The End of Winter

The End of Winter Surgeon Michael Severin flies to disaster areas all over the world floods earthquakes fires He is good at his work courageous and skilled a natural rescuer But at what cost to himself and those he

  • Title: The End of Winter
  • Author: T.D. Griggs
  • ISBN: 9781491041963
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Surgeon Michael Severin flies to disaster areas all over the world floods, earthquakes, fires He is good at his work, courageous and skilled a natural rescuer.But at what cost to himself and those he loves Returning early from an assignment he finds his wife Caitlin dying from a brutal assault in their London home His world shattered, Severin sets out to unravel theSurgeon Michael Severin flies to disaster areas all over the world floods, earthquakes, fires He is good at his work, courageous and skilled a natural rescuer.But at what cost to himself and those he loves Returning early from an assignment he finds his wife Caitlin dying from a brutal assault in their London home His world shattered, Severin sets out to unravel the tangled skein of events which led to the tragedy.He finds questions than answers And he is forced to confront the biggest question of all do you ever really know the one you love

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    1. THE END OF WINTER would be a lovely read were it only for description of the surroundings and views in which the reader is immersed. Griggs has an exquisite use of colour, light, moisture, juxtaposition and much moreE END OF WINTER by T.D. Griggs ©2004 is a story about seeking redemption. Dr. Michael Severin, driven by childhood trauma, spends part of the year saving the unfortunate in third world countries. He hasn’t done a good enough job as a saviour because now he must (re)discover the wi [...]

    2. Fantastic page turner of a crime novel which kept me guessing right to the end. The characters were really three-dimensional and a leap away from the cast of many crime novels. The story centres around a roving surgeon who describes himself as "in the rescue business". His past pushes him into far-flung places with Medecins Sans Frontieres alongside his work in a London hospital. He returns home early from a trip to find his wife dead on the stairs of their house. The story flashes from past to [...]

    3. Really enjoyed this one. A medical Doctor, arrives home from Emergency work with the M.S.F, to find his wife dying on the stairs of their home - having been brutally assaulted. In the course of the book, the Doctor finds that he knew almost nothing of the life that his wife had been living, while he travelled the world saving lives. We also (eventually) learn why he is, how he is

    4. I bought The End of Winter because it is described as a crime thriller – my favourite genre – and I was expecting the typical fast-paced hunt for a killer, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. What I got instead was not so much a thriller, but a beautifully written, haunting tale of grief and regret.Dr Michael Severin returns from working away to find his wife dying on the stairs. The police investigation into Caitlin’s murder soon reveals that Michael didn’t know her quite as [...]

    5. I had high hopes for this book, the story and protagonist sounded interesting. Unfortunately though, he didn't ring true to me, and neither did any of the other characters. His wife's 'secret life' wasn't interesting or original in any way, and the flashbacks probably annoyed me most of all - they were cliche and didn't add to the story, only slowed it down, and I'm really sick of the 'poor little rich girl' thing now. Why has there always got to be fabulously wealthy people in just about every [...]

    6. I read Redemption Blues by this author and didn't like it but I'd already bought this one I had put off getting round to it for an age. However, I LOVED it. It made me laugh and cry. It's a lovely book and has an intriguing mystery as well so just my thing.The characters were likeable in it and the story was really interesting. I really liked dear old Anthony and also Uncle Stanley. Both were similar, kind old gents.It did spot only one mistake in this line-"Most were in pencil, some few in char [...]

    7. A highly enjoyable read. I read the Kindle version, which was refreshingly free of typos! This book is described as a crime thriller, but I would describe it more as a crime mystery: less thrilling, more ambling - but definitely not rambling. I'm not a detailed review writer, but for me this one is well-written, the characters are well developed, and the plot sustains throughout. Highly recommended for those who like books such as Red Leaves (Thomas H Cook), Crooked Letter (Tom Franklin) and sim [...]

    8. What a wonderful treat this novel turned out to be! Purchased as a kindle special deal, it gave me many hours of pleasure reading, and I am very glad I chanced upon it whilst browsing . The End of Winter is a haunting tale of love, grief, loss and the effects one person’s actions can have on the lives of many different people, packaged in a slowly unfolding murder-mystery. Griggs tells his story through the eyes of an interesting protagonist, MSF surgeon Michael Severin, a man who has dedicate [...]

    9. I made it to 54% before giving up. I felt it started off well but became cliched, and I felt I knew where the story was going. I skipped to the end and I was correct (view spoiler)[about who the murderer was and the fact that the main character was going to fall in love with the suspect's sister (hide spoiler)] so I didn't read any further.

    10. Well for my first ever book review for my blog, I have to admit I couldn’t have picked out many that were better than this. Crime has always been one of my favourite genres, and The End of Winter ticked all the boxes for what I look for in a great Thriller.From the beginning, T. D. Griggs develops his characters in such a way that the reader will instantly understand them, their personality and their motives. Griggs writes in 1st person from the perspective of the main character, Dr. Michael S [...]

    11. This was not what I expected: While I thought it was a relatively fast-paced thriller, it is instead a slow-moving story of lukewarm regret. Yes, there is a death, and one wonders mildly how it came about, but it's mostly about a man very out of touch with his as well as other people's feeling, to a point where I didn't find it very believable. He's traumatized, so is everyone else, even when the trauma is only "I'm an overprivileged girl with a strict trauma" in some cases. His wife dies, he re [...]

    12. This is as far removed from the hard-boiled cops and robbers crime story as it is possible to imagine. There is a murder and a police investigation. The field of suspects is relatively small but the reader is led carefully along false trails.So far, so good, so Agatha Christie. But The End of Winter is much more. The protagonist, a surgeon working for Medecin sans Frontieres, is hardly a hero, too introspective, too indecisive. As much as creating a mystery, the author is interested in exploring [...]

    13. Crime thriller and, in the end, a love story too. What would you do if you came home and found your wife/husband newly dead, murdered, in the house? Phone the police? Sure, and what then? Get arrested on suspicion? No evidence, of course. If the police fail to find the real killer you’re a suspect forever until you uncover the real story yourself, which is not at all what you expected. T.D. Griggs crafted the sort of ending that I really like. The truth is revealed, but T.D. leaves you wonderi [...]

    14. -Un po' lento-Il titolo di questo romanzo mi ha attirata, ho iniziato a leggere con chissà che aspettative ma sono rimasta un po' delusa dal contenuto. Ho trovato il libro poco coinvolgente, monotono e troppo introspettivo per i miei gusti. L'uso dei flashback non ha smorzato la monotonia di fondo. Preferisco gialli di altro genere. Sufficiente, niente di più.

    15. This is the first time I read the book ftom this author. The plot is quite interesting although it seems a little slow to start with. I couldn't see it coming though, so the ending did surprise me. All in all its a good read.

    16. Very good read. Thriller difficult to put down with twists throughout. Good character detail bad back stories developed.I really enjoyed this crime novel with a difference

    17. I found this book very enjoyable. However if I had one criticism I did not find the characters very likeable apart from uncle Stanley And Anthony Gilchrist.

    18. Fine, but ridiculous conclusion that was just completely implausible. A holiday flick to be forgotten as soon as you've finished.

    19. Another very good book by Tim Griggs. I did guess the villain, but I wasn't sure about it until it was confirmed at the end. A satisfying mystery with layer after layer of unknowns.

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