Mass Effect Volume 1: Redemption

Mass Effect Volume Redemption The eagerly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster science fiction epic IGN named the Xbox game of all time Mass Effect begins with the disappearance of Commander Shepard The story of what hap

  • Title: Mass Effect Volume 1: Redemption
  • Author: Mac Walters John Jackson Miller Omar Francia Michael Atiyeh Daryl Mandryk
  • ISBN: 9781621150763
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The eagerly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster science fiction epic IGN named the 1 Xbox 360 game of all time, Mass Effect 2 begins with the disappearance of Commander Shepard The story of what happens next exclusive to this graphic novel will have the commander s companion Dr Liara T Soni undertake a deadly mission of extraordinary importance in the Milky Way sThe eagerly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster science fiction epic IGN named the 1 Xbox 360 game of all time, Mass Effect 2 begins with the disappearance of Commander Shepard The story of what happens next exclusive to this graphic novel will have the commander s companion Dr Liara T Soni undertake a deadly mission of extraordinary importance in the Milky Way s lawless Terminus Systems Mass Effect Volume 1 features essential developments in the Mass Effect gaming saga, plus a special behind the scenes section with sketches and Collects the four issue miniseries.

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    1. Main takeaway from this: why is there not a single female contributing to a graphic novel following a female character? TOO MUCH MALE GAZE. IT BURNS MY EYES.

    2. A friend recommended this book. I found it a nice stand alone story that weaves a tale of action and betrayal.

    3. First and foremost, for those who feel like making a glib remark about Mass Effect 3: I haven’t reached the end yet, and have no intention of joining your gibbering horde of self-involved diaper babies should I end up being disappointed with it. So, shut up.Okay. Now, I’m a big fan of Bioware’s games, but after being thoroughly underwhelmed by David Gaider’s debut novelization of the Dragon Age universe, I’ve largely gone back to my tried and true philosophy of avoiding game tie-ins. I [...]

    4. Mass Effect: Redemption is the first int he graphic novel series surrounding the events of the original Mass Effect trilogy and this takes place right after ME2. Commander Shepard is missing, and Dr. Liara T’Soni is trying to figure out just what has happened the body. In the process she runs into a lot of trouble, some sketchy criminal groups, and the Shadow Broker.This is meant to shed some light on just what happened in the blank spaces between the fact that we know: that Liara was responsi [...]

    5. I really enjoy Mass Effect. I have read a number of the novels, but this is the ghost graphic novel that I have read. There is quite a bit less content than from the games or novels, but overall, it matched the look and tone of the game with some minor exceptions. Liara's outfits are more revealing than in the game, and the artist depicts her in provocative positions, which is rather unnecessary. Biotics are handled very differently, as well, with Liara using them mostly in martial arts moves in [...]

    6. O universo de Mass Effect é tão rico e vasto que praticamente suplica ser expandido de alguma forma. Apesar do jogo explorar muito bem vários pontos da história presente e passada do universo, outras mídias também podem ser usadas. Existem livros e HQs no universo de Mass Effect, além de uma promessa da Bioware de um anime para 2012 e um filme, ainda sem previsão.A experiência de cada jogador com seu personagem Shepard é tão única que impede o uso desse personagem diretamente em outr [...]

    7. The Normandy is destroyed and Commander Shepard is feared dead. However his body, regardless of its condition, is the prize in a contest pitting the Illusive Man against the Shadow Broker. Between them is Dr. Liara T'Soni, formerly part of Shepard’s crew, who’s gone rogue to uncover the mystery surrounding Shepard’s disappearance.Reading like a space opera with a noir twist, the Dark Horse graphic novel finds Liara at Omega, a massive space station in the Terminus system acting as the dark [...]

    8. The plot of Redemption centres on Liara T'soni, and her involvement in the events between the first two Mass Effect games. It's interesting to see some of the conflict surrounding the recovery of Shepard's body, and how Cerberus was involved at a distance. It doesn't cover anything particularly new in this regard, but it's at least nice to fill in some gaps.What I found more interesting about the plot was the origins of Liara's enmity with the Shadow Broker. The extent of his involvement in the [...]

    9. Mass Effect: Redemption is a tie-in between the end of Mass Effect 1 and the beginning of Mass Effect 2. The story follows Liara T'Soni in her hunt to find the whereabout of the missing Commander Shepard. While it doesn't truly add a lot to the overall plot of the Mass Effect series, it does bridge the gap of some questions that you might have after playing through Mass Effect 2. Such as, why is the Shadow Broker against Liara? How did the Illusive Man and Cerberus end up with Commander Shepard? [...]

    10. A Mass Effect tie in, set between the events of the first and second games. We all know that it was Liara who retrieved Shep's body and delivered it to Cerberus, and most of what happened on that mission. This comic fills in the very few blanks. It's a lot less necessary than the other ME tie ins that I've read, that there's not a lot of added information. We do, however, get to meet a salarian that could give a krogan a tough time, so that was fun. Liara was somewhat out of character here, very [...]

    11. Redemption follows the search for Commander Shepard's body, taking place after Shepard's disappearance at the beginning of Mass Effect 2.I'd venture to call myself something of a Mass Effect fan, and it's the story and characters that have always drawn me to the series (as well as BioWare's other big'un, Dragon Age). Unfortunately, this comic doesn't have much of either.The plot follows Liara T'Soni in her search for Shepard's body, but she isn't alone. Cerberus and the Shadow Broker are both lo [...]

    12. The Mass Effect universe might be my all-time favorite universe. With the recent release of Mass Effect 3, in which I have spent 56 hours since March 6th living in every night, non-stop, I decided to bone up on the things I missed. Redemption is one of those things. . d by reading it, I am backtracking a little since it is a prequel of sorts to Mass Effect 2.No matter. . nce I've spent 255 hours total in Mass Effect 1, 2, and now 3 (10.9 days to be more precise) and have read three of the four n [...]

    13. I am a die-hard Mass Effect fan. Bioware has told some brilliant stories with ME1 and 2, and I am eagerly anticipating the third installment.This comic bridging ME1 and ME2 doesn't pack the same emotional punch, sadly. That said, if you're already a fan, it is worth reading just to see a beefy, rambo-style Salarian. Yeah, Salarian. I also found the info about the way the Shadow Broker ran his operations to be interesting. I was hoping for some insight into the transition of awkward!Liara to guts [...]

    14. I'm cleaning up my comic collection to prepare for the beach and this was first on the list. I've been in the Mass Effect mood lately with notification sounds on my phone, so I'm in the right frame of mind to enjoy this. Even better, I did enjoy it. It is always good to have some storyline gaps filled in and I appreciate the additional glimpses into the characters. Something felt a little off with Liara that didn't quite fit how I remember her from the games, but otherwise no complaints here. Lo [...]

    15. Read this on darkhorse, 4 issues story.For me the thrill was reviewing old characters, known locations and get some extra info on the universe and the hidden plot. This takes place between Mass Effect 1 and 2, btw.It was very nice, good storytelling.The art was spot on, the writing believable, the action remined me of the game and the snippets of info deserving of the 1,99 price point of each issue (i got them on a sales). [Rant: cover price 3,50 is too expensive but comics are getting this way [...]

    16. Mass Effect: Redemption- Four-issue comic bookWritten by- Mac WaltersArt by- Omar Francia Overall Thoughts- I found ME: Redemption to be an okay read for any Mass Effect fan, but has quite a bit of problems when you look at it with a critical eye. One of my main issues with this comic is it's characters. (I'll go more in-depth in my character section)Should you read it?- Maybe if you're a diehard Mass Effect fan. You might be disappointed in the end, but I can understand if you can't help to rea [...]

    17. **Spoilers for anyone who has not played Mass Effect 2**Taking place between Mass Effect 1 and 2, or more specifically, the Prologue of 2 and the main game itself. It details how Cerberus acquired Sheperd's body following the attack on the Normandy during the game's prologue, and why Liara became involved with hunting down The Shadow Broker.As might be expected with a story involving Cerberus and The Shadow Broker, not everything is as it seems as Liara seeks to track down Sheperd's body. The st [...]

    18. Está claro que los comics de Mass Effect son totalmente imprescindibles. Una vez más, vuelve a adolecer de falta de coherencia respecto a los videojuegos (no solo por la historia, sino porque se encuentran personajes que posteriormente no dan ninguna señal de haberse conocido antes), el argumento y las conversaciones son simplones como ellos solos, y el dibujo deja mucho que desear. Además, Liara, que es la protagonista, está dibujada de tal forma que solo sabemos que es ella porque es una [...]

    19. Liara sets off in the company of Cerberus to locate Shepard’s body on Omega. She teams up with the Drell information broker Feron to track down the body. Hmm, I wasn’t aware Aria was purple. Also, when did Liara become such an idiot hothead? Since Shepard died? Dude, poor Feron got the shaft when Liara left his ass in the hands of Tizzak. I almost feel for the Drell he was so unlike Thane, it was almost palatable. Cerberus still sucks - zero change there. Art was not the best, but okay. Me [...]

    20. I didn't enjoy this as much as the last ME novel I read, but liked it for the extra lore not in the games. I didn't appreciate my darling Liara being in such revealing outfits and drawn in provocative positions either =p

    21. Not usually a reader of graphic novels but Mass Effect is my favourite game of all time so I have wanted to read these for a while. Very pleasantly surprised but I do think you have to be familiar with the games in order to enjoy it!

    22. This is a prelude to Mass Effect 2. It was well done. The art and story are good and make sense. It follows Liara and her quest to recover Shepard's body. If you like Mass Effect's story and plot then you will like this graphic novel.

    23. La saga Mass Effect était à l’origine une trilogie de jeux vidéo étendue à l’univers du Comics et du roman par la suite. Le Commics Mass Effect : Rédemption se situe entre Mass Effect 1 et Mass Effect 2 et sert donc d’introduction à ce dernier.Ici, on retrouve Liara T’Soni qui part à la recherche du Commandant Shepard, porté disparu à la fin du premier jeu (notez qu’il est plutôt difficile de ne pas spoiler l’histoire des jeux, j’ai fait de mon mieux pour faire au plus v [...]

    24. Ahora leo comics, los comic son cool Recuerdo que cuando era pequeña leia muchos comics, la mayoria de terror, me encantaban, pero pff siento que no tomaba uno desde hace demasiado y definitivamente no se como escribir una review o comocalificar uno.Mass Effect Redemption es una miniserie de cuatro cómics que forma parte del universo expandido de la saga de videojuegos de Sci-fi "Mass Effect" del cual no tengo ningun presedente, porque no soy una chica de videojuegos, segun me informan por int [...]

    25. 2016 vreading challenge: a graphic novel adaptation of a classic.I'm not a regular "graphic novel" reader and I only picked this up because (a) "a graphic novel adaptation of a classic" is a category in the 2016 reading challenge I'm doing, (b) Mass Effect is a classic video game, so I figure it counts, and (c) MOAR MASS EFFECT PLEAZ! So I bought a used copy of the hardcover omnibus which includes Redemption, Evolution, Invasion, and Homeworlds.Redemption fleshes out a bit of backstory concernin [...]

    26. "Mass Effect: Redemption" is essential and a "must have" comic for any fan of this universe. It tells the story of how Liara recovered Shepard's body from the Shadow Broker after the Normandy was attacked by the Collector's in the first sequence of "Mass Effect 2". It shows how Shepard came to be in Cerberus possession and we even get a glimpse at the start of project Lazarus in the final page. The book is also essential as Liara is a different character when you meet her in ME2 and Redemption g [...]

    27. There is nothing worse than having to write a critical review, particularly of two things I really like which is Mass Effect and Dark Horse. Redemption feels like a cash-in on the release of Mass Effect 2, particularly if you've already played 2. There is just nothing to the plot in this entire volume and while yes it shows you a look at "behind the scenes" before Mass Effect 2 takes place, there is absolutely nothing here that is important or interesting that you couldn't learn by just playing [...]

    28. It was a nice read that brought me back into the Mass Effect world and being in contact with these characters and alien races was great!The artwork, despite being a little bit inconsistent in some particular panels, was nicely displayed and vivid in colors and it worked well with the overall story-arc.It was cool to see Liara T'Soni again, and how this graphic novel managed to unveil her character traits more and explain how she helped to bring back a certain character's remains to Cerberus and [...]

    29. The first time I read this story was after completung the first Mass Effect game but before I had actually sat down and played a second of Mass Effect 2. As a result, while it was still an enjoyable enough read, there were people, places, and things that I had not yet encountered in the game or otherwise and I wasn't able to really connect with anything. In hindsight, the more proper way of experiencing this story in the grander narrative would have been to play the prologue of ME2, then read th [...]

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