Snow Falling on Bluegrass

Snow Falling on Bluegrass Parks Recreation meets The Blue Collar Comedy Tour in this third ebook in Molly Harper s Bluegrass series of contemporary romances A love triangle of colleagues heats up the winter lodge where they ge

  • Title: Snow Falling on Bluegrass
  • Author: Molly Harper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Parks Recreation meets The Blue Collar Comedy Tour in this third ebook in Molly Harper s Bluegrass series of contemporary romances A love triangle of colleagues heats up the winter lodge where they get snowed in for a week.Kentucky Tourism Commission employee and executive assistant extraordinaire Kelsey is known around the office for having everything under controlParks Recreation meets The Blue Collar Comedy Tour in this third ebook in Molly Harper s Bluegrass series of contemporary romances A love triangle of colleagues heats up the winter lodge where they get snowed in for a week.Kentucky Tourism Commission employee and executive assistant extraordinaire Kelsey is known around the office for having everything under control So it s not surprising that she and her boss, Sadie, have everything planned to the second for the office winter retreat But there are things even Kelsey can t micromanage.An unprecedented snowstorm smothers half of Kentucky and knocks out the power, closes the roads, and generally shuts down the state Luckily, the lodge has working fireplaces and enough food to keep the staff from turning on each other like something out of The Shining Kelsey wouldn t mind being stuck inside if it wasn t for the tension with her not so secret crush, Charlie, the office s statistician But handsome Ranger Luke, the lodge s only employee on hand, is there to take Kelsey s mind off her discomfort.Even though this weekend is supposed to be a planning session for KTC, Kelsey can t help her mind from wandering and finds herself conflicted over Luke and Charlie Someone s love will keep her warm, but whose will it be

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    1. The Story4.5 LOL Stars! I love the people of the KTC and want to work with them!! This was quick read, but it was big on laughs. Molly Harper is one of the most consistent writers I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. Her fun engaging plots, quirky charming characters, and entertaining storytelling is something that this author has down pat, and she does it so well. I adored Kelsey from the first book, My Bluegrass Baby, and she was just as fun and witty here. I missed some of the characters and [...]

    2. The book kept me smiling, giggling and laughing. If not for the plot hole with time lapses and miscommunication as a means for conflict, I might have given it a higher rating. But time passage leaving plenty of time for the "talk" to happen but didn't was noticeable. Time passage overall was ambiguous. But the design of the plot put emphasis on time that wasn't handled well. Anyway, it's a light funny read I would still recommend.

    3. Kelsey is the best person to have around in a crisis. She's prepared for just about anything and can turn a disaster into a success. But when the staff of the Kentucky Tourism Commission find themselves stranded and without power after a once in a hundred year blizzard even her organisational skills will be stretched. Adding to her problems, Charlie, the guy she has secretly loved for years has been acting strangely around her and as cabin fever hits, her co-workers go on the warpath. If that's [...]

    4. 4 "Being Snowed In Brings Love To Light" Stars for both the story and the narration! This was a fun, snarky, somewhat crazy co-workers' love story. Who knew working for the Kentucky State Tourism Commission could be so much fun! Add in a rather narcissistic ex, a meddlesome mother and some Facebook posts that lead to an ill-timed misunderstanding and you have a recipe for a delightful listen. Amanda Ronconi's narration further rounds out this audiobook with an authentic Southern twang to her del [...]

    5. While on a business "team building" retreat, an eclectic group of co-workers get stranded at a beautiful resort. A massive snow storm along with fallen trees leave them without power and cuts them off from the outside world. Confinement exaggerates usually masked, quirky and laughable personality traits while relationships unfold and evolve. This is not Molly Harpers usual paranormal comedy but it is still a very character driven, witty and humorous story of survival. A fun, light adventure that [...]

    6. Rating 3.5 starsSo, the super efficient heroine is no longer with dragging her down boyfriend, so finally her co-worker Charlie who she has a thing for, suddenly looks like a possibility. Coupled with a sexy ranger, stranded in a snow-storm with all her co-workers this book is vintage Molly Harper.More soonARC provided by publisher through Netgalley.

    7. Originally posted at The Book Nympho First Thought: I knew I was going to love Kelsey's story! The Story: Kelsey and Charlie's story reminded me a little of Pam and Jim on The Office but with Molly Harper's flare.Kelsey has been dating this looser for a few years while having a crush on her coworker and friend Charlie. Everyone has told Kelsey over and over that she deserves better than Darrell (the looser boyfriend). After three years of taking Darrell's crap, Kelsey decides she is going to mak [...]

    8. 3-3.5 starsThis was a good story. I liked Kelsey but I found her reasoning (in the relationship area) to be faulty and kind of annoying at times. I liked Charlie and wished I'd have gotten more of him in the story.Kelsey works at the Kentucky tourism commision and does a great job at organization and tackling problems. Kelsey's parents are around but she doesn't seem to see them much. I can't blame her since her mother is hard to deal with and makes her feel like a failure constantly. Kelsey has [...]

    9. Snow Falling on Bluegrass was a sweet story, with quirky characters and some drama. What was supposed to be a planned weekend for the KTC's employees, turned into an entire week when a snowstorm came by. And now, they're stuck into their lodge without any electricity. It's the opportunity for Kelsey to explore her feelings with Charlie, the statistician she fell in love with. He's been a little distant lately but now that she got ride of her douchey ex-boyfriend, it's the perfect timing for them [...]

    10. I'm so sad that I've finished this series. I love Molly Harper and her narrator Amanda Ronconi. I really enjoyed this book. I love the characters and loved the setting. So easy to listen to.

    11. This one was fun. Finally got to the Kelsey and charlie set up they've been mentioning every book. I liked the snowed plot but wish there could have been more to do with it than just being locked in and one venture out into the wilderness. Maybe a little more danger involved ha. It was a quick fun romantic read though. Molly Harper books are always fun.

    12. Jumping back into the office shenanigans of the Kentucky Commission on Tourism, Snow Falling on Bluegrass sets up listeners/readers for the potential romance between Kelsey and Charlie. Since the first book in Ms. Harper’s Bluegrass series, we’ve known Kelsey has it BAD for Charlie, but stayed with her loser live-in boyfriend because she felt she didn’t deserve better. Well, loser Darryl got a “better offer,” leaving Kelsey weeks ago, and it finally sunk in how horrible of a man he was [...]

    13. My Review:I love books where the hero/heroine get snowed in so I definitely enjoyed this one. And the fact that the whole quirky crew from the Kentucky tourism board got snowed in with them just made this one that much better. I love all these characters and would be tempted to go to work if I could work with a group of people like these.But this book is about Kelsey and Charlie. Charlie is the resident math geekhe runs the numbers for the tourism board and Kelsey has had a crush on him ever sin [...]

    14. This was really disappointing. I expected a lot from Kelsey and Charlie as the adorably nerdy couple. What I ended up reading consisted of contrived conflict that was just unnecessary and drawn out. You see, Kelsey and Charlie have been in love with each other but didn't want to risk their friendship. Therefore, they dated other people. Well, Kelsey stayed with her boyfriend. Kelsey wasn't exactly sure what Charlie's dating status was. I thought the writing was inconsistent. One minute she was i [...]

    15. An enjoyable read- very funny! The characters are well written and really add to the story. My first book by Molly Harper and can’t wait to read more.A team building weekend has been organised at a lodge- and when they are snowed in by a heavy snowstorm they have to settle in for an unplanned break in the snow. There is no electricity – but open fires create the atmosphere. Luckily there is plenty of food.Kelsey is stranded with Charlie- who has been distant recently . She recently split fro [...]

    16. Listened for Fun (Audible)Overall Rating: 4.00Story Rating: 3.75Character Rating: 4.25Audio Rating: 4.50 (not part of the overall rating)First Thought when Finished: Snow Falling on Bluegrass by Molly Harper is my favorite in the series. It had all the fun, snark, love, and friendship that is signature Molly Harper. I enjoy the friendships almost as much as the romance!Audio Thoughts: Narrated By Amanda Ronconi / Length: 6 hrs and 7 mins As I have said before Amanda/Molly are a great duo. Listen [...]

    17. Another great "listen" by Molly Harper and Amanda Ronconi. This time the story is about the Kentucky Tourism Commission uber-efficient assistant Kelsey and nerdy/sexy statistician Charlie. The KTC gets snowbound for a week at a resort during their conference and, oh what games can be played in the snow.All the characters from the KTC office appear in the novel, but I am really glad that Kelsey got her own story. Oh, and I love her guy friends who pull out on the stops with Project Icarus and att [...]

    18. So, so silly. Some fun parts and I did finish it so that means at least a two star rating. The little quips about Kentucky were fun because I lived there but I found the characters kind of dumb and the plot very cliche'. The relationship the main character has with her smart, nerdy neighbors would have been kind of fun if she hadn't stole that idea from The Big Bang TV show. Don't bother unless you've lived in Kentucky and you want to hear some tidbits about the state.

    19. Fun with some amusing observations on people etc in Molly's inimitable style. Loved the nerd boys, Charlie (also a nerd boy) and Kelsey who is clearly a nerd as well, but also particularly useless at shoving d*cky boyfriends off the perch (revealed at the beginning of the story, so not a spoiler)

    20. Good I've missed Molly Harper! Now I much go and Re-read them all Again !!!Wow is it bad that I didn't notice that all these books are about different people?!? Lol! But I still loved it! Plus there was snow!

    21. A perfect funny read for a blah wintry day. Molly Harper's humor never fails to make me laugh out loud and this little book is a gem. Love it!

    22. Loved this one, and so happy to finally get Kelsey's story! Of course, it made me kind of pine for snow days and pissed off possums

    23. I can't get enough of Molly Harper! This series has me giggling all the time. The characters are fun and quirky.

    24. I'm ashamed to say I've had this book on my kindle for a while but it was well worth the wait as I loved it! Molly Harper is a new author to me and I loved her crazy wit and humour in this storyline. Snow Falling on Bluegrass is book 3 in the series but as I hadn't read the previous two books I treated this as a standalone story. I soon got wrapped up in the storyline and the array of characters. What I loved was the setting and premise of the story, a big company going away for a team building [...]

    25. Kelsea has been in a bad relationship for years. Three long years of putting up with sub-human behaviour from a man who calls her mother every time they argue. She’s also been madly in love with a colleague for years and although she has maintained a friendship with him he has started to act a little weird around her.When the group get stuck in the snow on a team bonding holiday they are forced to get along and Kelsea finds two men are competing for her attention. Should she go for dependable, [...]

    26. Kelsey Wade Dr. Charlie BennettWhole crew is going to the team retreat in face of a storm that hits hardThey are stuck in the lodge for a week mostly without power and they make the best of it the ranger (only staff at the lodge) helps make it work Sadie keeps them on track with the tourism campaign planningd creepy Darrell has left her (and left her with a number of bills) her nerd crew are cleaning it up and Charlie, who's been avoiding her isn't come to find out he tried to forget her and dat [...]

    27. I needed a light, breezy book after The Stranger Beside Me, and this totally fit the bill. Unfortunately, I found that the quirky main character, Kelsey, tread thinly on the line between "charming" and "annoying", and it began to irk me as I read on that all of the characters had the same sense of humor - 98% of the dialogue sounded the same, regardless of the character speaking it. The plot was clunky, too - a lot of exposition happened far too quickly about 3/4 through the book.

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