Murphy, Gold Rush Dog

Murphy Gold Rush Dog Murphy escapes his brutal owner and finds a new home and family in Gold Rush Alaska where he and Sally and Mama are determined to build a new life together Although Sally and Mama are now free from t

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  • Title: Murphy, Gold Rush Dog
  • Author: Alison Hart
  • ISBN: 9781561457694
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Murphy escapes his brutal owner and finds a new home and family in Gold Rush Alaska, where he and Sally and Mama are determined to build a new life together Although Sally and Mama are now free from their wealthy but oppressive family in San Francisco, they find that life in a mining town is challenging, even with Murphy by their side Sally grows to love Nome, despite thMurphy escapes his brutal owner and finds a new home and family in Gold Rush Alaska, where he and Sally and Mama are determined to build a new life together Although Sally and Mama are now free from their wealthy but oppressive family in San Francisco, they find that life in a mining town is challenging, even with Murphy by their side Sally grows to love Nome, despite the threats from wild animals, menacing humans, and harsh weather So when it seems they may have to return to San Francisco, she and Murphy strike out on their own, hoping to find gold and make a permanent home But danger awaits, in the form of blizzards, bears and Murphy s original owner, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, whether it is an ill gotten fortune or a valuable dog.

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    1. Murphy is owned by the evil Carrick, who overworks the dog and doesn't feed him enough. When Carrick's group arrives in Nome, Murphy runs off and tries to survive on the beach. Eventually, he sees new people getting off a ship, and identifies a young girl, Sally, and her mother as likely candidates to take care of him. Since Sally and her mother are on their own, they soon find that having a large dog is good for their safety. The mother has a typewriter, and is planning on earning her living ty [...]

    2. Murphy Gold Rush Dog by Alison Hart is a children’s book but I think it can be enjoyed by anyone. I thought it was a really good book and I have not been a child for many many years.The book tells the story of a dog and a girl named Sally, who form a special bond in Nome, Alaska. Along with Sally’s mother, they have many adventures, some good and some bad, while trying to find gold and survive in the brutal Alaskan climate. Will they be able to succeed, or will they have to leave empty-hande [...]

    3. Told from a large working dog named Murphy's point of view, on June 5th 1900 his dogsled team arrives in Nome, Alaske. When Murphy realizes the other two dogs on the team are lame from abuse, and he will have to haul all the mining gear himself, he knows his days of survival are numbered. The only way to nd the painful whippings and many abusive dog sled treks with nasty owner Carlick and his dishonest Alaskan Gold Mining Company, is to escape from this evil owner who has demonstrated his gold f [...]

    4. Just the right length for middle readers who want a dog story, a chapter book, a bit of historical fiction, and some simply good fun. Dog lovers will delight in this story of Murphy told from the dog's point of view and "mind-set." Murphy's owner is viciously cruel to his dogs and Murphy escapes. He begins an adventure with Sally and in the frozen wilds of Alaska and it is quite an adventure. Danger, intrigue, searching for gold, hoping for a good future - all wrapped up in a sweet little girl a [...]

    5. Murphy has a horrible owner named Carrick, but all he really wants is a home. So when he gets a chance he runs away; he has to live hard on the streets of Nome where everyday new prospectors come searching for gold. One day Mama and Sally get off the boat and they are so different from everyone else that Murphy approaches them. Soon he has the home he has dreamed of, but times are hard in the frontier town. Mama has to work around the clock to make enough for them to survive. Sally dreams of hav [...]

    6. I received a free kindle copy of Murphy, Gold Rush Dog by Alison Hart from NetGalley for fair review. It is almost a five star read.It's for young readers, but I enjoyed it tremendously. It's written from the point of view of Murphy & I enjoyed that.It's about the difficult life of a gold rush dog who finally finds a loving owner with a young girl, Sally. It tells of their adventures in heading north to pan gold. They encounter much adversity & overcome it with heart. There are parts ear [...]

    7. With Murphy, Gold Rush Dog, Alison Hart has written a stirring, memorable dog story for kids. Set in the Alaskan frontier in the year 1900, this tale is told from Murphy's point-of-view, and from the very first page we are immersed in his feelings. And by page 27, with the introduction of a strong-willed young girl named Sally and her bond with this dog, the reader is hooked.Sally has strong notions about how she will manage to stay in rough-and-tumble Nome, and not return to bossy Grandmama's h [...]

    8. Murphy runs away from his cruel owner. He is wandering the beach when he meets Sally. Sally and her mother have arrived in Nome during the gold rush era. Sally's mother plans on typing for people. Sally's mother doesn't have a husband or a man with her. Sally convinces her mother that Murphy would protect them. As the summer ends, her mother decides to go back to Seattle as she finds it difficult living in Nome. Sally doesn't want to go back to live in Seattle with her grandmother. She decides t [...]

    9. Murphy, Gold Rush Dog is a great book for middle grade readers who enjoy historical dog stories. While the book is told by Murphy, he behaves just like a dog so there aren't any fantasy elements here. Murphy and Sally make a great pair with Sally's gumption leading them into plenty of danger, but Murphy's good sense and instincts helping them out again. The details felt real and the author manages to cover many of the details that made life in the Alaskan gold fields so difficult and dangerous. [...]

    10. Go back in time with Murphy and his young owner, Sally in Murphy, Gold Rush Dog by Alison Hart. This is an endearing tale of friendship, danger and adventure during the Alaskan Gold Rush era. While this is for readers who are starting to move into longer novels, as an adult I enjoyed it too. The story line is simple but still intriguing so children’s interest would be held while reading the adventures of Sally and Murphy. I particularly enjoyed the events from Murphy’s point of view beginnin [...]

    11. This hugely enjoyable book features a big-hearted sled dog and a small family of Mama and Sally. Arriving in Nome, Alaska, during the height of gold fever, Mama has a typewriter so she can earn money by preparing contracts, letters and deeds. Sally wants to run errands and learn all she can about gold mining. They have trouble right away as men try to steal their goods, but a hungry sled dog running loose, Murphy, aids them. They seem like nicer people than his owner, so he stays. Good sled dogs [...]

    12. "Murphy, Gold Rush Dog," by Alison Hart was a fantastic book. This book is full of adventure and I enjoyed reading it.The author did a great job writing the book so it would be very enjoyable.The book is about a Mom and a daughter who move to Nome. There they meet a run away dog. The dog is named Murphy and ran from an evil owner Carlick. Murphy bonds with the young girl and they go on many adventures. This book is funny, adventurous, and easy to read.I would recommend this book to young readers [...]

    13. This book is a good example of "don't judge a book by its cover". I really wasn't interested in this book at all based on the look of the cover, the dog (remember how I avoid sad dog books!), and the topic of the Gold Rush. However, once I started reading I could not put this book down. It is the story of how an abused sled dog and an independent young girl both find themselves in Nome, Alaska because of the Gold Rush. They become fast friends that rely on each other for protection in the race t [...]

    14. this book is a learning joy especially a person who hates books or stories with the death of a animal especially dogs. its about a dog who escapes a cruel and illegal owner. he searches for a loving owner soon he does but she really wants gold but still loves the dog. can murphy protect the 11 year old girl and survive in the wilderness to find out read it. what I learned from this book is that one dog named Faust had a gold nugget in the collar and bill scag way was saved in a avalanche by his [...]

    15. This is a wonderful tale of one dog's adventure from life as an abused sled-dog to the beloved pet and protector of the feisty, brave and determined Sally. Set just after the Dawson City gold rush near the Yukon and Alaska, it is full of adventure, suspense, danger and wilderness. It also contains many details about the time period (1900). I think it is a great book for everyone, especially dog-lovers.

    16. I enjoyed this book much more than I expected to! I liked how feisty the main character Sally is and her determination to see things through (in the way she wants no less) to the very end, is part of what makes the story move along so well. It's an interesting idea to have the the story told through the dog's voice and a unique way to explore historical fiction. A fun read.

    17. A heart-warming tale that takes place in the cold (and the gold). The tale of a big adventure full of emotion and frozen imagery and the tale of a young girl who's willing to go through hell to escape the hell of her home town. One can only feel sympathy for the young heroine and her canine friend. Highly recommended to young readers and the young at heart.

    18. This book is historical fiction told from a dog's point of view. It's 1900 and Murphy is owned by a horrible man who is in Nome to find gold. A girl finds him and together they share some pretty scary adventures. Kids who love dogs will enjoy this.

    19. Sally is a very resourceful and determined girl, which I appreciated. But she was the highlight of the book. Murphy was a little bland and the story wrapped up pretty neatly. It's a good solid choice for historical fiction for younger kids, but I don't see it truly engaging many.

    20. It wasn't quite as horrible as I thought it was going to be. At least it was over quickly. And there will be plenty of kids who like it.

    21. This title has lots of interesting information about the gold rush days in Alaska. The dog protagonist tugged at my heart and I'm not really a dog person.

    22. The story was fine, though I didn't particularly enjoy it. However, enjoyed the detail in the setting and historical elements. Students who enjoy animal adventure stories may enjoy this.

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