A Mighty Fortress

A Mighty Fortress Stay back Joshua ordered He kept his eyes on the scene below while waving his arm in Ruth s direction Get deeper into the woods and stay down low to the ground Joshua hazarded a glance behind him He c

  • Title: A Mighty Fortress
  • Author: Faith Blum
  • ISBN: 9781492908289
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stay back Joshua ordered He kept his eyes on the scene below while waving his arm in Ruth s direction Get deeper into the woods and stay down low to the ground Joshua hazarded a glance behind him He could no longer see Ruth and breathed a sigh of relief In one swift move, he grabbed his rifle and lay flat to the ground Extending the rifle, he aimed at the shorter Stay back Joshua ordered He kept his eyes on the scene below while waving his arm in Ruth s direction Get deeper into the woods and stay down low to the ground Joshua hazarded a glance behind him He could no longer see Ruth and breathed a sigh of relief In one swift move, he grabbed his rifle and lay flat to the ground Extending the rifle, he aimed at the shorter man whose gun was pointed at Bradshaw.Joshua and Ruth Brookings are traveling by stagecoach to finally join their parents in Montana Attacked by murderous outlaws, the teens barely escape with their lives and must survive in the barren Wyoming and Montana territories and escape the man who s hunting them Seven years ago, Jed Stuart ran away from home and joined Tom s gang Jed is tired of the lawlessness and wants out The only problem He is the boss s right hand man and will never be able to leave And what s one stagecoach robbery, anyway Can Joshua lean on God s strength to keep himself and his sister alive until they find a town Will Jed be able to face his anger or will it consume him completely All three are running the hunter and hunted What will happen when they meet

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    1. Originally posted on Reveries ReviewsThis was one of those books I just had to slog through. I was determined to finish it, but I really didn't want to. I didn't enjoy it. However, it wasn't all bad, and it may be for some people more than me.Note: the author has improved so much since writing of this book, and I really have enjoyed her more recent works.Plot: 3/5It started out pretty well, but towards the middle it dragged on and on. Also, when dealing with the dual story lines of Joshua/Ruth a [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars! Although I don't think it's Faith's strongest work, I did enjoy this book. It flips between a brother and sister who are on their way out West, to the past and present story of the hardened outlaw they come across on their journey.At times the switching back and forth did get confusing, but it was pretty easy to figure it out. The brother/sister relationship was really sweet! Jed's story was rocky but that made the end all that sweeter when he finally listens to what everyone is tryin [...]

    3. To tell you the truth, I didn't expect this book to be that great when I started reading it. But.I was completely wrong. This book was really good!!! The story is awesome, the characters are awesome, the setting is awesome. :) I really like Jed, he is awesome! Joshua was cool too. ButThen.WhatOOOOOO!!!! :O :O (view spoiler)[ He just died! I mean WHAT!?!? Why!! Why did they kill him?!?!?!? He was supposed to miraculously be pardoned from his crimes!!!! He was supposed to still be alive, and get a [...]

    4. Joshua and Ruth are on their way to meet up with their Ma and Pa on their brand new ranch, when a gang of robbers attack their stage couch. Forced to flee, the two young teens make their way, praying for God’s protection.This story was about a 3.5 for me, I can’t say I loved it, but neither is it bad. I’m not a huge western fan, so I don’t judge stuff too harshly that isn’t my preferred genre. The story-line was good; you can keep up with what’s happening pretty easily. You really gr [...]

    5. Two stories come together for one really good message. Story one:1. Joshua and Ruth receive a letter for them to come to their parent's new ranch in Montana. They had been staying with their older brother and family. On the stage going west the worst thing that they could imagine happened. Stagecoach robbers. They managed to escape but were hunted. Eluding capture they make their way to a town and eventually their new life.2. Jed had been abused by all his life. At 14 he decides he's big enough [...]

    6. I had trouble enjoying this book.The writing quality was okay, even rather good, in a lot of places, and the characters were vivid at times, but an overuse of character names and repetitive wording made it hard to enjoy overall.There were a lot of "transitions", or places where the author would "fast-forward" to a later time (ranging from minutes to weeks later) in the story. Quite a few of these came about right when I felt the story was getting interesting, plopping me down in some (initially) [...]

    7. I was so delighted when Faith offered to allow me to review her first book. I’ve been wanting to get started on her books since becoming friends with her back in November, and this was a perfect opportunity! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Faith, so finally being able to read her books is great!First I will say that I loved all the scripture added throughout the book. That was a total plus for me, and I am glad for it!I thought that the writing style was perfect for its specified age gro [...]

    8. "A Mighty Fortress" gives a great Western feel with gunfights, trials, rugged living, and glory. It mainly follows the lives of outlaw Jed and Christian siblings Joshua and Ruth (giving a contrast between light and darkness). The reader is prodded forward by the action and adventure portrayed in these two very different lifestyles.There are some "cheesy" parts like where the deputy easily defeats three outlaws with no problem from the two prisoners. Things turn out unbelievably well and makes me [...]

    9. My initial expectation of 'A Mighty Fortress,' by Faith Blum, was that it would be a journey through the trials and tribulations of a group of poor farmers in the 19th Century American Wild West. So I was most pleasantly surprised when the book introduced the protagonist, a wild red head named Jed Stuart. It quickly became apparent that Jed was in fact one of the book's main characters, and chapters typically alternated between Jed's descent into lawlessness, and the lives of brother and sister [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book! It would have been a five star, except for the lack of a good final edit. There was punctuation out of place, some run-on sentences, and a few errant apostrophes; otherwise it was great. I'll definitely be buying the second book in this series!I loved the family relationships portrayed in the book. The clear Christian message was great, as well as the lessons about anger and forgiveness. I'm very glad to have "met" the author here on and found out about this story.

    11. I hover between 3 and 4 stars on this one so 3.5! The "western-ness" felt authentic, the story was very good, and the ending was perfect and emotional, but I felt some aspects of the story's construction could be improved to make it rank higher. But I want to applaud the author for coming up with such a gripping storyline! I will want to read more of her work.

    12. A fantastic book by a first time author who has clearly thought about the story with a simple yet clear Gospel presentation. A must read for both historical fiction fans and Christians

    13. Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for mild violence, and criminal activityBest for Ages: 13 and upI must admit, I didn’t think I was going to like this story or rate it very high after the first few chapters. After all, it was obvious the author has lots of room for improvement. However, in the end, I ended up giving this book four stars. Why? The story touched my heart.It is true that sometimes this story seems to ramble. Occasionally, I felt a bit lost as to what was going on. Sometimes, the au [...]

    14. If you like sweet very Christian characters reaching out in forgiveness to a hardened criminal then this is for you. There is lots of Scripture quoted and the hymn 'A Might Fortress' is referenced on occasion.Jed is one bad man but we see his rough childhood and are often invited into his point of view so we feel sympathy for him. Some of his victims are Christians who decide to show love, mercy and forgiveness towards him. I do wish we could have seen Elizabeth's changing feelings towards Jed, [...]

    15. I hate to write these words - the meaning behind this novel and the intent behind these words is good, as I am a God Fearing, and God loving man - But Christian undertones aside cannot make up for the poor decisions in this book.The hardest part to follow is chapter to chapter jumps back and forth between two sets of characters, which normally is easy and fine, but it also changes time, and that is distracting - jumping back and forth eight years throws off the groove of the story, even though t [...]

    16. DNF (did not finish) - February 2015Not fully qualified to review since I didn't read the whole thing so I'm not rating it. Loaned to me by a friend, I got several chapters into this book but sent it back before finishing because I couldn't get fully into it. Did some skimming. I glanced at the end and decided I didn't want to finish it if that happened. (view spoiler)[It looks like the outlaw--who I seem to recall liking--finds the Lord at the end and everyone's happy with this but then he gets [...]

    17. Wellat was differentI sure didn't see that ending coming, and I'm feeling numb. I must go watch some mindless TV to forget that last scene

    18. Wonderful story!I really enjoyed this book. The characters were all so realistic. I will miss Jed, Joshua, Ruth, and all the others since they feel like family now.

    19. First off, this was an absolutely amazing book. It almost made me cry! It is a story of God's redemption, and of trusting in God no matter what. I appreciated the themes in it, but there was one thing that I did not appreciate, even though it was handled well: It talks of a man doing something inappropriate to a woman, I'll just put it that way. I understand that it was essential for the story (I'm trying not to give away any spoilers here :) ), and it was handled very well, but I still didn't a [...]

    20. Great book; look forward to moreGreat Christian story, about God's power and how people live with Him or without. Old Western setting, but a timeless theme.

    21. PoignantSweet story about judging, mercy, forgiving the unforgivable and redemption. Worth the reading time. Left a lot of the characters open to continuing story lines.

    22. WonderfulWhat a wonderful religious story. Love of family but most important love of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope you will read.

    23. Was somewhat predictable, and it skipped around a lot, but I thought the ending was strong. I like the theme of old west, and I did enjoy the book.

    24. Touched my heartNever read a western like this before. You have a talent kid. Keep up with this. You got through to me.

    25. As seen on my blog: Hey, Folks! I am delighted to be part of first time author Faith Blum's blog tour for her western themed novel, "A Mighty Fortress." To learn more about the tour, please click on this link: faithblum.wordpress/2013/1 As is most often the case on this little piece of the Internet, the book in question was provided to yours truly without cost, this time by the writer herself. The only request she had was that I share my no holds barred ideas with everyone reading this essay. Th [...]

    26. Beginning in 1865 Illinois, it is the story of two young men, teenagers at the beginning of the story, Joshua and Jed. The story begins with Joshua and his sister who have been left behind as their family forges ahead to find land in a new territory. Jed was raised by an abusive father who he escapes at a young age, and finds himself part of a criminal gang. It is there that the story of Joshua and Jed intersect. When Joshua and his sister head across country to meet their family in Montana thei [...]

    27. Good idea, poor execution, poor writing, wordy, drifting, HUGE time gaps, the H and h barely see each other the whole book. H & h meet when he robs her stage coach, years go by on their own, then they meet again. This book seemed very fake and insipid. I also don't think an author should even put a rape in the book when the reader is left going "Wait, what? Did he rape her, was he going to? I don't understand." "H pretty much says You know why you shouldn't be running around on your own? Wel [...]

    28. The story is of two teens who are witness to a stagecoach robbery/murder. They now have to run for their lives while being chased by one of the robbers who is also a hired gun. It is considered a Christian Western. To me it was a good plot but very hard to read. I found that the Christianity theme was pushed really hard. When you put huge chunks of scripture (KJV) in the middle of a paragraph you lose the attention of the reader. I thought at times the Western dialog was not good. There were sta [...]

    29. Forgiveness!!!As parents many times we can make or break our children's lives. Most parents do everything they can to raise their children right and help them become good men and women. Some parents raise their their children to love and serve God and give their lives to Him. Jed's father blamed him for the death of his mother. Nothing Jed did was right and no matter how much he tried to please his father he was hated by him. What kind of person did Jed become? With love and proper instruction w [...]

    30. Westerns are not my favorite genre, but I did enjoy reading A Mighty Fortress. The Christian theme is strong and well-executed, demonstrating how we can use our faith and apply scripture to every situation. That being said, there was a bit too much scripture-quoting for me. I also got lost a few times with the jumps between characters and time, but that may be because I read so fast. All in all, I would say Faith is a talented writer and this book just shows how great her potential is. I was nev [...]

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