel has everything I hate about typical "romance books"; non-existing plot line, superficial characters, over-the-top situationsI don't have time to list all of them. Why can't we have interesting romance novels which can be just "novels"?I know I shouldn't expect too much from a romance novel, but the historical facts in this novel are just outrageous! The names of current stores and restaurants are accurate, [...]

    2. lindo, lindo amei!!!Tenho de dizer que estou completamente apaixonada por esta série de Jude Deveraux. Se no primeiro tinha adorado conhecer Alix e Jared, bem como a restante família (antepassados e tudo), neste segundo volume fiquei absolutamente rendida à Toby (de quem não tinha gostado muito no primeiro livro) e ao Graydon, um dos primos gémeos de Jared.Graydon faz parte de uma família recheada de mistérios e de lendas. É príncipe herdeiro do reino de Lancónia e por algum motivo foi [...]

    3. I usually like Jude Deveraux's books enough to read most of them and even finish a lot of them, but I do find myself skimming quite frequently. This one was about like that: enjoyable but not great. Interesting but not unique. Many flaws in the internal logic of her time-travel aspects, and somewhat trite in the romantic set-ups. CHIEF COMPLAINT: Why, oh why, do romance authors think it's romantic for the female character to be a virgin at the age of. whatever over 18???? This character must be [...]

    4. I read the first book in this series waaaayyy back so the details were fuzzy but they came back fairly quickly. I remember enjoying the first book and the second was no different. I'm a sucker for a cute love story and when there's even the slightest magical element, I'm completely sold! And unlike a lot of typical romances, this one actually kept me guessing throughout. This was a pure guilty pleasure read for me and I absolutely loved it!

    5. Y sí, algún día tenía que volver con Jude Deveraux esta vez es la última del año. Resumiendo, taan mal no está, la primera parte me tuvo enganchada esperando leer personajes conocidos de otros libros. Pero, claro, leí esos libros cuando salía de la secundaria y ha pasado mucha agua abajo del puente (?), y supongo que, como una de mis shelves, estoy enamorada del amor. Es decir, a la que era en esa época este tipo de libro le hubiera parecido fascinante y hasta creo que podría haber ll [...]

    6. This book felt lackluster, without real chemistry or passion. The time travel (paranormal) element didn't fit neatly into the plot and mostly became a distraction. There was definitely no proper setup for it. Basic setup: Toby and Graydon meet at a wedding. She can tell Graydon apart from his identical twin brother which, apparently, means they're destined for one another. Might have been cute, if it had been followed up with anything else that convinced me these two needed one another. And I me [...]

    7. This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeI received an advance reader edition of this book from Random House Publishing Group for the purpose of providing an honest review.4 StarsI feel that I must start this review by saying that this is not the first Jude Deveraux book that I have read in my life and I would count myself as one of her fans. I have enjoyed every book by this author that I have had the chance to read and have yet to be let down. I have read her more recent works and [...]

    8. Received ARC from NetGalley for an honest review:"For All Time" opens up right where "True Love" (book # 1 in the Nantucket Brides Trilogy) left off with the wedding of Alix Madsen and Jared Montgomery. Jared's cousin, Graydon Montgomery (an identical twin who also happens to be a real prince and future king of small, but well known, country) is in attendance. Partnered with Graydon in the wedding party is Toby Wyndam. Toby is Alix' very dear friend. There is a legend in the Montgomery family th [...]

    9. Originally reviewed for Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy.There is just something special about Jude Deveraux, she writes these sweeping sagas full of grand gestures and forever love. Full of normal people discovering a love beyond belief. Of discovering who they are and where they truly came from. She has this writing style that is hard to describe and yet totally and completely her own. I know I could pick up a book with no cover, title or author information and after just a few pages [...]

    10. For All Time: A Nantucket Brides Novel (Nantucket Brides Trilogy) By Jude Deveraux BallantineJuly 2014The Nantucket Brides ~ Book TwoHRR Prince Graydon Montgomery of Lantonia slipped away from his duties to be a groomsman at the wedding of his cousin, Jared Montgomery Kingsley to Alixandra Madsen, on Nantucket Island. Graydon’s identical twin brother, Rory, is a playboy and has been on the Island for a few days. Toby Wyndam is the bridesmaid paired with Graydon, and the man cannot take his eye [...]

    11. Na verdade, é mais do mesmo, Jude Deveraux utiliza uma fórmula muito básica e simples. Não quer dizer que não valha a pena ler, é só que não representa grande desafio em termos de leitura. As primeiras 300 páginas foram bastante melosas, sem nada de especial, o bom esteve nas últimas 100 páginas, na minha opinião. (view spoiler)[No início, as "viagens" ao passado aborreciam-me mas acabei por dar por mim angustiada que não conseguissem alterar o destino de Tabby e Garrett por isso q [...]

    12. Reading a Jude Devereax is like going home for me. This was what I was looking for. Sweet, a group of people who all relate, some light angst, and that coming home feeling I get from reading about the Montgomerys. Though, one little side note made me really curious. A Montgomery cousin conceived in the 16th century. I'd love his story.

    13. Frankly, I am not sure just how to grade this book. I am not sure I liked it. I have read many of the other books the author has written and have liked most, not all, of them. I am not sure what exactly I did not like about this book. Suffice it to say, it will never be one of my favorites. Graydon is immediately stricken with Toby when he spies her at a wedding. When they meet for the first time, he is even more attracted to her, and, the reader learns, she is finding him equally attractive. Th [...]

    14. This was an ARC from NetgalleyI truly love Jude Deveraux. I don't think that anyone can tackle time-travel and reincarnation stories quite the way she does. The book started a little slow, but I'm so thrilled that I stuck with it. I really loved both H/h and was rooting for them through the whole story - which proved to make it impossible to put the book down. Toby is a florist from 9-5, but she moonlights as an unofficial wedding planner. During one of these weddings she meets Graydon and his t [...]

    15. I have such a hard time with Deveraux's time traveling books. They are just not as good as her other books. And this one was no different. Graydon is in town to watch his cousin get married. At least, that's why he's supposed to be in town. As the heir apparent to the Lanconian throne, he is most certainly not supposed to be ogling bridesmaid Toby. And yet there's a draw. One more powerful than his mother's disapproval and even overriding his good sense to remember that he's supposed to be engag [...]

    16. Sabem sempre a pouco, e lá vou ter de esperar quase um ano pelo 3º livro desta série!Bem concebido, uma mistura genial entre o presente e o passado prende o leitor do inicio ao fim!Não tenho mais palavras; só que vai mesmo custar muito esperar pelo próximo!

    17. Um livro interessante e com um romance de conto de fadas mas com um lado sobrenatural que me chateia e não convence. Sem isso o livro seria mais interessante.De qualquer forma, é um romance levezinho e que se lê bem.

    18. História cor-de-rosa e pouco verosímil de uma rapariga americana que se apaixona por um príncipe europeu. Pelo meio há histórias de fantasmas e/ou viagens no tempo É preciso dizer mais?? 😀

    19. Se é um romântico incurável, daqueles que adora uma história de amor e de contos de fadas, este livro é para si! Neste livro acompanhamos a história da Toby e do Graydon, que se conhecem num casamento de família e se apaixonam (ainda que não saibam) à primeira vista. Contudo, Graydon é um princípe (daqueles a sério, que está na lista de espera para o trono), está prometido a outra mulher e o seu sentido de responsabilidade jamais o deixará afastar-se dos seus deveres. Ao início d [...]

    20. I would love to experience Nantucket. Jude Deveraux's For All Time(Nantucket Brides,#2) is a delight.I have always liked Ms. Deveraux's work, but it has been awhile since I have read one of her books. I do not think that I will let too much time go by before I pick up another. This second addition to The Nantucket Brides Trilogy was fun. I must admit that I am quite intrigued by Nantucket now. The second bride, Toby, meets a groomsman at the first bride's wedding. Grayden walks Toby down the ais [...]

    21. Everyone should be loved like this "For All Time"For All Time by Jude Deveraux is the second book in her Nantucket Brides Trilogy and it does not disappoint. After reading “True Love”, the first book in the trilogy I had to visit Nantucket to see if it was as described in the book. I am thrilled to tell you Jude does justice to Nantucket and if you feel like you have been there after reading either of the books you will have gotten an accurate picture of the Island.That being said, For All T [...]

    22. FYI: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Full review can be read on my blog at Book Dragon's LairHave you ever wanted to re-read a book you just put down? I was going to be all funny and say something about the sun coming up but I'm still sniffling.The story stands as a complete and satisfying story all on its own. Yes there are overlaps from book one. The story doesn't quite end yet it does and I can see the beginning of book three. The only thing you need to [...]

    23. I was given the first book, True Love, as an ARC. When I saw the second book, For All Time, available at my library I picked it up. I enjoyed book two more than book one! As is, I do recommend reading book one first as otherwise you may miss some of the underlying story or be confused with its characters.I've read a lot of Jude Deveraux books, with my favorites being Knight in Shining Armour and her Always series. Now, this new series may not be as good as my favorites of hers but she is includi [...]

    24. Este romance é, como muitos outros, sobre um casal que se apaixona, onde os protagonistas são almas gémeas um do outro, mas não podem concretizar esse amor, pois há algo que os impede de ficarem juntos - há vidas separadas à espera deles e muito desastre se eles teimarem em remar contra o destino. Mas, ao contrário de muitos romances, estes protagonistas não tentam lutar contra a maré, mas aceitam o tempo que podem estar juntos. Claro que o destino é soberano, mas muitas vezes quer al [...]

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