Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls

Nightwing Vol Night of the Owls Dick Grayson must face his past and a deadly adversary in the present as he learns of his connection to the mysterious Court of Owls But even if he s able to stop an undead unstoppable assassin he l

  • Title: Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
  • Author: Kyle Higgins Eddy Barrows
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dick Grayson must face his past and a deadly adversary in the present as he learns of his connection to the mysterious Court of Owls But even if he s able to stop an undead, unstoppable assassin, he ll still have to deal with the rising forces of the anti Gotham City army and its leader the mysterious Paragon Collecting Nightwing 0, 8 12

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    1. The Court of Owls stuff is laid on really thick. I wish I could have enjoyed it more, because Nightwing is one of the more important books in that event. But it's weighed down with such horribly thick layers of inept symbolism that it just never really takes off.When Higgins is left to his own devices, though, this is a great book. Dick feels like the character I know, which is quite a different person than Bruce. And he should be. Yes, his book is slathered with the same "Gotham is DARK!" tones [...]

    2. Nightwing's New 52 series continues full steam ahead, with a second volume containing three great stories.Dick Grayson's connection to the Court Of Owls storyline gives him the strongest tie-in of the Night Of The Owls event. Nightwing faces the lethal threat of the Court's Talon assassins, while the history of his ancestor, William Cobb, is told in-between. Colourists Rod Reis and Peter Pantazis ensure there's a clear distinction between the two time periods, with the strong colours and bright [...]

    3. Out of the New 52 volume twos, this one is head and shoulders above the rest. It concluded a loose thread from the "Night of the Owls" storyline and it added a lot of history to the Grayson name In fact, it explains how the Grayson name came about! I am really pleased to see that Dick's lineage goes back far beyond the usual Robin origin story. It gives more weight to him as a standalone character; it makes him less of a sidekick to Batman and more of a child of Gotham City.There is also a three [...]

    4. The final section, a Dick Grayson / Robin origin story, was the redeeming feature in this volume. The rest of the book was sort of forgettable, although the illustrations during numerous action / fight scenes were good.

    5. As part of Sidekicks week among the Shallow Comics Readers, I'm diving headlong into four volumes of Nightwing - the one, true sidekick of our warm and fuzzy pal The Batman. First thing that really kicks me in the nads while reading this book are the fight-scene layouts. Damn you guys, making it look easy to sprawl the action across crazy-quilt panels, mirroring the action itself (broken glass, swing of a sword,).Next I smell the stench of the "Court of Owls" crossover, and wonder how much bette [...]

    6. This gets the fourth star for the issue #0 at the end. I do love a Robin/Dick Grayson origin story. :) The art overall was fine, nothing memorable (except sometimes Dick had crazy eyes which I didn't appreciate), but not hideous. The story wasn't very cohesive as a volume; Night of Owls was interrupting the story the books had been telling. So this book covered Talon's backstory and Nightwing's fight with him, then it had Paragon and his group, then there was the issue of Dick's business plans, [...]

    7. Not quite as enjoyable as the first volume, but still very solid storytelling here from Kyle Higgins, with an assist from Tom DeFalco near the end. This volume starts with a two issue Night of the Owls tie-in, which is probably the best tie-in of the various series since it actually sheds some light on Dick's background and his links to the Court. We then delve into a three part Paragon story which has a few interesting twists and turns but is ultimately quite forgettable - it's Dick's interacti [...]

    8. The conclusion to the Night of the Owls was pretty cool and it seems it might have some impact on the future of Nightwing. The second story with the Republic of Tomorrow is alright, it started good but in the end it's hardly special.I might be bit too harsh with the rating. It's solid book. The writing is great and Higgins is good author. But it's a visual novel and the visuals are what's bothering me the most. I never particularly enjoyed Barrows art for Nightwing because I just think it doesn' [...]

    9. I didn't really see anything great about this volume, but at the same time I didn't see anything really bad about it either. I liked seeing Nightwing going up against the Talon, but I still don't care for the backstory involving him in the Court of Owls. We also got to see Lady Shiva and some more of Nightwing's childhood. Good for Nightwing fans, but nothing for others to go out of their way to pick up.

    10. The artwork was still great, but the story is drudging up the same old tune. Don't heroes suffer enough fighting the never ending battle without their personal lives being turned into even worse chaos?

    11. For once a Bat tie-in that doesn't interfere too much with the title's flow. Thankfully the focus remains on Nightwing and the story is not burdened with cameos.

    12. I really liked the last issue where it's a flashback to Dick's parents dying and his relation to Bruce until he becomes Robin. The rest was okay. I liked it, but it was just more of the same.

    13. Reviewed First at Brunner's BookshelfThe Court of Owls was one of the best Batman stories I have ever read and the fact that this spilled over into the Nightwing universe was even better. We get to learn all kinds of great secrets about Dick and his family in the past. There are a few references to the events that happen in the Batman books so you might be a little lost if you haven't read them but the story in this collection was really well written. Not only do we get more of the Court of Owls [...]

    14. This volume collects Nightwing issues 8-12, and the Zero issue.This volume opens with a pretty strong “Night of the Owls” story featuring Dick Grayson vs. his great-grandfather, William Cobb. In fact, Cobb narrates a lot of the story, and we learn more about his backstory. I was interested to learn that when he was a child in 1910, the four most powerful men in Gotham were Alan Wayne, Frederic Cobblepot, Edward Elliot, and Burton Crowne. They were the elite of Gotham, and Crowne is Dick’s [...]

    15. I'm still really enjoying this new Nightwing series. This did cover some ground I'd already read in the big Night of the Owls collection that had all of the Batverse stories involving that event, but it was nice to reread them within Nightwing's timeline.I especially liked the reworking of Robin's origin story in here. Dick Grayson gets a lot more initiative and choice than it normally feels he had as a kid, and all the other origin stories I remember he never once picks his own alias. I rather [...]

    16. okay so I loved it though that may be because I am a huge NIGHTWING fanhe's just one of my all time favourite superheroes and nothing will ever change that.e how could anything beat Nightwing's pure awesomeness? In my eyes anyway. Volume two obviously follows the end of volume 1: traps and trapezes and the standard of the panels stays the same level of art used to lead us through the story. If you like nightwing you will definitely enjoy this graphic novel!

    17. This one is mainly about the backstory of Dick Grayson's family ties to the Talon and the Court of Owls. It was pretty enjoyable but if you read the Court of Owls/City of Owls from the Batman series you've already seen most of this. Still good though. If you read it without reading those then this does deserve a solid 4/5 stars.

    18. OMG! Bad guys! Punch them! Flashback? More punching! Now some kicks! More flashbacks! Awkward sexual tension! BAM! POW! WAMMO! The End.That's your plot of Nightwing: Night of the Owls! But hey, I wasn't immensely irritated with it's mostly lack of plot, and Nightwing actually sounds like Nightwing. Expect a lot of action scenes and not a lot else, and you might enjoy this aerobatic romp!

    19. This volume didn't feel as cohesive as the first, partially due to the court of owl's crossover. It kind of felt like it was cramming two storylines into one book when both might have been better if they could have run for longer. But it was a fun read never the less. And that's not really something possible with crossover events.

    20. I decided to round up to 4 stars because I loved Nightwing #0. Don't even get me started on another Batfamily member's awful, infuriating issue #0.

    21. This trade paperback picks up where the previous volume left off, collecting the next five issues (8–12) of the 2011 on-going series along with an origin issue during Zero Month (Nightwing #0).Normally, I hate the fact that Crossover Tie-ins are included in these trade paperbacks instead of the trade paperback dedicated to the Crossover event itself. However, I really like the two issues devoted to the Court of Owls Crossover. Probably, because Dick Grayson has such a huge history with the Cou [...]

    22. Nightwing is easily my second favorite superhero (behind only Batman), mostly because--like in the last issue of this volume--Bruce and Dick are so similar and yet so different. They both have such similar backgrounds, motives, and goals. They want justice, and they believe that Gotham can be saved and is worth saving. But Dick adjusted so much better to his childhood trauma; he stayed optimistic. He was a Robin, not a Bat. And that shines through particularly in Nightwing's inner monologues thr [...]

    23. This was better than the first one, with less demons and such, and more the normal crazy super villains. This is the second part of Nigh Of The Owls that I've read, and that arc is honestly kinda a let down from what I have seen of it so far. It's not bad per se, just bland. The Talons are pretty much no match for the Bat Family, of course very few are, but these guys just fell flat and were rushed. I really liked Nightwing in the Batman Animated series and in Batman Beyond, so these have been k [...]

    24. Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows continue their run on Nightwing with this second volume, which I found to be even better than the first!This volume contains 3 story arcs: The first of which ties up the Court of Owls event (which actually still works in this series without crudely interrupting the main story), the second has Dick Grayson facing off the anti-Gotham group that framed him for murder, and the third is issue #0, which gives us Dick Grayson's origin story.You can read the rest of my revi [...]

    25. I think this volume definitely picks up from the last one, and the story is more compelling. The insight into Dick's background - both with his family and with Bruce - is interesting, and I liked the flashbacks a lot. I still don't particularly like the art style - especially the faces - but action and movement are done well.

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