Valentine Joe

Valentine Joe Rose s granddad takes her on a trip to Ypres Belgium to visit the graves of those who died in the Great War It s the day before Valentine s Day but Rose can sense the shattered old city beneath the

  • Title: Valentine Joe
  • Author: RebeccaStevens
  • ISBN: 9781909489608
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rose s granddad takes her on a trip to Ypres, Belgium to visit the graves of those who died in the Great War It s the day before Valentine s Day, but Rose can sense the shattered old city beneath the chocolate box new And it seems that it can sense her too When she goes up to her room that night, she hears the sound of marching feet and glimpses from her window a youngRose s granddad takes her on a trip to Ypres, Belgium to visit the graves of those who died in the Great War It s the day before Valentine s Day, but Rose can sense the shattered old city beneath the chocolate box new And it seems that it can sense her too When she goes up to her room that night, she hears the sound of marching feet and glimpses from her window a young soldier on his way to the front line

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    1. *BIG LONG SNIFF*Oh my goodness. So sad. So touching. So simple. So spooky. So unreal and yet so real. I know, it sounds like I'm talking gibberish, but I just really really like this short little book. Rose and Valentine are beautiful characters and--- it's SO SAD.*Another long sniff*

    2. This is a haunting yet touching tale about Rose and her grandad, Brian, as they travel to Ypres to visit the grave of Brian's uncle, who died in World War I. During their one night stay Rose adopts a local stray she calls Tommy and meets a boy a year older than her called Joe that treats her nicely and shows her the town, trouble is its not the newly built Ypres of today but the war torn Ypres of the Great War. And so Rose discovers the men and boys behind the tombstones she saw in the cemetery [...]

    3. Rebecca Stevens published Valentine Joe in 2014, the centenary of the beginning of the war. Rather fascinatingly, Valentine Joe Strudwick was a real person; he died at Ypres at the age of 15, and was buried in the Essex Farm cemetery immortalized by John McCrae's famous poem. In this unusual novel, a contemporary storyline is skilfully woven together with the historical one. Rose and her Grandad are visiting Essex Farm when she spots Valentine Joe's gravestone. Rose is still in mourning for her [...]

    4. Continuing my reading novels about WW I written for children and young adults. The past needs to be remembered as it has so many stories to tell and share.

    5. This book is the first of many books I will be reading over the next few months, during the remainder of the centenary of World War I: The Great War. Firstly, the cover design is beautiful - hats off to Chicken House Publishers for creating a stunning cover which, though ticking every cliche in WWI book design, is very, very effective. The silhouette of a soldier, who by his very stance appears young and childlike, as though a boy playing dress up in soldier's clothes and acting the man, highlig [...]

    6. Have you ever stopped reading a book and it took you a minute or two to realise that you’re actually at home and not living between the pages? That’s exactly what Valentine Joe did for me. I opened the book, and a few chapters in, I was thinking, ‘Really?’ The idea of it seemed absurd and downright weird to be honest. But as I continued reading, I fell in love with the book.The whole reading process only took about two hours in total, so if you don’t think you have enough time, RE-THIN [...]

    7. Een schitterend boek over de Eerste Wereldoorlog. Het boek wordt mooi beschreven vanuit Rose. Een Engels meisje wier vader een jaar geleden is overleden. Natuurlijk worstelt Rose daarmee. Ze gaat net voor Valentijnsdag met haar opa naar Ieper. In dit Belgische stadje wordt de gevoelige Rose letterlijk meegesleurd in de historie. Door het verdriet van Valentine Joe wordt haar eigen verdriet een stuk draagbaarder en eindigt het boek met een heerlijk gelukkig einde voor Rose. Helaas niet voor Valen [...]

    8. Wat een verrassend leuk boek. Speelt zich af in ieper, waar ik vaak met mijn moeder bent geweest. Een beetje magisch, maar ook het realistisch. Mijn recensie lees je hier: doorellis/valentine-joe

    9. Such a beautiful story! I could question some of the language and grammar though! that's my only fault with this book! Otherwise, its so heartwarming and genuine!

    10. Update: Oh my goodness there's a sequel and I HAVE TO HAVE ITI think we've all had ancestors that we've lost in the wars, and Valentine Joe really made me sit back of think of them. I have a great, great uncle who came back from the second war but later died, we didn't even know of him until I researched my family history. And I likely had family in the first too.As the poem says, 'We will remember them.' There are many characters in Valentine Joe, but the most memorable are easily Rose, Joe and [...]

    11. 'Valentine Joe' was a surprisingly wonderful book that filled me with both joy and sorrow. The story I thought was original and interesting and showed a different perspective of WWI through the eyes of both Valentine Joe and Rose the protagonist.This short novel/novella was easy to read and enjoyable. It nearly brought me to tears through the language and moving storyline. I would recommend this book to anyone fond of the genre of historical fiction and WWI or anyone who would like an original a [...]

    12. Valentine Joe is a WW1 time slip story for children aged about 11+ A short but immensely moving read. The fact that this is based on a real person adds to the poignancy. This book would work very well in schools prompting discussion and linking to the history curriculum.

    13. I loved how that girl went in the past after finding Joe's grave and fell in love with him and that she knew he was going to die and she tried to save him.

    14. I think I would have enjoyed this more if I was a younger reader (oh the perks of aging)A really really lovely novel, great if you just want something quick, short and sharp. Although I think it was a little bit too short for my taste. If this was a more developed novel I would have really enjoyed it. The writing was effective, the use of language from the time periods was there - setting the scene nicely. However again, I must emphasize on how quickly the 'love' relationships developed. They we [...]

    15. Dit is een verhaal dat mij heeft opgeslurpt, ik ben 2 uur niet thuis geweest tijdens het lezen ervan, maar in Ieperen bij Rose en haar Opa. Zij maken daar een tripje naar toe. In Ieperen (België) zijn heel veel slachtoffers gevallen in de Eerste Wereldoorlog. Deze oorlog staat centraal in het boek. Rose ziet op het Essex Farms Cemetery een graf van een hele jonge soldaat liggen : Joe Valentine. De dag erna is het zijn verjaardag. Doordat ze openstaat voor het bovennatuurlijke reist ze terug in [...]

    16. Voor Belgen is de Eerste Wereldoorlog de Grote Oorlog. Overal in het landschap zijn de littekens nog terug te vinden. En ook de verhalen zijn nog geen geschiedenis volgens de opa van Rose. Niet zolang er nog mensen rondlopen die zich kunnen herinneren wat deze oorlog met dierbaren heeft gedaan. Samen gaan ze op zoek naar het graf van oom George, de broer van opa's vader, de broer van de opa van Rose haar vader. Een vader die er ook niet meer is. Het verhaal Valentine Joe zit prachtig in elkaar, [...]

    17. Update 04.08.16 Every time I see this on my shelf it makes me angry- the one thing a book about a child soldier who was fighting in the bloodiest battle of WW1 was a forced romance, only made worse by the shoddy time-travel aspect. Totally unnecessary.----This was pretty much the definition of 'meh' for me. I did end up liking it much more than I thought I would at the halfway point though

    18. I was not expecting much from a 150 page book. I was so wrong. I absolutely loved Valentine Joe. It made me smile, it made me laugh and it made me cry.The plot and the characters are wonderful, the dynamic between Rose and Joe is beautiful and the writing is excellent. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

    19. Een leerling uit groep 8 vertelde mij zo enthousiast over dit boek en raadde mij aan het ook te lezen.Ik ben verbaasd dat dit boek hem zo heeft gegrepen, maar ik moet bekennen dat het een prachtig verhaal is.Voor de lezers van groep 8 die niet bang zijn om hun tanden in een boek te zetten is het een aanrader. Het is ook een prima boek om voor te lezen.

    20. Really enjoyed this book! I've never liked books revolving around war but found myself pleasantly surprised! I only wish it was longer, I would have liked to see more of Rose and Joe together. I didn't give this book five stars because I had a few issues with the ending, but overall would definitely recommend!

    21. The first two chapters I didn't expect what would happen in the coming chapters, but it drew me in enormously. You really cannot review this without giving away the whole story, but after crying at least three times during my read, I can really recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Great War stories.

    22. Valentine Joe is een meeslepend en mysterieus verhaal, dat de lezer een interessante kijk in het verleden gunt, met vleugje liefde om het af te maken.Mijn recensie kun je hier lezen: boekboetiek/2015/05/rec

    23. i really enjoyed this book, although as a 17yr old its an easy to read. its a very touching book and i feel it adds a mild realism to what it was like in ww2. i would recommend this book to people looking for a easy-to-read, heart felt book

    24. Fantastic potential as a KS3 novel. I really enjoyed it. It was filled with enough humanity and emotion to engage a reader and have discussions, but had a fantastical, magical element to it that was interesting. I'll be recommending this as a Yr 7/8 novel I think.

    25. An excellent story about an underage soldier in WW1. Told from the viewpoint of a young girl who time travels somehow to the trenches, it's a poignant love story and evocation of the horror of war. For 8-12 year olds or reluctant readers.

    26. Surprisingly good, solid YA fiction about WWI. A welcome change to all the historical fiction I've been reading.

    27. A brilliant timeslip novel set mainly during the first war. Poignant and yet uplifting at the same time. A very welcome addition to the books about the war.

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