The Great Explosion

The Great Explosion In less than a century percent of the human race fled the aged and autocratic Terra settling wherever they could establish a world of their own choosing The following centuries result in hundreds

  • Title: The Great Explosion
  • Author: Eric Frank Russell
  • ISBN: 9780881849912
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • In less than a century, 50 percent of the human race fled the aged and autocratic Terra, settling wherever they could establish a world of their own choosing The following centuries result in hundreds of independent new civilizations too independent for an ambitious Terran government out to conquer an empire.

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    1. In his 1955 collection entitled "Men, Martians and Machines," English sci-fi author Eric Frank Russell told, via one short story and three novellas, some of the adventures of a starship crew that strongly suggested nothing less than a proto-"Star Trek" ensemble. The collection featured visits to three very different sorts of planets, in which the men, Martians and robot of the starship Marathon came up against a world of mechanical devices; a world of green-skinned inhabitants, lethal trees and [...]

    2. Yup, it's funny. And not in a mean, snide way. Just, well, even smart people have blinders cuz of their own perspectives. I round down from 3.5 stars because I just can't quite see the success of the third world. (ok, the fourth was the third just filler, to make this book long enough to publish?)

    3. Following the discovery of faster-than-light travel, Earth's population fell by half as her children fled to the stars. After decades of benign neglect, the powers that be on Earth -- the military and politicians -- have decided to reassert their authority. A grand ship is built, and ordered to fulfill an even greater commission: arranging a meet between the imperial ambassador and the local leaders, so that his lordship can declare to them that it's time to rejoin hands with Earth and march tog [...]

    4. An old favorite, always enjoyable. A little reminiscent of the "Retief" series by Keith Laumer.400 years after the discovery of a faster-than-light drive causes a mass exodus from Earth, Earth sends out a huge spaceship to begin the process of picking up the pieces and forging them into a new Empire.But the descendants of the fringe groups that escaped Earth so long ago have other ideasA wry and funny book, with Russell's characteristic anti-authority viewpoint. It's a pity that he only created [...]

    5. Look at these kooky guys! Now look at these kooky guys! Now think long and hard about these clever people for the rest of your life.This book is silly, dated fun, until it's suddenly, secretly serious.

    6. This is a little and entertaining book about trying to reunite the human race. When a superfast hyperdrive is discovered, hundreds of groups of people take off for other habitable planets to get away from the overcrowded earth. Four hundred years later, Earth is trying to regain contact with these groups to form a galactic empire - but civilizations that have been left alone for 400 years aren't usually eager to get under earth's thumb again.

    7. A fix-up that relies heavily on the often-anthologised last story for impact . And its great.Slight but very enjoyable classic sf.

    8. A book written in 1993 concerning colonization of space after the invention of a faster than light drive. The mission was to explore several worlds that had been settled after the drive invention. Earth's government wanted to establish an agreement about protecting Earth and the planet being visited. Each of the planets selected had been colonized by specialized groups. the first planet had been send the dregs of the criminal society and so on. The humor/difficulty of the story is the planet's s [...]

    9. hear that boogle? just go fetch your government just like that!!the devil? never heard the word fatski!blieder was a maniac of same order as og (inventor fire) who was certain despite lack of any academic credentials he could levitate a penny if he only experimented long enough and who oatrages academic and the know it alls by getting impossible resultsarmy n avy always fight, its traditionalinventor of the weapon, the weapon u have no defense forf IWone of best scifi novels ever

    10. Aww, it's scifi from the 60s! It's witty, and funny, and sarcastic (but never quite mean). Love it a lot.The first half of the book explains the general situation, and allows us to get to know the ship's crew as they come into contact with three planets (but only one meaningful one, grown from a colony of nudists).The second half centers on an anarchist world and it's pure joy. Go read it.

    11. also read the great explosion by eric frank russel:Is criminality nature or nurture? Do we need clothes? ARe you dirty minded? whats a antigand? whats the weapon?why do we take orders from fat burocrats?read and find out! ton of fun awaits!other leads for you noobs: Voyage from Yesteryearby James P. HoganU 50x66Jackvanc3gmail.Com's reviewSep 11, 2016 · editit was amazingRead in January, 2014Ayn rand was right about everything, youtube yaron brook.Wow this novel is wicked awesome!Stop regulating [...]

    12. by Eric Frank Russell. This is the best argumentbook I've read, contradictionary dialogue, slightfulbanter to the brows. There's a million differentdisagreeable goons who go out on the great explosion intospace on cheap travel to get away from Earthbeurocracy. The folks who hate policy and police have theirown world /ideas going on each world which for themost part means 'don't participate if you dont wantto'. "Dissidents". A inevitable cartooned outplatoon of explorers are out to have a consul [...]

    13. Il piccolo ed insignificante Johannes Pretorius Van Der Cam Blieder sognando di far levitare una monetina inventa invece un nuovo tipo di propulsione che rende possibile all'uomo l'esplorazione del cosmo. Il problema della sovrappopolazione, che tanto pesava sul destino della Terra, sembra dunque aver trovato una soluzione: milioni di coloni lasciano il pianeta in cerca di nuovi mondi dove stabilirsi, in quella che viene definita "la grande esplosione" (da qui il titolo inglese, The Great Explos [...]

    14. Back when I was secretary of the local LETS system (our local currency is called Beacons) I used to recommend this book to anyone who wanted to know how a LETS system would work in practice. This is only for the latter part of the book, of course, when they arrive on the bartering planet.Eric Frank Russell wrote this years before the LETS system was ever thought of - it's basically a bartering system, but you barter within the group rather than straight one to one, so it's easier, and to keep tr [...]

    15. I actually read the short story ” And Then There Were None” first, you can probably find it online like I did if you want to just check it out… it’s really great on it’s own but it is actually the last few chapters of this book and I am glad that he did expand and make this novel… it’s an amazing insight into people and society… as a civilized society we always think we know what’s right… and of course anything different is wrong and ridiculous… but as these government empl [...]

    16. This novel is based on the novella "And Then There Were None," which I found to be singularly hilarious, entertaining, and well thought-out. Not as much can be said of the novel, unfortunately. The beginning and end are really interesting, but the middle segments feature planets and situations that feel more like padding than substance.I really like Russell's tendency to play with the concepts and notions of authority and leadership in his writing. He has a particular eye for asking that univers [...]

    17. Russell ha anticipato di 15 anni Adams e la sua Guida galattica per gli autostoppisti? No di certo più che di fantascienza umoristica sarebbe corretto parlare di fantascienza lievemente umoristica. Il romanzuccio comunque si legge presto e bene, nonostante una trama pretestuosa e dei personaggi poco caratterizzati. Nota di merito per il finale inneggiante alla disobbedienza civile.

    18. This is an expansion of a short story by Eric Frank Russell . Read And Then There Were None instead. It is a much more plausible anarchist utopia than The Dispossessed.

    19. Con le allegorie bisogna andarci piano. Vanno usate con parsimonia, perché dietro l’angolo spunta il muso ingrugnito della noia, della ripetitività. Purtroppo, è proprio quello che accade in queste pagine. Dalla spiritosa premessa, pretenderemmo un succoso seguito. Ma né la trama, né i personaggi riescono a reggere il peso di un’idea ambiziosa però eseguita con un pizzico di presunzione di troppo.

    20. A very entertaining book, perfectly skewering the notion of a pompous military-industrial society attempting to impose it's idea of progress upon an unreceptive universe. Here's a spoiler: they fail miserably and hilarity ensues. I would be genuinely surprised if this wasn't an inspiration for Red Dwarf on some level - there's more than a little of technician 10th class Harrison (and his beloved space-bike) in Dave Lister. Read this book. Or don't. That's freedom!

    21. Perfect "old school" science fiction, with a thought-provoking libertarian/anarchist undercurrent. Reminded me a little of Heinlein, especially The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Less dense, and a quick read at 190 pages. Have your local library borrow this 1960's classic, and enjoy. Note, this is an expansion of an original short story, so be sure to read this longer version.

    22. Mildly amusing, but I much prefer the serious treatments of pacifistic anarchism given by LeGuin in several of her writings, particularly The Dispossessed.

    23. Really enjoyable, I don't often read Sci-fi but this is a good example of what a good medium it is for asking questions about ourselves and the way we organise, or don't, our society. I won't!

    24. Russell tells a series of collected yarns and ends with the famous SF story, "And Then There Were None." Forget about your cares and read this.

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