Banjo and Ruby Red

Banjo and Ruby Red Banjo is an old farm dog and Ruby Red is a haughty chicken and they never see eye to eye Can they ever be friends This funny story of antagonism and love is by award winning author Libby Gleeson and

  • Title: Banjo and Ruby Red
  • Author: Libby Gleeson Freya Blackwood
  • ISBN: 9781921541087
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Banjo is an old farm dog and Ruby Red is a haughty chicken, and they never see eye to eye Can they ever be friends This funny story of antagonism and love is by award winning author Libby Gleeson and internationally acclaimed illustrator Freya Blackwood.

    One thought on “Banjo and Ruby Red”

    1. Heartwarming story of a dog who helps a chicken, converting an old enemy into a friend by the care he has for her when she is sick

    2. My 4 year old daughter borrowed this one from the library and when I told her that she couldn't borrow the HUGE pile she had collected and that we had to put SOME of them back for next time, this one made it into the pile that HAD to come home. When I put it in the pile to be returned to the shelf she was adamant that she WANTED this one. I was slightly surprised and put it down to the two sparkly stickers on the front that she was showing me (from the Children's Book Council of Australia, Short [...]

    3. author: Libby Gleesonillustrator: Freya BlackwoodFirst Published: 2013Blackwood's simple oil paint and charcoal illustrations in a soft colour palette add a sweet country feel to Gleeson's story of friendship and caring between unlikely friends.Age:Read aloud - 4+Read yourself - 7+References:Author's webpage: libbygleeson/about%Illustrator's webpage: freyablackwood(ISBN 9781921541087)-CR-

    4. Frey Blackwood's illustrations are amazing in Banjo and Ruby Red. I gave story this to my young grandson with a hand puppet that looks like Banjo. Now Banjo and his kindness is a legend in their house. Banjo has become a role model to show gentleness to baby brothers. Libby Gleeson has written a beautiful story, and Banjo's eyes are so expressive they bring tears.

    5. Lively, undulating writing and lively undulating illustrations. Gorgeous colour. Lovely, feathery hens. Very nice book design and lettering by Vida and Luke Kelly, especially with regards to the barking and squarking. It's hard to imagine this as a usual or effective chicken lock-up technique, but apparently it's a true story!

    6. The story of a hard working 'chook dog' and an insolent chicken who become friends. Libby Gleeson has created a simply addictive story for a younger audience and Freya Blackburn's illustrations capture the feel of a farmyard perfectly.

    7. A cute story, well structured and illustrated about a hen that has no respect for authority and affection in strange places. More than likely based on a true story. Simple yet enjoyable (and not ruined by the right-wing moral you would expect)

    8. A tale of "frenemies" and truly touching compassion. A book to read aloud noisily so skilfully illustrated by the wonderful Freya Blackwood.

    9. Good illustrations and lovely story about a dog and a rooster becoming friends when the dog takes the rooster in to get better. A lovely read aloud for K-2.

    10. Gleeson is a master storyteller and doesn't shy away from writing sadness, even in a picture book for young children. The story is a beautiful one about friendship and care, particularly touching as it is told through the eyes of a loyal dog and a brave hen. Beautifully illustrated by Freya Blackwood, this book will leave an impression.

    11. This is a really fun book to read with your child. It also teaches the kids about non-judgement, and caring for others in need. The Aussie flavour is strong and we loved it.

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