ABC Crochet: an Alphabet Collection of Amigurumi Animals

ABC Crochet an Alphabet Collection of Amigurumi Animals None

  • Title: ABC Crochet: an Alphabet Collection of Amigurumi Animals
  • Author: Mitsuki Hoshi
  • ISBN: 9780062317704
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “ABC Crochet: an Alphabet Collection of Amigurumi Animals”

    1. I like that this has photos of each step. As a knitter who's trying to transition over to crocket -- I really need the visual help. I didn't know there was a special way to start crochet, the magic circle.

    2. Pretty neat! Plenty of pictures for the visual learner or when the written instructions are confusing, lots of cute critters and helpful hints and tips. The only part I didn't like was the patterns. I've never seen crochet patterns like that before. o.o I've made Amigurumi things before but the patterns for then were all written out like ch and dch instead of having a circular image to follow. Maybe it's just a different of culture? Still pretty awesome. The patterns here show you about where yo [...]

    3. Bad layout. It shows the alphabet then shows all the how to. Only gives you the basic shapes for SOME of the animals. The patterns are only shown in chart format which is really tricky to read if you are a beginner - so not quite as "perfect for crafters of all levels" as it says. The actually cute creations like the iguana don't have a pattern. All of the others ones you can find incredibly similar patterns online for free. The only good thing about this book is it has photos for each step.

    4. Lots of cute pictures, you can't wait to make all 26 of these animals but wait - we gave you the patterns for four of them, the ones easily figured out from the pictures.Nice kid's picture book, should not be in with pattern books because it isn't one.

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