Intruders On Battleship Island

Intruders On Battleship Island None

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  • Title: Intruders On Battleship Island
  • Author: Jerrye Sumrall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • None

    One thought on “Intruders On Battleship Island”

    1. I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.This is a fantastic beginning to a mystery series for children aged 9 to 12. I absolutely loved it!Jeff Douglas is a fantastic character. He is a curious eleven year old. I loved his inquisitiveness and bravery. When he sees some unusual activity on the nearby Battleship Island, he does what every curious boy does - he investigates.This is an exciting mystery/adventure that captured my attention from the first page! I love mysteries - [...]

    2. Intruders on Battleship Island is a historical fiction and a win-win for young children, especially boys or tomboy like I was when I was growing up. The secret planning of the boys in this novel will arouse the curiosity of young readers, and the interesting information will also educate them. I love the way the author uses actual quotes and historical information in creating background and description. I could see the heavily wooded island that is covered with Spanish moss: An island where Civi [...]

    3. Great book.Totally enjoyable, even for someone of my older years. Slightly reminiscent of the youth-intended mysteries of my much younger days.

    4. This one will take you back to the days when you wanted to be a junior detective. It's fun and reminds you of the things you did (or wanted to do) on your summer vacation.

    5. Good SportsThis is a solid, rewarding and manageable read for an early middle grader who has a taste for adventure. Our hero, his two pals, and his younger sort-of annoying cousin, find themselves looking for Civil War era treasure and avoiding thuggish bad guys on a Mobile Bay island. The plot and the action trace back right through the Hardy Boys, past Tom Swift and deep into the heart of the Boys' Own stories of the mid-19th century. That's fine by me because there is always room for stories [...]

    6. "Intruders on Battleship Island" is a marvelous boys' adventure book. It has that Hardy Boys feel but with a secure foundation in American Civil War history, complete with historical notes and the links for a deeper look. Jerrye Sumrall writes well, and with (dare I say?) perfect spelling and grammar. I highly recommend "Intruders" to be picked up by elementary teachers for their students and for moms to buy for their kids.

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