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  1. "When Grammy Goes Away" by Flo Barnett is an excellent book to have on hand for when a child's beloved grandmother (or other close relative) is expected to pass away, or has already done so. "When Grammy Goes Away" starts out sounding as if "Grammy" just finished a visit, and is now on her way back to her own home. However, it soon becomes apparent "Grammy" will not be coming back any time soon.Although the story contains some humorous lines, the ultimate lesson is that "Every time you think of [...]

  2. Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard. For a child, understanding and dealing with it is hard. This book is meant to help children understand death. It almost made me cryI guess because I was thinking about having to read this one day to my own child. Well written in verse, this book is a great buy to help your children cope during a difficult time. The illustrations were wonderful as well. I would recommend it.

  3. I must admit that as I was reading this, memories of my own Grandparents, both long since gone, came flooding back. This book is a wonderful way to prepare a child for losing any loved one, but especially a Grandma.See my review also at:amazon/product-revie.on/product-reviews

  4. Perfectthis book is perfect for children who are that age where they know their grandparent inv gone but unsure if where they have gone. this funny story will allow children to gain a better understanding on death in a way they can understand. Flo Barnett has done a wonderful job with this very difficult life event. I recommend all parents get this book to have on hand to help their child deal with the loss of a loved one.

  5. Nicethe illustrations were great. it is well rhymed. the story is comforting and made me emotional. the only issue I have, which is hard to resolve, is that it is told in the male perspective, and I feel it is not as relatable to girls because of that.

  6. This is a cute tale of all the many ways to keep the memories alive and never forget just why that loved one was so very special while moving along in life.

  7. This was a good book that actually brought tears to my eyes. It didn't affect my kids (boy-9 & girl-7) as deeply. I think it would be a good book to help kids through the loss of a grandma.

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