Let's Be Honest

Let s Be Honest This book is book in the Baby Girl books of the Erik Ead Series Everyone has a past and Erik Ead is no exception This book is about Erik s sexual past Kelli and Heather have stumbled onto Erik s

  • Title: Let's Be Honest
  • Author: Scott Hildreth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book is book 2.5 in the Baby Girl books of the Erik Ead Series.Everyone has a past, and Erik Ead is no exception This book is about Erik s sexual past Kelli and Heather have stumbled onto Erik s diary Erik now sits at the fireplace contemplating his past, present love for Kelli, and where his relationship with Kelli will be headed in the future Erik s diary has beThis book is book 2.5 in the Baby Girl books of the Erik Ead Series.Everyone has a past, and Erik Ead is no exception This book is about Erik s sexual past Kelli and Heather have stumbled onto Erik s diary Erik now sits at the fireplace contemplating his past, present love for Kelli, and where his relationship with Kelli will be headed in the future Erik s diary has been a place for him to compile all of his information regarding sexual experiences from the beginning This supplement is a novella intended to be read between book 2 and book 3 Be forewarned, this book is full of sex from Erik s past.

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    1. A short diary of some of the sex that was enjoyed by Erik. A peek into the head of Erik Ead and his sexcapades before his relationship with Kelli. Can you handle the truth? Can your panties handle the heat? This steamy little short gives us insight into why Erik is who he is sexually, what he learned along the way, and what makes his dick salute the heavens. The change in Erik is black and white from pre-Kelli to the present, at least for now it is. I love present Erik. But I'm sorry. Erik is qu [...]

    2. This is short but spicy story that gives a peek into Erik's past and how he was with women. I didn't particularly like this Erik and what I felt was his overall lack of respect toward the women. It did however make me appreciate how much Erik had grown and changed to be open enough to have a relationship with Kelli.Can't wait for BG III

    3. ******** 5 SEXCAPADE STARS **********This is a short story that gives us some incite at the way Erik's mind works. Tells us more why he is the way he is. I am glad Scott wrote this one it helps us understand more about Erik. Kelli finds Erik's diary but refuses to read it out of respect."Without our past, happening the way it happened, including all of the events -good and bad - we would be different people."Erik's diary is like Kelli's glass jar. A keepsake to help remember things that has happ [...]

    4. Erik Ead is no longer available.This is a short and super, super, super hot account of Erik's past sexual escapades. Through flashbacks we learn a bit more of what makes Erik the sexual Dominant he is. I will say this again, I love this character Erik Eadere is something so complex about him that makes me want to know more BUT I will admit that in this book I saw something that made me a bit uncomfortable with his choices in regards to women. It doesn't make him any less redeeming to me because [...]

    5. In this follow-up novella, Kelli finds Erik's diary, and he has quite a past. His diary is a compilation of sexual experiences , from a D/s standpoint. Erik reflects on his past sexual life, and how far he has come with Kelli and makes a very important decision that will forever change his life. This is a lot shorter and more sexually intense than the other books, but it is meant as an inside look at Erik's mind. Hot, steamy and perfectly written sex scenes, it's a stay-up-all-night read.

    6. Love That Just IsGetting a glimpse into Erik Ead's sex life before Kelli gives you a complete picture of his relationships with women. Perfection, no vanilla for him, he is truly dominant, alpha, badass who knows what he wants/demands from a partner, as well as in life. There are no exceptions.

    7. This was my favorite finding Erik's diary he was able to confront his past furtherhe knew he loved Kelliw he knows just how longlidified their love furtherreciated how it ended happy I decided to invest in this series!

    8. An outstanding novella. Scott Hildreth takes you on a profoundly insightful journey of Erik's past. The presentation of this book is cleverly written and makes book 3, Baby Girl Loved, that more intriguing. A great quick read!

    9. I loved the chance to see into His past and to see how he had changed for the woman he loved. Just brilliant Scott.

    10. Another amazing story of Erik and Kelli. It starts off with them moving into their new home. Heather comes over to help Kelli unpack and one of the box bottoms opens and spills onto the floor. Picking up the items, Heather notices a diary that Erik had kept and tells Kelli they should look inside. Kelli refuses and takes the diary to Erik telling him she didn't read it because she doesn't care what his past included. What she cared about was now. He goes through the diary reminiscing the entries [...]

    11. HOLY POPSCILES BATMAN! This novella gives us a chance to peek into Erik’s past and see what Erik was like before meeting Kelli. This diary is a ‘log’ of sorts detailing his ‘sexcapades’ with women. There are some seriously hot, “holy sh1t” HOT sex scenes. Lawdy… Lawdy~ I will never be able to think about, look at, or say Popsicle without thinking about that scene. Now back to the story…ter reading his diary, Erik will come to some realizations about his relationship with Kelli. [...]

    12. A novella giving the reader glimpses into Erik's sexual past. One can see the sexual maturity grow and change as he flips through his diary remembering the few sexual partners he reads about and brings to memory. That first memory? I wasn't impressed with the immature Erik, but, he was young, in college, still, very self-centered. By the time he gets to the end of his diary, Erik had made a real revelation. So Scott kept me liking Erik after all. :) Yeah, Scott knew exactly what he was doing: Ge [...]

    13. Kelli and Erik have reached the stage in their relationship where they've decided to move in together. While unpacking, Kelli and her best friend Heather find Erik's dairy. Of course Kelli doesn't read it. She's honest and adores her Erik and genuinely respects his privacy. Erik later sits by the fire and remembers some of his earlier partners while putting his past to rest. Erik and Kelli are moving right along in their relationship. There's no BS - just two people learning to love and share th [...]

    14. This book clears up a little bit of wonder and uncertainty about Erik's past and his belief regarding other women he has been with in prior to Kelli. Additionally, it has a nice tone at the beginning and end. I like the story line that does supplement Erik and Kelli's relationship.Book III .n't stand the waitLastly, let's be serious, the sexSixty (60) pages of 'holy sh*t' sex.Wow. Book 2.5 a very well deserved 5 stars.Wow.

    15. In this book it covers some of Erik's past and how he used to be. It shows some of his conquests and how he treated them. It also shows how Kelli was different from the beginning.This story is not as intense as the first two books but it is necessary for better understanding Erik. It is a great addition to the series.

    16. Love That Just IsA great insight into Erik before he found Kelli. This book delivers a history of Erik and his sexual conquests before he found Kelli. It shows us that you just know when you find the right one. Although the book is written mostly about Erik's escapades, there is a lesson to be learned. Dare I say a raw, yet touching piece by Mr. Hildreth?

    17. In Baby Girl 2.5 we are given an enlightened glimpse of Erik Eads past. Through this peek we are able to better understand the raw emotion he brings to the story and are schooled on how far he has come. The journey into Erik’s past is both revealing and SEXY as hell. This book is wonderful addition to the series and helps strengthen the love that Erik has for Kelli. A MUST READ!!!

    18. I don't want to give anything away with this review, so I will keep it short & sweet.Kelli stumbles upon Erik's journal while moving into their new house.She decides not to read itWise choice.It was a glimpse of Erik's past sexual endeavors and it is so sexy!Be brave and keep an open mind when reading and enjoy!!!!

    19. This was a great addition to the series. It was a quick read, but Baby Girl 2.5 gave us some insight into Erik's sexual escapades. He was able to reread his diary that he had before he met Kelli. It was fascinating to see how Erik started his journey into the D/S lifestyle and what started as a little something turned into pure pleasure.Love it!

    20. A little insight of Eriks life before Kelli. You name it he tried it and kept a journal of all his sexcapades. Erik was always an intriguing and definitely a favorite book boyfriend but it was fun to see side of him single. Must read in baby girl series.

    21. I guess I had a different expectation for this book, not that it was bad. You get to read more of how Erik's sexual life comes to be, who he is and how it happened. It is a great in between book to get to the next one and that's what I'm off to do.

    22. The best part is knowing the conclusions Erik comes to after looking through his diary. This is a simple part of the story but it is still hot and sweet at the same time. It really makes a difference to see just how special Kelli is in his eyes and how lucky that baby girl is

    23. This was a short novella looking more into Erik's past. It was mainly based on him reading through his diary and looking at his past women. It was good reading more about Erik, his life before Kelli and how he now feels about it all! Can't wait to see what happens in the final book!

    24. It's a good thing Erik Eads is off the market, he was turning females OUT! I'm surprise be doesn't have any stalkers lol! His adventurous in bedroom or restaurant or closet LOL! loving this series! I will look at Popsicles in a w"HOLE" new way lol!

    25. Erik F***** Ead! What more is there to say This book has it all Sex, Sex, oh did I mention Sex This is a amazing Novella, a great follow up to the first 2, In this one we see Erik falling more and more in love with Kelli Great Job

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