Down the Aisle

Down the Aisle A sexy category romance from Entangled s Brazen imprintShe thought their future together would be easyLacey Garrity is about to have the wedding she s always dreamed of She and Galen had planned on a

  • Title: Down the Aisle
  • Author: ChristineBell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A sexy category romance from Entangled s Brazen imprintShe thought their future together would be easyLacey Garrity is about to have the wedding she s always dreamed of She and Galen had planned on a big family, but now fertility issues are turning that dream to ashes When another setback comes to light a week before their wedding day, she wonders how she can marryA sexy category romance from Entangled s Brazen imprintShe thought their future together would be easyLacey Garrity is about to have the wedding she s always dreamed of She and Galen had planned on a big family, but now fertility issues are turning that dream to ashes When another setback comes to light a week before their wedding day, she wonders how she can marry him knowing that being with her might mean he can never have the life he imagined Galen Thomas loves his woman, and whether they have a big family or it s just the two of them forever, he can t wait to spend his life with her With the big day coming, he ll pull out all the stops to remind her how good it can be between them and that, together, they can do anything if he can just get her down the aisle.

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    1. ♦ 5 "We are unstoppable" Stars! ♦So, this will be very very short. Down the Aisle is a short novella about the first couple of the series, Lacey and Galen. They are getting married and it is beautiful! I loved the party (and the sexual tension between Courtney and Rafe, cannot wait!), and the wedding (not as much as I expected you will see) and the honeymoon!! I was in tears at the end! <33“You are my rock and my roll. My safety net and my high wire. I love you now and will love you for [...]

    2. Catch up of Lacey and Galen with their wedding. Short quick and easy read. We get to see whats been happening to them since Down for the Count. They are getting married in a week, Cat kidnaps her for a bachelorette party, Galen picks her up drunk - love Laceys drunken talk. Their hopes and dreams for a family and whats holding it all back. Even though its a short read, i really did enjoy and feel this one.

    3. I feel heavily invested in this series, and we hit a tumultuous time catching up with Lacey & Galen as they head towards their wedding day. A brief appearance of Cat and an introduction to Rafe*sigh*. I'm diving straight into Down on her Knees!

    4. “So what are you supposed to do with it?"He eyed her incredulously. "For real? It's called a butt plug. What do you think you're supposed to do with it?"She scratched her nose and nodded, trying not to let the apprehension show. "Okay. I'll do it. But if it hurts, just let me know and I'll take it out, stat. Don't be a hero."He gaped at her and shook his head. "Aw, no. Sweetie. That's not for me.” Funny stuff. That's why I love this series!

    5. Lacey and Galen back for the wedding. Perfect. Ms. Bell wrote a fun novella! Smexy and hot. Cat was hilarious as always too!

    6. It seems like just the other day that I was reviewing an Entangled Brazen book by Christine Bell - probably because it was. Just last month, Bell released the first book in the Love Match series, Dirty Trick, but this month, she returns to her Dare Me series to with the new novella, Down the Aisle. Readers first met protagonists, Lacey and Galen, in Down for the Count, after Lacey's first disastrous attempt at a wedding. Down the Aisle picks up shortly after, tackling the emotionally intense iss [...]

    7. Lacey and Galen are just around the corner from their wedding day. Both excited to start their lives together. Lacey wants to start on the big family they've both been dreaming about, but problems arise in the form of fertility issues. Galen doesn't care how many children they have and if it's not meant to be they will find another way but he can't wait to start married life with Lacey. When bad news arrives just a week before the big day, Lacey struggles with the idea that she can never give Ga [...]

    8. Last year I read Down for the Count by Christine Bell and it was really fun and sexy. Galen (the heroine’s BFF’s brother) is a famous boxer who goes off on a honeymoon with Lacey – when she discovers her fiancé cheating on her at her wedding. Galen comes to the rescue and then that leads to kissy time and sexy time and eventually HEA time. As I said, it’s a cute romance you should check out.Anyway, this leads us to Down the Aisle, a short novella featuring these two who are just about t [...]

    9. It might be short, but Down the Aisle has a good balance of hot and heartwarming going on.If you haven't already, go read 'Down for the Count', as this novella is a continuation of Galen and Lacey's story. The backdrop of the story isn't an easy subject, but it's written with touching sensitivity and is full of emotion. My heart went out to Lacey and I fell in love with Galen all over again (cue appreciative sigh). Crammed with sizzling sexy time, fun, humour and romance, I sighed and swooned an [...]

    10. 3,75 starsIn DOWN THE AISLE we catch up with Galen and Lacey from book 1. I loved getting a glimpse of characters ofter their HEA and this novella utterly satisfied this need for me. Even in the small amount of pages the humorous and sexy style of the other books remain strong. There was a point in the novella where I was like: WTF! But it all played out well in the very end. I really enjoyed DOWN THE AISLE and am super anxious or Rafe's story. Fave QuoteNow, if only he could just get some eggs [...]

    11. I guess timing is indicative of ratings; because I KNEW I read "the main book" for this novella I couldn't remember a lot of the details at first. I do know I liked that a lot more than this one - this follow up was cute, but didn't have the oomph of Lacey and Galen's falling in love story. D+ definitely or a C- minus >.>Guess I'm grumpy today - or maybe I'll have to re-read [both] to reassess.

    12. Christine Bell made me cry. I loved Galen and Lacey in Down for the Count and I LOVED this novella!!! I think I need to go back read Down for the Count again. I'm still hoping for a Courtney/Rafe story!!

    13. I loved Lacey and Galen ! The story was awesome and sweet and it was short but I got everything out of it I was expecting !

    14. Review originally posted at fictionvixen/review-aisle-I absolutely loved Lacey and Galen from Down for the Count, Christine Bell’s first book in the Dare Me series. This novella is their story after the HEA. They want a family badly and have tried unsuccessfully for a while to either conceive on their own or, since that doesn’t seem to be working, adopt. They are also only a week away from walking down the aisle.Every single thing I loved about that first book is still present in this novell [...]

    15. Down The Aisleby Christine BellRating: 3.5 of 5 starsMy Review:Definitely don't try to read this one if you haven't already read Galen and Lacey's first book: Down For The Count. You'll miss out on way too much of who these characters are if you read this one first. I loved Galen and Lacey in their initial story and I was really happy to see more of them in this short novella.This was still a sex-filled story, definitely explicit. For a short novella (that does have a prominent storyline), this [...]

    16. 3 StarsI enjoyed Lacey & Galen in Down for the Count so I was excited to see an extra novella about them and their “happily ever after”. It really fell short for me. They had this passion and intense connection to one another in the first book and even in the glimpses of them in the second book about Cat & Shane. Now a year since the time on the island, and even less since the cameos in the second book, they have no communication with each other and evidently a lack of passion. They [...]

    17. Full review on my blog, Becky on Books.Lacey Garrity and Galen Thomas are cohabiting, and their wedding day is fast approaching. All is not quite as it appears on the surface, though. They both have been looking forward to starting a family, and soon--only to discover that infertility might be an issue. As the big day looms closer, Lacey and Galen face internal struggles over the issue, both hesitant to broach the topic out loud. Will they be able to face their situation together, strengthening [...]

    18. 3.5 starsDOWN THE AISLE is the third instalment in Christine Bell’s Dare Me contemporary romance series. Down the Aisle is a novella that re-visits Lacey and Galen, our couple from Down for the Count-Dare Me #1.Down the Aisle focuses on Lacey as she prepares for her upcoming marriage to Galen but not all is well in the relationship department. Our couple have been trying to get pregnant for close to a year, and each day brings the heartbreaking news that they are either not pregnant or the ado [...]

    19. The first two novels in the Dare Me series deal with Lacy and Galen in Down for the Count, and Cat and Shane in Down and Dirty. I loved both Galen and Shane equally, and was looking forward to a little more from both couples. Down the Aisle came as a bit of a surprise for me and I really loved it.I have to say something about the cover. Besides it being super sexy, his hand on her lower belly is just so sweet and emotional.Now, for the story: Lacey and Galen are perfectly perfect for each other, [...]

    20. I always enjoy catching up with couples after their story has ended. Christine Bell lets us in on Lacey and Galen's life as the prepare for their upcoming wedding. I loved Lacey and Galen in DOWN FOR THE COUNT. Galen helped Lacey forget the disaster that was her wedding and to realize she needed to start living life. As the story begins they are a week away from their wedding and there is a bit of tension between them. Not because they don't love each other and don't want to get married, but bec [...]

    21. ARC provided for an honest review:I have loved Galen and Lacey since I first read their love story in Down For the Count. I'm so thrilled that author Christine Bell has written the next chapter in their lives with Down the Aisle. I absolutely loved it and the author did an incredible job writing an emotional tale of how love conquers all. Galen and Lacey are very much in love and looking forward to their wedding day. However, they have been struggling with starting a family and endless fertility [...]

    22. Reviewed by Kimfor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsWhile you probably don’t have to read Down for the Count, I think your reading pleasure would be greatly enhanced if you did. Reading Down the Aisle reminded me how much I LOVE Galen Thomas and Lacey Garrity. Their love story is truly one for the ages. With the possibly of having to spend her life with Galen childless, Lacey isn’t sure she can go through with the wedding. She’s afraid that at some point Galen will resent her for them not havi [...]

    23. He’d taken a dozen blows to the face from Manny Hermosa in a heavyweight title fight and hadn’t shed a tear, but now, his eyes burned and his vision went a little blurry. Lacey Garrity had laid him down for the count, and he loved her like crazy.Finally, she was standing there, staring up at him, and his whole world felt right. I like it that the author did find time to write this one even if it is too short. When we read romantic stories, the end is usually a happy ending and we settle for [...]

    24. This was such a touching, heartwarming story. Galen and Lacey were the perfect couple. You could tell they had found true love, the only problem was unable to conceive a child. They were due to get married very soon but had started to try to conceive long before because of complications, even started adoption processes but after one let down after another, it was effecting their relationship.Galen' s character was wonderful, he was so supportive, caring, kind, loving, attentive, strong, charming [...]

    25. Down the Aisle (A Dare Me Novella) by Christine Bell picks up shortly after the first book, where Lacey and Galen with the couple's efforts to start a family and planning their wedding.Lacy is left with disappointment when she might not be able to give Galen a child of their own and their efforts to adopt have also brought heartbreak. Galen know something is wrong with Lacey because she is showing signs of withdrawn but he is thinking it is stress with the wedding.Lacey is withholding the latest [...]

    26. I really enjoyed Down the Aisle by Christine Bell. To begin with, Brazen covers are really hot and this one fits in perfectly with the imprint. Ms. Bell tackles the serious problem of a couple dealing with infertility in a wistful and caring way. The tenderness and compassion that Galen exudes is truly heartfelt and beautifully written. Lastly, I found the ending slightly predictable, however, it is exactly how I hoped it would conclude.This is a well conceptualized novella. It is a fast-paced s [...]

    27. ARC provided by publisherSo for me as a reader nothing bugs me more when in the last paragraph the Hero/Heroine profess their love and then the book just ends. I love epilogues and being able to get a glimpse into to life after "I Love You". So novella's like this one are perfect for me going back to get a glimpse of what is happening in characters lives after.This book in particular hit home for me. As someone who has has troubles getting/remaining pregnant I know intimately the disappointment [...]

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