Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate One night changed everything Leah Cooper was an absolute mess caught in a downward spiral until Gavin Wilde made a brief appearance in her life at a critical moment Gavin forced her to re evaluate wha

  • Title: Twist of Fate
  • Author: Ella Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook
  • One night changed everything Leah Cooper was an absolute mess caught in a downward spiral until Gavin Wilde made a brief appearance in her life at a critical moment Gavin forced her to re evaluate what she was doing and make necessary changes Years later a Twist of Fate brings them back together again when Leah has no choice but to go on tour with The Renegade Saints SOne night changed everything Leah Cooper was an absolute mess caught in a downward spiral until Gavin Wilde made a brief appearance in her life at a critical moment Gavin forced her to re evaluate what she was doing and make necessary changes Years later a Twist of Fate brings them back together again when Leah has no choice but to go on tour with The Renegade Saints She needs special loving care to bring her back to life and Gavin Wilde knows that he is just the man for the job Will Leah be able to get beyond the pain of her past and let Gavin in

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    1. I feel like I've been waiting for the ext one n this series for ever!!!!! Finally more from the renegade saints, whoop whoop!!!!!!

    2. Seriously? 4.21 stars.Did we read the same book?The first 25% was ALL TELLING. Don't blink or you'll miss the dialogue. Forget understanding time flow. Just paragraph after paragraph of backstory and plot. Literally, pages of "and then" - "next" - "because" - "after that" - "they told me" KILL. ME. NOW.I do not DNF, wellrarely.Now, skimmingAnd where the hell is the H!?!?25% in and he's only had two pages in that train wreck of a prologue. For reals yoNO PROLOGUE SHOULD BE THE FIRST 8% OF ANY BOO [...]

    3. Re-read to give more details.Super sweet and quick read. Gavin may need to be sainted he is so good to Leah. Their story starts with her going through really bad times. He helps her out one night but they do not know each other and separated after he helps her sober up enough to go home. Years later fate allows them to reconnect. She has gone through even tougher times and he has continued to mature. He is just what she needs and their story is beautiful. There are no OW, no stupid plot devices. [...]

    4. I have been waiting on this book for a while. This is a mixture of the Hart family and the Renegade Saints. We met Leah in one of the Hart book plus she by birth is a Harts. Gavin is the drummer for Flynn's (whom we met in the first Renegade Saints book) band. I loved their story. I loved how Ella Fox didn't make him into your typical rock star. There wasn't groupies hanging everywhere waiting to mess up their lives. There wasn't excessive drinking or drugs in this one. Leah and Gavin have some [...]

    5. Ella Fox has done it again!! The anticipation to the lead up of this book was HUGE and it was so worth it. I loved Gavin and Leah's story. It was also great to have some more of Flynn (along with his baby armhaha) and Tessa. We have had a lot of Leah's back story in previous books in the Hart series, but the reader also gets a summary at the beginning, so this technically could be read as a standalone BUT I recommend to at least read Picture Perfect first, and you should read the Hart Series, be [...]

    6. Ok, so I loved the first book in this series. I expected to love this one, just as much- if not more, but I was thrown off by the bits of storyline that were thrown in for dramatic affect. Gavin and Leah were thrown together by circumstance that affected Leah's newfound extended family. It was quite early in the story that I started feeling I needed to put this down and read Ella Fox's other series. I didn't realize this was a spin off of her Hart series and a lot of what was being thrown in was [...]

    7. ❤❤❤ 5 ❤❤❤❤ STARS Sweet and simple story. Not so heavy yet still brought some tears to me. Leah's strong , a fighter and I just adore her so much, so is Gavin! Another addition to my list of book boyfriend! I hope to read the future works of this author.#highlyrecommended

    8. 3.5 stars. I'm an Ella Fox fan and love her books, but this one just did not do it for me. I don't want to be negative because it's still a good read. I'll still be checking out Cole & Tyson.

    9. Twist Of Fate (Renegade Saints book 2)Ella Fox 4 amazing band starsOMG, this book was not only the 2nd Renegades book, in particularly Gavin Wilde’s story but the perfect ending to the Hart Family series too. After I had finished the Hart Family series I always wondered what happened to Leah, but alas wait no more. here it is. What happened was Gavin Wilde, drummer of rock band the Renegade Saints. While it is not imperative that you read the Hart series 1st, it certainly put a lot of this boo [...]

    10. Another brilliant read from Ella Fox. I love the Hart series and the renegade saints, the way the characters are intermingled takes the story to a whole new level.This book is about Leah and Gavin the drummer from Renegade Saints. Leah is a Hart, needing to be protected from an ongoing threat she is taken on tour with the Renegade Saints for her own safety. Leah struggles to trust men after an horrific event in her past so when she finds herself with a room mate she begins to realise that some m [...]

    11. I really did enjoy Leah and Gavin's story. But her writing has something what I call the "repeat-scenario-syndrome." It wasn't as bad as the second book in her Harts Family series, but it was still kind of there.Leah and Gavin as a couple never really had much of an obstacle, which is what I like in books. It takes a lot of push for me to read angsty booksd yes I will be continuing with this series.

    12. This the second book to the Renegade Saints series. My opinion I always thought celebrities be finding love on the road. Depends on who the person is. I remember reading this story on the xscape member how she ended up dating the camera. I believe he was a camera guy lol can't remember. But yeah, this book was interesting, Leah and Gavin made an interesting couple. I also thought it was good that she actually put trust into their situation. Yeah situation because they weren't dating until she tr [...]

    13. Ella Fox has done it again. She is an automatic buy for me, and Twist of Fate has proved no different. Twist of Fate is the second book in the Renegade Saints series, and it also is somewhat of a crossover book because the heroine is Leah Cooper, a character in Fox's Hart Series.Here are some of the reasons why I loved this book:1. Gavin. He has definitely made it into my ultimate book boyfriend list. Saying he is amazing is a complete understatement. He's sweet, sexy, funny, and an amazing list [...]

    14. 5 Stars!I love, love love this series. The Renegade Saints have quickly become a top favorite of mine. Ella Fox is a real gem and she has definitely found a new for life fan in me. Twist of Fate is the second book in this series but can be read as a standalone. This book was quick, sexy, sweet, passionate, intense, and left me smiling big by the end.I fell in love with Leah and Gavin. Their story was beautiful written and perfectly articulated. I smiled, laughed, swooned, and fell in love while [...]

    15. Good book, just like book 1. I couldn't put it down. But seems to me this book had more S. E. X in it than part 1 did. Like dang Gavin I see you. But also liked how Leah finally put trust into Gavin after all those years from being a rape victim. I thought their relationship was adorable especially the ending. P. S. Dude the beginning where she thought he was freaking Superman, spiderman and every other superhero was priceless. Take about having to much to drink. Sheesh this is why I don't do. P [...]

    16. LOVED this book! Another great one by Ella Fox, and I love how the Hart's are combining with Renegade Saints!! Probably need to have read the Hart series (at least books 5 & 6) to understand more of Leah's back story. I liked how this book didn't have tons of angst & dramajust a sweet love story!! I cannot wait to see how things end up for Cole, Devon & Ian!

    17. I have been waiting for Leah to get her HEA and I loved the way it played out in the story. Gavin was amazing; every woman should have her own Gavin. I loved the way their relationship evolved; even though it happened quickly there was a lot of depth to it. I can't wait for more of the Renegade Saints.

    18. I liked the book. I felt that it could of been fleshed out a little more. I've read the prior book but when family dynamics are mentioned you need a score sheet and its too much. The fact that Leah and Gavin were so sweet made this a four star! second read 12/12/15

    19. This was awesome! Leah's story was handled with such care and so realistic. And Gavin, oh yes Gavin he stole my heart. This is a must read!!! Ella you rock!

    20. 3.5 stars. Because the beginning of the book, all the strange happenings going on with a murder and kidnappings that you never see in this book and suddenly she's on tour with the band for safety reasons?? So confusing. But once the hero and heroine got together, the story was great. It was all the backstory and things happening off page that were beyond confusing.

    21. The only reason I can't give this 5 stars is because I got lost at one point and the story kind of dragged as the groundwork was laid. This story could use a family tree because I was left scratching my head with the family ties explanation. Once I got past that section the story picked up and was hard to put down. I'm looking forward to reading Cole's story next.

    22. I loved this book ! It drew me in from the beginning and had me hooked, I love Gavin and how he is with Leah, the only criticism I have is that it skipped over a main thing which happens which I think if wrote about would make the book even more fantastic. I can't wait to read the next one <3

    23. Ella Fox creates another fantastic story in this series! Leah and Gavin' s story is sweet and sexy! Hot drummer and a beautiful but guarded girl get together during chaotic circumstances. Their relationship grows from friendship to STEAMY! LOVED IT!

    24. ladiikeiii.wordpress/2017 by Twist of Fate ♥️ Two Hurting hearts Come As One (So Cute) she put her trust into Gavin.This book was good as the first one. Couldn’t stop reading it once I started it. Didn’t take me love to finish it. If I had a guy like Gavin I’d be just like Leah lol. Shoot I heart ♥ him as much as Leah (lmao) awesome book can’t wait to read part 3 about Cole?Also, it’s awesome that they went ahead with the adoption even though Leah is pregnant with a Wilde that’ [...]

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