Misbehaving Wanted Adventurous open minded man willing to try anything As a popular sex blogger Beatriz gets paid to have orgasms So being on deadline the week of her sister s wedding isn t as rough as it sound

  • Title: Misbehaving
  • Author: Tiffany Reisz
  • ISBN: 9781460326404
  • Page: 355
  • Format: ebook
  • Wanted Adventurous, open minded man willing to try anything As a popular sex blogger, Beatriz gets paid to have orgasms So being on deadline the week of her sister s wedding isn t as rough as it sounds There s just one hitch Bea s assignment is to write a review of a sex position manual, but she doesn t have a plus one to play with.The good news Ben, the one who got aWanted Adventurous, open minded man willing to try anything As a popular sex blogger, Beatriz gets paid to have orgasms So being on deadline the week of her sister s wedding isn t as rough as it sounds There s just one hitch Bea s assignment is to write a review of a sex position manual, but she doesn t have a plus one to play with.The good news Ben, the one who got away back in college, is also attending stag and he s as temptingly gorgeous as ever.The bad news Ben turned down Bea s offer of graduation night sex five years ago.The best news He s not planning on making the same mistake twice A red hot retelling of Much Ado About Nothing for people who love Shakespeare but thought his plays could use a few sex scenes A Cosmo Red Hot Read

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    1. Beatriz has the best job ever. She gets paid to orgasm. She is a sex blogger. She writes articles on her experiences with sex toys, reviews sexy books etc. The week of her sister’s wedding is approaching and she gets an emergency assignment. Review THE MANUAL. While she’s out of town for the wedding. The only problem? THE MANUAL is a book of sex positions and she can’t review it alone. She needs a partner. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a willing guy, right?Ben and Beatriz both had fee [...]

    2. MISBEHAVING is on sale for $0.99 this week. If it gets into the Top 100, TR will release a scene from The King. Order -> amzn/1k70nzd 5/25/2014****************************A new short story by Tiffany Reisz and it's a modern erotic retelling of Much Ado About Nothing!MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is a Shakespeare comedy. I was wondering how Ms. Reisz was going to tell this tale. She did a great job. She had me giggling over some of the goofy things that happen between these two couples.A quick breakd [...]

    3. It's Tiffany Reisz, enough said!! Fairly quick, hot read. Liked both characters.Will probably read anything by this author.

    4. My Tiffany Reisz cherry has officially beenEverything about this novella wasWell except for the overuse of the word clitoris. But I'm willing to over look that in favor of the hotness factor and the fact that I was laughing my ass off most of the book.Henry wasHe kind of stole the show."She wants to fuck me up the butt Ben." Henry stepped forward and wrapped Ben in a hug. "Hold me."Bea is a sex bloggerBEST. JOB. EVER. She writes a column reviewing sex toys, sex books, all things sex. She's heade [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsPlease note that this is solely my opinion and I do not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings.Any book that’s mainly about sex is not a winner for me Sorry; especially if it’s sex leading to love (even though it was not intended to be that way but it somehow felt the same). I liked it but it seriously lacked story; for a novella it contained too much sex and less in terms of story. I absolutely love short stories and any author who is able to pull off a short story is a Diva for me tha [...]

    6. 4 FUNNY STARSThis was a great quick read! It was sexy and funny, the characters were great, and the sex was so hot! Misbehaving is very different from the Original Sinners! We are used to the darker side of humor from the Original Sinners Series but in this there is pure fun!!Ben and Beatriz met in college and they were attracted to each other.Because of some circumstances didn't happened between them.Ben refused Beatriz’s offer to have sex with her and he broke her heart But he still regrets [...]

    7. 3.5 Bee Stars "Better late than never."This is a short, silly, steamy read about rekindled lost love. Bea, is a sex education blogger who after five years comes face to face with the man of her dreams, Ben, at her sister's wedding. Bea needs a partner to review a new sex book for her blog and as may guess, Ben is the man for the job. As a reader can guess, Ben and Bea's feelings develop rapidly for one another. "I thought I was over you. But then I was under you. And now I'm in love with you."My [...]

    8. **4.5 stars**Wow, just wow.It is not often that I love M/F erotica. If I see any of the following I feel my nasty claws emerge: Timid virgins, BDSM-lite, sex being viewed as "dirty" or "shameful", laughable dirty-talk, anal sex called "the forbidden (anything)" or "my most secret place" I can go on for days about what I don't like in M/F erotica. What do I like? Everything Tiffany Reisz has written in this book.I can't remember the last time that I've read a book that was both so sex positive an [...]

    9. 4.5 Treated, Teased, Tiffany Reisz Stars * * * * 1/2Spoiler FreePublishers, I think, are always trying to see what the big trend is going to be… They had to re evaluate their entire business models when authors took charge of their destiny by self publishing, using the eBook platform to reach millions and advertise their products through social media. Some companies adapted, saw real talent and decided to embrace these amazing authors. Tiffany Reisz is one of these blazing stars. When I went t [...]

    10. Bravo Mistress Tiffany! As usual, you've managed to write a book full of all the goodiesendearing characters, dry humor, and sexual heat! Devoured this little gem!Bea is a reviewer/blogger on all things sexoks, toys, you name it. She's heading to NYC for her sister's wedding and was asked, last minute, to write a review on THE MANUALa book of sexual positions. Fabulous. At least with most toys, it's solo play but now she's got to find a fuck buddy to review this bookduring wedding week. Fabulous [...]

    11. 4.5 Stars! This book makes me want to be naughtyry naughty!!My joint review with Crista posted at: Swept Away By RomanceWhat workedCrista says: This novella worked for many reasons. It’s humor, romance, and incredibly erotic sex scenes are the first things that come to mind. Misbehaving takes a look at a couple that met in college and were attracted to one another, but unfortunately passed up the chance at a relationship. Fast forward to present day. Bea and Ben’s best friends are getting ma [...]

    12. 4 Miss Bea Haven stars"Sometimes I think I'm kinky because I fantasize about slapping you. And then I realize I really just want to slap you."Beatriz is a popular sex blogger known as Miss Bea Haven, she's was about ready to leave for her sister's wedding when she gets an assignment she just can't turn down; review a sexual positions book before the week is done…A Sex Position Manual for Generation Y. If you read it, you will come…Problem was she had no one to play with; positions such as Mo [...]

    13. This is a romantic comedy novella based off of the Shakespeare story, Much Ado About Nothing, with a splash of erotica. (I admit to never reading MAAN so this was new to me.) Fans of the Original Sinners should know this novella is lighter and tamer than what they’re probably used to reading by Tiffany Reisz. This is a whole new side to Tiffany I’ve never read before—and I loved it. Sexy, feisty, and fearless, Beatriz writes a column where she reviews sex toys and books. She’s been stuck [...]

    14. I don’t think I even read what this book was about before picking it up. Tiffany. Reisz. What else do I need to know? Being a HUGE, HUGE fan of her Original Sinners series, this was a must read for me.Bea is a sex blogger headed to see her big sister, Claudia and her fiancé, Henry get married. As she’s running out the door, she gets a last minute assignment for a book review – being in a hurry she grabs the first package she sees. What’s the problem? It’s THE MANUALl, a hot new sex po [...]

    15. 3.5 BEES!!Misbehaving was an entertaining read. Why? Bea is a sex blogger (which is new and fresh and it will never happen in my country LOL) and super fun and open-minded person. I loved how her thinking. Her humor. Her sexy thinking.Ben Umm not so much. I hate how he was an ass back then. The present showed Ben is willing to become Bea's new partner for sex experiment. I liked their interaction. I loved how their sex turns out into something horny yet sexy. For a novella, this is a good short [...]

    16. Wow I felt simultaneously turned on and laughing so hard I had to go to the bathroom she is a freaking awesome writer!This book is short but has the right amont of laugh, lust, sex and love!!PERFECT for my naughtyness!!

    17. What an awesome treat just in time for Valentine's Day! Typical Tiffany super sexy and funny as hell! Full review to come

    18. 4.5 hot and hilarious starsI was looking for something funny, romantic, smutty, and with great banter, and this was absolutely perfect! It’s only short, but it has the trademark Tiffany Reisz feel – the story is fast paced, the writing is clean and tight, and it’s so incredibly witty. It’s sexy dirty with unapologetically highly-sexed characters, and fantastic dynamics. And it’s absolutely freaking hilarious! I could not stop laughing, and was highlighting like crazy, so sorry, but I'm [...]

    19. 4.5 - Hot and Cute -Stars!Bea is a sex blogger. She reviews sex toys for a column. This includes all kinds of toys. Her current job is to review a sex position manual.Only problem is she is on her way to her sister's wedding. ALONEShe needs a sex partner and stat! I mean this is for a job! Who better to be that guy then Ben, the guy she loved throughout college.Ben has been in love with Bea and considers her the one who got away. "I didn't fuck you and I didn't forget you."When she propositions [...]

    20. Oh this was a fun bit of erotica. Sexy latino Beatriz makes a living (and a hobby) out of writing reviews for various sex toys. Of course she has to try them all out in order to write an honest, proper opinion. Poor Beatriz.When heading out to her sister's wedding, she gets her next assignment: to write a review on a sex position manual. However, it's not like a book reviewke this one. She has to review the actual positions. Kinda hard to do that by your lonesome. That's when a second-chance ro [...]

    21. Un librito breve que sirve para despejarte la mente y echarte unas buenas risas y unos buenls calores. No sabía yo que existían los nadismos guarreriles pero éste es uno, hay una excusa graciosa de base que sirve para que los protagonistas se pasen medio libro dándole como conejos y, ojo, homenajeando "Mucho ruido y pocas nueces". Pero es Tiffany Reisz, hasta la tontería más grande que escriba es divertida y me gusta :)(Dónde están los maromos que se inventa la Reisz, dónde?!?!)(Bueno, [...]

    22. Loved it! Super sexy and different from Tiffany's Original Sinners. This is will be a favorite among the vanilla and not-so-vanilla smut readers.

    23. This book was funny, steamy, sexy, amazing and just H-O-TI love Tiffany Reisz's writing, She is my favorite author. Her work is always top class and amazing to read.She has an amazing sense of humor, prevish and funny.Her writing style has a great melody to it, which never fails to capture a readers attention.This book was a short read, and a great read.I only wish the starting was longer so we readers felt a stronger connect to the characters history and their background.This book has some MAD [...]

    24. 5 big buzzing bees (or stars or whatever)Miss Bea HavenI have a confessionBefore this book, I was a Tiffany Reisz virgin. I know. shocking!This novella was just so fun ”Sometimes I think I’m kinky because I fantasize about slapping you. And then I realize I really just want to slap you.”and sexy ”I know you’re busy this week. I don’t want to impose on your cock.”“Impose on it. Please.”“Should we get started?”“I will literally, actually, in reality die if we don’t.”and [...]

    25. Light & fluffy - great banter throughout thankfully,as the story itself is just about a 3!Sometimes it's easier to just show youSo, boy meets girlBoy dumps girl!They meet again (no surprise there!)Turns out girl writes for a sex blog and has to review a sex manualby the end of the week (hmm, who could possibly help??!!)Yeah! Boy helps with reviewThere's loads of thisThatAnd the other!!There's an attempt at one of theseBut ultimately there's a happy one of these!And I definitely needed had on [...]

    26. Bea was moments from escaping and heading out of town for her sister’s wedding when she got the call. That dreaded call from work that requires you to work, while on vacation (the horror). But Bea doesn’t have a normal job, she has the wet dream of all dream jobs! Reviewing all things sex. But taking her work with her for the week means finding a partner so that she can get the full experience.Ben walked away from a chance with Bea years ago. He was a senior, ready to take life by the horns [...]

    27. "Me estás jodiendo?""So you don't want to fuck me up the butt?"Ohh this book will show you otherwise!And if you want to laugh and learn, while you read a sexy and beautiful story grab it! Because with this book You just can't stop it!! xD

    28. Oh god, this was so much fun! Steamy and funny, I needed this.I laughed so hard with this"Worth a shot. Anything to get me out of the doghouse and into doggie style.”“Good. Go talk to Ben.”“Can I fuck my bride-to-be first please?”“No. Ben first. Then me.”“I have to fuck Ben first? Good thing he’s pretty. You know he was bisexual for one week in college?”“Henry.”“And you can just get lost in those blue eyes. I call that color Chris Pine blue.”“Henry.”“I want to b [...]

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