Her Dakota Man

Her Dakota Man She needed to risk the truth to get a second chancePoppy Ericksen had spent the year wondering how all their lives might have been different after hearing the deathbed confession of her childhood frie

  • Title: Her Dakota Man
  • Author: Lisa Mondello
  • ISBN: 9781940512006
  • Page: 329
  • Format: ebook
  • She needed to risk the truth to get a second chancePoppy Ericksen had spent the year wondering how all their lives might have been different after hearing the deathbed confession of her childhood friend She d left South Dakota years ago because she couldn t bear to watch the man she loved loving another woman But now she knows the truth She ll keep the promise she maShe needed to risk the truth to get a second chancePoppy Ericksen had spent the year wondering how all their lives might have been different after hearing the deathbed confession of her childhood friend She d left South Dakota years ago because she couldn t bear to watch the man she loved loving another woman But now she knows the truth She ll keep the promise she made to a friend, but will Logan understand when he learns the truth More important, can they again recapture the passion that had been between them all those years ago He needed to face the past get the love of a woman he thought he d lost.Everyone knows that the Dakotas didn t get the name Badlands for nothing Harsh weather and rough living are a way of life But single dad, Logan McKinnon, had seen than his share of bad times after the death of his wife a year ago The last thing he needs is Poppy Ericksen, an old flame and his late wife s best friend, showing up unannounced to help after devastating floods nearly washed away their hometown With no place to stay in town, he has no choice but to offer her a bed at his house But can he live under the same roof with a woman he d once loved passionately without feeling he s betraying his late wife

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    1. ******My Rant May Contain Spoilers******Oh my, I don't find pleasure in leaving a bad review but in this case I had no other choice. I found this book to be a very poor read and I really wish I had not read it at all. I don't like the dissatisfied, disgruntled feelings it left in my gut.Loganuld he have been any more of an ignorant fool? Why would he take a woman's word as the gospel truth when he had no relationship with her but friendship and no proof of anything she was telling him? Why would [...]

    2. A rather sweet story, but there were several paces where I had to pause and re-read. (view spoiler)[Page 5: Keith smiled with sudden recognition. 'Auntie Poppy,' he said sweetly. Page 24: Keith ran up to Logan as Poppy approached.'This is your Auntie Poppy. you remember talking on the phone with her when you're at Grandma's?'So, Poppy gets introduced to the boy, Keith, hangs around the house chatting to Keith's father (Logan) and then later comes out only to be introduced AGAIN as if she has on [...]

    3. ENA'S INITIAL THOUGHTSAs I have previously read a book by Lisa Mondello I was looking forward to slipping into this book. I felt quite confident that I would enjoy the book.ENA'S REVIEWMy daughter received this e-arc from the authors publicist free in exchange for my reading, reviewing and putting my Guest Review on my daughters blog today.So the cover is showing the rather fit looking torso of a man, whom I would say is probably Logan Kelly. So would I pick the book up in a store? Yes but to be [...]

    4. I was expecting a bit more romance from this story, instead it's a bit depressing and quite honestly I wasn't invested in the two main characters. Poppy returns to her home town after 10 years, Logan who had been her heart but had married another woman after Poppy had left town. Logan's wife is now dead. As the story unfolds all the secrets of what happened 10 years previously are revealed, lies and betrayal were at the root cause of Poppy and Logan's separation. It's well written it's just not [...]

    5. Poppy, Kelly, and Logan had once been inseparable, but that was a lifetime ago. Poppy made a life for herself in New York, and Kelly and Logan made a life for themselves together, contrary to everything Poppy and Logan had planned when they were young and in love. A year has passed since Kelly died, and Poppy's returned to South Dakota, to the home Logan once shared with Kelly, to make things right again. But Logan doesn't know what Poppy knows about his marriage, and he wants nothing more than [...]

    6. Her Dakota Man by Lisa Mondello is a 2013 pubication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.When Poppy's best friend Kelly makes a startling death bed confession, it takes Poppy a year to bring herself to fulfill Kelly's dying wish. But, she knows it has to be done, so she leaves New York City and heads home to South Dakota. She has no idea how Kelly's husband, Logan will react to her just showing up unannounced. Logan has his hands full as it is with a young son an [...]

    7. I think I am being generous with giving this book two stars. I really wanted to like this book. The synopsis was what pulled me in. And Lisa Mondello could have done so much with a storyline like that. And I did want to like the characters. I think in someone else's hands, I would have. I feel bad for them because they just didn't get the chance to really let people see who they were. They were flat two dimensional caricatures of what they could have been. There was no depth, no feeling. I didn' [...]

    8. What makes me read these books? I keep hoping for that perfect balance of guy done girl wrong and grovels just right. Call me weird I guess. But you won't find that here. (view spoiler)[ For one, 10 years is just too long to make up for, imho. For two, he's an idiot to have not talked to her first or gotten some other opinion, maybe even the bum on the corner or whoever???For three well do I need another reason why the hero is so disappointing?Could he ever make up for it? Not when he goes on ab [...]

    9. The story was okay, but it was a little flat. Also, there were terrible jumps in the story that made no sense. For instance, in one scene the main character is in bed and gets up, puts her robe on, and walks to the closet. Then in the next paragraph, she's suddenly back in bed and wraps the blanket around herself to rush to the closet. Apparently the writer forgot she had already gotten the character out of bed and to the closet. That's one of many such errors.

    10. A distraction, but I found the premise to be annoying in what separated this couple to begin with. But, that wasn't half as annoyed as I was when I heard the parsimonious stance Logan was taking on why he felt he couldn't offer Poppy everything. Thank god that passed.Honestly you aren't supposed to despise the dead, but I can't understand any of the majors forgiving her. You reap what you sow.

    11. There's so much potential to the story and it pains me that it's not explored. I didn't really feel the connection between Poppy and Logan who supposedly loved each other for ages, and I did feel the pacing is kinda off? The book is a bit on the short side so it feels like the relationship development is too fast. Also I'm not really big on the whole lying thing.

    12. Whew! That was way more angsty than I was prepared for!! Currently free on but still a pretty good read. If you're looking for a nice second chance romance with a melancholy undertone this book is for you. It's pretty short so you won't be completely devastated once you've finished plus there are more brothers to read about!!

    13. Her Dakota Man is the first book in the series Dakota Hearts and my first read by the author. Poppy, Kelly and Logan have been friends since childhood. It was known to everyone that Poppy and Logan were meant for each other. But for incomprehensible reason it was Kelly who ended up married to Logan as Poppy leaves town. When Kelly died, Poppy returned to South Dakota, to confront the past and make things right again. But Logan doesn't know the truth about his marriage and he wants nothing to do [...]

    14. Passionate and Adventurous meets Don't Rock the Boat! Loved this story of high school friends (who wanted more) meeting again. Plus our hero, Logan, has lots of brothers I foresee many more books in the future! The setting is Rudolph, South Dakota - in a small town where everyone knows your name. The way the story is told, you feel as though you are there and it is happening to you - I think I felt the mud fly up and hit me when Poppy was racing across the pasture on Logan's ATV. And now a bit [...]

    15. Charming! Without doubt this story is the epitome of the word. Dissect the life of a man who has tried with everything in him to love a woman he is honor bound to love, but does not, and you are certainly going to come up with an emotionally evocative tale that will pull at the heart strings and jerk more than a single tear to roll unchecked down the cheek. Logan Is all earthy goodness, he is your typical robust farm boy, but with a heart of gold. Poppy, is the maligned love of Logan's life, but [...]

    16. This was a nice emotional romance that makes you think of what could have beens, lost dreams, and lies that tear it apart.Poppy, Logan, and Kelly were inseperable as kids and teens the best of friends always togehter. Poppy loved Logan, Kelly loved Logan, Logan loved Poppy. However Poppy ended up in New York and Kelly and Logan wound up married and have a son named Keith.How did all that happen? Lies of course by the one person the both loved and didn't espect to betray that trust.Ten years late [...]

    17. This was well written with only a few editing errors. I felt a connection with the characters and will be looking for all of the brothers stories.***Spoilers***I loved the story and growth in the characters. Now having said that, I feel like this was not a keeper for me because of Kelly. I know there are people in this world who are selfish and nauseating in just how awful they are, but I don't want to read about them. Poppy and Logan seemed like intelligent well rounded people, yet even as kids [...]

    18. I was really captured by this story and I didn’t quite expect to be. Poppy comes home to help out her old town, after a horrible flood reeked havoc on it. More specifically, she comes home to help Logan, her old friend and teenage crush. The first meeting started a little rocky and continues to be rocky until all the truth (and there is a lot of truth) and passion explodes from these two characters.The other secondary characters were pretty great. Keith (more on him later), and all of Logan’ [...]

    19. This was another really good freebie I've had waiting. I laughed, smiled, was angry and frustrated, teared maybe a little, and was pleased with the ending. This definitely kept me interested and has me wanting to read more in the series. Great writing and characters, their personalities were spot on too. A good surprise and pretty much good for an anytime read. Enjoy!

    20. Surprisingly enjoyableI'm glad this was a shorter story, the author has a way of creating truly great characters, too much longer and it would have become boring. Probably not going to continue with the series, but that's just a personal genre choice and not an opinion on the author or her talent to create characters or story.

    21. Friends to lovers that lead them through a lifetime of miscommunication and lies. Sweet story, small amount of angst, but the ending was to abrupt for me. Nice, light read.

    22. Her Dakota ManLisa Mondello is a fairly new to me author and this book was a perfect introduction to more of her stories. It is also the first in her series about the McKinnon family and will leave you wanting the next book immediately! Romance, a small town girl returned home, in short a well written story with characters and settings that form in your mind and draw you right in. I give it 4.5 stars. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is that I wish Logan had read all the darn letters! Than [...]

    23. This was a quick but interesting read.Poppy is a woman who returns to the town that she grew up in and the man that she has loved for years. The town of Rudolph, South Dakota is trying to clean up after a devastating flood. Logan is there with his son, Keith. He is struggling with the loss of his wife, Kelly, Poppy's best friend. There is a secret that hangs over both of them and when it comes out, how will they deal with it?

    24. A very enjoyable quick read with good strong main characters. I'm not sure how Poppy was able to forgive Kelly for her duplicity but I think that act of kindness really demonstrated the character and depth of affection that she had. Logan was so immersed in taking care of his son and feeling guilty (unnecessarily) about his marriage with Kelly that coming to grips with all the wrongs that Kelly had done to Poppy and him must have been a huge step.A very well told story.

    25. Poppy and Logan were childhood sweethearts. They had a close friend named Kelly who was also in love with Logan. When Poppy's family moves away to New York both Logan and Poppy are brokenhearted. They promise to come back to one another until Kelly gets in the middle. This novel will give you some heartbreak, deceit, true love, inspiration and hope. Makes you really believe that true love never really does die. Poppy and Logan's story will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

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