Awkward Moments (Not Found in Your Average) Children's Bible - Volume #1: Illustrating the Bible Like You've Never Seen Before!

Awkward Moments Not Found in Your Average Children s Bible Volume Illustrating the Bible Like You ve Never Seen Before Bestseller First Day Online What began as a private online joke among interfaith friends quickly skyrocketed to meet the demands of the thousands of fans and critics of the controversial work Within

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  • Title: Awkward Moments (Not Found in Your Average) Children's Bible - Volume #1: Illustrating the Bible Like You've Never Seen Before!
  • Author: Horus Gilgamesh Agnes Tickheathen
  • ISBN: 9781492177449
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 Bestseller First Day Online What began as a private online joke among interfaith friends quickly skyrocketed to meet the demands of the thousands of fans and critics of the controversial work Within hours, the book became the 1 Bestseller in s Humor Religion category Combining actual Bible verses with than 30 whimsical original illustr 1 Bestseller First Day Online What began as a private online joke among interfaith friends quickly skyrocketed to meet the demands of the thousands of fans and critics of the controversial work Within hours, the book became the 1 Bestseller in s Humor Religion category Combining actual Bible verses with than 30 whimsical original illustrations, Awkward Moments uses humor to encourage people from all walks of life to think, perhaps for the first time, about how the Bible continues to shape our cultureWARE NOT FOR KIDS This is definitely not your average children s Bible If you thought the bestseller Go The F k To Sleep was inappropriate for story time with kids, you haven t seen anything yet Leave it to the Bible Foreskins Fetishes Unicorn Murders Boiled Babies Messiah, MIA Selling Daughters Cannibalism Club Genetic Breakthroughs Demonic Bacon Gagged Women Jihad Jesus You bet And much From the opening forewords by Facebook s own God and acclaimed author David G McAfee, to the challenging commentaries and interactive games at the end, Awkward Moments Children s Bible is much than an irreverent book for your coffee table Readers of all faiths will find themselves laughing out loud while being encouraged to think about the Bible in a new way.Let s be honest there are some things in the Good Book that are just awkward There are verses we d like to forget or that have been changed throughout the centuries There are many verses you ve never heard before in church, let alone seen in your average children s Bible Not to mention the verses that have been added over the centuries Most people were raised in the faith chosen by their family Young children learn a few Bible stories taken out of context and accept them without question On what basis could they possibly question their parents or church leaders After decades of repetition and tradition, it s understandable that we might put our beliefs on auto pilot and just nod as a pastor repeats the verses and ideas that are already familiar and comfortable to us It s no wonder that recent studies show an incredible lack of Biblical knowledge among Christians 55% unable to even name the four Gospels of the New Testament the very foundation of Christianity The Goal Awkward Moments encourages readers to really understand what is in their Bibles and think for themselves about the context of Biblical teaching The 32 color illustrations and included commentaries will likely challenge some readers to reflect on how religion continues to shape the lives and culture of future generations If readers happen to laugh out loud and enjoy the interactive puzzles and games in the mean time it s just an added bonus

    One thought on “Awkward Moments (Not Found in Your Average) Children's Bible - Volume #1: Illustrating the Bible Like You've Never Seen Before!”

    1. Brilliant! I can't say enough good things about this book. From the truly amazing artwork to the very accessible commentaries, I can't think of another project that will challenge readers to think critically about their thoughts on the Bible. I have seen some pretty angry reviews over on from people who haven't actually seen the book (just the illustrations), so I think it is important to point out that while the illustrations lend to the "charm" of this book, almost all of them are clearly mea [...]

    2. As a Christian, I was pretty skeptical at first, thinking this was just going to be another angry atheist expose of some sort. I was ready for a fight. In reality, it is a pretty challenging read. Not in its use of big words, but in its ability to challenge the status quo of Biblical illiteracy. At first, I was pretty annoyed with one particular illustration. In reality, it is now my favorite as it helped me realize I was being pretty myopic about who Jesus was. The only thing I hate about this [...]

    3. Hilariously awkward bible moments and nicely done artwork. Those easily offended pluck out your eyes, or don't read the book. Not for children.

    4. Unique, engaging, challenging, and smart! The first one of these I saw was the "poke" at creationists with the livestock mating in front of striped trees (to get striped offspring). I couldn't stop laughing! The second one I saw online was the modern-day retelling of a young virgin, raped and forced to marry her attacker. This book might seem silly, but it is profoundly powerful - especially if you take the time to read the commentaries and understand the importance in modern culture. This is NO [...]

    5. Alright, first some good things: I loved the illustrations. They're hilarious. At first they appear to be just the normal, brightly colored pictures you'd find in any children's book and then you realize you're looking at Adam sprawled out in a bathtub on a bed of ice, surrounded by bloody towels. That Moses is standing on the Ark with a martini. That there's a demon-pig falling off a cliff with smoke streaming from its nostrils.I learned some things, too. I was already familiar with the horrid [...]

    6. A Thoughtful Expose Of An Atrocious BookIt's good to examine the justifications for any belief that you have. If The Holy Bible is your justification for your religious beliefs, try actually reading it critically from an outsider's point of view. If you're a reasonable person, you will - at the very least - be quite troubled at what it says. Don't give me the song and dance about having to study it under "proper supervision" either. You have a brain. Use it.

    7. Twisted and offensive or twisted and hilarious? Depends on who you ask. We are all familiar with the commonly known Biblical stories and quotes, but there is plenty in the Good Book that is less often talked about. 1. Forty two young boys torn apart by bears after they insult a prophet by calling him "baldy." Check.2. God tried to kill Moses but changed his mind after Zipporah rubbed their son's bloody foreskin on her husband's feet. Check.3. It is "disgraceful" for a woman to speak while in chu [...]

    8. I got this book when the Kindle version was offered for free. It's not such an easy read on the Kindle; there's an awful lot of bouncing back and forth between the "front" and "back" of the book. Took a while to get the hang of it. It's worth it to browse through the entire book once, before trying to read it as it's meant to be read in the paper version.Aside from the Kindle problem, this is actually a very good book. Very informative with excellent sources. The drawings were both funny and poi [...]

    9. The artwork is wonderfully reminiscent of religious works I saw as a child. The beauty of the book is that it shows parts of The Bible that many adults never get around to reading. I wouldn't be surprised if many would deny they are even in The Bible, which just goes to show that there are many believers who haven't read, or absorbed, the book in its entirety. However, this book isn't about cherry picking. The verses are consistent with, and highlight, the entire chapter from which they are take [...]

    10. Utterly brilliant!It's as though Gilgamesh & Tickheathen were reading my mind as I read through the Bible. So many WTF moments that have been passed down and translated and re-translated were presented perfectly here with the new modern translation by Gilgamesh and incredible illustrations by Tickheathen.I will keep this out on my coffee table for everyone to enjoy, and I look forward to volume 2.

    11. I'm so conflicted on this billionIrreverent. Funny. Heretical. Thought provoking. Terrifying. Illustrated. Bloody. Minimizing. Clever. Valid. Interesting. Tricky. I'm still not sure. But I will be going to my Bible and doing some research

    12. WOW, what a book!!! A quick, fun and colourful way to learn more about the bible, the Abrahamic god and Jesus than you would from decades of going to church. I look forward to volume 2.

    13. A very funny and entertaining look at the more awkward moments in the bible with some brilliant illustrations, some of which I will now look to see if I can get them as prints!

    14. FinallyThe hardest thing to discuss with Christians is their own ignorance of the bible. Here we have a wonderful series of biblical quotes and stories that speak powerfully as to contradictionsolishnessd downright idiocy. The apologists cannot stretch or twist the meaning and must simply ignore it or lie about it. Simply written and illustrated even a child or a mentally deficient person can understand the points.

    15. Awesome!I loved everything about this book A great book about bible facts. I enjoyed all the jokes and illustrations. Nicely done

    16. More!I would have given it five stars but I wanted more! I will now go read the second book and hope for a full series.

    17. Behold - the bible-thumpers' nightmare: a bible illustration that actually shows what morals and "lessons" are hidden in this archaic text so many people want to see our society ruled by even today.Is this sligthly unfair, to just take the most ridiculous literal meaning of a bible verse and run with it, making fun of the adherents of a 2000+ year old faith for ignoring what their "good book" really says? Maybe. But no more unfair than picking and choosing is or twisting around words and meaning [...]

    18. I like satire -- especially when it makes people uncomfortable by challenging long or deeply held beliefs. This book is dry and biting satire about biblical stories many of us learned as children, captured in the format of a "Children's Bible." Note the title includes the language Not Found in Your Average. It's not appropriate for young kids -- but then again, neither is the original. The illustrations are cute but violent and graphic. The content focuses on all the atrocities my church glossed [...]

    19. The book is a collection of Bible verses (paragraphed), illustrated, and with some comments. The drawings are a little gory but beautiful with brilliant colors. I found in this book what I was looking for after listening how my girl was told the Noah's ark story depicted with a nice rainbow and smiling animals at the end of the story.As the author says at the end:"What really bothers us is when authors and publishers completely rewrite scripture for children's Bibles. In doing so, they often alt [...]

    20. Since the mid 1960s, millions of "Arch" books (cartoon illustrated children's bible stories) have been sold (Concordia Publishing of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod). This was my primary way of learning Bible stories when I was young. Horus Gilgamesh has written a similarly-styled cartoon book of Bible passages, but featuring passages that are specifically not children friendly. I like volume 2 a bit better than this first volume.

    21. Some funny ones to be sure, and here is the simple forewarning: this book, if you're going to use it in an argumentative way, is only relevant when dealing with biblical literalists. Those who are interpretive, who don't make the Bible the sole source of their Christian spirituality, and most Jews would look at this and say yeah, but you're not really getting it, are you? But if you can let go of that, and not worry about atheism vs. belief, blah blah blah, it's a funny book.

    22. I actually read the entire book due to someone uploading the whole of its entirety onto a thread on Reddit. It's been deleted now but you can still find pictures of it if you search Google images.Totally funny in a literal, dark-humor type of way. Haha. The illustrations was what made it win. L0Lz. I'd say this was pretty good stuff for a self-published book (I wonder why, heh).

    23. Very quick read, but worth itCovered a lot of the questions I had has a child about things that seemed inconsistent in the Bible. Humorous and thought provoking, it seems that he really did his homework on the material. I tempted to buy copies for a few people I know whom I think would benefit from reading this.

    24. I love this book. As a child I found many stories from the Bible to be scary. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one to notice that God is not a kind and benevolent father. Setting your children up to fail is not a characteristic of a good parent. Thank you, Horus, for looking deeper into the Bible and not accepting the rainbows and unicorns fluff. Oh wait, unicorns would be Ken Ham.

    25. Great illustrations! Wonderful idea and just loved every bit of this book! And the best part is that it is all from straight from the source! There is no talking down it is just right in front of you. No escaping or skipping over the horrible parts with this book!

    26. Hilarious and awkward. Fun to compare to the original text. And the end of the book has qr codes to take you to their website which provides more information on the verses illustrated and their historical context.

    27. Very entertaining and somewhat disturbing> Seeing actual Bible passages literally depicted in a children's book style makes you wonder how it was ever a good thing to teach these Bible stories to children, in ANY fashion.

    28. this is a silly book, and made to make fun of only the craziest of fundamentalists, so as not to be just poking fun at people who believe in God. the illustrator is very talented. definitely worth a read, whether you be a Christian, atheist, or otherwise.

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