Tapping the Dream Tree

Tapping the Dream Tree World Fantasy Award winning author of The Onion GirlThe city of Newford could be any contemporary North American cityexcept that magic lurks in its music in its art in the shadows of its grittiest s

  • Title: Tapping the Dream Tree
  • Author: Charles de Lint Charles Vess
  • ISBN: 9780312868406
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Softcover
  • World Fantasy Award winning author of The Onion GirlThe city of Newford could be any contemporary North American cityexcept that magic lurks in its music, in its art, in the shadows of its grittiest streets, where mythic beings walk disguised And its people are like you and me, each looking for a bit of magic to shape their lives and transform their fate.Here are a bluWorld Fantasy Award winning author of The Onion GirlThe city of Newford could be any contemporary North American cityexcept that magic lurks in its music, in its art, in the shadows of its grittiest streets, where mythic beings walk disguised And its people are like you and me, each looking for a bit of magic to shape their lives and transform their fate.Here are a bluesman hiding from the devil a Buffalo Man at the edge of death a murderous ghost looking for revenge a wolf man on his first blind date and many We re reunited with Jilly, Geordie, Sophie, the Crow Girls, and other characters whose lives have become part of the great Newford myth And beyond Newford s streets, de Lint takes us to the pastoral hills north of the city, where magic and music have a flavor different but powerful still.

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    1. And again, de Lint makes his way back to my "favourite authors" list. While not quite reaching the magic of Dreams Underfoot, Tapping the Dream Tree is filled with beautiful writing and this time, most of the stories are heart-warming too. There are only two here that I would consider dark, involving an innocent boy on death row, and also a ghost seeking revenge on a serial killer. The other stories are fanciful and lovely (though often still with that hint of darkness). There's the werewolf goi [...]

    2. What a great collection! Rereading “Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Cafe” got me thinking that Adrian Paul (the actor who did "Highlander" the tv show) would be perfect as Lyle the shy investment counselor/ werewolf and I never do that. “Making a Noise in This World” reminded me of something Sherman Alexie would write and maybe film. “Embracing the Mystery” and “Pixel Pixies” are both about the used bookseller Holly Rue. “The Witching Hour” is about Geordie and Christie’s [...]

    3. Хронологично май се пада четвъртият сборник с разкошни Нюфордски истории на автора. Успя да ме гръмне почти колкото първият Dreams underfoot. Отново градското се умесва с магията и фантастичното в изненадващи светли и мрачни краски, отново доброто винаги взима преднина, отново чу [...]

    4. This is the sort of author I want to read more of. This is a collection of short stories based on a spinoff series that he started years back, so I'm a bit late to the party, but I still enjoyed most of them.This is writing for adults that I can handle -- it's not vulgar, it's not overly crude or medical-textbook-graphic. There's plenty of adult content, but it's referred to in ways that fall under the category of discreet and subtle. I haven't come across an adult fantasy like that in forever, [...]

    5. what i love about Charles de Lint's books are (1) how the world is recognizably ours but with magic just sort of off to the side where you're not looking; (2) how people are generally good -- not perfect, sometimes total screwups, but always having a decent core; (3) how it inspires you to appreciate your own life, whatever it is, without being all preachy about it. I'm pretty sure this could be a decent intro to the Newford series -- it definitely helps to have met some of the characters before [...]

    6. This could have been a 3 or a 4 but since it brought back many of my favourite characters, I settled on a 4.

    7. This is a collection of short stories about Newford, a town that Charles de Lint really likes writing about. In Newford, everything has a magical twist to it, and there are doorways to other worlds and mythological creatures walking the streets. The Good:The stories in themselves were interesting, and I have been finding myself more and more attracted to short story books. I am an English major, and in the last few months, I have become fascinated by the way that authors can use a few pages to c [...]

    8. I've always loved Charles de Lint since I read a story by him, about a man and the tree from his childhood. I don't remember all the details, as you can clearly tell (its been maybe 10-13 years since I read it), but I remember the feeling that I had when I read the story and it was a warm feeling, but also that this story was somehow directly connected to me and my life (I had a tree much like that in my backyard).Anyways, years later I pick up this collection on a whim and drops it off at the S [...]

    9. "I lived in a tree," he said. "Not in some little house nestled up in its branches, but deep inside the trunk itself where the sap flows and old secrets cluster. It was a time, let me tell you, but long gone now. Then I was a king in a forest of green, now I live like a beggar in a forest of stone."Lots of short stories plus a novella called "Seven Wild Sisters".Unfortunately, this book contains the most annoying story called "The Words that Remain". A young woman who is brilliant at every creat [...]

    10. I have stated in the past how much I like DeLint's writing, especially his Newford stories. This is a collection of (mostly) short stories set (mostly) in and around Newford. Maybe I'm starting to outgrow it, but a number of these stories just didn't do it for me. They're a bit too "same-y": someone gets involved in some type of weird, magical situation that they have no previous knowledge of, but they come to accept it pretty easily. They realize that the world is "a magical place" and there's [...]

    11. After a couple of grim novels in a row, followed by a nonfiction, I needed something like Charles de Lint’s fantasy to clear my mental palate. This thick volume of short stories (all but one being reprints) did the job. These are Newford stories, my favorite fantasy place. Newford is a special place. It’s a fairly big city, somewhere in North America, with brand new parts and old, run down parts. There are a lot of artistic folks living there, and the city shares its space with magical, non- [...]

    12. I love Charles de Lint's books, even though I haven't been keeping up with them for the past several years. "Yarrow" was one of the first fanasy books I read, and he quickly became a favorite author. It's his dependable mix of myth into real life that's a constant draw. That said, this is a typical Newford collection. Not that it's a bad thing, but the cut of story is usually pretty similar--slices of life where reality and magic meet; people coming to terms with who they are and what's (previou [...]

    13. This is a hefty collection of de Lint's Newford short stories, several of them published previously available only in limited edition chapbooks or collections, and one of them, "The Witching Hour," is original to this collection. There's a good mix here of the optimistic and the grim, familiar Newford characters and new faces. Jilly, Geordie, and Christy each have the lead in stories of their own, while others feature new characters or characters who have been minor figures in other Newford tale [...]

    14. As much as I enjoy the full lenght novels in Charles de Lint's Newford series, I have to say that I think I enjoy his short story anthologies even more. This one, Tapping the Dream Tree, had a wide range of stories. From the fairly light-hearted Pixel Pixies, Big City Littles and Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Cafe to the darker (and freakier) Wingless Angels and Sign Here, there is a little something for every taste. My particular favorite story was The Words that Remain, where a woman litera [...]

    15. De Lint has spent a lot of time looking at the blending of native American myths and European myths in his stories. This collection included some Christian mythology too, which was interesting. I found it harder to get into this collection, though I'm not sure I blame this so much on De Lint but rather on the people I've known who believe in fairies and spirits and part of the living in the modern world and having that part be real just reminded me a little too much of them. But there were some [...]

    16. Whenever I read de Lint, I always feel like I'm sipping a coffee in an artist's cafe and eavesdropping on someone at the neighboring table telling fantastic stories. In Newford, there is always music in the air, always art around, always a friend handing you a hot cup of coffee or tea with a smile. , and always something strange flickering in and out from the corners of your vision. This collection of short stories is set in the imaginary city of Newford, telling us more about old characters and [...]

    17. I'd only previously read Charles de Lint in anthologies, and while this is already his fourth Newford story collection, it's the perfect introduction for me to his magical city and its fascinating inhabitants. It's exactly my type of fantasy -- an urban setting that I can very easily relate to, but filled with wonders big and small. A regular cast of characters keep appearing in his tales, sometimes in center of the story and sometimes on the edges. While the stories can stand alone, reading the [...]

    18. This is a collection of truly great stories. If you're familiar with other tales in this series, this is a great addition. If you're new to Newford it's a good introductory read even if it is #12. You can catch up later. These stories give leads to several of the characters from other books and introduce new ones. They explain the WildWood Webpage, and other story elements appearing elsewhere. Charles de Lint is a great storyteller and a luminous writer whose prose will haunt and carry you along [...]

    19. I'm not a great reader of short stories, but I really like Charles de Lint and especially his Newford books. This collection of 17 stories and 1 novella is simply wonderful. Lots of magic, lots of music, some funny, some quite dark in tone, but they are beautifully written. Old friends like Jilly and Christy pop in and we find out a bit more about them.My favourites in the set are "Ten For The Devil", (fancy meeting Robert Johnson here) and "Pixel Pixies". I just love the idea of a hob in a book [...]

    20. looking for the full-sized hardback version of this book♦"Ten for the Devil" read in Battle Magic 11/17/1998"Wingless Angels" "The Words that Remain" "Many Worlds Are Born Tonight" (also The Very Best of Charles de Lint)"The Buffalo Man" (also Triskell Tales)"Second Chances" (also Triskell Tales) "Forest of Stone" "Embracing the Mystery" Aug 30, 2000"Masking Indian" "Granny Weather" "The Witching Hour" "Pixel Pixies" (also Triskell Tales and The Very Best of Charles de Lint)"Trading Hearts at [...]

    21. I loved almost all of the stories in this collection. I'm so enamored of 'de Lint's writing that even the stories that I was not a huge fan of far surpassed other things I've read. I have always loved his skill with language and the way he uses and describes nature and the unseen world around us. His stories can show you the darkness and pain that people live with and yet I always end his stories with a sense of peace and hope for the world and myself. This was one of the best short story collec [...]

    22. I absolutely love Charles de Lint. When I found that he had whole collections of his books I was so excited! I love reading these modern day fairy tales. It brings magic into a world where technology rules. Pixie Pixels was by far my favorite because of how it ties magic and technology together. And also Granny Weather for its dream like essences that I feel I can connect to and visit if I want to. If you love magic and fairies, and worlds not too far from our own you should definitely pick up t [...]

    23. This is a great collection of short stories about Newford. Generally, I don't like short story collections, because I find it hard to switch context so quickly. But all the stories blend together beautifully, and because they're not limited by the need to stretch a story to a full book length, they're more mythic and somehow more substantial. It's a bit like reading a book of fables. Cesar and I frequently bemoan the lack of mythology in daily life, and the resulting spiritual poverty -- this co [...]

    24. This was a random find at a used book store. I was attracted by the beautiful cover art and couldn't be happier I picked it up. This was my first trip to Newford; undoubtedly there will be many more. This collection of short stories spoke candidly about the human condition in a way I had never experienced before. Life and death were at the center of every story, mixing science fiction with a keen sense of existentialism. De Lint did an excellent job here, and I hope his other works live up to th [...]

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