P isti en year old Haley McWaid is a good girl the pride of her suburban New Jersey family captain of the lacrosse team headed off to college next year with all the hopes and dreams her doting parents can

  • Title: Přistižen
  • Author: Harlan Coben
  • ISBN: 9788024237138
  • Page: 194
  • Format: ebook
  • 17 year old Haley McWaid is a good girl, the pride of her suburban New Jersey family, captain of the lacrosse team, headed off to college next year with all the hopes and dreams her doting parents can pin on her Which is why, when her mother wakes one morning to find that Haley never came home the night before, and three months quickly pass without word from the girl, the17 year old Haley McWaid is a good girl, the pride of her suburban New Jersey family, captain of the lacrosse team, headed off to college next year with all the hopes and dreams her doting parents can pin on her Which is why, when her mother wakes one morning to find that Haley never came home the night before, and three months quickly pass without word from the girl, the community assumes the worst.Wendy Tynes is a reporter on a mission, to identify and bring down sexual predators via elaborate and nationally televised sting operations Working with local police on her news program Caught in the Act, Wendy and her team have publicly shamed dozens of men by the time she encounters her latest target Dan Mercer is a social worker known as a friend to troubled teens, but his story soon becomes complicated than Wendy could have imagined.

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    1. It was hard not to get "caught" up in this novel (excuse my corny pun). If you haven't read a Coben novel you're missing out. This guy can write books like no one's business. He is to mystery writing as Reba is to country music. Coben is one of the best, if not THE BEST mystery authors out there. My life goal is to read all his books! :) his books are my happy place!This book was another one of his that had twists and turns and at the very end knocks you back and does a one eighty and I FREAKING [...]

    2. I think if I'd read a paper copy I'd have rated more highly. True to form though, Mr Coben has delivered an enjoyable romp into quite a windy sojourn of twists, turns and cul-de-sacs.Ultimately this book was quite satisfying in terms of the ending, but in getting there I felt it was just too slow. In a way, it felt like it kept going and going In saying that though, I did like the epilogue, that was satisfaction for me. Whilst this is not my favourite of this author, I still very much look forwa [...]

    3. There were two parts to this book. Mind you, I have been anxiously waiting for Coben to come out with a new book. I absolutely love him and think he might be my favorite author of all time.I always get wrapped up and into the story and literally finish his book within a day or less, and that was the case with this one. Like I said there were two parts to this book.It kind of threw me because I'm not used to that style of writing from him. There was the dark anticipation and then it spun you for [...]

    4. Wow! When you read this one you will need to take notes, create a flow chart, etc. and I bet you still won't see anything coming. Not only did keep thinking that I had guessed where the story was going, Coben had me convinced I was right and the BAM! nope . . . wrong again! This happened about 10 times. Only 4 stars because it didn't blow me away, but it was very good.Also, the mid-life crisis men's club was pretty funny. And, bonus appearance by Win from the Bolitar series.

    5. I finished this book yesterday and as I read the last few lines I couldn't help remarking to myself that this had to be Coben's best one yet. The pacing was break neck, the characters though all different and some as dysfunctional as a human can get - were believable, some even sympathetic, and some NOT, which is as it should be. Our heroine is an investigative news reporter and a single mom who gets embroiled in job related issues (not good ones) and a murder mystery involving a major college, [...]

    6. I usually cannot stand books with characters who're idiots or plots that rely on those characters being idiots, but this one wasn't so bad. In fact, I had a damn good time. I've met single-cell organisms with more going on upstairs than reporter and all around doofus Wendy, but Harlan Coben made her extremely easy to read about. There's no way she could've put any of the ending together by herself, but the journey was twisty enough that it kept my attention. Oh, and I know Coben has a long-runni [...]

    7. I read this book while on holiday last year and really enjoyed it. Quite a few stories intertwining but focusing primarily on a missing girl and a TV program that carries out live child predator stings. Seemingly normal people hiding some very dark secrets. I have seen a few of the Dateline - To Catch a Predator episodes so I found that story-line quite interesting. There were times I wondered if perhaps the show had read the situation wrong (however unlikely). A person who may in fact be innoce [...]

    8. 3.5 starsWARNING: THIS REVIEW MIGHT CONTAIN (WHAT YOU CONSIDER) SPOILERSWendy Tynes is a television journalist for the program 'Caught in the Act', a show that lures in and exposes child predators. Dan Mercer, a divorced Princeton graduate who coaches troubled kids, is ensnared by Wendy's machinations and accused of targeting a young girl. However, the evidence is compromised and a judge lets Mercer off. This infuriates Ed Grayson - whose son was abused - and he shoots and kills Mercer right in [...]

    9. It really does not need to be said that this was an excellent read. One should only look at who the author is and then immediately would know that they are in for a treat.This book (like all of this author's books) really packs a punch from the first page until, literally, the very last page. As promised, the author delivers another WTF ending that leaves you with adrenaline pumping and dizzy from excitement.I absolutely LOVED the main character Wendy Tynes, although I admit I was not digging he [...]

    10. Wow! I had to take so many notes with this one and by the end I had to go back a bit until I had it figured out. Just when you think it's gonna go in one direction, instead it goes in the exact opposite! Caught is about Reporter Wendy Tynes, who is making a living by bringing down sexual predators on TV sting operations. When one who is accused of being a pedophile and is tied to the disappearance of a seventeen-year old girl, Wendy is drawn into a deadly mystery and discovering the choices of r [...]

    11. Harlan Coben takes on the issue of vigilantism in this story about a high profile TV reporter, Wendy Tynes, who entraps men suspected of being child molesters. Wendy has been successful with these ploys until she catches one Dan Mercer, who protests his innocence and is acquitted, only to find himself the target of outraged parents. After all, everyone now knows he’s a pedophile. Wendy is fired, and devotes herself to further investigation when Dan is murdered. This promises to be an engaging [...]

    12. Not one of Coben's best. For one thing, a character who speaks in the first person in the prologue immediately fades into the background after I had become intrigued by his story. I think it would have been stronger if he had been the protagonist, a man trying to get out of his own predicament. Instead, Coben switches to a new character and I couldn't quite get into her. (For one thing, the book changes from first person to third.) He briefly introduces a character from other books of his, but t [...]

    13. Harlan Coben is my mystery/thriller writer like Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin to my chick lit books. This man keeps getting my attention with his twist and turns. Everyone needs to read his books! Like now!!!!I'm not even going to get into detail about this book because I'm the worse person to explain a mystery without ruining it. Just take my word that you will enjoy it.

    14. The Premise: Reporter Wendy Tynes operates a Dateline-esque sting of a probable pedophile named Dan Mercer. He insists he's being set up. When the case against him is thrown out, she questions her conclusions. When she witnesses Mercer's murdere's not sure what the hell is going on. Of course, as she digs deepers, the troubles (job loss, death threats, etc.) mount up. The Big Issue: This is one convaluted story, with subplots within subplots within subplots. While Coben walks a fine line here, I [...]

    15. ছোট মরিচের ঝাল বেশি - কথাটা হারলান কোবেন এর এই বইটার জন্য পরাপুরি সত্য। বই এর আকার দেখেইই বই টা হাতে নিছিলাম। তাড়ায়াড়ি শেষ হবে। তখন মনে হইছিল যে ছোট বই এ টুইষ্ট বা টার্ণ বেশি হবে না। কাহিনী বিল [...]

    16. This book was well-paced and I loved the character of Wendy. In some places the focus was kind of all over the place (we had narratives from a variety of characters like Hester) but it all fell into place. The ending made sense and there were many twists and turns throughout the story. This is why I love Coben's books!

    17. Took me a while to get through this, because of various things happening in my life, otherwise I would have read this book a lot quicker.While the premise was good, the story started becoming pretty unbelievable towards the end, and there were just too many characters and mini plots, obscuring the main story. It was OK, nothing special.

    18. I was looking forward to reading this book since I enjoyed the other two I have read so far by Coben. This book did not disappoint me, and I think I enjoyed even more than the ones I read before. Coben's writing style, to me, is in a class by itself when it comes to Mystery. And has everything I love about a good mystery. A great cast of characters, a great plot, fluidity, and a whole lot of mystery! I gotta say he kept me guessing throughout the whole book. Just when I thought something was mak [...]

    19. I enjoyed reading this Coben novel. It has all the same traits as any of this author's other books. There are twists, lies, and shocking revelations. Coben always manages to grip the reader from page one. The story begins with Dan Mercer entering a house he suspects he really shouldn't be in. The red door is screaming at him to stop and turn the other way. Lo and hold, he's being setup by Wendy Tynes to be captured on video as a sexual predator. You know the NBC show "To Catch a Predator". Wendy [...]

    20. "Caught" is a very good thriller in the typical Harlan Coben's 100-miles-per-hour style, that makes you turn the pages so fast that your hair will ruffle in the ensuing wind. I have read a couple of books by this author before, and I chose this one because it was another "stand alone" thriller, as opposed to the Miron Bolitar series, that I carefully avoided. Coben seems to have carved himself out a little niche which could be defined as "the fast-paced thriller where seemingly normal people are [...]

    21. The only thing that saved this one from a one-star rating was the narrator. She was hilarious. You could hear it in her voice: I know this is ridiculous but I'm doing my best with it. She had to deliver the craziest lines and she did it with flair. She even had to rap as a 45 year old white guy who thinks he can fill a niche in the music business. The story itself was terrible. No suspense at all. Even though this was a pretty bad experience, I'm still going to give Tell No One a try, because it [...]

    22. Seventeen year old Haley is a good girl. Which is why, when her mother wakes to find she never came home the night before and three months pass with no word everyone assumes the worst. Wendy Tynes is a reporter on a mission to identify and bring down sexual predators via elaborate and nationally televised -sting operations working with local police her news program caught in the act; she and her team have publicly shamed dozens of men. Dan Mercer is a social worker who becomes a friend to troubl [...]

    23. I've always been troubled by news stories that not all who are accused of being pedophiles (or many other crimes but pedophilia is especially onerous) can be 100% proven to be guilty. But even when then proven without a doubt to be not guilty, the accused's life is still permanently ruined. What a perfect way to cause someone's downfall if you were the type of person to want to inflict such damage on someone. Sad but true this does happen in today's world. This book proved my point and held my i [...]

    24. Seventeen year old Haley McWaid disappears from a small town in New Jersey. Wendy Tynes, an investigative sets up Dan Mercer, a social worker working with young teenagers, through her television programme Caught In The Act which carries out live televised stings. Think of the TV programme Cheaters except this television programme operates with the purpose of catching online sexual predators. But it appears all is not as clear cut and straightforward as Wendy originally thought or would like and [...]

    25. I loved the first chapter, I loved the very very final ending, I hated the narrator.Carrington MacDuffie reads very well, and she voices females just fine, but every single male character is a very deep throated, slow talking, old man. Most of them sound post-retirement age, if they manage to sound younger they also appear dumb as rocks. There are a lot of male characters in this book, and they all blended together for me because of the narration.That said, I still REFUSE(!!!) to give five stars [...]

    26. Dan Mercer, a social worker who helps troubled teens, is exposed as a sexual predator by TV Reporter Wendy Tynes on her investigative series "Caught". The accusations turn Dan's life upside down. Wendy begins to doubt whether he is guilty, even though all of the evidence says he is. When the police discover the phone of a missing teenage girl in Dan's hotel room, Wendy digs into Dan's past. Is he a sexual predator? Or did something in his past cause trouble in the present?Wow! I couldn't put thi [...]

    27. I really liked this book. Mr. Coben has become one of my favorite authors since I discovered him a little over a year ago.This is a stand alone novel. While it is not part of the Myron Bolitar series, however, I was very happy to see some familiar characters visit me in this book.True to Mr. Coben's style, this story will have you guessing to the very end. It leaves the reader pondering questions of life, how we view each other. How easy it is to destroy people. With the internet, anyone can pos [...]

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